【Translation】 Kouhai, Hiroimashita

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CV: Kobayashi Yuusuke (小林裕介)

Track 1: Request of a Lifetime


Haa…that was so draining. I didn’t get the service day shift.

Eh? When it’s that packed, of course I’d be complaining. You’re sure good at keeping your smile, huh, Senpai?

That is true, but my feet are hurting and crackling.

Oh, that’s right…! Hurray, tomorrow’s a day off!!!

Senpai has the day off too tomorrow?

What will you be doing?

I was the one who asked but that’s super modest. You aren’t gonna go on a date with a boyfriend or something?

Ow! I’m sorry. Right, right, Senpai doesn’t have a boyfriend-

That hurts!


Huh? Is it a fire?

Maybe it’s your house, Senpai. Hehe.

It’s not, it’s not. If there was a fire at my apartment, it’d be pretty darn awful because it’s an old wooden-frame building.


I was thinking of moving during my next renewal. Plus, I’d prefer to live a little closer to the station. Also, I’d rather be closer to a supermarket than a convenience store. All the better if they’re open late.

Eh? Most stores are closed by the time I’m done my part-time shift.


Oh, we’ve arrived. Looks like your house is safe, Senpai.

It’ll be fine, that was just a joke.

Yeah. Good day of work.


No, no, it can’t be, it can’t be. It can’t possibly. It’ll be fine, it definitely isn’t.

That direction…

It really is my house.


Senpai, it’s me, Aoyama! Please open the door.

Senpai… I’m so glad that you’re still awake!

Err, the apartment I was living at got umm, burned down.

Even I wouldn’t say that as a joke!!! The sirens we heard earlier really did come from my apartment. After parting ways with you and making my way towards my apartment, Senpai, the sirens gradually got louder.

And when I thought I arrived, all I saw was a cloud of black smoke.

From what I heard, the uncle on the lower floor forgot to turn off his stove.


Yeah, I had to go through various talks about proceedings like on-site inspections. In any case, I was just let free.

I was seriously spooked. After all, my room is gone.

I guess the fact that none of the 10 people were injured was the silver-lining to all this.

Eh? I keep my phone and wallet on me.

I have a lot of manga and games, so I keep most of my important belongings at my parents’ house.

Ah! But I guess for bank books and such, I have no choice but to get them re-issued.


Anyways, since that’s my current situation, I have no place to live. My parents’ house is super far away, I don’t have any friends in this area, and the last train has already departed.

So, umm, It’s an emergency. And so, please, Senpai, let me stay over until I can find my next place!!! I’ll do anything!

Hey, you’re kidding, right? Don’t close the door! You’re all I have, Senpai!!! At this rate, I’ll end up sleeping outdoors! Senpai, you know that there are no manga cafes in this area too, right?

There are no family restaurants, there are no karaoke places…

Please have a little faith in me. Aren’t we comrades who’ve toiled away together as sweat dripped down from our foreheads?

Ah! Are you saying that it’s not possible because I’m a man?

Don’t worry, just think of me as a dog or some sort of pet. And if you’d like, I’ll sleep on the floor.


I won’t do anything, I really won’t! So, please, let me stay here!

It’s my one request of a lifetime…!!!

Wait, you remember that?

But, but, this truly, truly is my one last request of a lifetime!

No, I won’t move from this spot until you let me in, Senpai!!! I’m begging you, please.



Ahh…thank you so much, Senpai!

Sorry for the intrusion.


Track 2: Territory


Ahh, I feel alive again. I nearly caught a cold there.

I left the towel in the basket in the dressing room. Is that okay?

Oh this?

It’s a bit tight, but it’s fine, no biggie. I’ll return the clothes tomorrow.

Eh? Why are you apologizing, Senpai? I was the one who suddenly imposed on you, so don’t worry about it. And besides, they have Senpai’s wonderful scent on them, so it’s great, actually.

Why do girls smell so good?

Uh, hehe. Just kidding.



Wait, huh? Was there always tape plastered on the floor?

Eh? Why? For what purpose?

Rules…? Territory!?

Ehh?!! I’m not allowed to go over there?

Hey, the bed is one thing, but is the not TV on your side, Senpai? Am I not allowed to change the channel at all?

Holy, that’s so mean. I’m a person who watches loads of TV.

I’m happy that you’re giving me this sofa, but…


No, I have no complaints.


You’re so much harsher than I imagined…

I didn’t say anything!

So, then, does that mean I’m free to read the books and manga on this side?

Oh, what, what? Do you own some raunchy books, perhaps?

