【Translation】 Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu Okui Ayumu


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 奥井歩

CV: Fujiwara Yuuki (藤原祐規)

Track 1: Return to the Country


I’m back.

I landed, so I came directly. I couldn’t wait.

My luggage is being sent from the airport; they’ll arrive at the agency, so I don’t need to pick up them myself.

That’s right. And that’s why there’re no issues with me not being home.


Come on, scoot over.

I finally get to see you. I missed you.

And you?

Yeah, of course.

I’m not tired, but I guess I’m lacking a little sleep. I didn’t get to sleep much on the plane.

I wasn’t absorbed in a film, and it wasn’t the turbulence either.

You want to know the reason why I couldn’t sleep? …I was too excited to see you.

I thought you’d figure out it without me stating it out, though.



You’re the same?

So you weren’t able to sleep either?

Our love for each other is so great that it’s honestly worrying, don’t you think?

You prepared a bath?

Thank you.

Mhm, I wanted to use the bath so I’m happy. That being said, I want to stay like this for a little bit longer. Is that okay?

I’m happy.


How have you been lately? Have you been busy?

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

I see, that must’ve been tough. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to be there for you.

Still, I’m happy that you’re telling me this.

Mhm, it’s alright to rely on me whenever you’re having a hard time.

Oh, I see, so that’s what it was?

And then?

Something like that happened…? I wish I could’ve seen it too.


Huh? Me?

Did anything happen……

Now that you mention it, we weren’t able to reserve our usual hotel in Brooklyn, so I stayed at a place I’ve never been before and it was a super small hotel.

Mhm, the hotel was like a private house.

I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but when I tried to turn on the lights at night, the circuit breaker tripped.

It took me by surprise; it was like the entire place had a blackout.

The mood was that it was my fault for triggering it, but I was just trying to turn on the lights in my room. I was a victim too. And then I was forced to spend 1 hour in the dark, and it was hell.


I should be used to staying overseas, but I was homesick for the first time in a long time.

“I wish I could go back to Japan!”

I wanted to see you, and so, right now, I’m super happy.

Yeah, I have to take a bath, don’t I?


I want another welcome-back kiss.


I’m back…


Mhm, I’ll be taking my bath.

I’ll be borrowing your towels.

Yes, I know. They’re at the usual spot, right?


Track 2: Becoming a Lost Child


Yes, I’m awake.

No, it wasn’t noisy, I just happened to wake up. I fell asleep after taking my bath, didn’t I? What time is it now?

Did I sleep for about 2 hours?

My mind’s clear now.

So, what were you watching? A movie?

Oh, I’ve watched this too. I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next.

You like these types of movies?

Mhm, it’s a bit unexpected. I assumed you liked more calming stories.


Oh, so you do. Why did you rent this then?

I see, so this was set in Hong Kong?

How nostalgic, it was where the two of us met. It was the first trip overseas, I think? I was pacing in front of the park.

Because I didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere for others, I headed outside, and while wandering aimlessly, I came across you. I was surprised when you asked me, “Are you Japanese?” while on the verge of tears.

You were separated from your friends, right?

Even though you had a map, you headed in the exact opposite direction.

I suppose so. One of your shortcomings is that you have no sense of direction, but to me, it’s also a charm. That being said, please don’t do anything reckless, I’ll worry.


Good girl.

Starting next week I’ll be in Vienna and since I’ll probably be in Europe until the New Years, I have to prepare to return the day after tomorrow.

Mhm, even though I was in New York up until yesterday.

After I signed the contract with a European agent, I’ve been swamped with work overseas.

As long as I can play the piano, I don’t care whether it’s Japan or aboard, it’s just that…it’s lonely not being able to see you.

It’s just my guess, but, are you babying me?

Occasionally you put on the airs of a big sister. I don’t dislike it, though.


I can afford to, naturally. I know how much you love me.

Oh, but just so you know, this isn’t arrogance; it’s trust. I trust you from the bottom of my heart. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to have such a constantly-apart relationship.

Do you love me?

Yup, and I love you too. I love you.


Are you ever anxious? Have I been conveying my feelings properly?

I’m glad.

I’m so glad that you had no sense of direction. Because had you not got lost that day, I wouldn’t have met you.

And it gives me shivers just thinking about it.

We would’ve met at a different time?


Just how often do you get lost?


