【Translation】 Taiikukaikei Danshi no Koikatsu Instructor Fukui Osamu no Baai

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体育会系男子の恋活 インストラクター・福井理の場合

CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: Alright, Now 3 Last Reps!


Alright, now 3 last reps!

One. Two.

Keep going.

That’s it, okay!

Looks like today was a bit difficult.

Two more sessions and you’ll be done with the 3-months course. It’s the last spurt. You’ve done well to get to this point.

Here, here’s a towel. You’ve worked hard.


The 3 months have passed by in the blink of an eye, hasn’t it? I was meeting you every other day, so it’ll be lonely not seeing you.

Eh? It’s not business talk. How unflattering.

I’m not angry, I’m not angry, don’t take it so seriously. You do your very best to finish my work-out program and you’ve kept up with the diet plan.

As a coach, my efforts were worth it.

Your bodyline has become outstandingly beautiful, after all.



Oh, no, no, like I mentioned earlier, your success because of your diligence.

You’re the one who has put in the work, while I was the one who told you how to go about it. And so, through your own tenacity, you have received this promotion.

Have more confidence in yourself.

I mean, I can’t deny that people say that I’m “an absolutely brilliant instructor” or “a handsome instructor who you can’t even book in advance for,” but…

Ah! Did you laugh for a moment there?

But you know what, it’s fine to be self-confident. These results are something you’ve achieved with your own power.

As I was saying, even after this course has ended, please continue to take care of your body.


Oh, that reminds me! Have you also achieved the goal you mentioned when you first came here yet? Remember? You told me during the counseling, the reason that you wanted to change.

You said that you wanted to become pretty and find a wonderful relationship.

Don’t be shy, don’t be shy.

Eh? You only said that because you were nervous?

But regardless, it’s the truth, right?

Rest assured, with the way you are now, I’m certain that you’ll easily be able to get the guy you’re after to fall in love with you.

Even me.

I feel like you’ll immediately weaken my defenses.


I apologize, I suppose that was impolite.

But regardless, it wasn’t a lie.

Now then, there are two more sessions left. After taking a shower, let’s end it off with a bit of counseling.

I’ll see you around then.


Track 2: Why Don’t We Have An After-party Together After This?


Oh! Sorry, sorry, I ran late even though there was this mixer planned.

Am I the last-

Huh? You’re…

I struck it good! There’s a cute girl here.

I think I’ll sit beside them.

Yes. I’ll have a beer.


Should I pretend not to know you? It might dampen the mood to know that an acquaintance has come.

But still, I think I’m glad to have come today.

Meeting you during private time is like a miracle.

Whoa there, are you okay?

Oh! Yes, the beer is mine.

Since I was late, I feel kind of bad, but regardless, although it may be for a second time, let us toast without any reservations!


Soon enough there’ll be an opening, won’t there?

Well, sorry to be taking your chance, but why don’t we have an after-party together after this?

If possible, I’d like for you to say yes.

……Because I’m being serious.


Do you think you’ll be able to handle another drink?

Something light would be preferable, right?

No need to be so nervous. Alright?

Hmm, what would be good? Sweet or dry, which do you prefer? And carbonation, would you rather it be non-carbonated?

Oh, I guess I’m the one who’s nervous, I’m barraging you with questions.

Ah! You laughed.

Can I uncool?

That’s a relief.

I’ll have white, what about you?

Alright. In that case, let’s go with a sweet, white wine.


Well then, once again, cheers to the two of us!

It feels kind of weird, doesn’t it? Normally speaking, we’d only ever see each other at the gym, so to think that we’d be having drinks shoulder to shoulder…

I was genuinely taken off-guard.


Oh, I went to the mixer because… It’s a bit of a difficult question to answer.

No, no need to apologize, I’m just embarrassed to, that’s all.


To tell you the truth, I’m searching for love. And so, I took the initiative and joined a mixer.


You’re surprised, aren’t you, right?

It’s a bit tacky, isn’t it?

No, no, even if I am popular, it never really culminated into anything serious.

Ah! I acknowledged that I am popular just now.

That being said, I wonder why? I’m awkward in relationships.

You can’t believe it?

I know right? That’s what I often hear. But you know what? My relationship track record is pretty disastrous. Even if the person and I do start dating, I get dumped not too long after.

