【Translation】 Kouhai, Hiroimashita Stellaworth Tokuten

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CV: Kobayashi Yuusuke (小林裕介)

Track 1: Senpai Got Drunk


In the end, here I am dragging you to my house.

Senpai, where did you put your keys? Don’t tell me you dropped them, right?

Haa…I can’t get a proper response.

What do I do? Should I lay her down for now?

Senpai, give me your hand.


Senpai. Senpai.

It’s no use in this state…

Eh? Water?

Just wait for a moment. If I remember correctly, the unopened ones were… There they are!

Senpai, can you sit up?

Come on, you want to drink water, right? You can’t do it while lying down. Ahh! What are you doing? It’s spilling everywhere!

Ugh, tissues, tissues……


You’re pretty drunk, huh?

Even if it is a welcome party, you shouldn’t be drinking to this point when you aren’t able to hold your liquor.

Whoa. Senpai?

I-I’m not angry or anything.

I’m not lying, I’m not lying. Hah? Why that all of a sudden?


Of course I like you. I really like you, Senpai.


You’re being unfair. I won’t be able to hold back in this situa-

Senpai-!? Don’t just-

Just how drunk are you?

And for the record, you’re the one who kissed me first, Senpai.


The inside of your mouth is sweet, Senpai. Were you having sweet-flavored drinks?

Is that right?

Wait, where are you touching? If you lower the zipper-

Eh? Ehh!? What are you trying to do?!!

It’s not that I’m against it, I mean, if anything, I’m happy, but-



I can’t. It feels super good, the inside of your mouth is so hot…

A bit deeper.

Yes, here.


Where did you learn to make those upturned eyes? It’s too much for me to take.

No more, I can’t. I’ll cum. Let go.

I can take that it’s alright to go all the way, right?


Your skin is a bit flushed. You really are weak to alcohol.

I guess I should leave marks ever so often.

……As proof that you are mine.


This place is super wet already.

You’re so lewd, Senpai. It’s all your fault.

Your voice is louder than usual, isn’t it? Does it feel good?

Is that so?

Tell me where it feels good.



Does this place feel good for you, Senpai? Normally, you’re too embarrassed to tell me, after all.

I see, I see, so this place feels good?

You’re right, your reaction is completely different.


Senpai, please relax a little more.

Hmm? You can’t wait any longer?


Whoa, your insides are twitching.

Turn around, Senpai.

Yes. Now, can you lift your butt up a little more?

I’m putting it in…


Well? Isn’t doing it from the back nice on occasions?

Come on.

You’re more honest than usual today, Senpai.

Since you just came, your insides feel insane.


Alright. I’ll thrust plenty.


I feel super good too. I can’t stop my hips…

You know, your voice is way too sexy, Senpai. Are you trying to provoke me?

You’re about to cum?

I’m about to cum too. Let’s cum together.




Senpai, are you not thirsty?


She’s seriously asleep.

Pfft, what is that?


Why are you so cute, Senpai? Don’t you find it unfair?


I ask of you, please don’t show such a cute side to anyone else.

I’m quite a hogger, you see. Like today, I was jealous of Mr. Azuma who was sitting next to you.

That guy is definitely after you, Senpai. Didn’t he call out to you the other day? I wish you could be a little more self-aware.

Not that you’d understand.

It’s quite problematic for the boyfriend when they have such a charming girlfriend, you know?


Though, when she wakes up, she’d probably be super shocked.

“Why am I at Ren’s house?!!”

I can almost imagine it.

Oh! It’s also possible for me to wake up before her and surprise Senpai with breakfast.

Hmm, that wouldn’t be a bad idea. It would be my chance to show off that I am a capable man!

No, wait, if she remembers what happened tonight, I might just be scolded first.


But well, the one who started it was Senpai. It is Senpai’s fault for being dead drunk.

Oh well. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it.

You’re always so cute, Senpai, but you were extra cute drunk.

I guess there’s still a lot of things I don’t know yet. Please show me more sides of you, alright, Senpai?


I should sleep soon too.

Goodnight, Senpai.

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