So you get lost for my sake?

That makes me happy. You truly are adorable. You’re so cute that I can no longer hold it.

Can we?



Track 3: Something I’ve Been Wanting to Do for So Long



I love your soft cheeks.

I’ve been wanting to touch you for so long.

Not just your cheek, though. I’ve been wanting to touch all sorts of places.


No moving.

Does it tickle?

I’m only kissing though.

I’ll remove your bra, so lift your back up a little.

Thank you.


Your reactions are too nice. Your nipples have become extremely hard too.

I’ll lick you lots, so be a good girl.

Here too.

Can you tell that I’m hard?

Touch me then.


You’re so good at stroking. It feels good.

Your hands stop whenever I lick your chest?

That part of you is cute.

Then can you lick me first?

Thank you.


I’ll undress, so wait.

Can you lift your body?

Mhm, lick it like that.

Yes, it feels really good. Do the thing I like. Lick it slowly from the base.

It feels so good.

Lick that tip like that. Use your tongue.

Very good.


Can I move as it is?

Please tell me if it gets too much for you.

I can feel the back of your throat though.

It’s a mess of your saliva. It feels so good that it feels like my mind’s about to leave me.


I’m sorry, I’m about to cum.


You can spit it out. I came.

You swallowed it?

Jeez, you’re…

I’m sorry, it must’ve been painful, right?

This time, let me do it.

Mhm, I’ll make you feel super good.


Bring your knees apart.


I can tell that you’re wet even with your underwear on.

Where should I start first? This hard place here, or this wet place here?

You like both, right?

Yeah, let’s give plenty of attention to both then.

That being said, why don’t we leave this sensitive spot till later? Let’s start with this place first.


Don’t you find it sly that you’re already this wet? If I were to put it in, would you feel it even more?

I look forward to it.


You want me to touch the inside already? I want to lick you a little more though. Your little entrance is soft and the way it’s twitching is cute.


Alright, I’ll insert my fingers then.

Is it a little cramped because it’s been so long?

If you’re this wet, it should hurt, right?

You’re being too impatient. You want me to move my finger?

Let’s stir up your little entrance then.

I ought to lick this place too.


You’re getting too excited.

That being said, that part of you is also cute.

I’ll increase the number of fingers.


I can feel your insides moving. Does it feel good?

I’m glad.

I want to put it in. Let me feel good inside of you.


I’ll put it in now. Please tell me if it hurts.


It’s in.

We’re way too compatible.

It feels good…

You’re squeezing me non-stop, I think I’ll cum before long.


Because it’s been so long, I’d like to stay inside you longer.

Still, I’d be happy if I can make you cum.

I know I’m making you cum.

Don’t close your eyes, make eye contact with me as you cum.


I got to see your cute side again.


Can I hold you in my arms like this?

Can you feel my shape?

It’s still hard, right? Try clamping down.

You’re clamping down too hard.

It feels good.

Can you feel it?

Mhm, it’s in really deep, isn’t it?


I’ll start moving.


Your insides feel so good.

You’re making such a lewd expression.

I really love that expression. I’m going to cum.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming-!


Are you okay?

It felt good…?

I was worried about your body, though.

That being said, I’m happy. I felt good too.


M-m, I don’t think I’m sleepy yet; I did sleep a little earlier. What about you?

Let’s stay awake for a little longer then.

Let’s do that.


Track 4: Anything and Everything


Your topmost button is again…

Alright, I’m done.

Is it really that odd? Helping put on pajamas is something any boyfriend would do though?

Is it just me?

You don’t know what other couples do. My friends from work say that they would do anything and everything for their girlfriend.

Yes, the guys at the orchestra.

Mhm, the French.

National borders play no role when you love a person. The French way? The Japanese way? I’ll love you however way I want.

There’s no comparison because to me, you’re the cutest person in the world.


Yup, you definitely are cute.

I’m feeling a little embarrassed too now.

Hey, no, no denying it. Between you and me, it’s my role to determine whether you’re cute or not.


Let’s continue.

A sneeze… Are you cold?


Huh? I sneezed too. Was sneezing contagious?

Get inside.

Come closer. You can lay your head here if you want. It’s not heavy.


Hmm? What is it?

Dark circles?

I don’t notice it myself, but I have them?