I’m sorry, that was a joke!

Still, I really love manga, so can I read them?


I wanted to read the continuation of this series.

Hurray! Yes!

Hmm? Cooking, cleaning, and sorting out the garbage? Got it!

I’m in your care, so I wouldn’t mind doing it every day. If anything, that was my intention in the first place.

You’re wrong about that.

Hehe, that’s very senior-like of you.

Rather than saying you’re honest… How should I put it?

So mean. I actually do observe people, especially women!


What’s so wrong about a healthy man watching women?

Ehh, don’t say something so cold.


Oh, you’re right, it’s already this late. Naturally, we’d be sleepy.


Eh? Is it really alright for me to use this?

It’s so warm.


Senpai, I’m truly grateful to you.

When it comes to moments like these, even I would be respectful. I mean, even though you’re not too fond of me, you still took me in.

To tell you the truth, I was pretty exhausted.

I was shocked that I lost my home, but it was more so that.

I wonder why? The first thing that came to my mind was your face, Senpai. So, when I saw your actual face, Senpai, I was super relieved and I returned to my usual dumb, cheerful self.

Anyways, I’ll do my best to leave as I can.

And your rules… I’ll make sure to abide by them.



Track 3: Dumb Idiot


Huh? What’s the matter?

Why are you screaming?


Boundary line…

Yo, you’re right. Wait, why am I sleeping on the floor?

Oh, wait, now that you mention it, I woke up because I was thirsty, but since I caught a glimpse of Senpai’s sleeping face, I had been staring at it.

It was my first time seeing Senpai’s sleeping face, but it was super cute!!! It’s got a really child-like feel. Hehe.

Eh? It was a compliment, though.

Then, what are you referring to?

Heh!? No, no, don’t kick me out!!!


So mean! Are you branding me a beast? It’s not like I tried to kiss you in secret or anything while you were sleeping, Senpai.


I’m telling the truth, I’m telling the truth!!! I didn’t do anything like that!

All I did was look a little. I won’t do it again…!

Huh? A downgrade?

I’ll be sleeping in the kitchen day two?!! Are you saying this is my last chance?

You’re kidding, right?


I have no rebuttals.

B-But, aside from sleeping, can I still be on the sofa side like usual?

Thank god.

I’ll be more careful next time.


Wait a second… If there are downgrades, does that mean there are upgrades too?

Like for example, if I were an extremely good boy, would I be able to sleep in the same bed as Senpai?

Well? Well? Aren’t I a genius?

That way I’ll be motivated to do meaningless house chores too. Only good things will come out of it.

Don’t call me a dumb idiot…

Eh? There’s no upgrade system?


There you are calling me an idiot again.

Senpai, your stomach’s there growling while you’re angry.


Haha! Yeah, for the time being, let’s have breakfast. I’m feeling super hungry.

Hmm, I’ll have fried rice. The airy kind.

Hehe. I’ll go wash my face then.


Track 4: Breaking the Rules


I’m back~


Yada! I bought a cake to celebrate 2 weeks of us living together-

Eh? S-S-Senpai, what’s the matter?

You caught a cold…? When?

Why didn’t you tell me? I thought something happened.

No, no, even if I say that now… What do I do? It’s past normal hospital hours.

Senpai, I’ll head to the drug store in front of the station for a bit. Please hang in there for a little longer.


Sorry for taking so long.

Here, cold medicine.

The pharmacist said to have this when you’re starting to get a cold. Also, they said that it’s more effective if you take the medicine with this nutritional drink.

And also, it’s best to have fluids when you have a fever, so I got sports drinks.

What about your meals? Have you eaten?

Even if you have no appetite, you have to eat something. I bought some jelly, so please take your medicine after having a bite or two.

Erm, and there’s also…


Eh? Did I buy too much?

I was worried, so I just… Oh, you wanna drink this?

Here you go.

I’ll leave them here, so please make sure to drink them. And also, this sheet is cooling and will feel nice, so let’s stick it on your forehead.

Alright, how is it?

I’m glad.

Do you feel a little better now?


I’m the one who should apologize.

Because well, I’ve broken our promise, and here I am in your territory, Senpai. Sorry.

But regardless, once I saw you in pain, Senpai, I just couldn’t leave you alone.

Really? You’re not angry?

You’re not gonna throw me out?

Thank god.

I mean, I am worried about losing a place to live, but…I’m more so scared of being hated by you, Senpai.


No, it’s nothing!

