【Translation】 Kindan Jouji Saitaisha to Watashi Stellaworth Tokuten

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CV: Taniyama Kishou (谷山紀章)

Track 1: For the Sake of a Future with You


Ah, was I not supposed to?

I’m sorry, it’s been so long since we last spent time together, so I couldn’t help it.  Been around 2 months, I think?

Akiho won’t be back until tomorrow.

Yeah, I know right? Doing it at my own home while my wife is away is absurd, isn’t it?

You’re so blunt about it.

I think we’re equally guilty though, even if I was the one who tempted you into it.

You’re so unfair, you’re always saying my lines before I can.

I love you too.


So cute.

When you have such a happy expression, how could I hold back?

Do you not want to do it here?

I want to do it with you. It might not sound sensitive, but if I can make love to you for even a moment longer then…

Are you not going to object?

I see. Sorry for being mean.

I know, burning up and reacting to simple kisses, it’s like you’re a middle schooler. But because you’re like that… I knew it, this place is wet.

What do you mean by “that kind of kiss”? Tell me.

I love your expressions. Whenever you’re worried, whenever you’re angry, or whenever you’re embarrassed, your face immediately turns red.


Not at all. If that’s what you say then when I get old, I’ll be thrilled over your slightest reaction, get excited, and poke fun at you because I want to see it more.

So I’m far more childish, don’t you think?

Then why don’t you tell me about…the kiss that made you wet earlier?


If I was the same as I was in middle school, I wouldn’t have said it. I wouldn’t have the guts to say it. But, we’re now adults, both you and me. We know how to make the person we love feel good.

For example…

See? This is enough for you to respond honestly.

I’m thinking about what’s come to, and both my mind and body are eagerly awaiting it.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

Then I ought to meet your expectations.

Say, why don’t we undress? I want to touch you directly.

It’s best if it’s us both. There’s no point if I’m the only one dressed, no? I’d be happy if you could take my clothes off for me.

It’s nice having the person you love undress you.

Can I do the same?

That’s true too. You’re always covering up, so do you not like it when I look at your body?

Oh? So you’re not embarrassed about sex?


Sorry, sorry.

Still, I’m the most embarrassed when I embrace you. I lose my composure, become desperate, and desire you selfishly, and letting you see that side of me makes me feel so embarrassed, I want to die.

And that’s why I focus on you. To distract me from the embarrassment.

I love you. I love you so much.

Your voice is cute, but it can be louder, can’t it?

I’ll lick you even more so make sure to feel it.


They’re already sticking up.

Do you like it when I tease your nipples that much?

I don’t mind, I’ll keep going.

Spread this place too, though I won’t touch it just yet.

What’s with that look? You want me to touch you already?

You’re almost startling calm normally, so that gap is too much to take. Seriously. You’re the one who wanted it, so I’ll have you keep pace with me until I’m satisfied.


All I did was tease your boobs a little, your place here… It’s dripping wet.


Were you holding it in for that long? This place’s swollen before I even touched it too.

How lewd.

Let’s make it bigger. I’ll start licking.


It was pink and now it’s turning red.

Your voice is really cute.

Let me hear it.

Hmm? You’re about to cum?

Go ahead.


Trembling from just this… I wonder how many times you’ll cum before I even put it in?

No, I won’t stop. I told you, didn’t I? “Until I’m satisfied.”

What’ll happen if I stir up your insides while I lick you, I wonder?

Do you feel them inside?

You’re not letting go of my fingers, though. Does it feel that good?

It looks like it feels really good. I want to enter inside you too now.

Don’t you think that’s unfair? Do you think I’d be able to refuse after you’ve said that?


Wait for just a moment. I’ll get ready.


Come here.

Get on top of me. I want to see you disheveled on top of me.

How cute.

I thought you were gonna get on top of me quietly, but you’re making that expression. Is it so embarrassing that it’d bring you to tears?

I see, but I want to look at that expression for a bit longer.

Can I?

Then show me. Moan plenty for me.


You’re incredible. You’re lewd and…

I think I’m gonna be even crazier about you.

It feels good.

Hey, bring your body in closer. I won’t be able to kiss you like that.

It’s not enough.


Say, can we do it like this?

Thank you. I’ll move too.

You’re shaking your hips, your insides are wet, I can see you swallowing me up… It turns me on.

I’m about to too.

This is bad, I’m about to cum.

Asking for a kiss?

Seriously, you…

Stick out your tongue then.


I love you. I love you.

I want to stay inside you, but I-

I’m, I’m cumming!


Thank you.


Are you alright?

I’ll prepare a bath, so please rest for a bit. I’m sorry for pushing you too far.

In that case, things should quickly improve.

Well, by doing it with me, you’ll naturally use up your energy.

Don’t worry, I’ll let you rest for now.

Oh, but, we’ll be going in together.

The bath, of course. Isn’t that obvious? To be honest, I want to adhere to you right this very moment. However, if I were to do that, soon enough, I’ll want to do it again.