Well, I mean, I was living in the exact opposite time zone until yesterday. Although I slept a little on the airplane, I didn’t exactly sleep soundly, so I might be a little sleep-deprived.

Thank you for worrying about me.

I’ve had this kind of lifestyle since I was young, so I’m used to jet lag. Even if time zones change, I can quickly acclimatize to the new time zone.

Yup. It’s convenient, isn’t it?


Something you can boast about?

This? Really?

But you’re right, right now I’m grateful for this constitution. …Since I can quickly match your schedule.

As long as I have the job I do, the time we have together will always be limited. I don’t want to do something like wasting the time I have with you because of jet lag.

Morning? Morning…

I’ll be a little sluggish when I wake up, but then you’ll fawn on me.

M-m, it won’t make it a waste, on the contrary, it’ll be meaningful.

Maybe that was an overstatement…?


Yup, yeah, you’re loved by me.

As for me?

I’m loved by you, right?


Are you sleepy?

It’s fine. Let’s sleep then.

Wait, I’ll turn off the lights.

Get inside the futon properly.



Track 5: Sleeping Breaths




Track 6: Inside a Dream


Oh, sorry, did I wake you?

It’s still dark outside. You can continue sleeping.

Mhm, I’ll sleep too.

I woke up because of a strange dream. I often get them.

I don’t think it was a nightmare. If you were to ask me what it was, I’d say it was a lonely dream. Whenever I get that dream, it feels as though there’s an empty void in my chest.

Can I talk about the dream?


I was searching for you from place to place all throughout the world.

New York, Paris, Vienna…

Hong Kong and Hanoi too. A dream of nothing but me searching for you in the streets of the many cities I’ve visited for work.

I often get them whenever I’m aboard.

Even in the end, I would never find you; however, today, it felt like I was close to finding you.

The moment I thought I’d finally be able to see you, I woke up.

And naturally, you were right before me, and I was relieved.


Can I hug you?

From the back would be nice.


Are you referring to the dream?

That certainly might be the case, I get that dream often whenever I’m aboard.

That was the first time I was close to finding you in the dream. Had the dream continued on a bit longer, I’m sure I would find you.

Mhm, because you’re sleeping next to me, I was close to finding you. Surely.


Sorry, what you said about homesickness is slowly starting to sink in. So in other ways, being by your side is “home”.

There’s no doubt about it, this place is my “home”.

What about you? Is there a dream you often get?

Dreams about tests? Like from when you were a student?

I get it, I get them on occasions.

Dreams of me…? So you get them? What kind?

Dreams of us going out together?

That’s nice. You aren’t getting lost, right? I wish I could hurry up and find you in my dreams and go on a date with you.


Hmm? Hold hands?

That’s a good idea. If we hold hands like this, you wouldn’t get lost even in my dreams and I’ll be able to find you.

Hey, wait, that would mean I was the one who was lost.

No, I was searching for you who was lost though.

Oh, but that is true, if you change perspectives, I guess I would be the one who’s lost.

You’re suddenly like a big sister.

That part of you is cute, though.

I don’t hate it…the way you baby me. There’s no actual change, but the sense of you stretching yourself to appear older is cute.

That being said, it makes me want to counterattack from time to time.

Yes, payback for babying me.


Shall we do it?

I’m kidding, I won’t do it now.

Mhm, because we’re going back to sleep, no?

Yes, I’m sleepy too.

Shall we sleep?

Can we leave our hands like this?

Then let’s remain this way.

Goodnight. Until tomorrow.


Track 7: Sleeping Breaths (Lost Child)


Where…? Huh? Where did you go?

Err, here? No, here?

Not here.

Erm, erm… There you are. Thank god. I was searching for you. I was searching and searching and now I’ve finally found you.

Don’t leave my side.

Please be always by my side……


Track 8: Your Sleeping Face Was Too Cute


Good morning… It’s morning, right?

That tickles.

I want to continue sleeping.

No, don’t leave yet. Let’s go back to sleep like this.


Sorry, I actually was already awake a while earlier.

I slept on the airplane and I had slept a little at your house, so I’ve had more than enough sleep. Have my dark circles disappeared?

I’m glad.

The thought of you being there when I woke up made me happy. Also, I saw your sleeping face.

It was as cute as a tiny animal.

But while I was at it, many things were on my mind, and just when I closed my eyes to calm myself, you just so happen to wake up.

