【Translation】 Maou Kankin ~Ore-sama Yuusha ni Torawareta Onna Maou ~ 400DL Track

Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Ootani Yuuki (大谷祐貴)

Track 1: You Can’t Be Satisfied Anymore Unless It’s Me


Yeah, it’s fine. You can come in.

Did something happen? It’s not yet time for the regular report-

Oh, it’s you.

Coming for a visit to the office yourself, why, isn’t that unusual?

So, what’s the matter?


Oh, speaking of which, I haven’t eaten anything since noon.

Could it be that you made those scones?

They look delicious.

Come on, come here. Sit on top of my lap.


There’s a sweet scent emitting from you too. It’s really soothing.

Let me continue hugging you like this for a bit longer.

No one will come during this time, so don’t worry.

Enough with the talk about work. I know that it isn’t easy to bring together two races that have been warring against each other for ages, but I didn’t think it would be this difficult.

Sorry, this isn’t the time to be sulking, is it?

Leave it to me. I know that you’ve been making various appeals on the demon side of things.


Alright, alright. Thank you.

Let’s leave the continuation of this till later and eat scones.

Hey. I’m too busy holding you, so feed them to me.

Even if you’re always complaining, you still feed them to me.

I love you.



I like the taste of both the scones and your lips.

Come on, let me have one more bite.


Are you feeling shy?

Are you still not used to doing this with me?

Jeez. We’re lovers, so this much is expected, no? Though, that’s one of the cute things about you.

Listen, this time I’ll feed you.

I’ll slather a bunch of jam on the scone…

Say, “ah.”


There’s jam stuck on the edge of your mouth. I’ll get it off for you.


Licking it off is quicker and faster, no?

My goodness, even your look of surprise is cute.


Hey, don’t leave just yet.

I want you to relieve more of my fatigue, though?

Having sex with you is what gives me the most energy.

Do you not want to do it here?

Okay, okay, I’ll lock the door since you’re so insistent. So wait patiently on the desk.

There we go.


Do you feel more assured now?

Don’t start putting on airs.

You’re panting… Were you wanting to do it too?

It looked like you were waiting for it though. Let me remove the ribbon on your neck.

There’s no more need for your bra either.


What’s this? So you were hoping for it, huh?

Shall I tell you what state your breasts are in? Your body is dyed with a faint red, and the pink part at the tips are…

You’re trembling.

Your voice is leaking out.


Good grief, there’s no one here who has fancy for purposefully strains their ears, so don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine, so let’s continue.

Hah? What’s wrong?

You want me to switch to the other side?

Sure, I’ll lick this side too.


Why are you shaking your head? Was I wrong?

I’m not mistaken, am I? You’re making that erotic face and seducing me.

Jeez, so you’re doing it without knowing. How problematic.

Have a bit more awareness. If the girl you love shows you an expression like that, of course you wouldn’t be able to control yourself.

Hey, what are you touching me for?

And for you to laugh… Aren’t you all composed, huh?

I’ll touch you too.


Your underwear’s soaking wet.

There’s no point to them, so let me take them off.

Seriously, your pussy’s a bit too wet.

Because we’re in a different place than usual, that has made you more sensitive, hasn’t it?

I’ll do the thing you enjoy.

……Licking you while teasing your pussy.


Did your body jump from the mere thought of it?

After you started doing it with me, you’ve become increasingly erotic, haven’t you?

You can’t be satisfied anymore unless it’s me, right? Well, not that I have any intention of handing you over to anyone else.

I’ll insert my fingers too.


You dummy, I have no intention of doing it with anyone but you.

We’re lovers, isn’t that to be expected?

You’re completely drenched.

It’s not my saliva, it’s your juices.

Your insides are hot and wet, and I can’t get enough.


Hey, can I put it in now?

You’re so cute today and I don’t think I can last much longer.

So cute.

Having your clothes half on is pretty sexy.

Yeah, this is good.

I’ll support you, so slowly turn around.


Huh? Documents?

Who cares about those, they’re not important.

Only think about me.

Can you feel me pressing up against your hot place?


Even though we’re just rubbing against each other, your hot juices are pouring out from inside you.

Here I go then.

I’ll insert it slowly.

Relax a bit more.


Let me embrace you.


I’m not moving and yet it feels good just adhering to you. I’m being healed by it.

Does it tickle?

Don’t be angry. I simply got the urge to tease the one I like.

I love you.

More than anything else in the world.

You understand that. Right?


I’ll stick it in fully.

I ought to have your body know too. Just how much I love you, that is.

Wrap your arms around my neck and cling to me.


Your insides feel so good…

What about you? Are you feeling good?

The place where we are joined is creating such loud sounds.

You’re already about to cum, aren’t you? However, that’s impossible when I go this slow, right? If you want to cum then beg me to let you.


Are you sure you want to stay like this? At this rate, you’ll never be able to cum.


Come on, say it.

Sure. I’ll go harder.

Let me see the cute face you make when you cum.

Go on. Cum!


Your insides are twitching and convulsing, and are tightening down on me.

Don’t rest just yet.

It’s unfortunate for you, but I still haven’t cum yet.

I’ll go a bit rougher.


Your insides are twisting as if they still aren’t satisfied yet.

That reminds me, I still haven’t heard you say “I love you” to me. Do you not love me?

Then let me hear it properly, in words.



Shall I say it first?

I think of you as the most precious thing in the world. I love you.


So you are capable of saying it properly?

So cute. It’s too much to take.

Stay by my side forever.

This is a proposal, after all.


I’m…about to cum.




Why are you acting all surprised right now? I told you at the start, didn’t I? I have no intention of ever letting you go.

And by the way, you have no right to refuse.

I’m sure you know that, right?

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