【Translation】 Mahoutsukai to Koneko-chan

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Morita Noriaki (森田則昭)

Track 1


Welcome back.

Once again, you’ve worked hard today. Since I got home earlier today, I cooked up some dinner.

The day was rough, wasn’t it? There, there.

Ah! Why are you avoiding the head pats? There’s nothing to be shy about. Come on, give me your head.

Pat, pat. Pat, pat.

Why are you getting embarrassed? Jeez, you’re so adorable.

Come on, come on, let me pat you more.


Hey, wait!

Goodness, you aren’t being honest. Deep down, you love having your head patted by me, don’t you?

Well, look at you turning your face away.

Was I right on the mark?

Eh? I’m not?

Really? So you don’t like it?

Is that really true? You looked so happy earlier, though.


Let’s see…

If you were a cat, would you then be able to accept my head pats without a fuss?

Why don’t we give that a try?

Huh? Why are you tilting your head?

Stop joking, you say?

I’ve been keeping this a secret from you until now, but actually, I’m a GRAND MAGICIAN!


That look… You don’t believe me at all, do you?

So mean! You’re the only one I’ve secretly told. That being said, no one can defy me once I cast my magic on them.

It’s true.

Are you still doubting me?

Alright, then I’ll make an exception and show you my magic.

I’ll be turning you into a little kitten.

Here I go.

Cute you, becometh a cute kitten!


See? I’ve turned you into a cute little kitten in an instant.

I look super big now, right? But you see, that’s just because you’ve become a kitten and are tiny.

Look, look, you have a tail behind you, no?

How does it feel?

You’re still absolutely spectacular even when you’ve become a cat.


Come on, come here.

Come on.

Jeez, you’re such a tomboy even as a cat.

That part of you is super cute, though.


Track 2


Now then, come here, little kitten.

My goodness, don’t struggle.

Hehe. Are you surprised?

Since you can’t yet grasp that you’ve become a cat… I’ll carry you like this and bring you in front of a mirror then.


Okay. Tada!

Well? No matter how you look at it, your appearance reflected upon the mirror is that of a cat.

This is my magnificent magic.

Well? Well? Have you changed your opinion of me?

Then, how’s this? Let’s head over to the sofa.

Now, lie down.


Ahh… You’re cute even as a cat.

You know, I love your ears. They’re dainty and feel nice to the touch. and it’s calming when I touch them.

Even now too. I feel super relaxed.

Also, I love your eyes too.

Your fluttering eyes are lovely. When I stare into them, it feels like I’ll be sucked in.

My heart’s always racing when I look at you, did you know that? Your cheeks are squishy too and I like that. Though right now, they feel pleasantly of fur.


I love your wholeheartedness and the way you always look at my way.

Of course, I too am only ever looking at you.

It’s true.

Ahh, your body is so warm and comforting. I just want to fall asleep while holding you like this.

We can just warm up dinner again later, so let’s take a short nap.

Though it’s not exactly the hour to take a nap, it’s just so relaxing when I hold you. You heal my tired heart. You’re someone precious to me.


So, so, what kind of existence am I to you? Am I able to be your source of comfort?

I’m always on your side, my cute little kitten.

Why are you flapping around your body?

Looks like you want to stay a cat forever.

I can tell that much from your expression. I love you, after all.


Ah! Don’t run away. Are you feeling shy?

Come on. Wait!


If that’s how you’re gonna be, I’ll make you unable to move with my magic.


How’s that? Now you can’t move, can you?

Caught you!

Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I just want to hold you close.

Being adorable even as a cat is straight-up cheating.

Good girl, good girl.

So, so, why don’t we dally around like this? Experiencing a variety of things as a cat isn’t an opportunity you often get.

I’ve said this already, but there’s nothing to fear. I just want to dote on you in various ways.

I love you.


Track 3


Well then, I’ll start messing around with this cat who’s unable to move.

First, let’s smooch. Smooch.

Don’t be all embarrassed, I’ve been wanting to smooch you since the moment you got back.


My goodness, you’re way too cute.

Let’s do it again.

Your thick fur feels so nice. Let me nuzzle against it.

Nuzzle, nuzzle.

So cute!

Have you relaxed a little now?

Then how could I tickle your belly, little kitten?


Alright, move your arms and legs to the sides.

Raise your arms up high! To the top.

Yes. Good girl.

Spread apart your legs too.

You’re such a girl.

Now for your exposed belly… Rub, rub!!!


How’s that? I’m good with my fingers, aren’t I?

I’m good with stroking things, after all. I’ll keep going then.

Rub, rub. Rub, rub.

It feels strange?

Then this time I’ll slowly… Rub… Rub… Rub, rub. Rub, rub.

The look when you narrow your eyes is cute too. I’m gonna kiss you again.

So uh, now that I’ve dallied you, I’m feeling a little in the mood. Can I mess around with you even more?

Of course, I won’t be doing anything scary.

But if you do feel scared, please make sure to tell me. I fully understand even if it’s in cat talk.


And so, relax and entrust your body to me.

I would never do anything that you, the person I love dearly, hate. Let’s get in the naughty mood together.

First, here… Your ears.

Can you tell? Right now, your ears are pointy triangles,  cat ears.

