【Translation】 Nemuru Oujo to Chiisa na Ouji

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CV: Morita Noriaki (森田則昭)

Track 1


I am short.

It sounds like I’m bragging but my face is handsome and I was born a prince. Prestige, looks, what more is there to ask for? Or at least that should’ve been the case.

I wonder why? I just never grew much in height.

At balls, I get gacked at by heel-wearing aristocratic ladies, and over time, I grew to hate the world of royals and nobles.

Meeting people became painful.

Then during one such depressing day, I heard an interesting story from a traveling peddler. They say that there is a nation of dwarves.


After hearing that my heart pranced. If I head to a nation of dwarves, surely there, I’d be considered a tall man.

I won’t be ridiculed by the girls around me.

I’ll be able to hold my chest up high.

With that in mind, I immediately moved to that country.


At that time…

I’d be able to live in luxury with my relative tall height in the nation of dwarves! Or at least that’s what I thought.

In the end, the dwarves feared me for being human; they wouldn’t even approach me, much less be popular.

I’m so tired of this. Neither the kingdom nor the nation of dwarves is fun at all. Not to mention, it’s lonely being by myself.

It’s depressing. Even at home, it’s all dark.

At some point, I began taking walks in the forest, and there, I met you.

ーーA beautiful princess sleeping deep inside the woods.


Track 2


You, hey you, sleeping in a place like this is dangerous.

Wake up. Get it together.

You, hey, wake up!


She’s not waking up, but she is breathing, though.

Maybe she’s sick?

But even so, what a beautiful person. I’ve yet to see someone nearly as beautiful in the dwarf country. No, even in my own country, there were no such beauties even at royal balls.

Oh, what a lovely sleeping expression she has.

It’s almost as if you’re an angel who’s swooped down to the lonely me.

How could this be?

Can you hear me? It looks I’ve instantly fallen in love with you who I’ve unexpectedly met.


Fair lady, I wish to know your name. I want to hear your voice. I desire to touch your body.

Oh, what kind of enchanting breaths would escape from those lips?

I want to witness all of you, beloved princess.

This must be fate. I could not possibly leave you defenseless in a place like this. Please follow me to my place. Fret not, even if you continue sleeping, I’ll escort you.

Now then, let’s head off to my house.

I vow to cherish you.

……In my personal own way.


Track 3


Now then, Princess, welcome to our love nest.

Oh, how just beautiful are you?

In seeing you under the sunlight, it is as if you are a spirit who’s flown down from the heavens. And the image of you inside this room upon this bed is almost akin to a paintingーthe magus opus of the best painter in the world.

You, are you able to hear me?

You are a stunning woman.

So much so that it destroys my sense of reason.


Wake up. Please wake up already.

While I still have some semblance of reason left in me…

Quickly. Come on. If you don’t wake up, who knows what I might do to you who’s defenseless before me.

I could…


Your ears are splendid.

These soft ears…

You’re still not waking up even after I did this, huh? In that case, shall I do something more indecent?

Look, I’ll touch your cute boobs too.

Soft. It’s like they’re sucking my hands in. It’s like you’re lusting after me even though you’re asleep. Surely, you must be lewd, right?

That trait too is wonderful.


Can you tell? This place, your nipples, are hard.

There’s such a huge opening in the chest part of your dress. That’s not good, you know? Let me plug up that gap with my hands.

Your skin is lovely, and your nipples are twitching and reacting cutely.

Are you feeling it?

I can tell even if you don’t answer. You’re feeling it, aren’t you? Seeing that they’re this hard, shall I lick them?


Right side too.

Slowly, ever so slowly… I’ll be gentle.

Here, your nipples, I’ll pinch them with the tips of my fingers.

I’ll squeeze them like this…

Does it feel good? Are your nipples feeling it?

I wonder if you’re in the midst of a dirty dream right now? I wouldn’t mind, I’ll tease you even in the dream.


Hey, hey, how do your boobs feel?

Are you starting to feel it?

Between this place and your ears, which do you like better?

Or is it perhaps this place below? …The precious place that my hand is touching.

I wonder if you feel it more from your pussy?


By any chance, is your pussy wet?

Your nipples are stiff and hard, your pussy is wet… Although you’re sleeping, you’re quite sensitive, huh? It’s really lewd.

Show all of your beauty and naughtiness just to me.

Give everything to me.


I’ll start touching your pussy.


Track 4


Let’s do away with these cute panties.

Let me see your naughty pussy.

Huh? You’re this wet already?

Look, here.

Oh! You gave a little jolt. Are you awake perhaps?

Well, tell me.

Please tell me, Princess.

If you’re awake and you’re letting me do this, then you’re incredibly lewd.

So you’re getting turned on from being treated freely by me? Your pussy is wet and your nipples are hard, after all. And your ears are this…


You’re so sensitive.

Alright. Here, I’ll tease your pussy with my fingers.

Do you enjoy it with your clitoris?

I’ll stroke it gently then.


Your face is turning red.

Jeez, you’re so cute. Look, my fingers are drawing closer and closer to your sensitive place.

Does it feel good?

Jolting up like that… To respond using your pussy, what a naughty princess you are. You now belong to me.

Say, this, this thing that’s touching your hand, do you feel it? My dick.

Would you prefer I call it a penis?


I’m this hard because of you. Because you’re such a beautiful and alluring girl, I became like this.

I can’t wait any longer. It’s fine, right?

I’m going to put it inside you.


This place is amazing. Your pussy is almost steamingly hot and wet.

My penis will be going inside here, please wait for it.


It’s wet and slippery… And yet, it’s tightening around me. It’s wonderful.

Your pussy feels so good.

What about you?

Clamping down on my penis… You’re feeling it, aren’t you?

I’ll go deeper then. I’ll go all the way inside you.


It feels good.

It’s the best, your pussy is the absolute best. I can’t stop my hips.

See? See?

Do you feel good too?

Even if you don’t reply, your pussy has given me the answer. Not to mention how high your nipples are sticking.



The entrance of your pussy, the insides, it’s wet and tight all the way through. It’s amazing. To think the sleeping princess was this lewd…

You’re completely mine now.

I’m cumming.

It’s fine, right? You belong to me, so I can cum inside, right?


I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum.

Cumming! I’m cumming!

I’m cumming so much. It feels so good. Your pussy is twisting and turning almost as if it’s trying to squeeze out my cum.


My semen is spilling out from your pussy.

Since I came a lot, you might just be pregnant now.


Track 5


You were wonderful, Princess.


You’re coughing violently… What’s wrong!?

Are you awake now?

This… A piece of apple? You were made to eat a poison apple and were forced into a slumber? So that’s what it was?

Since this piece of apple came out, you won’t keep on sleeping, right?

That’s great! I’m glad to hear that!

That being said, you heard my voice while you were sleeping, no? In which case, you’re fine with becoming mine, right?

Your pussy did reply, after all.


Oh beautiful princess, allow me to declare it before you once more.

I love you.

You’re more beautiful than anyone else and you’re more precious to me than anyone else. So, please, please come with me to my kingdom.

And there, let us live together.

We’ll get married and I’ll make you a princess even in my country.

I won’t ever let go of you, beloved princess.


So, now that you’re awake, let’s go at it again, and this time while viewing each other in the eye……

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