【Translation】 Noumitsu Sasayaki Sex ~Hidoi Ame no Hi ni, Toshiue Kareshi no Heya de~

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

濃蜜ささやきセックス ~ひどい雨の日に、年上彼氏の部屋で~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1


Oh, I apologize, we’re already closed for today-

Holy! What’s with that appearance?

Stop right there.

I’ll go grab a towel, so please don’t move.


Oh dear, just look at you, you’re soaking wet. I nearly thought that a huge stray cat wandered in.

So, what happened?

The rain is heavy, but it’s not like the rain is coming down at an angle. If you’ve forgotten your umbrella, please buy one from the convenience store in front of the station.

You aren’t a child, my goodness.

Seriously, you become a clumsy airhead when it comes to anything besides work.



Hey, do you get it?

Eh? Uh-

No way. Are you crying?

Ehh? EH?

Ahh! Umm, I’m sorry, I said too much. Or uh, did I dry you off too forcibly? You were soaking wet, so I thought it wouldn’t help if I didn’t dry you briskly.

Huh? That’s not it?

Oh, so that’s what it was?

That’s… How should I say it? You worked hard on it, so it’s a shame.


Yup. You did your absolute best, didn’t you? You did a lot of studying and preparation for this competition, and that’s why you’re this frustrated, no?

I know.

No, uh, it might not be all that convincing when someone like me is saying it…

I’ll close the restaurant at once, so please wait.

At this rate, you’ll catch a cold.

You ought to quickly head home and take a shower.


Mhm. Have you warmed up now?

Come here, I’ll dry your hair for you.

Please take a seat.


Did you put your clothes in the washing machines? I’ll wash them later and place them in the dryer.

It’s fine, just leave it to me.


My first conversation with you was on a rainy day too, wasn’t it?

Forcing an umbrella on you?

Now that’s bad-mouthing. Saying that it’s fine, it’s only a drizzle, and leaving the store… I just couldn’t leave a person like you alone.

During days like these, you can have me pick you up from the station.

That includes the competition too, but you tend to keep quiet almost till the end.

There’s no need to keep up a brave front, you know? At the very least, not with me.


Now then, it’s dry.

What else do you require next?

Will you be taking a bath here?

Whoa there. I was planning to take a shower too, but are you wanting to do that first?

Mhm, I want you too.


Your lips are still cold.

A shower isn’t enough, you ought to warm up from the inside too.

Or can’t we?


It feels good…


It feels good. I love kissing you.

When we first kissed, it felt so good that I became dizzy. Up to that point, I thought about how apart we are in age and was a little anxious, but that was all blown away with a single kiss.

I think that completely turned on my love switch.

I’m not talking about getting horny or popping a boner.

Jeez, you really aren’t good at reading the mood. I’m referring to how I’ve been devoted since then. So, how does my heartbroken princess wish to be catered to today?

Do you want me to be gentle, or do you want me to be rough?

Please tell me.


You want to be made to feel good…?

Do you realize that’s the lewdest request you can make?

No, it’s fine.

Feel super good then.


Your cute ears too…

You’re so lewd. Your nipples are hard.

When I touch your breasts, your voice leaks out.

Then here.

Can you suck on my fingers?

Yes, yes, that’s good. With this, you’ll be able to suppress your voice, right?

Gently. Stick out your tongue so that you won’t bite down.


Does it feel good when I stroke your tongue with my fingers?

You’re making the same intoxicated expression as when you’re giving me fellatio. The top of your tongue is an erogenous zone for you, right?

You’re drooling…

How lewd.


I can’t take it any longer, I’m at my limit too.

Let’s touch each other while kissing.

Grasp me…

Yes. It feels good when you grip it below the head.


Your hands stop whenever I tease your nipples hard.

Having your body tremble, how cute.

Come on, keep moving your hands. You have to stroke my dick properly.



Your hand is all slippery from my pre-cum, isn’t it?

What about you? Are you wet?

You should know, it’s your body.

I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll check it for you then.


This place is drenched already.


Oh, I kissed it on instinct. I only took a little taste.


Keep your legs open. No pressing your knees together.

It’s nice when I lick you and suck on your clit like this, but you like it when I insert my tongue inside and wiggle it around, right?


Don’t struggle.

Knowing you, you’ve cleaned it all the way throughout, no? You’ve inserted your fingers and cleaned even the creases of your folds, right?


I’ve seen through everything, haven’t I? In that case, I ought to fulfill your expectations, don’t I?

You’re clenching my tongue…

Are you about to cum?

You’re going to cum from having a tongue thrust into your pussy?

Come on, don’t hold back. Cum.


Why are you getting angry? You’re the one who told me to make you feel good.

Well, you did squirt a little.


It’s fine. You don’t have to worry about things like dirtying the sheets.

Not that. I was aroused at the thought of how good you felt.

Say, can I put it in now?

It’s already getting kind of…hard for me.


Erm, if I remember correctly, they should be around here……


Can you put the condom on me?

Yup, I keep a stock of them there.

Roll it down like that.

Looks good. Thank you.



Hehe, I know. You’re sensitive because you just came, so I’ll start by taking it slow.


It’s super hot…

I thought the inside of your mouth was super hot, but this place goes even beyond that.

I’m in all the way.

I’ve reached far deeper than my tongue could.

It feels good, it feels really good.


Here too.

Do you feel it deep inside your ears?

When I insert my tongue in and flick it around, your pussy starts twitching even though I haven’t started moving yet.


Look, you’re squeezing my tip.

I can’t…

You sure have a lewd body, don’t you?

I wish I could make you cum repeatedly with a look of composure, but when you react like that, I won’t be able to control myself.

I’ll lose my restraint.


Bend your leg this way.

That’s right. It’s deeper than it was before, right?

Deep, I’ll make you cum from deep penetration.


Does this place feel good?

I’m grinding against your G-spot, after all. Your insides are quivering and twitching.

Cute, you’re so cute.

I love you. I love you.


I’m cumming…I’m going to cum.

I love you.


Did you cum again as well?

Mhm, I felt good too.


You’ve sweated, right?

We can’t have you getting cold again, so once you’ve settled, take another shower again with me.

Listen, stopping walking around on such rainy days without an umbrella. You aren’t the heroine of a tragedy so stop giving in to despair.

Please cherish your body properly.



Eh? Oh, the umbrella you lost was the umbrella from that day?

So you still kept the umbrella I gave you…

I mean, that was a cheap umbrella that a customer forgot from way back. Did I not tell you?

But, is that not so? I wouldn’t conveniently have a woman’s umbrella lying around. But you’re right, it’s the umbrella that brought us together.

It wasn’t a cheap umbrella, it was a precious umbrella.


This time around, please allow me to choose one for you.

I’ll search for an umbrella that will chase after you even if you’ve forgotten it. And so, no need to make that face anymore. That umbrella has probably tied together another couple, and you should be able to obtain your current project too.

It’s not for naught, don’t worry.

Whenever you have a bad day, I’m sure the next day will be better.


Oh, right, I tried making pear compote this morning.

Tomorrow, I’ll make that french toast that you love and put plenty of that as topping.

Seeing that you have that appetite, I have nothing to worry about.

Cheer up, my cute beloved.

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