I’ve been told that they were only playing around or that they were actually two-timing, or that I’m only good to bring along on walks to show off.

Even I thought I should stop yearning for love.

However, I want to try genuinely falling in love. I want to love someone for real.


It’s laughable how I’m sounding like some maiden, right?

What about you? Do you know what real love is like?

Oh, uh, am I digging too deep?

Sorry, let’s talk about something more light-hearted.

But…talking about training now would be boring, wouldn’t it? So umm, what have you been into lately?

No, no, being into working out and such… We’ll just end up talking about the same things we always do.

Is there anything else?

Oh, how about movies? Have you watched anything lately?


I know that one, I know that one.

That magician has got a nice charm to them, don’t they? I haven’t watched it yet, but how was it?

That’s unexpected. It looked like more of a cheesy romance.

You’ve watched that too?

Give me your recommendations next time! Like something that’ll make you bawl your eyes out.

Well, I mean, crying relieves stress……


Track 3: Make Love -At Your House-


Do you need help? Do you think you’ll be able to get out your keys?

That’s a relief.

I’ll unlock the door for you then.


We’ve reached your house, are you able to walk inside?

I’m sorry, it looks like we were having so much fun that I accidentally made you drink too much. I’m glad that I was able to get you home while you were still conscious.

Will you be able to make it to your bed?


I guess it’s not possible.

I’ll carry you there.


To have made you drink this much… I’m a failure of an instructor.

I’ll go grab some water, alright?

Oh, uh, sorry but I’ll be opening up your fridge.

Here, water.

Are you able to sit up? It’s better to drink some.

I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll loosen up your clothes.


Umm…if you look at me with those eyes, I won’t be able to stop, you know? Are you trying to lead me on?

Just to let you know, I’m not doing this because I’m drunk.

Stick your tongue out more.


I’ve always wanted to be like this with you.

Your body is beautiful. Incredibly beautiful.

Even without my guidance, you were more than beautiful enough. But now, you’re the epitome of perfection.

No, don’t hide them.

You’re the one who seduced me. However, having always wanted to do this, I’m equally at fault.


Your breasts are just right.

Even though your body is toned, this place alone is soft…

Do you feel it? Your nipples here immediately turned hard.

You’re embarrassed?

That’s so you.

Don’t worry, I like that part of you. Let me shower you with tons of affection.


You’re soaking wet already.

I would like you not to blame it on alcohol. During times like these, you should say, “It’s because I like you, Mr. Osamu.”

How cute.

Today, I’ll let it pass, but please say it properly the next time I embrace you.


Well, it’s already wet. Lewd juices keep on trickling down.

Spread your legs more.

You’re tensing up your legs, how cute.

Go on. Experience more and more pleasure. I too am super aroused.


My fingers are buried inside you this deep…

You can hear dirty, wet sounds, you know? Do you want me to touch even deeper?

Then try asking for it properly.

You won’t say it even though you want it this badly?

However, this place is honest, though. Look, your insides are twisting so much, and are delighted at my fingers.


Hey, then, can you touch me too?

Crazy, right? It’s super erect.

To be frank, I can’t control it. It’s because you’re far too lewd, you know?

So, try touching it.


Your hands are a bit cool… Damn, it feels good.

Go ahead, continue.

Yes, yes, the head…

You’re doing good. Touch that place more.

Under the head too…


You can stop your hands now.

I can do it with you, right?

Loosen up.

It’s a bit tight.

Breath in. Yes. Relax.

It’s been plunged in all the way. I’ll start moving.


Sorry, I can’t wait. I can’t wait any longer than this, I’ve always waited to do this.

You’re tightening up so much. If you’re this tight, right way I’ll…

Does it feel good?

You look like you’re feeling good. You have a lewd, intoxicated-looking expression.


Can I thrust even deeper?

It feels…so good. It’s so arousing.

I think I might really like doing it with you.

What do I do? The number of things I like about you has increased again.

I love your insides.


Does it hurt?

Yes. You look like you’re feeling real good, aren’t you?

I can tell.

Your insides have melded into my shape. And also, it’s overflowing non-stop.

You can go ahead and cum first.


I think I might end up cumming first…

It feels too good, I can’t.


This isn’t good, it feels too good. I don’t know what’s going anymore.


Come here. Let me give you my arm as a pillow.

I’ll be staying the night.

