【Translation】 First Step! 2 ~Shirasaka Mayuki Hen~ Stellaworth Tokuten

Thank You to Spoon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Kobayashi Yuusuke (小林裕介)

Track 1: 20th Birthday


Thank you.

Would this be tasty? It’s a bit sour.


Oh, is that so? It is made from grapes.

To be frank, I wouldn’t call it tasty yet, but when I think about how this is the taste of adulthood, it feels delicious.

Like I said, it’s a feeling I don’t quite understand.

I think it’ll take a little more time before I can appreciate the good qualities of wine.

I know. The day I officially debut to alcohol, I won’t suddenly drink a bunch. That said, I’m glad I’m able to have the first drink of my lifetime with you.

Thank you so much for today.


It somehow feels like the inside of my body is becoming hot. Is the power of alcohol?

It’s warm and fuzzy, and it feels nice.


Are you okay? You’re stumbling.

Doesn’t look that way to me.

Also, if you aren’t good at handling alcohol, aren’t you not supposed to drink too much?

You’re happy?

Because you got to drink with me?

Jeez, how could you say something so cute?

Sorry for having you wait 5 years, let’s go for another drink sometime in the future as two adults.


In that case, it’s best if you rest-

W-What’s up with you all of a sudden?

What exactly?

Isn’t it unusual for you to kiss me like that?


Hey, hey, wait! You mustn’t, you’re drunk, and also, Auntie’s down below.

Are you serious?

We haven’t been found out, but still.

What are you-

Hey, hey!


Is it because you’re drunk? You’re doing this yourself.

I want to do it, but…


Isn’t it because you’re touching me?

Wait, hey!


You mustn’t, if you do things like that, then…

D-Don’t touch that place. I’m seriously about to…

No, I’ll cum!


You idiot, there’s no suppressing it now. I won’t be responsible if you regret it later.


For your nipples to get this erect from licking me… What a shameful girl you are.

No, hold back your voice. What are you gonna do if Auntie hears?


You’re shaking your hips.

What’s become of this place, I wonder?

It’s a sloppy mess already. I’m sure my finger will be able to enter easily.

Your insides are twitching.

So you were waiting for it that badly? You’re squeezing down super hard too. You’re more sensitive than usual.

How cute.

Yes, yes, hold back your voice.


If I rub this place, will you show me a nicer expression?


Did you cum?

You really did become more sensitive. Feeling good by yourself… How unfair.

Can you stand?

It’ll be bad if the bed starts creaking.

Place your hands here.

Here I go.


You really are lewd. Even though I just put it in, you’re clamping down on me.

It’s payback for earlier. I’ll touch all sorts of places, so feel even more pleasure.

How’s that? You like it, don’t you?

I’ll tease your breasts while grinding up deep against you.


Your legs are trembling. Are you alright?

But you’re the one who caused this situation, so you’ll have to do your part, right?

Look, I’ll give you plenty more.


The sounds are incredible.

For it to be this wet… You’re gonna dirty your clothes.

It feels good.

Did you cum again?

So it felt good deep.


I still haven’t cum yet. Hang in there for a little longer.

Turn this way and adhere to me, I’ll support you.

Mhm. Yes, then lift up that leg.

I’m putting it in.

At the end, cum together with me.


It feels good, right? But it can feel even better, can’t it?

Look, this is your favorite spot.

You’re about to cum?

It’s fine, cum. I’m about to cum too.


I’m letting out so much. Can you feel it spurting out of me?

Because you’re so lewd, it transferred onto me too.


I told you, you don’t have to apologize anymore. I got into it too.

Plus, I made the new discovery that you become quite aggressive when you’ve got alcohol in your system.

Come on, lift your face.


What I’m saying is, it’s become an unforgettable commemoration of my adulthood.

It was rather thrilling, after all.

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