【Translation】 Maou Kankin ~Ore-sama Yuusha ni Torawareta Onna Maou ~ 200DL Track

Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Ootani Yuuki (大谷祐貴)

Track 1: I’ll Continue to Keep You in this Dungeon


Well, does this feel good?

Say it clearly.

You can see it going in and out of your pussy.

Hah? I can’t hear you at that volume. It’s not that you’re feeling so good that your voice can’t even come out, right?

Your lewd voice was echoing throughout the dungeon early.

What? Are you about to cum again?

Jeez, you’re such a pain.

I’ll make it go faster, so just cum already.


Feeling good from being stuffed by a toy like this… What a dirty pussy you have

Huh? You’re about to cum?

Go on, cum.


You’ve dirtied the floor again.

Do you like it that much?


Isn’t your entire face covered in drool?

At this rate, no one would be able to tell that you were the demon king that led the demons.

Though that has nothing to do with me right now.

You’re now captive to the pleasure which I grant.


Who said you could touch it?

Do you desire my dick?

Then say it like you usually do.

“Please ravage my pussy with your dick, Lord Hero!” Ask for it using your own mouth.

Just kidding.

Even if you actually beg for it, I don’t plan to give it to you that easily today.

With that said, I got my hands on a nice toy.

Let’s use this and have some fun.


Hey, hey, all I did was glide the whip against you. Why are you getting so turned on by it?

I guess you realize that it’s different from usual.

It’s a whip handed down by a prestigious line of succubi. Even a mere graze will summon heat from the depth of your body.

And if you’re hit by it, you’ll experience a pleasure you can never obtain through normal sex.


Oh, this?

A trader I have relations with brought this over to me.

It’s extremely valuable, and since I thought you’d enjoy it, I spent a huge amount of money to buy it, so make sure to have a good taste of it.

As expected, the tools of succubi are amazing.

You’ve been stuck in this state after I used the aroma. It’s pretty potent, huh?

Don’t look at me with such greedy eyes.

Could it be that you want me to tease your nipples with this?


I shall then.

You sure are lewd, huh?

I only stroked your nipples lightly and you’re about to cum, aren’t you?

What next? Tell me where you want it.

Though, I guess there’s no need to ask. It’s here, right?

If I were to pound this obscene hole and use this succubi whip on top of that, what will happen I wonder?

I warned you already, who said you could touch my dick without permission?


You’re so inconsistent.

Jeez, what am I to do with you? So you want to be violated by my dick and this whip, huh?

Turn your ass towards me.

I’ll fuck you doggy-style, just the way a bitch like you loves.

So you had played with the toy that much?

I guess there’s no need to loosen you up, is there?

I’ll go all at once.


Eat up this dick that you love.

Why, isn’t your pussy twisting to match my shape? However, you haven’t seen the last of it today, got it?


Your pleasure is having an effect on me too. This is insane.


Hey, are you shaking your hips on purpose? Is just having it inside you not enough?

Sure, I’ll move then.


I only moved a little and you’re trembling. You’re close to cumming, aren’t you?

You want this too, don’t you?

The stimulation is intense, even I feel like I’m about to lose my mind.


That’s a nice voice. Your voice is echoing throughout the dungeon.

You haven’t forgotten that your underlings are confined here, right?

What a cute voice.

I’m sure they’re hearing everything though. Are you okay with that?

Eh? You don’t mind?

Or rather, you’re feeling it even more so, aren’t you? You’re off here shaking your own hips indecently.

Have you fallen victim to pleasure and lost your pride as the demon king?


Your insides are engulfing me and refusing to let me go. It’s there squeezing down on me.

Does it feel that good? Sex with me, that is.

But it looks like we’ll have to put that on hold too for now.

I have things I need to do, so I’m busy. I can’t pay attention to you all the time.

But don’t worry, I’ll come around again before long.


Why are you making that expression? It’s not like I’m saying I won’t visit you.

On that note, are you sad because you won’t be able to see me? Or is it that you won’t have a dick inside you?

Which is it?

Hey, I’m asking you, so answer me!


Since you love this dick so much, I’ll ravage you through and through.

You love being pounded hard and whipped, don’t you?

That being said, why don’t we insert another thing in there?

What exactly?

I’m sticking the handle of the whip in together with my dick.


Hey, you, did you just cum?

Jeez, who said you could cum?

Though I guess it can’t be helped. The effects of this whip are too strong, after all.

Even with two things in there, all you feel is pleasure, no?

It’s grinding against me too, and it’s pretty nice.

It’s about time I start up again.


Hey, turn this way.

I’ll hold you up and support you.


I’m really into you, you know? And that’s why, I’ll continue to keep you in this dungeon.

I’ll have sex with you whenever the mood arises.


Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t start begging for semen yourself, you shameless slut.

I’ll give you the thing you want, so accept it.


Here I go. Make sure to tighten up properly.

I’m cumming-!


Succubi tools are amazing. I think I’ll get addicted to this.

I’ll see you then.

I don’t know when I’ll be back again, so wait here like a good girl until then.

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