I wish we could stay like this forever.


Track 4: ーーEh? Wait, wait.


Ahh, something smells good.

Good morning.

Waking up to the smell of breakfast… I wonder how long it’s been?

Moreover, you kept in mind what I said about diets. It’s healthy yet very filling. You’re the best student I could ask for.


Wait, wait. Turn around. Look at me. I don’t regret what happened last night. I would never. After all, I-


Wait, stop! You like me…?

You’ve liked me since going to the gym? Really?

Then the thing about last night being a good memory… Are you saying that you’re going to move on to a new love?

Please wait, I want you to listen to me.

It’s true that the order of events was wrong, but-

Why are you not listening to me!?


I understand. Last night ironically made you lose trust in me, right?

I’ve decided.

Hey, after we finish eating this breakfast, could you go out with me for the day? You have the day off, right?

Thank god.

Please give me the time to make a new attempt during this one day today. I’ll definitely make you believe me.


Track 5: If Yes then Let Us Head to the Hotel Upstairs


Thank you for accompanying me today. It was super fun going on a date with you. At first, I wasn’t unsure where to take you to bring you joy, so I’m sorry it was so basic.

The amusement park was fun, wasn’t it? And tonight’s dinner too, did you like it?

Wait, stop.

I’m serious, so this isn’t final. I don’t want to say that today’s the last.

You like me, right?

I like you too.


I understand why you don’t believe me. I can’t deny that you know, I seem really rigid, and I’ve plowed a lot of relationships due to that.

There’s something I’d like to give you.

Excuse me! The thing I requested, has it arrived yet?

Please wait.

Thank you.


I prepared this bouquet for you.

I know right? We were together the whole day, so you must be wondering… Since when?

To tell you the truth, I had it arranged when you left your seat.

Will you accept it?

Thank you.

I’m not too knowledgeable about flowers, so I requested a bouquet with colors that matches you.

Did I buy too many, perhaps?


All of this is because I want you to believe me.

You’ve always seemed to lack confidence when first meeting you at the gym, but it made me happy seeing you slowly gain self-confidence throughout the course of my program.

Just recently, you got a really nice promotion, so I thought you’d be more forward-facing, but…some things don’t change.

Oh, but, that’s also one of your good traits!

You’re humble, kind, and hard-working. That being said, don’t you think it’s fine to give yourself a little more self-love?

You’re… You’re a far more attractive girl than you think you are.


The things I said at the gym weren’t entirely lies.

With the way you are now, getting the guy you’re after to fall in love with you is easy. Even I feel like my defenses will immediately weaken.

Didn’t I tell you?

When trying to convince you that my feelings are real, I realize this date and this bouquet hardly amounts to much, but I want you to not feel shame about last night.

I really do like you.


When we first met at the gym…  “I want to become pretty and find a wonderful relationship,” while looking kind of embarrassed, but with a sparkle on your face.

Since the moment I witnessed you say that, I was in love with you.

It’s strange, right? Falling in love happened in an instant.

I always worried that falling in love would be a massive ordeal, but with a single line from you, I had fallen in love.

And for that reason, I’m head over heels.

So, I want us to be together.


I love you.


Track 6: Make Love -At the Hotel-


You’re wet already.

Sorry, I was planning to be more gentlemanlike, but I have no self-control when to come to you.

I want you.

My brakes flew off at the possibility of you becoming mine.

It’s almost as if I’m not myself.


Please, don’t close your legs.

And, don’t be disillusioned, I’ll for sure make you feel good.


It’s not embarrassing. Let me lick this place.


It’s hard doing it while standing?

Let’s head over to the bed.


Grab onto me.

It’s fine, you’re not heavy. Have you forgotten my occupation?

Yes, a gym instructor. I’m trained.

……For times like these too.

Your clothes will get wrinkled, can I take them off?

Mhm, I’ll undress too.


I knew it.

You’re extremely beautiful.

I won’t let go of you ever again. Also, sorry to say but I won’t be holding back either.

I don’t want it unless you.


I love everything about you.

This body, these ears, these lips… Your face, your chest, your entire body is reacting nicely to my touch.

Here too.

I love everything.

The way you think, the way you act, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you eat, the way you laugh… All of it is so, so cute that I don’t know what to do with myself.

I love you. I love you. I love you so much.


