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おやすみ彼氏EX ~浅井直輝と過ごす夜~

CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部敦)

Track 1: Oyasumi Kareshi EX ~A Night with Asai Naoki~


Thank you for the bath. Sorry to have made you wait-


Huh? Did she fall asleep?


It is late, so there’s no helping it, I suppose. I guess I’ll sleep too.


You’ve scooted over for me.

Hehe. Let me lay down next to you.

What a cute sleeping face. I wonder what kind of dreams you’re seeing.

Thank you for coming to watch me perform on stage. I hope I managed to show you a bit of my nifty side. I was able to do as well as I did because of you.

Huh? Did you shift a little?

Hmm, I guess it’s just my imagination.

It’s been a while since I last stayed over, so I want to touch you a bit more.


Sorry, I thought I’d limit it to just kisses, but…

Just a bit more.

So you react even when you’re asleep?

That makes me happy.


Huh? Your nipples are hard.

Hmm, can I lick them?

The way we smell the same on nights I stay over makes me happy…


Your body trembles each time I suck on them.

I wonder if you’re actually feeling good?

But…it is a bit unfortunate that I can’t hear your cute voice.


You finally woke up.

I noticed that you were pretending to be asleep from the start.

Hehe, you can’t fool my eyes.

Seeing you desperately hold back was too cute so I couldn’t help it. I know you were planning to surprise me, sorry.

Even though you were only pretending to be asleep, I’m sorry for coming onto you while you were sleeping.

Were you scared?

You weren’t scared, but…?

Does that mean it’s fine for us to continue?


I felt the same.

In that case, let me hear plenty of your voice. …Enough to make up for earlier.


Say, did you notice that you were rubbing your legs together while I was licking your nipples earlier?

Look, as proof of that… You’re wet already.

Did you want me to touch you?

Alright, I’ll touch you a bunch then.


That’s the voice I wanted to hear… It’s adorable.

You’re overflowing endlessly.


Let’s make your insides feel good too.

Here, you love it when I touch the place up top, right?

Oh! Your voice got louder.

Shall we add in another finger?


It’s making such wet sounds…

Let yourself feel good.


You came, right?

Look, you’re clamping down on my fingers.

Is it alright if I put it in?

Thank you.


You were too cute so my self-control went out the window.



Are you okay?

Should we stay like this for a bit?


Thank you. Let’s feel good together then.


Can you tell that we’re joined together here?

I want our bodies and hearts to be connected even further.

Sorry for being such a greedy boyfriend… I love you too much and I simply can’t contain my desires.

You too?

I see. I’m happy.


This is troubling. I’ve come to love you even more.

As I thought, can we do it while holding each other together?

I can reach even deeper than before, so you like it, right?


You’re about to cum again?

Go ahead, cum as many times as you like. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m happy that you’re feeling it so much.

What and where feels good?

Tell me.

I see. I’ll keep thrusting deep into you then.


Shaking and trembling… How cute.

Don’t worry, I’m feeling good too. So good in fact that I have to stop myself from cumming.

I want to stay like this with you even a second longer. I don’t want to be apart from you.

I love you.


No… If you squeeze up like that, then, I’ll cum.

You’re fine with that?

Then, let me cum inside you.


This place has slowly become accustomed to my shape too, hasn’t it?

I’m happy. It feels really good.




What’s wrong? You seem to be acting pretty spoiled today.

Mhm. I don’t mind.

Why don’t we stay like this for a bit longer?


Is it soothing?

I see.

Unlike mine, your body is tiny and dainty, so I was a bit worried.

Eh? Am I a worrywart?

But, I think it’s normal for a boyfriend to worry about their girlfriend. You worry because you love them, and you have the urge to protect them.

You see, I love you hundreds of times more than you think I do.


At this distance, I have a clear view of your flushed face.

It’s cute.

To tell you the truth, I was thinking the same thing. Look, can you tell that it’s gotten big again?

Can we go on?

Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able to let you sleep tonight.

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