【Translation】 Kare Pillow vol.2 Nakayoshi Kareshi to Eiga Date no Kaeri ni Hen Stellaworth Tokuten

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after love ~やっぱり、もう少し~

CV: Taniyama Kishou (谷山紀章)

Track 1: after love ~as I thought, a bit more~


Hello? Is something the matter?

Aha, really? Well, it’s fine that there’s nothing in particular.


I’m the local drug store. I didn’t have a travel toothbrush, so I came to buy one. …Though it still feels like there’s something that I’m forgetting to buy.

Anyways, what about you? Are you finished with your preparations?

Is that so?

Oh, right, don’t forget your face lotion. Every time we go traveling together, you end up forgetting it and get all flustered.

There won’t be any convenience stores nearby, so make sure to pack it.



What’s wrong? You don’t sound very happy.

Did something happen?

Eh? You want to see me?

Wait, wait!

Don’t just embellish your words. Jeez, we were just together and we’ll be together tomorrow as well, and you’re feeling lonely already?

Idiot, just how much do you like me?

I guess there’s no helping it. Once I’m done with my shopping, I’ll go grab my luggage and come over to your place, so have a little patience. Alright?


It’s not like I mind, obviously. To be honest, after hearing your voice, I’ve gotten the urge to see you too.

Since I might as well stay the night, can you put out my stuff for me?

See you in a bit then.


You’re opening the door way too quick. You should at least check who’s at the door before opening it. It’s dangerous, you kn-

Hey, hey, are you even listening to someone’s saying? Also, this is still the entrance.

Haa… No buts.

No more of that look of glee. If you keep saying such cute things, you’ll regret it.

Do you not understand why?

I’m referring to this…


I was planning to keep things on the lower ends, but I guess that’s not happening. It’s your fault for seducing me. All bets are off now.

Why are you resisting? Isn’t this what you wished for too?

If you’re going to continue struggling then…


If I tie your arms up like this then you won’t be able to resist, can you?

Quite a nice sight I must say.

You have such a naughty look in your eyes. Turns out you’re quite the masochist, huh?

What? Did you get turned on from this?

Look at you, you’re really getting into it, aren’t you?

Your body’s become hot.

Even though you said you didn’t want to be embraced earlier, what a wilful girl you are. This place is wet already.

Come on, let’s take it off before it gets dirty.


Hmm? Why would I end it here?

Tonight, I want to have a nice hard look at all your cute reactions.

Oh, then, you’d be fine with this, right?

Here, I’ll make it dark for you.


Now you can’t see anything, right? If you can’t tell where I’m looking, it’s not embarrassing, right?

Your body jumped.

Are you feeling it even more because you’ve been blindfolded? …Pervert.

Open your legs.

Whoa, you’re soaking wet already, my fingers went right in.

Keep upright. If you sit down, I won’t be continuing.


There’s more and more flowing out from you. Also, if you’re that loud, won’t people be able to hear it from outside?

Come on, you want to cum, don’t you? Just cum.


You’re drenched.

There’s no mistaking it, you got aroused from being bound and blindfolded.

You’re such a major masochist.


Go on, blow me.

This is a truly wonderful view. You’re looking super dirty right now.

Suck it harder, right now it’s hardly enough.



You don’t have to take it in that deep, you’ll choke. Or is that you get turned on from that?

You’re so lewd.

Can we?

Stand up and place your hands against the wall.

I’ll put a condom on, so wait.


Alright, I’m putting it in.


You’re squeezing down so hard…

It’s almost as if I’m violating you. …Not bad on occasions.

Your voice is too loud. I won’t be responsible if the neighbors hear, you know?

Come on, stand properly. Because, sorry to say, I don’t have the patience to carry you all the way over to the bed.

Huh? You’re about to cum?

I’m nearing the edge too.


Hey, for the last bit, turn this way. I want to kiss you.

You can press your back against the wall, so lift up one of your legs.

That’s a nice sound.

Were you surprised when I suddenly put it in?

You’re so adorable.

I’ll go all the way then.



Are you sweaty?

Do your arms hurt?

Wait, I’ll take that off right now.

That too.


Hehe. Why are you covering your body now? I’ve already burned it into my eyes.


Say, why don’t we do it again by the entrance but this time without blindfolds?

I’m sure that’ll be more exciting for a masochist like you, right?

I’ll tease you even harder.


Holy, the futon is cold.

Hey, hurry up, it’s cold.


Don’t call me needy. It’s a single bed, so there’s no way around it.

Ah-! Don’t take the futon, it’s cold!

Then we just have to adhere even closer.

Come here.


Hehe. Too tight?


Frankly, I’m stopping myself from hugging you so tight that it’ll break your bones, so you should yield a little too.

Also, don’t you think we should just live together?

That way, we’d be able to buy ourselves a large bed.

I’m not just saying it in the spur of the moment. I’ve been considering it for a while.

Today you just so happened to mention wanting to see me, but honestly, I’m always wanting to see you whenever we part.

I guess I should be saying it lightheartedly.


So, umm, as I was saying……


I’d be happy if we could live together and spend more time with each other.


Wait, you-I can’t breathe!


Hah? Wait, what? No way. You’re not crying, right?

Jesus, I’m sorry for saying something strange.


Oh, what? You’re happy.

I was caught off-guard.

So what does that mean? Will you live together with me?


Why are you laughing?

Yeah, but I’ve figured something out from that.


What you wanted was for me to voice it like I am right now, right?

I’ll make sure to convey my feelings to you more going forth.

Turn this way.


I like you. I really like you. Please continue to be by my side.

Ack! I told you, I can’t breathe!

Jeez, you’re such a handful.

So, what about you? Do you like me?

You… You sure are able to say it without a shred of embarrassment.

But, thank you.


Ahh, I’m definitely going to tell everyone that we’re dating.

I was planning to only tell the guys that we’re close with, but I’ve changed my mind, I’m going to tell the entire circle.

If I announce it then no one will make a fuss when the two of us disappear off during the camp.

Or rather, I won’t let them.


I guess it’s about time we sleep.

Ah, hey, your foot is sticking out of the futon. You’ll catch a cold.

But even so, having a small bed even when we’re living together might not be an entirely bad idea.

I want to snuggle together and sleep like this forever.

Mhm. Goodnight.

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