Lift your leg up again.

This time, I’ll lick you until you cum.

Enough, I want to do it. Alright?


This place is super swollen. It looks painful.

Your hips are trembling… Are you about to cum?





I’m putting it in.

I’m pretty close to bursting, so…

This really is bad, I nearly came from just putting it in.

As I thought, it feels really good.


Hey, call my name.


Hey, hey, that’s cheating.

If you embrace me, I won’t be able to see your face. Also, I won’t be fooled by that.

Call my name properly, “Osamu.”



Call it more, keep calling my name. I’m yours. I belong only to you.


I can’t. I’m cumming.

Can I cum?


I want to go at it a second time.

Also, I’m not a quick shot, it’s just that I love you too much. Next time, I’ll be able to last a bit longer.

You laughed.

I’ll make you cum another 10 times.

Nope. Be prepared, it’s your punishment for laughing.




Track 7: Make Love -At the Gym-


Well done. With this, the 3-months course is over! You’ve worked hard.

So, was it difficult?

Yeah. Yeah, it was difficult, right? That said, don’t you think you’re now closer to the promotion of your dreams?

That’s what I want to hear.

However, this isn’t the end-goal.

To maintain your physique, you have to remember to regularly exercise, eat healthily, and sleep adequately.


Oh, but I’ll continue to guide you as your exclusive personal trainer, so rest easy. Alright?


You’re getting way too flustered.

Now then, since it is the final session and I’m also off after this today… Could you wait for me in the changing room? I’ll be there in a moment.

Alright, then good work!


You’re such a good girl.

Were you surprised?

I’m good at erasing my presence, aren’t I?

Huh? You still haven’t changed yet?

Then that’s perfect. Why don’t we take a shower together?

It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine. This gym’s got good facilities, so the showers are all entirely private stalls.


Come here.

Come on, come here. If we don’t hurry, someone might find us.


Alright, take off your clothes.

I know that you’re sweaty. We’ve trained together, so I’ve at least remembered the smell of your sweat.

“Pervert”? That’s kind of harsh.

I dislike the smell of everyone else’s sweat but yours. However, in your case, I also like the smell of your sweat.


Is this what you’re saying makes me a pervert?


In that case, I’m fine with being a pervert.

Raise your hands up and let me take that off for you.

Having your hair and clothes stick to you because of sweat is kind of hot, don’t you think?

That expression is a turn-on too.


It’s so cramped.

But, we can adhere to each other, so it’s just right.

Today, I’ll wash you.

The shower’s not too hot, right?

What? Are you embarrassed?

If you react too cutely, I’ll end up wanting to do it, though.


Oh, you found out?

That’s right, I’m hard. How could I not be aroused in this situation? My beloved girlfriend is in front of me sexily.

If you’re practically seducing me with your wet hair.

No, you are seducing me. You’re always seducing me.


Can I hide the sounds of us doing it with the sound of the shower?

Too much?

I’ll stop if it gets too much.


You’re wet. See?

You immediately swallowed up my fingers, though?

Without trying, even.

It’s true, they went right in as I was trying to touch you. It’s probably because you’re a little too wet… From your juices.

You’re wiggling your hips.

Can I put it in? If we stay here for too much, you might get dizzy.

We’ll do it while standing, so adhere to me.

Hold onto my neck tight.


I’ll start moving.

You mustn’t let your voice leak out too much, you can really hear the echoes.

Why don’t we cover up your mouth?


It’s a bit tight.

I don’t think that’s working.

Bite down on me and try to suppress your voice.


You’re really feeling it, aren’t you?

Me too.

It’s tight and hot and… I’m at my limit too.

I’ll cum outside.


I’m burning up so much.

It’s your fault. I’ve been cumming real quickly lately.

Eh? It really is your fault. Your fault for being too cute and also, the fault of your body feeling too good.

However, no matter how many times we do it, I’ll never get tired of it.

I’ll love you forever.

I love you more than anything.


I may be a needy man, but will you continue to love me?

Let’s stay together forever.

Oh jeez, why are you this cute? I feel like the blood rushing to my head too.

Crap! I don’t quickly wash your body, you will overheat. Your face is bright red.

It seriously looks like a red cherry blossom bud.

It’s cute.

You’re cute in everything you do. You’re the cutest person in the world.

Seriously, I love you almost too much.

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