【Translation】 Otona no Natsuyasumi Nouka・Kawabe Tatsu no Baai Official Tokuten

Thank You to Nicole for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takahashi Hidenori (高橋英則)

Track 1: Can You Be My Girlfriend?


Thank god, we managed to meet up.

I missed you.

Ahh… It’s the smell of you.

Talk more.

I may have heard your voice over the phone, but I have the real thing in front of me.


Did I say something strange?

Huh? Oh.

Because I’m always thinking of you, I wanted to see you no matter what, so I figured, I had no choice but to go to Tokyo myself.

……Though not even 2 months have passed.


Oh, speaking of which, I’m starving. Thinking about how I’ll soon be able to see your face made me forget to eat.

How far is your place from here?

In that case, I’d like to visit a restaurant you frequent on the way there. I don’t know anything about your life in Tokyo, after all.

Yup, anywhere is fine.



Am I so striking that you can pick me out in an instant?

Eh? My head was sticking out?

Oh, well, I am tall.

Isn’t it great that you can find me easily? Especially amidst a crowd.

Say, can we hold hands?


Is this the place?

Thank you.

Sorry for the intrusion.


No. It’s not particularly small-


Whoa, there really isn’t a lot of space.

I’m kinda used to more space,

But even so…

The bed-no, here?

What’s with that image? Like a lost bear in the roads?

Well, whatever. I’ll sit here then.


Oh, thank you.

When I think about how I’m at your place, I get nervous for some reason. It’s strange, right?

When I’m heading back?

Oh, uh, tomorrow night as planned. I had to leave the field in my father’s care, so I have to return early as possible.

So umm, there’s one thing I’d like to confirm.

Am…I your boyfriend?


When I was out for drinks with my friends the other day, they told me “Tatsu, you should hurry up and get married too.”

So I told them, “I have a person I love and I’m ready to make them my wife at any time.”

And when I did… In shock, they went “You have a girlfriend?”

But when I think about it carefully, I only confessed my love but never asked you to go out with me.

If I say it properly, will you go out with me? Will you be my girlfriend?


Thank god.

Alright, then… Please go out with me! I’m in love with you!

Hah-eh? Why are you laughing so much?


At first I was just gonna ask you to go out with me, but it became a man’s formal request to date…

You’re the same?

Right, right. Then it’s correct to assume that we’re dating, right?


Come here.


I was wanting to do this as soon as I could, and I want to hear your moans even a moment sooner.


Did you have thoughts of me these past 2 months?

What kind? What kind of thoughts?

Did you think back to the feeling of having this done to you?

The muffled voice you make when I lick your nipples… Why are you getting all embarrassed now?


If it were just a few days, we did it countless times, did we not?

I remember it vividly and I keep coming back to those memories. I recollect the voices you make, the feeling of your insides…time and time again.

I want to hurry up and enter inside you.


What is this? You’re super wet.

Let me lick you.

Ease up your legs.


There’s so much pouring out of you…

You’re completely drenched.

What? You’re about to cum already?

It’s fine, so cum.


You came right away, huh?

Your insides are a sloppy mess and dripping with juices.

I’m… My dick is about to burst.

Let me move off to the side for a bit.


I’m super hard.

I’m putting it in then.


Cling onto my neck like you did last time. And just like last time, I’ll…


Damn, it feels so good that I…


Nevermind, I’ll do it while looking at your face.

Let out your voice more.

Are the walls that thin here?

Alright, then, I’ll silence you with my kisses.


I’m about to cum…

If you clamp down like that, I-


You came too, right? At the end, you weren’t able to suppress your voice.

Can I discard the condom here?



Is my heart still pounding?

It’ll settle down in a bit. I just feel really happy somehow. We’ll be apart for the time being, but I’ll come see you the next chance I get.

And you too.

You should return home more frequently. I want to see you. Every day if possible, frankly.

You are mine, after all.

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