【Translation】 Noumitsu Sasayaki Sex ~Osananajimi Kareshi ni, Asa kara Bed ni Moguri komarete~

Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

濃蜜ささやきセックス ~幼馴染み彼氏に、朝からベッドに潜り込まれて~

CV: Tanaka Shoujirou (田中翔二郎)

Track 1


Hey there, you awake?

Huh? You’re still asleep?

Hey, hey, it’s morning. Wake up.

You really aren’t good with mornings, are you? You’ve never been late even once after entering high school, but are you for real?

Good grief, your parents have already left… For a husband and wife only day trip.

They sure get along well, don’t they?


You’re falling asleep again…

Hey, you’re not allowed to fall asleep again!

Just a few more minutes?

Usually, I would’ve let you sleep but not today. You haven’t forgotten, right? We have a date, so quickly get up and let’s head out.

I mean, it’s true that I came over way ahead of schedule, but I thought you would’ve been awake. But when I arrived, you were still curled up in your futon and sleeping away happily.

Choosing your futon over me, your boyfriend… You sure don’t want to get up, huh?

In that case, I’ll tickle this side too.

Take that.


I’ll show you my true power. Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!

It tickles?

Of course it does, I know all your weaknesses.

Well? You surrender?

You gonna get up now?

Oh? Even with this you’re not gonna get out of bed?

Then this time…


You can continue sleeping.

……Considering that there is plenty of time to spare.


I’ll grab you while you sleep.

Don’t close your legs.

Wrap them around like that…

Your body is so soft, and it’s so warm.

I told you, you can continue sleeping. Since you aren’t gonna get up after all that, I’ll do whatever I want.

Even your ears are red.


Ah, you finally turned this way. I could finally give you that good morning kiss.

Good morning.

So, what’s your plan? Are you gonna get out of bed?

Or shall we continue on like this?

Yes, first thing in the morning. Are you not in the mood?

That said… Even though you looked so sleepy earlier, you now have an extremely dirty look on your face.

Eh? You don’t like me looking at your face while you sleep?

We’ve been together since kindergarten, don’t get all worked up about that now. Besides, you’re cute even when you’ve just woken up. You have a defenseless look.

Yes, it’s cute.


Damn, I’m getting embarrassed even though I was the one who said it.

Look at you laughing, you clearly don’t understand the situation. Watch me.


You still think you have the upper hand?

Speaking of which, I’ll still haven’t heard your answer.

I want to have sex.


Your lips are so soft.

Huh? You’re not wearing a bra?

Are you serious? This is my first time trying to have sex in the morning, so I never knew. It’s kinda…hot.

What? Of course it’s sexy when it’s the girl you love


I can easily tell that your nipples are hard when I touch you directly. Even when I’m massaging them with the palm of my hands, they’re so perky that they can get caught.

Is it alright for me to take off your clothes?


You’ll take them off yourself?

Tch. Removing them is part of the fun.


I’ll undress too then.


Your body……

It’s bright, so I can see it really clearly.

No hiding. Face me properly.

We’re both naked, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Right?

Good, good.


Were you waiting for me to lick your nipples? They’re harder than before and easier to lick.

Other side…


Both of your nipples are sticking straight up.

Hey, turn this way.

Make sure to watch me as I lick your nipples.


It also feels good when I rub that now wet nipple on the other side with my fingers, no?

You’ve been rubbing your thighs together for the past while… Does that mean you want me to touch that place too?

You’re so honest.

In that case, bend your knees and spread your legs a little further.


You’re so wet. Your underwear’s wet too.

I’m not saying to be mean. I’m happy that you’re feeling good. You’ve been wanting me to touch you since before, so you’ve held back, no?

I’ll make you experience tons of pleasure for having endured it.


You gave a little jolt when I touched your clit.

Is it better when I stroke it gently like this?

Nodding desperately as you say it. How cute.


Huh? Your butt has tensed up.

