【Translation】 Otona no Natsuyasumi Nouka・Kawabe Tatsu no Baai Stellaworth Tokuten

Thank You to Nicole for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takahashi Hidenori (高橋英則)

Track 1: Playing Around in a Love Hotel


Alright! Give this cucumber a try.

Lately, organics have been all the rage, no? So I thought I’d grow ones without pesticides as an experiment. These are the ones I normally grow, and these are the organic ones.

Have a taste, compare them, and tell me your impressions.

They’ve been chilled with ice, so they’re cool and refreshing.

I don’t mind if you tell me while you’re eating.

Tokyo is like that too, right? There’s a bunch of organic stores here too, right?

Have you ever been to one?

Wow! This will make a good reference. Come on.


How is it?

Oh, that’s strange. I thought it would taste pretty different, but is that hard to tell the difference?

Okay, then…

Here’s miso I made.

And that there is homemade mayonnaise. All worth it too.

Slather this on and give it a taste. It’ll be even more delicious.

Eh? Uh. Well, yeah, that is true. After slathering that on, it makes it even more delicious and even harder to differentiate the taste.

Uwah! What?

I’m not feeling shy!

No, I mean…Of course that makes me happy! If you tell me that it makes it even more delicious… Don’t laugh! I raise them and tend to them every day so I have a semblance of attachment. Isn’t that to be expected?


Here, put this on too, and give it a bite.

Come on, open your mouth. My miso has quite a reputation for being good.

How’s it taste?


I’m gonna have a bite too.


Not quite enough.


No, uh, I was just thinking about how my usual cucumbers are more delicious. It’s still got ways to go. I hear the organic can be good, but they require a lot of care.

In exchange for all the time and effect, they need to have better yields. But at this rate…

Shall I continue experimenting?



Why, you ask? …Because you had a look of affection, I guess?

It’s fine, no? I like that look.


Well, certainly someone might pass by here. Shall we move somewhere else, then? Because, look, it’s up already.


203… 203… Oh, there it is!

Whoa, the room is huge.

Oh wow, look, there’s a weird vending machine inside the refrigerator.


Oh, uh, it’s my first time being at a love hotel.

You’re pretty calm, huh.

You’re calm, are you not? You’re acting the same as usual.

Really? Then, have you used one of these things before? You know, electric massagers, egg vibrators…and such. Since there are prices written on them, that means we’re free to use them, right?

Shall we use one?


I’ll choose one. Or will you one yourself?

I want to try this. After all, here you’re free to be as loud as you want.


May I?

Then, hmm, since it’s the first time, I choose this tiny egg vibrator.

Can we do it in the glass-enclosed bath?

Don’t worry, it has water-proof written on it.


If you try to wiggle away, you’ll fall.

You’re always worried about being sweaty, no? So I’ll make you nice and clean.

What is it?

You’re moving your hips.

Yup, I’m hard. How could I not be hard? …With how erotic you are.


Shall we start using this?

It’s wet with bubbles and pussy juice, so it feels nice, right?

I’ll press it against your clit then.


What’s with that sound just now?

Turn your face this way.


Is it tiring to stand?

Then, place your hands on the tub.

It would be dangerous otherwise, wouldn’t it? Come on.

How’s that?

This sight… It’s out of this world. I just want to dig right into it.


Can I put it in as is? I’ll make sure to cum outside.

Did you just cum?

Your legs are shaking and you seem to have difficulty standing.

I’ll support you.


Can I use the egg vibrator on you again and make you cum with it while we’re at it?

It’s too much?

But it feels good, does it not?


You looked to be dizzy.

I’ll press it against you then.


Your voice is echoing around so much, and your insides are rough too. Did you take that much of a liking to this?

I want to thrust into you harder, so hold onto this.

Hold onto the egg vibrator with your own hands and keep it in place.

That’s right. Now press it wherever you like.


Are you about to cum again?

That’s amazing.

I’m about to cum too, so let’s cum together.


Are you alright?

I’ll rinse away the soap on your body for you, so let’s head over to the bed.

Grab onto me.


It felt super good.

This time around I’ll make you slowly cum on the bed.

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