【Translation】 Noumitsu Sasayaki Sex ~Shain Kenshuu wo Oe, Business Hotel no Isshitsu de~

Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

濃蜜ささやきセックス ~社員研修を終え、ビジネスホテルの一室で~

CV: Miroku (弥勒)

Track 1


Yes, hello?

My mood ain’t that bad nor am I angry. So, why are you calling me at this hour? Is your get-together over already?

I see. I was on my way back to my hotel room as well.

It’s an annual thing, but work at the head office is mentally exhausting. I’m sure you’re exhausted from the unfamiliar training.

You’ve worked hard-


You… Can’t you appear a little more normally? That startled me.

What’s the matter?

Well, I guess this isn’t a place to be standing around and talking. It’s late, so let’s discuss it inside.

Yes, there are other employees staying at this hotel, so it would be troublesome if others see us alone together at this hour.

Come on, get it.


You’re staying at the hotel in front of the station, right?

Well, yeah. The ones who arranged that was HR, so I have a general grasp.

Why would I go? I’m not here to play around.

That being said, that also ends today. The train back tomorrow may be scheduled for the afternoon but you shouldn’t be wandering till it’s late. Return to your hotel immediately.

What are you saying? Who the hell is going to kiss you?

Stop with the jokes and head back already.

I won’t. I will not.

You’ll leave you if you receive a nice grown-up kiss? What’s with you?


Umm…if you don’t have any business with me, can you please just leave already?

You really aren’t one to listen, are you?

Alright, I get it, I’ll kiss you, so after I do, please return to your hotel.


There. Is that enough?

Properly? But I did do it properly. You could feel my lips touching yours, no?

Seriously, you never listen.


Okay, that’s-

Hey, enough!

You idiot, if you go any further… If you go any further, it won’t end with a kiss.

Hey, wait, wait-


I told you, we can’t be doing this.

Don’t you get it? This is a room that the company rented. On both sides are subordinates’ rooms. So, uh, we can’t be having sex in a place like this.


No, seriously, it’s not an issue of just holding back your voice.

I’m telling you, don’t take off your clothes!

Don’t press your chest against me! Don’t place your hands on my belt!

You love constantly putting me in a bind, don’t you? Acting without considering the risks or the consequences is your bad habit and you have no concern.


Are you listening?

If you’re gonna go that far, don’t blame me for what happens. Even if you say that it’s all a joke now, I won’t be stopping.

You missed me?

Idiot, we saw each other during training, no?

How am I wrong? Didn’t you have an oddly serious expression on your face? Though during the lesson, you looked a little sleepy.

I was watching you the whole time. The whole entire time.

That being said, it was indeed stressful not being able to touch you for a week.


Oh, did you not know how to remove the belt?

You pull this part under the buckle to remove it.

Come on, give it a try.

Yes. Well done.

You weren’t the only one holding back. After holding it off for a week and after you’ve provoked me like that, even I’m about to burst.


Huh? It feels more risque than usual.

Perhaps you’re right, I might be a little merry after finishing that large project before the business trip. If it were the usual me, I would never think of doing it with you in this room.

That being said, I’m at my limit.


Make sure to hold back your voice.

Naturally, it’d be bad if people on either side were to hear it, but I wouldn’t want anyone to hear your lewd moans.

This isn’t much for soundproofing, but it’s better than nothing.

No one would’ve imagined that you were straddling over me moments earlier.


Do your ears feel that good?

When I tease your nipples along with your ears, your body starts trembling. How lewd.

Shh. Remember, you made a promise not to let out your voice.

Yes, yes, well, that part of you is honest.

It’s cute.


Somehow it feels like I’m doing something indecent.

Are you fine to continue?

Then here too…

Ah, what’s this? Aren’t you reacting a little too much? Your underwear is already stained and wet.

I was thinking that you’re getting wet more easily than usual, but isn’t this the most you’ve been? Did it feel that good? Or, are you turned on by this situation?

I am too.

Come on, touch it.


That was close.


Yes, that. It feels good.

It’s a little vexing when you’re doing it over my underwear.

Could you give me a moment?

You strip too.


Hey, you-

That tickles. Licking a man’s chest is-

No, that’s not it. It’s that I’m feeling it, it’s that you’re licking it so weirdly.

Wait, what?

If you stroke me while biting down on my nipples…

Stop! If I’m gonna cum, I want to cum inside you.


Mhm. Open up your legs and spread the entrance for me to see then.

If you’re this wet, it should be fine.

Look, when I try to put it in, it’s so wet that it’s slipping around from your juices.

It’s rubbing your clit.

Here I go.


Your insides are hot.

Just a bit more.

It’s all the way in.

What’s wrong? You’re moving your hips. Are you unable to wait?

It’s fine. Let’s both then.


Your expression looks strained.

Does my dick feel good?

That’s a happy-sounding response.

Whenever you’re feeling it, I can really feel it too. I think you already know, but, but even so, I get the urge to say it.

It’s because it’s you. People often say that you’d tease the girl you like, no?

I’ll make a mess of both your pussy and ears.

Feel even better.


Honestly, you react so nicely.

You’re cute. You’re so cute.

If you tighten up your pussy so much, I-

That, that is dangerous… Looks like I’m the one who’s being teased.


Is it okay? I don’t have much control left, my dick is at its limit.

Can I cum?

Take it all, take it all in.



It feels good.

Go ahead.

I love you. It might not fully be conveyed to you through words, but I love you. I love you so much.


I, I…

Are you at your limit too? Are you about to cum?

Let’s silence each other’s mouths then.

I love you.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


My cum is gushing out…


Hey, even if you wrap your legs around me and hold me in place, nothing more is gonna come out.

Oh, uh, did you not have a hard time breathing? You were really holding it whenever your voice was about to leak out.

Sorry about that. I’m really glad.


That being said, I was surprised.

I can’t help with the persona. After seeing you off at the get-together, I assumed that the next time I’d see you would be when we return. I didn’t think I’d see your face so soon.

Yeah. Knowing you, I guess I was kind of hoping that you’d say, “It’s the last day! Let’s go for drinks together!”

I was a little let down and got disappointed on my own. I’m embarrassed.

And so, I’m really happy that you came over tonight.

That being said, you’re still not allowed to stay over. Once you’ve settled down, get changed, and head out. I’ll escort you to your hotel.


Enough, please listen to me for once.

It’s late, so I can’t have you walk the streets at night alone. Besides, and besides, I want to be together with you for even a moment longer. I’m sure you understand, right?

Ah, hey-

Can you kiss me a little more gently?

Your actions are way too over-the-top!

Jeez, you’re an adult, please be-

Stop! I’ll get hard again!

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