【Translation】 Houkago Himegoto Locker

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CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之)

Track 1: Alone Together in the Classroom


Huh? Why, isn’t it the manager?

Thank you for your work.

What are you up to do?

Our training program has been adjusted?

Oh, so you’re making a fresh copy of our upcoming afterschool schedule? You don’t have to do things like that, though.

Let me have a look.

Hmm… Whoa, what is this? So rigid. We’re gonna be doing long training runs right before the tournament?

If only it was game-like.


Here, I’m handing it back.

Speaking of which, hasn’t the club room gotten somewhat cleaner than it was yesterday?

Were you off cleaning again?

I’m always telling you that we would do it.

Men will clean when push comes to shove, so it’s fine.

I get it. I’ll feel bad if you’re tidying things up again, so I’ll tell the other guys. Also, you’re working too much.

Today’s got nice shade, so go watch the guys practice.



I’ll be going for personal training at the gym. Today is the only day that the trainer I work with is free, so I’m taking a break from practice.

I was on my way to greet the coach and decided to show my face at the club room.

What is it? Why are you suddenly looking all hurt?

Are you sad that I’m gonna leave?

Ow! What was with that? That’s not something to hit me over.

Don’t tell me you were never told that I was taking the day away from the club today?

Are you serious? Did I not tell you over the phone yesterday?


I just forget from time to time.

D-Don’t make such a sad expression…

Alright, my bad, next time I’ll make sure to tell you. You’re only ever harsh when it comes to that with me.

Are you angry as a manager or are you angry as my girlfriend? I can’t tell.

Anyways, it was my mistake and that’s why we can’t head home together. Sorry about that.

I won’t forget, I promise.


Now your mood is instantly better.

You see, since this will be our final tournament, I wanted to do whatever I could. I didn’t think I would forget to tell you.

I guess I had too many things on my mind.

It is also your final tournament. So, let’s do our best to get ourselves through to the inter-high competition!

Yes, leave it to me.

Speaking of which, isn’t it about time for you to head over to the court?

Isn’t the couch coming?

I wouldn’t mind hanging around with you until we get to the shoe racks. I wouldn’t want you to be angry.


Whoa! Are you okay?

You don’t have to go out in such a hurry.

It’s probably been quite a while since I last held you like this. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to pay you any attention because I’m constantly practicing.

Even your ears are red, my goodness.

Also, you shouldn’t overdo it either.

We’ll be going to inter-high, so it’s too early to retire now. It won’t be funny if you were to collapse before the tournament.


Don’t hug me so tightly.

You’re such a cute fella. I love you.

Even if you’re my girlfriend, don’t forget to support us as our manager. That being said… Since we’re nearing the tournament, wouldn’t it be best for us to tell everyone that we’re dating?

I guess you wouldn’t those guys to think you’re refusing something because we’re dating.

It would certainly be bad to lower everyone’s motivation before the tournament. You are quite popular.


You never noticed? There are many guys who have a crush on you in this tennis club.

If we were to tell everyone now, I might get beaten to a plump.

I’m joking.

But anyways, I’ll go with your decision and keep it a secret from everyone else.

I wish we could openly hold hands while heading home already, though.

No need to apologize, it’s not like I’m angry or anything.

Then since we’ve barely spent time together lately, allow me to stay like this for a little longer.


The feeling of you after the long days without.

Hey, let’s kiss.

Your lips are soft… More.


I love your butt. It turns me on when I get to slip my hands under your skirt.

You like it more when I touch you over your underwear, no?

Does it feel good?

Let’s continue kissing.


Damn, my pants are so tight.

It’s already stiff as hell, my dick’s super erect. Not to mention, I’m leaking pre-cum from just kisses. Just how pent up have I been?

Hey, can we do it here? It’ll be over quick.

It’s fine, it’s past class hours. No one will come.

No way I can hold it in in this situation.


Yeah, you’re right. It’ll be bad if something happens to come while we’re having sex.

Then you can just use your hands.

Let me cum. Otherwise, this won’t subside.

If someone were to come, I can just put it away. My dick is already rock hard, it’s throbbing non-stop.

Please. Please?

Give me your hand.

Touch my dick.


Damn, it feels so good.

My pre-cum is even dripping down to my uniform.

Your handjob is so erotic.

My voice is gonna leak out…

My dick is slowly becoming slimier. The lewd sounds are just, wow.


Hey, your hand, faster, please move your hand faster.

Let your saliva trickle onto my dick.

