【Translation】 Taiikukaikei Danshi no Koikatsu Instructor Fukui Osamu no Baai Stellaworth Tokuten

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CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: Lotion Play


So, what shall we do today?

Since we’ve got the day off, shall we go out?

Eh? We don’t have to go out?

There’s a new cafe open you might like near the gym. Shall we go there?

I’m fine with staying inside since I can mess around with you like this. However, I wouldn’t want the girlfriend I finally got to get bored.

Cute! You’re way, way, way too cute!


Can we just make out here?

You wouldn’t get tired of me, right?

Thank you.


I’m being healed…

Is something the matter?

Huh? Yawning?

Just a little. I was just doing a bit of research yesterday. I was looking up the vocabulary in medical journals for work and it took longer than expected.


It’s not that amazing. Studying is something everyone does.


Well, I am a little sleepy.

It’s fine, I wanted to see you.


You’re thinking about something else now, aren’t you?

Massage…? You, massaging me?

Massage, huh. That certainly sounds like a good idea.

In that case, can I make a little request?


Oh, it feels so good.

I…like head spas and head massages, so I get them a lot, but I think you might just be the best at it.

I’m not poking fun at you. I’m praising you.


It honestly feels so good.

Say, can you go a bit harder?


That feels really nice, it’s great.

There. There.

This honestly feels too good… Ah! Don’t stop, that spot felt really good.

Seriously, this is wonderful.


Why did you stop your hands? So mean.

Can you massage around my neck and collarbone and not just my head?

Your fingers really feel nice.

They’re a bit cold and also, soft.


It’s over already?

Then it’s my turn to massage you in return.

No need to hold back, I’m doing this as a thank you. Alright?

Okay. Arms up!

And off it goes.


Hmm, even now you’re still maintaining your body proportions…

As your teacher, I’m happy!

Which parts are tired?

Neck, maybe?

Your neck isn’t that stiff, it seems. Where else then, I wonder?

Your chest?


If you move around like that, I won’t be able to massage you properly.

Come on, stay still.

So, how is it?

Hmm? It doesn’t feel good?

Is that so? If it’s neither your neck nor your chest then… Maybe it’s your hip area that’s tired?

This, this isn’t just the lotion, right?

Did you want it that badly? You’re soaking wet already.


Oh? You want more?

I want you too.

Place your hands on the tub.

Can you spread apart your legs?

Good girl.

Stick your butt out more.


I’m putting it in.


It feels real good. It’s like your insides are saying that they love me.

I’m happy.

Getting soaking wet and clamping down on me all with a lewd expression… And also, you’re providing such a fine view.

Your body is beautiful.


Do you hear the sounds? Don’t you think they’re incredible?

Is it really just the lotion?

I’m getting more turned on than usual.

About to cum already? You’re shaking.

Go ahead, cum.

I love you. So cute.


Don’t clamp down so hard.

Don’t worry, I’ll cum outside properly.


The position was hard on you, right?

Come here.

Doesn’t it feel like you’ve become more and more lewd?

It’s my fault, right?

But it’s cute, so I want to make you more and more lewd.


Crap, I got hard again.

Now then, let’s wash off the oil in the shower and go at it again on the bed?



By the way, next time I want to try using toys.

Is that a no?

Are you not as against it as you look?

Look forward to it, I’ll train your body increasingly more.

……I am your exclusive personal trainer, after all.

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