【Translation】 Noumitsu Hatsujou Sex ~Oazuke XX Kame, Gaman dekinai Otokotachi: Yokokawa Taito~


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之)

Track 1: Yokokawa Taito


Oh, you’re there, you’re there.

I’ve returned!

Mhm, I just got back. I headed straight from the station to your house.

Come on, let me hug you a little.


Your warmth is penetrating my tired body.

Hey, wait, I’m still in the middle of recharging.

Just a little more.

Oh, if it’s about my old man, he’s fine. Turns out, he’s only got a strained back.

No, when I first got the news, he told me that he couldn’t walk and it was difficult to sleep, so I was like, “Are you sure nothing’s wrong?” Though by the time I got back, the pain had mostly subsided and he was slowly able to move again.

It was hardly something I had to rush back home for.

But well, I haven’t visited my parents’ place in a while, so it was probably a good opportunity to. I paid respects to my parents and talked about a bunch of things with my sister.


But still, don’t you think it’s cruel? My room has become like a storage room. In the end, I spent the entire week sleeping on the living room sofa.

I wonder if I’m exhausted because of that?

Though when I saw your face, I felt super relieved.

Eh? Seriously?

I was planning to leave after seeing your face. But to share a meal with you? Aren’t I super lucky?

Ah. Oh, but, sorry, I returned in a hurry, so I might reek of sweat a little. Can I borrow your shower for a moment before we eat?

Thank you.

Wait just a moment for me then. After I finish showering, let’s eat together.



Umm… Why are you getting in too?

No, I mean, that’s true, but, it’s like, umm, today’s the first time in a while, so I’m feeling shy I guess.

Can I take this as an invitation?

No, that, isn’t that straight up against the rule? If you come over here naked, my dick will be on max-level edge. I’m sure you know that, right?


Wash each together.

The soap… There it is! Come on, get closer.

Your entire body is slippery and it’s hot. Rubbing our entire body against each other with body soap…feels good.

It can’t be helped, right? When we’re doing something this lewd, how could I not be erect?

Since I pretty much had no room of my own at my parents’ house, I had no place to tend to myself. I have an entire week’s worth bottled up in there.

Please, please rub my slippery, soap-covered dick.


Wow… Crap, crap, it feels so good.

That place, it feels too good when you tease the tip.

Can I kiss you?


Damn, I’m about to cum.

Stick your tongue out more.

I’m cumming!


It was too quick and things flew a little far. It even splattered on your chest.

Just how much did I have accumulated in there?

Oh, but, right now I feel like I can do it an endless number of times. It’s been a week since I last kissed you too.

You haven’t done it with anyone else while I was away, right?

I know already, but I just wanted to say it. Obviously, I haven’t either.



That uh, my, the Yokokawa family’s pet dog, Chomiko, did.

I was one-sidedly licked, so I’m in the clear, right?

I think I might want to lick you all over like a dog after finally getting to see you today.


Like I thought, the reaction of your nipples is different.

This spot feels the best, does it?

Even more than this place?

Spread your legs more.

It’s fine, you did it for me, so let me lick you. Your clit is sensitive, so it’s better if I used my tongue rather than my fingers, no?

Yes, yes, when you do that I can see even inside the folds.

Ah! Ow! What was that? Stop getting all embarrassed, this place of yours is beautiful.

It has a sexy color and taste.


Don’t pull back your hips.

You can’t stand?

So it feels that good?

If you compliment me like that, it’ll make me want to make you feel it even more.


Juicies are dripping from your pussy… It’s messy, and a turn-on.

If your legs are shaky, you can grab onto my head.

Whoa, I feel like I’m gonna drown.


Go ahead, cum.

Don’t hold back. Just cum.


You forced my head down a little too much.

No, I’m fine. It was a bit painful, but more than that, it was arousing. You were super cute as you grabbed desperately onto my head while moaning uncontrollably.

So, did it feel good?

Oh, but again I’m… I got super hard while I was giving you oral. Just damn.

Hey, let’s do it.


Not after we get out.

Right here, right now. I want to stick it inside you after you’ve just cum.

Come on, let’s do it. Let’s do it now. I want to stick my dick in you.

Then turn around and place your hands on the hand.


I’m putting it in, so careful not to ram your head.


It’s going in…

So warm.

Your insides are so wet, and it feels nice. It feels super good. What’ll happen if I start moving, I wonder?


Is it not hard on you?

We don’t often do it from the back, but when I slam my hips against you, it feels like I reach all the way inside. Is it not too much?

Then can I assume that voice means it feels good?

You’re letting out such a strained voice… I can’t get enough of it. Let me hear more of it.


It feels so good…

Look this way. Let’s kiss.

Damn, my dick is at its limits.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I’m gonna-

I love you, I love you.


Wow, that was way too good.

Wait. I’m gonna pull out.

Even though it’s the second time, I came a lot, I think. Let’s rinse your insides with the shower.

No, it’s fine, I’ll be the one to do it.

Come on, spread your legs.


The moment I insert my fingers, cum spills out from inside you. Can you tell? It’s a white foamy mix of your juices and my fluids.


I’m touching you strangely?

Strange, what do you mean by strange? Am I not supposed to touch you inside?

It’s fine, I’m touching you so that you’ll feel good. You still haven’t cum from your pussy yet, right? So cum from my fingers.


I don’t like it when it’s just me. I want you to experience, even more, even more pleasure.

Does it feel good when I do it while licking your ears?

Then I’ll do it some more.


Your pussy tightened.

Here too…

What naughty sounds.


Hmm? You’re about to cum?

Go ahead, I’ll support you.

Cum. Just cum.


Orgasm, success.


Sorry, I overdid it. Sorry, I’m sorry, while I was staying at my parents’ house I was constantly thinking about how I’d do this or do that with you, so I…

This time I’ll actually rinse your body, so come on, come here.


Your entire body really is sticky.

I am too, though.

It’s been so long, so I got too carried away, I guess?


Uh, umm…

My parents’ house is about an hour and a half from here by train. So, next time I go back, can we, umm, go together?

No, there’s not umm, any deeper meaning to it, but…

It takes time, but you don’t really need to transfer, so once you get on, you’re pretty much brought straight there. It’s been so long since I last been there, I kinda miss my hometown.

You could say I want you to know about the place where I was raised…

I guess I wanted to walk alongside you.


No, wait, what am I saying?


It’s okay? Really?

Then next time, it’ll be the two of us. We’ll match our schedules and let’s go there together.

I’m so looking forward to it!

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  1. Lilimay

    This whole series is so hot🥵. Thanks for translating! I wonder which track is your favorite from here? Taito’s tracks are my fav! Thanks again😘🥰


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