Also, Senpai, you should really rely on others at times. You try to do too much by yourself. And lately, you’ve been covering for almost everyone who quit, no?

I really admire your hard-working attitude and helpful nature, but I don’t want to see you overwork yourself, Senpai. It’s not cool at all.

Naturally, it applies to the other part-time members, but I want you to rely on me a little more.

Because of how I am, I might not seem reliable, but if there’s anything I can help you with, please tell me.

Look, I’m confident in my physical strength at least!

So yeah, it’s a promise between you and me, Senpai.


Pinky swear. If you tell a lie, swallow a thousand needles.

This is fine. After all, I wanted to see that smiling face of yours, Senpai.

There, there, if you rest a little more, you should be fine.


Not right now. Once you recover from your cold, I’ll buy one again, so hurry up and get better.

Even if it’s at your request, Senpai, a no is a no.

I’m not your mom! I’m Senpai’s umm… Senpai’s… Yes, junior! Your kind, considerate, dashing, and capable junior!


Eh? I thought at least one would apply.

Now you’re back to your usual self, right?

Oh. Yes, yes, once I get my next paycheck, I think I might be able to rent a room. And if I’m lucky, it’ll be furnished.

With this, I think you’ll have one less thing to worry about. I’m sure it’s part of the reason why you’re tired.

Ah, I think I’ve gone on for a little too long. I’ll switch with you for tomorrow’s shift, so sleep tight and get better as you can.

Goodnight then.


Track 5: Sweet Passion


The clothes you wore on the date were way too cute. I had quite a hard time holding back until we got home.

It’s just a guess, but did you choose them for me?

Senpai, are you half-asleep? Did I drag you around that much?

You’ve been acting strange since earlier.

You’ll let it pass, right?

Hey, if you don’t take your hands away, I won’t be able to lick them. You love having your nipples teased like this, no?


You’re awfully resistant today.

I’ll tie up these naughty hands.

See? Now you can’t use your hands anymore.


Your voice leaked out.

Don’t hold back, I always tell you that.

I want to hear more of it.

Does it feel good?

Come on, answer me.


I’ll lick the other side too as a reward for you being honest, Senpai.

Ah, your underwear is soaked already.

My, my, even though you looked like you hate it earlier, in reality, you responded this much to just kisses.

……You’re so lewd, Senpai.

I’ve been using my fingers a lot lately, so is it okay if I licked you today?


You were surprised because of how long it’s been?

How could it be dirty?

I’ve never once thought that. Or, is it that you want me to stop it here?

Of course not, right?


It feels like you’re extra cute today, Senpai.

The change in pace is super alluring. When you react like that, I can’t possibly control myself.

Let me put it in.


Hey, aren’t you feeling it a lot more than usual?

You don’t know?

But look, look at how wet your insides are, Senpai. Your hips moving on their own.

I’ll go harder…to satisfy Senpai’s lewd body.


No, don’t turn away from this direction.

Senpai, Senpai…

I love you. I love you.


I love you, Senpai.


Oh, Senpai. Good morning! How are you feeling?


I spread out a futon and slept in the kitchen as usual.

Don’t tell me I was snoring loudly!?


You’re so weird, Senpai.


I was just thinking that your face is still red.

Has your fever lowered?

Oh! I got it! Senpai, you must’ve seen a naughty dream.


The way you’re so desperate to deny it makes it all the more suspicious. Still, I’m glad you look lively.

The rice gruel will be done in a bit, so why don’t you wash your face first? It’ll make you feel refreshed.

But isn’t normal food too much for a sick patient?

I made it by watching others, so I don’t think it’ll be terrible.

Oh, crap! It’s gonna boil over…!


Track 6: Accumulated Time


Oh, sorry, I instinctively sighed when I read this.


Oh, I just finished reading the 2nd volume.

Yup! The part where their parents went on a trip and they’re alone together and because of that, their distance narrows.

Don’t you think that’s a little similar to us?

Eh? I didn’t think you’d be that shaken by it.

This is a story about high-schoolers that started living together because their parents remarried, but since we started living together abruptly as well, I found that similar.

Besides, the way the two slowly come to know each other really gives me a sense of deja vu.


Mhm, I’ve learned a bunch of things about you, Senpai.

For example…

Let’s see, hmm, like the way you’re easily moved to tears, to my surprise. And also how your thoughts often show on your face.

Eh? You weren’t aware of it yourself?

When you’re living together that much you can tell. By the way, can I guess what you’re thinking right now, Senpai?

Precisely… You want to eat ice cream!

Ah! That expression. Was I right?