It’s wet, from pre-cum and your drool. Your hand-pussy feels way too good.

I, I think I’m about to cum.

Can I let it out into your hands?

Rub it hard.

The tip is… Yes, yes! I’m about to-


Someone’s coming.

This is bad, if someone were to see this…… Is there, is there any place where we can hide?


Oh, damn it, is this cleaning supply locker our only option?

You too, come quick.

This way.


Track 2: Alone Together in a Locker


There are still guys who haven’t left class?

Sorry, I hide instinctively. Your handjob felt too good. Plus, my erection is still raging.

Can we go all the way?

We’re in the same boat if we’re discovered in this state.


You can’t…hold it?


It feels good…


The way you move your hand is just too much.


The sound of your hand moving is messy and it’s such a turn-on.

I’m about to…

This is bad, my hips are moving on their own. Even though it’s super risky to move here.


Sorry, I don’t think I can control myself much longer.



I’m, I’m about to cum… I’m going to cum inside your hand.

I’m cumming.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming……


I came loads.

I still can’t stop. When we’re this close together…

Let’s kiss.


Track 3: A Promise Between Us Only


Turn around. Slowly.

After getting this far, how could I control myself?

I want to feel the place that feels best. Let me do you from the back here.

My dick is already slippery, so it’ll go in right away.

Don’t try to avoid it.

What’s this? Your pussy’s soaking wet already.


I’m putting it in.

Damn, it feels way too good compared to your hand-pussy.

It’s hot and tight… Isn’t this just cheating?


Hey, your voice is leaking. What are you gonna do if we’re found out?

It feels like anyone outside could hear the sound of me pounding my hips but I just can’t stop.

And there are people right nearby even.


Do you feel good too?

No need to nod repeatedly. It’s way too adorable. You know, whenever you’re at my place, you’re always fully enjoying yourself.

It’ll be bad for both of us if we get discovered, but secretly having sex is crazy arousing.


Just feeling good from your pussy isn’t enough, is it?


Your pussy tightens whenever I lick your ears, and I love it.

I’m lying.

Did you not notice it yourself? Whenever I lick your ears, your pussy clamps down on me.

I’m rubbing against you harder than before, and it feels good.


Your ears are bright red.

Seeing your look of pleasure as I thrust into you from behind is super nice.

Still, I can tell that it’s cute even if I can’t see your face right now.

What are you gonna do if someone were to open the locker now? It’s not just a matter of someone finding out that we’re dating, right?


What? Did your pussy start aching at the thought of someone finding out?

You’re clamping even harder than before.

I think both you and I might just be perverts.


I-It feels good. It feels so good.

Here I am, going this fast…

I’m cumming. I’m about to cum. I’m gonna cum inside you.

Cumming, cumming. cumming, cumming!


As expected, anybody outside would’ve probably heard the sounds.

Oh, looks like everyone had left.


Ahh… So refreshing. It was so hot inside.

You idiot, don’t move just yet.

Err, if I remember correctly, I have tissues inside my pocket.

There they are.

I’ll wipe you down with tissues, so open up your legs.


There we go.

Sorry, even though it would’ve been bad if we were discovered, I couldn’t help but get excited.

When you’re that close, I just can’t control myself.

I was super aroused.

Your wonderful scent, your breaths… Or rather, everything.

Hah? You were happy?

Seriously, when was the last time we had sex even?

Still, feeling happy after locker sex… You’re quite the pervert.


I’m joking, no need to get angry. I’m happy to have finally spent time with you too.

Huh? TIme?

Crap! I’m completely late for the gym!


Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter. It’s a rare opportunity where I can be alone together with you, so I don’t want to be running around.

Hey, let me hug you again.

Like I thought, hugging you is calming.

I feel like my motivation will drop more from not being able to do it with you again for the time being than it would for those guys when they find out we’re dating.

Yeah, I’ll do my best.


I won’t mind if it’s only sometimes, but why don’t we meet up before morning practice? I feel like I’ll be able to work harder that way.

I’m serious, I’m serious.

However, I can’t be tiring you over something like that, so it only has to be sometimes.


Yay! Thank you!

With this, inter-high might as well be set in stone.

I’ll definitely get us to inter-high, so make sure to watch me, alright? I’ll play those matches for you.

And afterwards, rewards like today’s, shower me in them.


Holding hands, kisses, hugs, sex… Everything has to be you or I don’t want it.

Even you.

Aside from your times as manager, you were only looking at me, right?

I love you.

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