For your information, I’m someone who can’t calm down when it comes to you. I just want to love you more and more.

Since that’s how it is, I’m not confident that I’ll be able to control myself in the bath.

So, take this time to rest.


Akiho: Yasuyuki~

Akiho’s back…

I’ve already told her how I feel. It’ll be fine, trust me.

Thank you.

Do you have time to get dressed?

For now, put on my shirt.


Akiho: Yasuyuki, are you not home?

Akiho: That’s odd, the lights were on.

Akiho: There’s light coming from the bedroom…?

Akiho: Yasuyuki, are you sleeping-


Akiho: What is the meaning of this?

I’m sorry.

Akiho: THIS HOMEWRECKER…!!! I told you two to never meet again, didn’t I?!!


Akiho: Shut up!

Akiho: Do you want what belongs to others that badly?!! Yasuyuki belongs to me!!! HE’LL NEVER BE YOURS…!!!


Akiho: LET GO OF ME!!!


Akiho: I’ll never forgive you, YOU SHAMELESS SLUT!!! Because of women like you, Yasuyuki-


I’m fine. You should head over there.

Akiho: Who gave you the right to do that? This woman, I’ll-

Akiho! Let’s finally have a talk.

Akiho: Talk?

Akiho: Yasuyuki, are perhaps referring to how you’ll apologize and tell me that you’ll never meet with her again and that you’ll love only me?

Akiho: Why are you saying anything?

Akiho: Make an excuse! Tell me that this isn’t what it looks like! Say that the one you love is me…!!!

I’m sorry.


Akiho: Is that all you have to say?


Akiho: Why? Why?!! WHY CAN’T IT BE ME?!! What’s wrong with having me?!! Why?

I’m sorry. It’s not your fault, Akiho, this my responsibility to take.

Akiho: Yasuyuki’s responsibility? But Yasuyuki, you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s all that person’s-

You’re wrong!!! You’re wrong. I was no longer able to fool myself.

Akiho: Fool yourself?

I’ve always been lying to myself. Each time, each time you asked something of me.

Akiho: I don’t understand what you mean.

You’ve always obtained whatever it is that you wanted, after all. With no regard to people’s hearts, lives, and feelings. Unconsciously or not.


Akiho: What’s wrong with that? You may put it like that, but I have no memory of ever causing you unhappiness, Yasuyuki.

Are you sure about that?

I rejected marriage talks countless times, again and again. I had vehemently refused up until the very end. There’s no way you wouldn’t have known, right?

And the reason why I ended up at the Takamiya corporation, I’m sure you know that as well.

The Takamiya president placed pressure on the company that I was in.

It’s absurd, but it’s true. He told them to end my contract for the sake of the wish of his only daughter, Akiho. And afterwards, the Takamiya president-no, Akiho’s father, came and spoke to me in private.

Akiho: But Yasuyuki, you would never look my way otherwise.

So you were willing to go that far in order to have me? You wanted me, so it was completely okay to fuck up somebody’s life?

Akiho: I loved you.

Because you loved me, it gave you the right to do whatever you wanted?


I don’t know if you remember, but when I married you, I was not in love with you and I asked you if that was okay, did I not?

Akiho: That’s… Still, I believed that you’d love me.

Is that so?

Akiho: Did you really marry me without having any feelings for me?

At first, it was different. There were things that troubled me, but I thought you were cute for having such wholehearted feelings. You did whatever you could to talk to someone like me.

Akiho: Then-

However, you never once lend an ear to anything I said. From the day we met till now. Not even once. And in the end, I lost the will to say anything back to you.

But still, while I resigned myself to the marriage, I really thought that a day might come where I came to love you. However, when I reunited with the person I truly loved, with the person I could never forget, I could no longer lie.


Although we were apart, after being touched by the kindness of her, the person who’s worried about me all this time, I started desiring real love.

And also, I recognized the error of my ways.

Superficial kindness is neither love nor anything else. It’ll only hurt me and you.

Akiho: I…

Akiho. I’m sorry, I know that I’m in the wrong. Regardless of the reason, in the end, the one who betrayed you was me. I know that it’s something I’ll never be forgiven for no matter how much I apologized.

But even so, I beg you, please divorce me.

Akiho: I…


Akiho: I’ll never divorce you!!!


I’m sorry, I even caused trouble for you too.

Akiho probably is headed to her parent’s house. I’m sure of it.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but she can become emotionally unstable when it comes to me. Though it’s the first time I’ve seen her like that, she’s usually always crying.

It’s not your fault. I sensed that this was bound to happen.

Even if I never met up with you, we wouldn’t be able to play a fake couple for long. It’s just that…I’ve now left a huge wound in her.

It must be a tough pill to swallow for a girl who’s lived in a world where her word was absolute, but she had no idea how I felt.

You might be right. That might’ve been the reason why I also avoided any talks.

I can’t deny that she genuinely had eyes for me.

And when I think of that…


Just being kind isn’t enough! And why I made Akiho, and also, you, cry.

