【Translation】 Noumitsu Sasayaki Sex ~Migite ga Tsukaenai Kare ni, Mayonaka no Otetsudai~

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濃蜜ささやきセックス ~右手が使えない彼に、真夜中のお手伝い~

CV: Morita Noriaki (森田則昭)

Track 1


Sorry, did I wake you?

Oh, uh, I was thinking of going to the toilet.

Y-You don’t have to. I had you help me when I first got injured, but my right hand has now regained most of its motion, so I’ll be fine by myself.

There’s no need to worry, I can stand up without support.

Wait! If you touch that place, I-


Uh, umm…

I was planning to take care of it myself.

Sorry, I’m pent up because we haven’t done it lately.

I can do it with my left hand. You must be exhausted from helping me with the business today, right? So don’t worry about it and rest.

What are you-

Not today. Even if I’ve healed, I can’t do what I usually do.

I know that you’re being considerate of me, but still, let’s not do it tonight.


Eh? W-Wait a moment. You’ll make me feel good…?




You, aren’t you a little too good at kissing?

Yeah, I did lead you into it.

Not just kisses… You love having your ears licked too, right?

Don’t turn your face. Look at me.


You have such erotic hand techniques.

It feels good. Touch me more.

You’re even going to help me take my clothes?

You sure leave nothing to be desired. Because you kept touching it, it’s now super erect. And there’s even a strain from my pre-cum.

No more talk about masturbating. I want to do it with you.

Besides, with how prominent your nipples are, you’re in the mood too, aren’t you?

Yeah. Come closer.

You can come on top of me if you want, so this much is not a problem.

Come on.


Come closer this way.

Press the places you want me to lick against me.


I can, ahh…feel your nipples becoming harder inside my mouth. Does it feel good?


I can’t take it anymore. After hearing your lewd voice… Even as it is, I’m dangerously aroused and my dick is forced up against your butt.

Eh? I-Is that so?

I guess I’ll still be bottom?

Okay, okay. Today, I’ll entrust it to you.


Is this okay?

Still, for me to not have to do anything-

Just feel good?

It has already become like this though. If you directly touch my pre-cum covered dick…

It feels good.


Payback for earlier?

What are you trying to achieve by licking a man’s nipples?

I don’t know. Rather than feeling good, it tickles.

That said, you’re kinda like a, uh cat when licking them. It’s really cute.

Don’t bite them-

It gives me an itch. If you stroke me faster…


What’s the matter?

“Here too”…?

Don’t take it inside your mouth without warning me, my voice nearly came out. We have to be sure that my parents who are sleeping below don’t find out.

It’s not that I don’t like it.

You know, I’m kinda big, so it must be difficult to blow me, right? Don’t overdo yourself too much.

If you lick the tip then it gets-


The inside of your mouth is so warm.

Your hair…

Sorry, was my hand in the way? Your hair got on your face.

I look happy?

Yeah, you are indeed cute when your cheeks are stuffed, so it might’ve accidentally caused me to break into a smile.

Going all rough at this timing is against the rules!


The dirty sounds… These wet noises are insane.

Seeing you lick my dick gets me excited and I’m now about to cum.

I want to put it in. I want to enter inside you!

You were pretending not to hear me just now, weren’t you?

I’m not sulking. It’s just that I’ve never been teased before.


Can I do it raw?

It’s a safe day?

I see. You can take your time, I’ll support your hips.

I know. I won’t use my right hand. Just my left hand.

Is everything in?

Just wow, you’ve swallowed up my entire dick. It’s completely in, down to its base.


Wait! If you start moving so suddenly-

I’ll cum. I’ll cum, so slowly…!


What are you saying? To such a large statured man, no less.


You tightened so much when I touched your clit. Does it feel good when I touch these places both?

Since you turned your back, it must mean it feels good, right?

I’ll touch you plenty then.


It feels good…

Say, are you able to shift your weight onto me?

That much is nothing. I want to adhere to you.


It’s deeper now. Deep into the back of your pussy.


Cover us with the futon.

Can I thrust up from below? I’ll make you feel good too.

More. Let’s adhere closer to each other.

Yes, like that. It feels good.

I’m reaching all the way? I see. Cute. So cute.

Bring your ears this way.


Your insides are squeezing down even more than before. Are you about to cum too?

Then let’s cum together.

Turn towards me.

I love you. I love you.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m gonna cum!


Let’s stay like this for a little longer.


Yeah. Because of your wonderful efforts, I don’t want to go anywhere. Besides, it felt really good.

You’re going to pull out?

Ah, wait! I’ll wipe you down.

No, allow me to do it.

The tissues are… There they are. 

Can you open your legs? Because it’s been so long, I came a lot.



Come on, here. Come to my side.

How was it for you? Were you able to feel good even in that position?

Really? Good to hear.

Sorry for making you work so hard.

Not just now. But like helping with the contracting firm like you did today. It must be difficult when you have your own work, no? Is it not a burden?

Your help with the family business and housework is truly a lifesaver.

Both I and my family are extremely grateful to you.

That being said, I’m concerned about your health. Please don’t overwork yourself.


Me? There’s no need to worry about me. It wasn’t that big of an injury.

I’ve still got ways to go, don’t I?

I was lucky for it to have ended with only an injury, but I have to consider ways to create an environment where other employees would be able to work safely.

First would be a review of the scaffolds’ safety and a re-verification of the process.

Oh right, I’ll ask my old man to increase your salary.


Fawning on me all of a sudden, what’s the matter?

Worry about my own health?

Well, uh about that, my old lectured me about it the other day.

“Don’t go around worrying your future bride.”

You’re right. My body doesn’t just belong to me anymore.

Alright, I’ll put myself into consideration as well. I promise that I’ll never do anything that will worry you. Oh, but, I’m kinda dense in some ways, so I might require your assistance.


If anything worrying or difficult happensーeven if it’s minor, I’d like for you to tell me. And I’ll do the same.

And also…

Like you suggested, let’s take our time to discuss before deciding.


Damn it. Had I not been injured, I could’ve held you tighter.

Oh right, there’s one more thing I wish to say.

Earlier you called me “cute,” but still, no matter how I look at it, you’re the one who’s cuter. You’re 100 times cuter than me, and that’s one thing I won’t back down on.

Why are you laughing?

I love the look of you smiling the most. And also, it’s the cutest thing ever.

Once my injury heals, I’ll give you tons of embraces back.

That too is a promise.

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