And well, I acted like I was waking up. I thought it would be strange for me, someone who’s not a morning person to be wide awake.

I pretend to be half-awake and it was pretty fun. I love it when you spoil me.


The many things?

Oh, the things that were on my mind when I was looking at your sleeping face?

Do you want to know?

I’ll tell you then.

At first, it was, “I feel so happy being together,” and “How should we spend the day?” But then, “We’re going to have to be apart again next week,” and “We’re not going to see each other until the New Years.”

Mhm, and the moment I felt lonely, you squeezed my hand.

It’s true.

Yeah, you didn’t seem to be awake, so I think it was a subconscious thing.

And then it’s like, I just really love you.


That’s how I always feel, but it felt like you were so much cuter than usual and I just loved you so much at that moment.

Do you not remember?

I told you that I’d get payback for you acting like a big sister and babying me.

You want me to retaliate?

It won’t go my way? Well, we’ll have to test and see.


Track 9: A Younger Person’s Counterattack


Let’s get up.

Come closer.

I’ll take your clothes off for you, so stay still, you big sister.

Shouldn’t you have more composure as an adult?


Your bra is lace. How lewd.

I didn’t get a good look at it yesterday.

It’s okay, I won’t remove it. Even like this, look, I can tell that your nipples are erect.

You’re panting.


Your naughty breasts are sticking out of your bra.

Let’s take the bottom off too.

Place your hands in front of you.

What a cute butt.

I want to kiss someplace more pleasurable.

Is it embarrassing when I spread your buttcheeks? Even though you’re more mature than me, you’re embarrassed?

That’s cute.

Although it’s embarrassing, you want me to do this, right?


Let’s touch the front too.

Your little entrance is twitching, does it feel that good?

I want to touch deeper.

I’ll insert my fingers.


Your insides are soaking wet. How cute.


Don’t provoke me like that.

Your body is convulsing… You’re so lewd. Did you cum?

It’s trickling down my wrist. I’m happy that you’re feeling it.



I’ll be putting that on.

Let’s do it from the back.

Mhm, as it is.

It’s in.


Your insides are so soft. It feels good. Let me embrace you from the back.

It’s in all the way, isn’t it?

If I were to lift up now… Look, it’s now even deeper.

That’s such a lewd voice.

Feeling that good, are you okay?

No more? Do you really want me to stop?

So you aren’t actually against it?

How cute.


I’ll pull out.

Turn this way. You can straddle over me if you want.

Insert it like that.

You’re done already?

It can go in even further, can’t it, you big sister?

I’ll support your hips, so do your best.


It’s in now.

Can you feel it? I’m super hard right now; you’re the one who’s excited me.

I feel super happy.

Wanting to stay like this… What a naughty line.

That being said, I think I’m close to my limit. I want to cum.



Your tongue feels so nice.

Are you close?

This feels way too good……


Are you about to cum?

Me too.

If you clamp down all of a sudden like that, I…I’ll cum too.



I came yesterday, but there’s still more coming out.

Are you alright?

I’m relieved.



I was just thinking about how beautiful you were.

You’re all shy. How cute.

Yup, let’s relax today.


Track 10: Together at Christmas


Yeah, it was a work call.

There was a bit of a request, but I’m glad that the talks have been coming together.

What are you reading? A fashion magazine?


I don’t often browse them, so it’s new to me. There’s a lot of girls who are into them, right?

Clothes, makeup, hairstyles, oh, and also, vacations.

But yeah, I guess so do guys.

I personally don’t have much interest, so my clothes and hairstyle are in accordance with my agency.


A trip would be nice.

Mhm, I’d like to go on one with you. Even though we’ve been dating for a year, we still haven’t gone on a trip together, right?

Also, umm, it’s only a suggestion, but for my next gig, I’ll be heading to Vienna, and afterwards, Germany; so during Christmas, I’ll be in Munich. So, if you’d like, could you come too?

I got permission from my agency and we’re close to securing a hotel reservation there. I’ll also be taking a holiday during the New Years, so we’ll be able to spend it together.


I’m so glad.

I assumed that you might have things going on, so I was worried about how it would turn out, but…

Mhm, I’m happy.

At the end of the year, my parents will be visiting Germany as well, so allow me to introduce you to them then.

I’m looking forward to it.

I love you.

I love you, deeply.

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