Are you maybe about to cum?

It’s fine. No need to hold back.



Did you cum?

Why are you turning your face away from me? Was it embarrassing to cum on your own?

What’s the problem? It felt good, no?

Hmm? What is it? Is something-


I don’t hate it. You don’t have to let go. It’s just that, I was surprised because you touched it without warning.

It feels good. It feels good when you stroke it with your hands.

That… It’s insane when you squeeze it.


Huh? Voice?

I know, but… You’re touching it so indecently!

It’s fine. Do you feel my dick getting hard and twitching inside your hands? I’m even leaking pre-cum too.

Squeeze it.

No, that’s-

Your hand feels good.

Hey, can I put it in now? I want to try doing it while facing you.


Then wait just a moment. In that bag I have…

I’ll put on a condom, soーー

Shh, okay.

Then come on top of me.

Bring up your legs.

Like that. It’s fine if you take it slow.


This position is…dangerous in more ways than one.

Just by moving my hips a little, your boobs start jiggling. And look, I can lick your breasts while penetrating you.

Can you feel my dick deep inside?

You don’t have to force yourself to move.

Yes, yes, when I grind my dick up against you while hugging you tightly like this… You’re leaking out such dirty moans.

It feels incredibly good.


I guess it’s bad if our voices are too loud. If you leak out such dirty moans first thing in the morning, the neighbors will find out.

Then, shh.

If you can’t hold back your voice, then I’ll…silence you with kisses.


You’re moving your hips too?

That’s a bit…damn.

Is it fun?

What’s this? My, aren’t you assertive today?

I greatly welcome it though.

Your voice will leak out.

Like I thought, this… Did my dick hit a good spot? You made a lewd sound just now.


Let’s change positions without me pulling out.

Mhm, this time it’s my turn. I’ll be able to thrust you repeatedly in the usual position, no? Besides, we can pull the futon over us and silence the sounds.

Hey, the place where I go in is super slippery. Did it feel good when we were facing each other too?

Then let’s experience even more pleasure together.


That last position was great, but this position is quite…

I love sex where I can look at your face and lock fingers with you the most.

It feels good.


Hey, I may still have the energy but do you think you can keep going?


I told you earlier that there’s no need to hold back, didn’t I?

What is it?


What’s with that? You’re so… You’re way too cute. If you say something like that, there’s no way I could stop.


Wrap your arms around my neck.


You’re cute. You’re so cute.


Don’t try to escape.



I love you. I love you.

It…feels so good.


I’m sorry, I…

I’m about to too.


I’m, I’m…I’m gonna cum. Let’s cum together.


I’m cumming!


I came so damn much.

It felt good, didn’t it? I think Imma get addicted to morning sex.

Sorry, sorry, I was just trying to poke fun at you at the start.

It’s because you had such cute reactions.


Speaking of which, what’s the time?


We’ve gone past our promised time.

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. I got to make love with you like this after all this time.


It has been a long time, hasn’t it?

Lately, even when we had breaks, both had club activities, so our schedule never quite matched. So I was reallllllllllly looking forward to today’s date and got into super high spirits.

As for you…

You nearly slept till the last minute.


Don’t look all depressed like that, it’s not like I’m actually angry. I was the one who came early and all in the first place.

Besides, those clothes hanging from the hangers… You were planning to wear them for today’s date, no?



Thought so.

I’ve never seen them before. Are they newly-bought?

They look like they’ll really suit you.

When I see that, it makes me think that you just might’ve been looking forward to the date. I…wasn’t the only one who was looking forward to it, right?


I feel kinda relieved now.

In exchange for going along with all my requests just now, I’ll go wherever you want and compile with whatever you want during our date later.

Where would you like to go? What would you like to do?

You’re mulling over it, you’re mulling over it!

That is true. We should take a bath first.

After that, let’s slowly decide together. We have plenty of time to spare, after all.

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