They’re very cute and tiny, and since they make it easier to hear, they’re more sensitive. And for that reason, you’ll hear my voice far more closely than usual.

Well? Even when I whisper like this quietly into your ears, you can hear it clearly, can’t you?

Cat ears are amazing, aren’t they?


Since your ears have become extremely sensitive to sound, you’ll experience sensations from sounds you’ve never been able to before.

Even when I kiss your ears like this too… It’s more, far more intense than it was when you were human.

I can feel your ears trembling with my lips.

You’re so cute. I love you.

Tremble more and feel my voice.


Your body’s becoming warm. I can feel your warmth.

It’s super warm when I hug you.

Next. Here… Let’s take a look at little kitten’s boobies.

As expected, they’re super small compared to a human’s, but they’re wonderfully pretty.

Come on, stop being so embarrassed. Let me see them completely.

Can you feel the tip of your nipples? The place that my finger is touchingーa very sensitive place. Nudging them, massaging them, when you’re cat-sized, I can do everything with the tips of my fingers.

Look. The tip of your nipples… Poke, poke. The part that feels good, knead, knead.


Little kitten, you’re so cute.

You’re such a good girl.

Let me poke, poke, nudge, nudge. the sensitive bit and knead, knead, knead, knead, the part that feels good again.

They’re slowly being hard. How does it feel?

Are you feeling it from my fingertips?


Next, let’s look at this place, dear little kitten’s naughty place.


Are you a little wet, perhaps?

Were you happy being touched by me? If that were the case, I’d be happy too.

I’ll stroke this entrance gently too then.

Oh! Maybe lewdly would be better?

Just kidding!

Look, I’ll probe this place with my fingertips.

Allow me to softly touch that sensitive bit, insert my fingers inside, and slowly loosen it up.


I’ll finger it…slowly.

My urges have gradually built up inside me too. Why don’t we do something more indecent?


Track 4


This time, let me savor your boobies with my tongue.

Let me have these tiny, cute cat boobies.

I’ll lick them and suck on them gently so that it won’t hurt.

The way you’re trembling is so cute.

More… Your right boobie…

And now this side, your left boobie.


Please feel it more and more.

So cute.

Only ever show your embarrassing side to me. I want to make it so that that part of you is mine.

These lovely boobies belong to me, alright? They are definitely, definitely mine, alright?

I love them.


Shall I lick your lower half next?

I’ll lick it gently with the tip of my tongue.


Come on, spread apart your legs.

Doing something this while you can’t move is getting me all excited. I’d be happy if your heart is racing over this too.

I’ll start licking you then.


Since it’s small, I’ll envelop the entire thing with my lips.


I’ll use the tips of my fingers too, here…

You’re cute.

Ahh, I can’t hold back the urge any longer.


Hey, let’s do it.

You think it’s impossible when you have the body of a cat?

Don’t worry, I’ll become a cat too with magic. Let us be cats and make love like animals.

It’s nothing to be afraid of.

Here, your sensitive ears… Fuu. Does it tickle? Or, does it feel good?


Let’s do it then.


See? I’ve become a little cat too.

Did you know? They say that when cats mate, it hurts for the female. But worry not, I’ll make sure that nothing will hurt with my magic.

Feel my love with your entire body.

Let’s engage in some lewd acts.


I’ll put that inside your naughty place.

See? It’s slowly going inside you.

It’s warm.

It’s nice when we do it as humans, but doing it as cats feels really steamy and it’s exciting.

I’m slowly making my way deep inside……


A cat’s place here is amazing. It feels good.

It’s warm and it’s squeezing me… Can you tell that it’s twisting in response to me?

I’m in all the way.

I’ll start by moving slowly.


So warm.

It’s wet and it’s making me feel good. It’s incredible.

You. Feel it too.

Does it feel good? I’ll keep hitting the spots that feel good, so feel it even more.

I’ll start moving my hips faster bit by bit.


Making love as a cat is amazing. We’re adhering our bodies even closer together than we do as humans and getting all wet.

We’re nestled perfectly together and it’s like I’m melting into you.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever felt this way.

It feels good.

Can you feel me constantly moving inside you?

I love you. I love you, you know?


Incredible. You tightened and are becoming even hotter.

It feels good… Too good.

I won’t be able to stop my hips. Your insides feel so good.

Reacting by tightening and trembling at my every movement… It’s just so lewd, and it feels so damn good.

I, I’m about to cum.

Come on, you too. Let’s both… Together let’s…

I-I’m cumming. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, so…

Cumming! I’m cumming a lot!


That felt great. Did you feel good too?

Maybe we’ve conceived a kitten…

Just kidding.

Hey, hey, let’s sleep together.


Track 5


Good morning!

The weather’s wonderful today.

Come on, get up, get up, I’ve already made breakfast.

Hmm? What’s wrong? You’re making a weird expression.


You turned into a cat and did naughty things?

What are you saying? Jeez, you, are you still half asleep? You’re so adorable. A person can’t possibly become a cat.

I was a magician…?

Of course not.

You had a dirty dream, didn’t you?


That’s cute of you too.

I love you.

No, I l love you so much that that “love” isn’t enough to describe it. I love you.

Now then, let us eat breakfast! Meow~

Just kidding, meow.

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