When we were eating lunch earlier, there was a special TV feature on ice cream, yeah? And since you had sparkles in your eyes, I figured you wanted to have some.

And incidentally, there’s packaged ice cream I bought yesterday in the fridge.


Senpai, do you want vanilla or chocolate?

I’ll have chocolate then.

Huh? Senpai, aren’t you gonna come over here?

Even though you’re always like “I’m the owner, so I can go wherever I want” whenever it’s convenient for you?

Aren’t you acting a little strange?

Come on, hurry, the ice cream will melt.


Alright, here you go,

Mmm, so good. Ice cream is delicious no matter how much I eat of it…!

Well, I mean, the season doesn’t really matter. Summer is, of course, the best, but even when it’s winter, it’s still so tasty when you crawl into a kotatsu and have some.

More than anything, the best part is getting different flavors depending on the season.

Ah! You thought “this guy’s so carefree,” didn’t you?

I knew it. I wish I didn’t get that right.


You know, when I’m with you like this, Senpai, I find it really comfortable.

Oh, when I say comfortable, I don’t mean terms of housework.

Living together with someone is surprisingly nice, isn’t it? It’s my first time living with someone who isn’t family, so I think I had a lot of fun. What about you, Senpai?

That response is very much like you, Senpai.

Actually, umm, I’ve decided on my next move.


You know how I went for a private viewing while you were at your part-time job yesterday?

It has been settled without any issues. Yay!

So, are you surprised? Hehe.

I figured you’d say that. So to sort out my belongings and set up a pretense, I’ll be returning to my parents’ house tomorrow.

I mean, isn’t it best that I get out early?


Now that I’m finished with my ice cream, I guess I’ll start packing.


Track 7: Departure


All that’s left is this… And this…

I thought it would be a piece of cake, but there’s quite a lot of things.

Eh? Senpai, you’re gonna help?

Yes, I’ll tidy up faster.


Oh, that’s an interior design magazine.

After living with you, Senpai, I thought I’d pay a little more attention to interior design, so I bought one.


I think this shelf is nice too.

Look, there’s a sticky note right on it.

Eh? But if I didn’t do that, we won’t be able to read it together.


Say, if I had a room like that, would you come over to have fun, Senpai?

Hehe. Then I’ll wait with a cake on the ready.


Ah! Oh damn, I nearly forgot to pack it. Thank you, Senpai.

This is my favorite. It’s been untouched since I came on the day of the fire.

This shirt is hella cool, don’t you think?

Mmm, it still smells of Senpai’s fabric softener.

Ow! It was a compliment.


Yup, this is everything.

Eh? Seriously?

I’ll be jumping in the bath first then.

Since it’s the final time, how about we go in together?

I guess not.

Oh, and I ask that dinner is extra extravagant. I’m looking forward to it.

Alright, it’s my final bath. Bath, bath, bath…



Ah, I guess it’s finally come time for me to part ways with this house.

I’m sad. Each day was fun. Are you not sad, Senpai?

Tch, is it just me?

It’s fine to be a little hubristic. After all, I…

No, it’s nothing!


The bullet train?

I woke up ahead of time, so I’m still in the clear.

Right, right?

I’ve changed ever since I started living with you, Senpai. I’m now able to keep track of time and I’m better able to manage my schedule, and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of other things that have changed.

It’s all thanks to you, Senpai. I’m glad you took me in, Senpai.


It feels lonely returning back to my original life, but it’s not like we’ll never meet again, so once I get my place cleaned up, please come over to play.

Senpai, let’s have a hug at the end. A hug between friends.


I’m truly grateful to you, Senpai. I was fortunate in being allowed to stay here.

You’re right.

Since this is my long-awaited departure, I shall set off with a smile!

You’ve done a lot for me this one month, thank you for everything.

I’ll see you again at our part-time job.


Track 8: The Two People’s Future


Hello, I’m Aoyama, the person who’s just moved onto the lower floor.

Hey, Senpai. Are you there?

Because, I didn’t want to leave the apartment, but I didn’t want you to think of me as a leech, but I still wanted to be close to you, Senpai.

After being constantly conflicted, an apartment below just so happened to be put up for rent, so I took the bold decision and moved!

Mhm. Yup, I’ve had a crush on you for ages, Senpai.

After the fire happened and you took me in, and we started living together, Senpai, I came to love you even more.

I discovered a lot of things I didn’t know about you, Senpai.

That being said, I couldn’t confess while I was living with you.

I didn’t want you to think that I was casually confessing because we were living under the same roof.

