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CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Glass Lamp


Oh, I see the sign.

I’ll turn left here.

Ahh…there’s so much snow covering this road. I wasn’t sure about the studless winter tires, but I guess they work?

I wonder if that red roof’s the pension?

Looks like it is.

Today, it’s more or less reserved entirely for us. I’m glad I took separate leave off work.


Ah! Careful where you step.

As you can see, it is still not yet possible for us to visit the St. Moritz we visited during our honeymoon. I’m sorry that I lack the resourcefulness, but…I hope we can make do with this similar-looking place.

Seeing how happy you are, I’m relieved.

Hmm, in which case, since I’ll be sure to take you to St. Moritz before the full moon, I’ll do my best at work!

Oh, is that person the owner? They’ve come to greet us.


Hello, I’m Shimazaki. I’ll be in your care.

Oh, we don’t have that much luggage; we don’t do skiing or snowboarding. Yes, my wife is currently recuperating from illness, so I thought we’d take it easy.

Indeed. I saw on the site that each room has an open-air bath attached to them.

I’m very much looking forward to it.

Oh, I apologize, that I will carry myself.

It’s a fragile item.

That’s right, it’s what I mentioned over the phone. I apologize for my selfish request, but please allow us to use this in the room.



It’s a secret. I’ll show you later.

Yes, we can have dinner now, her stomach’s feeling pretty peckish as far as I can tell.

What’s with that expression? It’s true, is it not?


I’m so full! It was so delicious.

Hazelnut, was it? I never imagined that venison could be that tender. Have you taken a liking to the meal, my wife?

You ate my share of the dessert, but you look rather happy.

I’m kidding around. It puts me at ease knowing that your appetite has improved.

Come here.

Seeing you smile a lot and eat a lot, to me, that was the best meal.


M-m, that’s not the case, I’m not kind. I’m aware that I’m a massive egoist. I loathed myself during the times when you were without your memories.

No, it’s not your fault.

Going at it with each other is kind of strange, isn’t it?

That said, beyond just being husband and wife, I still think it’s important to sympathize with the other person.

I’m happy that you’d accept me no matter what kind of person I am.

It may sound weird of me to say this, but after you fell ill, I felt even more connected to you. Although your illness was a massive ordeal, it served as good experience.

Even without your memories, I still intend to treasure you for life.


I suppose so. Let’s get in the open-air bath together then.

Tch. I thought I was gonna be able to lead you into it. You were nodding along.

No, I didn’t say nice things because this was my goal; those were my true feelings. Also, why are you against it in the first place?

I mean, when we do it, we’re naked, are we not?

You don’t want me to see you wash your body?

I don’t understand. I don’t understand that feeling at all.


Then let’s do this.

You can go in first. I’ll estimate how long it’ll take for you to finish washing, and then I’ll join in.

You’d be fine with that, right?

Good. You gave me the nod, right?

Well then, please go ahead first, my wife.


Ugh, it’s so cold outside. I feel like I’m going to catch a cold.

Are you not cold?

Right, you have a high cold tolerance, December baby.

Let me hop in.

My skin is tingling as I submerge my upper body. Still, it feels good.

Then without delay……


I want to hold you. Let me hold you.

Don’t worry, it’s fully reserved. No one’s watching.

I won’t let you escape.


I wouldn’t go as far as to be outrageous. Also, what do you mean by “outrageous”?

Is it frustrating when I do this?

I see. It’s bordering it.

Is this alright?

Since that’s okay…is this okay as well?


It’s touching you.

I’m letting it touch you on purpose. Is it inexcusable when I rub it against your stomach like it?

Out-of-bounds already?

You’re so strict.


I can’t stop.

I won’t do everything here, don’t worry. That said, there’s still a bunch of other things I want to do.

Turn around.

Let me embrace you from the back.

It’s fine, you don’t have to lift your body from the water. It’ll be bad if you were to catch a cold.

When we face one another, I can’t touch your chest properly.


You’re still not in the mood for it yet?

Oh really? It seems to me that you’re shaking your hips a little. And your nipples are sticking up nicely.

I’ll touch your lower half too.

Just a little.


It feels kind of wet, and it’s not the hot spring.

Ah, that startled me!

That sight is very provocative. When you stick them right in front of me… Are they supposed to be my desserts?

It’s fine for me to lick them?

Bon appetit.


So you’re wanting to do it now.

I’ve successfully tempted you into it.

Sorry that I’m a lustful man,

It’s starting to overflow. Is your back not cold?

You felt dizzy?

These desserts are super delicious; they’re wonderful. Everything aside, let’s do it once here.


This…feels a little bit too good.

This is bad. I, uh, am super aroused. Is it because we’re outdoors?

Hmm? You want to cum?

Good timing. Let’s cum together then.


I’m cumming-


I came.

What do I do?

Returning to the room without pulling out is…I guess impossible. I’ll figure something out.

Grab that big bath towel over there.


Wrap it round and round.

I’m gonna lift you up.

Okay, now open the door.



The covers are in the way.

Nothing spilled, right?

What is it?

How lewd. So it leaked out, my… I see.

Let me touch you.

You’re right, there’s so much leaking out.


No, don’t let it spill.

Hey…I want to do it again, is that possible?

Thank you. The sole fruit of my labor is that you’ve become extremely lewd.

I told you, didn’t I? I’m an egotist. I wasn’t able to control my desires.

Sorry, I did it a lot without your knowledge. I even did things I wouldn’t dare speak of.

I’m a coward.


It’s fine if I wanted to do it?

It’s my loss.

My wife is the goddess of a hopeless man. How could I ever win against you?

I love you.

Let me enter inside you.


You’re beautiful. No matter what expression you make, you’re still incredibly beautiful.

I’m going to be a little rough.


It feels good. It feels really good.

I’m captivated by you for life.

Me too. I love you so much. I’ll never let you go no matter what happens. I’ll always be by your side.

Thank you for coming back.


Huh? Cum together?

I’ll go faster, so…


I’m cumming. I’m going to cum.


I never used to be this much of a crybaby, but even so, I’ll continue to press on.

What are you doing?

Ah, hey, what are you? A dog? Don’t sniff me so much.


I see, so my scent’s comforting to you.

Thank you.


Oh, right, I’m reluctant to part, but…

Please wait a moment.

It’s the secret item from earlier. What do you think it is?

I brought the glass lamp with us. It didn’t fit the ambiance of the apartment, so I thought I’d make use of this opportunity.

The owner  gave their permission and told me to be careful not to activate the sprinklers and to put it out before we sleep.


Oh, about that, do you still believe it’s an antique?

Thought so.

It’s not that way to a professional, though. Because, how should I put it? The landscape on it, no matter which way you look at it, screams souvenir.

Alright, I get it, this is an antique.

It’s lit.

It’s been a long time since I last saw this light.


Oh, right! Turn off the lights.

It’s nice, it has a feeling of elegance. That said, there’s still an extra option.

I made a revolving lantern.

It should spin when there’s heat. Let’s see if it works.


It’s spinning!

Yes, I drew the images on it.

Let’s not talk about whether it’s good or bad. This man and this woman met, got married, had kids, and grew old together.

It’s our miracle.

I drew them while thinking of the most sentimental things.

All things aside, the image of this unassuming future was what kept me going. And so, if it were now, I’d change my proposal line.


“Please join me in the same grave,” what do you think?



Until we head to the grave, things are fine the way it is?

You’re right about it. I’m also grateful for the ordinary happiness that we have now.

Why don’t we view this for a little longer?

It’s a quiet night, isn’t it?

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