【Translation】 Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu Fujiki Riku Animate Tokuten

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Tamaru Atsushi (田丸篤志)

Track 1: What You Wanted to Do With a Younger Brother…?


What are you reading?

Christmas feature?

Speaking of which, it’s coming up right next month.

You’re gonna buy chicken and cake and spend it at home, right?

Yup, I approve of that as well. It’s more relaxing to spend it at home rather than outside, and it’s fun. Plus, we can make love without worrying about public attention.

I’m looking forward to it.


Say, when you were young, what did you ask Santa to give you?

A little brother…?

I’m sure even Santa Claus was troubled. It would be quite surprising to wake up and find a little brother in your stocking.

But well, I can understand. I have a little brother, after all.

He’s selfish and way too easy-going, but it’s cute spoiling him.

Yeah, I’ll bring him next time.


Eh? You look happy.

No, I mean, it is true that if we were to get married, my little brother would also become your little brother, but…

He’ll become your little brother, huh.

No, it’s nothing.

Anyways, if you want a younger brother, I would make a better one.

Hey, why are you laughing? …Big Sister.


See? I’m cute, aren’t I?

You still can’t tell?

I’ll show you that I’m better then.


I love you, Big Sister.

There’s nothing weird about it. I’m a little brother who loves his big sister.

Big Sister loves being licked, after all.

I’ll make sure to lick you lots.

I want to hear Big Sister’s lewd voice.


You look embarrassed.

Do you enjoy being called “Big Sister” that much?

When I see that expression on Big Sister’s face…I get excited too.

Huh? They’re already sticking up.

You’re weak to me licking these ends, right?

No, I won’t stop.


Other side…

Big Sister, today you’re so sensitive and cute.

Feel it more and more. I’ll do my best for you.


You’re wet already.

It feels good when I lick this hard place, right?

Isn’t it what you taught me, Big Sister?


Hey, Big Sister, do it for me too.

It feels good…

“Which spot feels good?”

I can’t possibly say it. You’re so mean, Big Sister.

There. It feels good when you lick the tip.


You found out the spot that feels good…

I’m sorry, I can’t take it any longer. I want to enter inside you.

Erm, where were the condoms?

Oh, there?

Say, can you put it on for me, Big Sister?

Can you?

Yay! That way works, just roll it down.


It’s on. Thank you.

It feels like we’re doing something really sinful.

Will you put it in yourself, Big Sister?

I don’t mind.

It’s fine. I’m supporting your hips.


It’s in.

Can you move, Big Sister?

You’re good.

The sight of you moving on top of me is…lewd.

I’ll move.

You’ll be in my arms, no?


This is amazing, I’m in so deep.


You’re about to cum?

So this place feels good?

I’ll do my best then.


Did you cum?

I’m glad.

Can we continue a bit more?

Wow, because you just came, your insides are squeezing down on me. It feels so good. I’m about to cum.

I’m cumming, I’m-

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


That felt good.

Oh, I forgot about calling you “Big Sister” mid-way through.

Well, it felt so good that I didn’t have the room for that.


Hey, I’ll be your arm pillow. Please place your head here.

Umm, earlier we briefly allude to marriage, but…

Mhm, I was happy. I wasn’t able to say it because of the talk of a younger brother though.

You’re right, one day, we definitely will.

Rather than a big sister, I prefer you as a bride.


Yeah, I feel like I’m about to fall asleep.

Goodnight. My bride.

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