【Translation】 Fukinshin Residence ~Otonari ni Sumu Ikemen Instructor to no Kinyoku no Hibi~ 300DL Track

Thank You to Spoon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: Present


I wish I could stay like this forever, but it’s nearing time.

Oh right, there’s something I’d like to give you.


I figured I’d offer you an engagement ring to commemorate our one year of dating. There happened to be a nice jewelry shop in Nagoya.

It fits your image perfectly, so I choose this.

I’m glad you like it.

So many things happen when I’m with you.

When we first met, my underwear flew off and I ended up picking up your bra, in turn. Plus, during our hot springs trip, you injured your leg.


When I’m with you, I feel relaxed.

Rather than saying you help me sleep, there’re just new discoveries every day.

I’m sure there will be ups and downs in the future, but if I’m with you, I’m confident that I’ll be able to take everything in strides and have fun.

After this business trip, I have, once again, realized your importance.

I was panicking like an idiot just because I couldn’t get a hold of you.


What’s the matter?


Answering machine…? That many?

Eh? From who?

AHH!!! Uh, uh, you don’t have to listen to the voice mails, please delete them all at once.

Work messages?

Uh, umm, that’s possible, but…

Ah. No. No, there’s probably not. You should stop. Or rather, you should stop listening to them during this time, after all, uh, uh…


“Hello, it’s me. Did something happen?”

“Do you hear me? Are you alive there? Hello? HELLO?”

Uh, eh, uh…

“Did something happen? After all youーー”

Uhhh… Please.

“Did you almost drown? Or, is it that? Are you angry? I mean, thatーー”

Please, that’s enough. Make it stop.

“Please believe me when I say that”


“It’s me. It’s me, it’s me. You might be angry, but-no, that’s not… Please pick up the phone!”

This is so embarrassing…

“I don’t think there is, but did you get yourself another man?”


“You’re cute, so probably popular, but isーー”

Blab, blab, blab, blab, blab.

“Is it the new man that moved in?”

“Ahhh, that was a joke. I was only joking. Cross that, cross that. Yes, I know. You’re not that type of girl. Oh my god, what is up with me?”


I’m laughing at my nonsense too.


I can’t, my sides are hurting.

I’m gonna start crying.

But even so, you’re laughing too much. Jeez. You’re such a bad girl.

I won’t let you sleep tonightーfor sure.


How should I say it? It’s nice messing around together. Laughing out loud and crying.

Oh, but, the “not letting you sleep” part ain’t a joke.


You’re still laughing.

You’re laughing too much and crying too much.

I don’t mind. Keep laughing.

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