And so, I decided to properly confess once I’ve gotten a proper place rented.


I love you, Senpai, so please go out with me!


Don’t cry.

I said this the other day too, but things do easily show your face, Senpai. Even though you’d occasionally have a sad look on your face, in the end, you never once said that you were lonely in front of me.

That aspect is cute too though.

Still, from on now, stop hiding things and just impose yourself on me. I want to hear all your honest feelings, Senpai.

After all, I’m your boyfriend starting today, Senpai.


Wait… Huh?

I didn’t get a proper answer, but you’re…okay with me being your boyfriend, right?

Thank goodness. I was super nervous.

Eh? What kind of person do you think I am? Of course I’d be nervous.

Look, my hands are shaking non-stop.

So. So, Senpai, if I were to kiss you now, would you be angry?


Yes!!! Then, without delay…


Ahh, I’m so happy!


This is bad. Because I’ve been holding back all this time, I don’t have much restraint left in me.

Hey, Senpai, can I do more?

You’re way too cute when you’re shy, Senpai.

Oh! Are you weak to your ears, perhaps?

I can’t tell if you’re silent though.


Say, does it feel good when I do this to your ears?


Men are creatures that love teasing the girl they like.


Senpai’s body’s so beautiful. And your breasts are soft.

To the point that I wish I could touch them forever.


Your nipples are erect already.

You’re wet below.

I’m taking off your underwear.


Senpai, it doesn’t hurt, right?

That’s a relief.

The noises are amazing. Look, it’s overflowing non-stop.

Say, can I lick it?

Your legs are trembling… Does it feel that good?

I’m happy. Feel lots of pleasure.


You don’t have to hold back your voice. Let me hear it more.

Here? This spot feels good?

I’ll keep going then.


So hot.

It feels so good to embrace each other naked.

Eh? Of course it gets my heart racing. I’m embracing the Senpai whom I love so much, after all.

Or actually, examine yourself, Senpai.

Look, your heart is racing too.

We’re the same.


Say, can I put it in now? I became like this after seeing your cute reactions, Senpai.

Thank you.


Is your body alright?

I’ll start moving then.


It feels good…

Senpai, your face is bright red. How cute.

Seriously? Me too.

That’s so embarrassing. I think I might’ve been far more nervous than I imagined.

I had hoped to show you more composure…

Don’t call me cute! You’re the one who’s cute, Senpai.


Damn, I wanted to take it more slowly, but it feels too good… I don’t think it’s possible.

Your insides are so hot, Senpai.

And they’re coiling me so much; this isn’t good.


Hey, Senpai, I want you to call my name.

No, not Aoyama. Ren.

I’m your boyfriend now, so no more calling me by my last name.


Oh man, I feel absurdly happy. This is probably the first time I’ve been called by my name.

Senpai, I love you. I love you so much.

If you say something cute like that now, I…


This is bad, I’m gonna cum…!


Hey, can you call my name one more time?


I’m so happy!


Eh? Did you say something?

Mhm. Mhm. Ehh.

So you did have a naughty dream that day.

You should’ve said that sooner. Also, I’m not that S.

That said, since you saw such a dream, that must mean you were already conscious of me then, right?

Oh damn, I feel so happy!

By the way, between the real me and the dream version of me, who was better.


I see. I see.

When your girlfriend says such a happy thing, it’ll be weirder not to be smiling from ear-to-ear.

I feel so happy I’m scared.

I mean, there are things that have disappeared because of the fire, but I feel like I’ve obtained a more precious future in exchange.

Yes, I’m referring to you who’s next to me, Senpai.

Do you remember the time when I said I felt really comfortable around you, Senpai?


I’m an idiot, so I’m not very good at expressing it, but uh, how would you say it? I find you soothing.

When I’m with you, Senpai, I don’t need to be overly conscious nor do I have to put up an act.

Like, my looks are average and the way I talk is simplistic, so people assume a lot of things based on my first impression, but you were different, Senpai.

You always saw me as an individual ever since the beginning.

Never once did you look at me with contempt.


Because that’s the person you are, Senpai, when I lost my house, my body headed straight towards your place. That now I understand.

Rather than saying that you took me in, I think it’s better to say that you saved me.

And so, as long as I’m with you, Senpai, I’ll be able to overcome anything.

My studies, my part-time, and even the job-hunt that’s yet to come.

Once I become a more, far more suitable man for you, Senpai… When that time comes, can we live together again?


Then you’ll watch my development from the closest view possible, right?

It’s a promise.

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