I honestly can’t stand myself.

Aren’t I the most heartless one?

I’m sorry, it’s wrong for me to feel hurt, isn’t it?

Thank you.

I’m sure it’ll cause problems for you as well, but I will protect you without fail. No matter what happens, I’ll put this to an end.


I’ll be going then.

Can I be honest about it?

Then can I whine for a moment?

I’m anxious. Honestly, I want to forget everything and escape with you to someplace far away. I wanted it to be a mutual divorce, but of course, Akiho never agreed.

I have no idea if it’ll end after today’s mediation.

It’s already been half a year since then, so I wish we could just settle it.

Akiho won’t acknowledge the fact that I was unfaithful, so the talks aren’t going anywhere.


I guess, first, I’ll settle the divorce.

You shouldn’t burden yourself with anything and I have no intention of letting you do so, so don’t worry.

Thank you.

Normally speaking, it’s the one who gets cheated on that brings up the allegations, but in my case, it’s the opposite. Whether or not we can get divorced is dependent on Akiho.

Thank you. I’m always being supported by you, aren’t I?

Like I thought, you are cool. I should follow your example.

Alright, I’ll contact you again when I’m done.


Souji: Oh, I knew it! It’s been a while. What are you doing? Buying dinner?

Souji: I guess not.

Souji: Why are you looking so defeated?

Souji: Don’t pay mind to it, it probably has to do with Yasuyuki, right?

Souji: There’s no point in hiding it. I caught sight of that young miss at and around the Takamiya residence a couple of times already, you see, and I took that opportunity to speak with the young miss.

Souji: What is there to be surprised about? We’re in the same neighborhood, and all we did have the occasional small talk. She remembered me being at the wedding too, and in turn, she told me about things.


Souji: What exactly…? Exactly what you think.

Souji: That she’s in the middle of divorce mediations.

Souji: I see. Yasuyuki has made his decision, hasn’t he? In terms of you.

Souji: What I heard from the young miss kinda, umm, sounded like a wild tale? It didn’t feel real. That said, I’m glad for you.

Souji: Though I guess that’s not something I should say out loud.

Souji: Right?

Souji: Still, it must be pretty difficult.

Souji: Really? Well, I guess as long as you trust him, it’ll be fine. That said, I’m the far better man and an absolute bargain. Say, why don’t you-

Souji: Having your phone ringing right at this moment… It feels like deja vu.

Souji: I knew it.

Souji: Yeah, yeah, just pick it up.

Souji: Pick it up.


Where are you right now?

It’s been settled. Our case.

I’m not lying, I’m heading towards you right now. I’ll tell you the details later.

Souji: Is Yasuyuki making his way here?

Souji: Has it been settled? …Will you be happy?

Souji: Alright, then, go!

Souji: Call me when it’s all done and said.


I’m home.

I’m sorry for making you wait, I’m thankful that you waited.

Akiho has finally agreed.

I found it strange too. I was prepared for it to go into court.

However, today, Akiho spoke about how she was partly in the wrong too. She acknowledged that I had an affair and she said that she was responsible for pushing me to that point.

My contact with Akiho is limited, so I wasn’t able to ask her why, but I received a letter from her representative after mediation.

This, it’s from Akiho.

It contains a written apology for all the things she’s done to me. How she tied me down with her father’s authority, how she never considered my feelings… It’s filled with reflection on her part.


As I wondered about the sudden change…

That too was written in. It was because of the story she heard from someone.

It was a person who attended the wedding and it appears to be one of our friends. While this person always had this certain girl in his heart, he stepped back because he truly loved her.

“Her love might be one that’s criticized by the world, but I alone wish to remain her ally.”

“An all-imposing love is not love.”

……Is what he seemed to have said.


Hmm? What’s wrong?

Don’t tell the person mentioned in the letter is-

I-Is that so? So Souji…

After hearing what Souji said, Akiho confronted her own way of thinking.

Souji, that man, he’s stealing way too much of the glory. At this rate, I really will turn into a hopelessly useless man.


We’ve hurt a lot of people, haven’t we?

I wonder how many people I’ve made to suffer because of my selfishness.

It’s painful, but I won’t cry. It’s not the time to cry. It’s wrong for me to cry as if I’ve been hurt. However, you, right now…

I’m sure it’ll become a difficult period for us.

With a family like the Takamiya family, news of Akiho’s divorce will quickly spread. And when that happens, without a doubt, both you and I will be talked about behind our backs.

There’s no way it wouldn’t be difficult.

Potentially, you might not be able to endure it. The compensation for having committed adultery might be even greater than you imagined.

However, for the sake of Akiho who I’ve hurt, and Souji who’ve supported us in the shadows, I believe I have a duty to make you happy.


I’ll protect you with all that I have, so could you walk along the path of life with me?

Thank you.

Say, can you allow me to say it once more?

I’ve always, I’ve always been in love with you.

I love you.

Both now and in the future to come, no matter what I have to sacrifice, I’ll be by your side.

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