【Translation】 Kindan Jouji Saitaisha to Watashi

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「禁断情事」 妻帯者と私

CV: Taniyama Kishou (谷山紀章)

Track 1: Prologue


Souji: Oh! You’re here, you’re here!

Shuusuke: It’s fine, we just got here too.

Shuusuke: Also, hey, if a group for the after-party was set, you should’ve told us earlier.

Mizuki: Sorry about that, I completely forgot.

Mizuki: Oh, right! I held a seat for you. Over here, over here!


Shuusuke: It’s been a while for me, but do you two meet up often?

Souji: More or less. Our houses are close so we do go for the occasional drink. Not as much as Mizuki, of course.

Mizuki: She and I are best friends, after all.

Mizuki: Oh, and, would beer be okay?

Mizuki: Souji, make the order.

Souji: Roger that!

Souji: Excuse me, we’d like a serving of beer!

Shuusuke: You’re just gonna ignore me?

Souji: It’s faster this way, no?

It’s been a while.


I didn’t think you’d all be so surprised.

Mizuki: Well of course, we’ve hardly seen you, Yasuyuki. I was shocked when I heard you were attending.

Mizuki: My bad, since he’s a rare character, I kept quiet about it.

Rare character?

Shuusuke: How long has it been, Yasuyuki? We haven’t met in a while.

Yeah. I guess it’s been around 4 years.

Souji: Super rare.

Shuusuke: It can’t be helped when you’re a man like Yasuyuki. Outings besides those for work or with his wife are probably forbidden.

Shuusuke: You did well to come here. Did your wife not say anything?

Today was a class reunion, so she allowed it.

Souji: You have it rough.


Server: I apologize for the wait.

Souji: Just leave it right there.

Server: Understood.

Souji: Everyone’s got their glass?

Mizuki: Okay. Alright.

Shuusuke: Let’s catch up after a nice toast.

All: Cheers!


Shuusuke: You struck it good, Yasuyuki. You married a super-rich wife; not to mention, you’re now the next company president.

Shuusuke, are you and the others not planning to get married?

Shuusuke: If I could, I would’ve already.

Souji: That’s right, even if I had a person I like, I would never be able to get my feelings across.

Souji: Sorta, yeah. I don’t think there’s a guy purer than me.

Mizuki: With that face, what are you saying?

Souji: It has nothing to do with my face!

So you have someone you like, Souji.

Souji: Yup!

Souji: I’ve been in love with them for ages, but I could never get myself to say it.

Mizuki: Had a young girl been the one to say it, it would’ve been cute and pure, but when an old man in their late thirties says it, they’re just a loser. If you’re a man, you’d shout it from the rooftops!

Souji: Why are you making such a blatant assumption?!!


Mizuki: More importantly, Yasuyuki-

Souji: You’re just cutting me off…!?

Mizuki: Shut up, it doesn’t matter, it happens to you all the time. There’s something I’ve been waiting to ask Yasuyuki, so be quiet.

Something you’ve been waiting to ask?

Mizuki: Well, rather than me, it’s her.

You too?

Mizuki: Why are you acting all flustered? You’ve been wondering about it all this time, no?

Ask away.

Mizuki: See?


Mizuki: You’re making me impatient.

Mizuki: Whatever, I’ll ask.

Mizuki: Yasuyuki, how are you faring at your current job? Is it a good fit?


Mizuki: Even though you finally entered the industry you admired and were doing well, you ended up on a different path because of headhunting.

Mizuki: Both her and everyone else here were worried, you know?

You’re not wrong. It’s true that I could no longer do what I wanted, but I think it’s enriching. My current company is a client of my previous company, so there are still connections there.

Souji: Just because they gave an offer, doesn’t mean you have to take it. Shuusuke and I were half-minded with our job search, but you worked super hard for it, Yasuyuki.

Souji: Things haven’t changed all that much, have they?

Shuusuke: Is that not why we’re worried? She’s known Yasuyuki far longer than we have.


Not at all. I’m happy. Even though we haven’t met in so long and weren’t in contact, thank you for worrying about me.

That said, I enjoy my life, so it’s not a problem.

Mizuki: And there you go. Isn’t that great?

Shuusuke: Why are you blushing?

It’s nothing.

Shuusuke: Hehe, don’t hide it, don’t hide it.

Souji: Hide? Hide what?

Shuusuke: Huh? Were you not aware, Souji? I thought everybody knew. Yasuyuki and her liked each other in those university days.

Shuusuke: Isn’t that right?

Is that true!? Please tell me more-

Souji: Are you serious?!!

Mizuki: Hey, don’t suddenly yell!

Souji: So that’s why she was worried about Yasuyuki…

Shuusuke: I’m pretty sure that’s what it is; otherwise, she wouldn’t be worried about how he’s doing now.

Shuusuke: You two liked each other in the past, no? And in truth, you two still do-



Mizuki: Shuusuke, you’ve gone too far.

Shuusuke: Seriously? It’s the fault of the alcohol, so just let it pass.

Mizuki: You’re being disrespectful. Yasuyuki is married! Are you trying to stir up trouble by bringing up the past?

Shuusuke: My bad.

Mizuki: Yasuyuki, and also, you, don’t take it to heart. Come on, grab your glasses. Let’s drink!


Souji: Why? Why?

Mizuki: Ugh, it reeks of alcohol.

Shuusuke: He’s completely wasted and he’s even crying.

Mizuki: No, no, you know you wouldn’t be able to send him home by yourself. I’ll go with you.

If that’s the case, I’ll help.

Mizuki: Oh, okay. With her?

Mizuki: I guess I can leave that to you.

Of course:

Mizuki: He’s heavy, by the way. Will you be able to handle that?

You’re right, he’s pretty heavy. You, were you planning to support Souji all on your own?


Be quiet and leave it to me. As long as I know where his house is, I can handle the rest myself if need be.


Thank you.

Mizuki: We’ll leave Souji to you then.

Shuusuke: Till next time!

Let’s go.


Track 2: The Feelings that Started to Stir


Souji never woke up, did he?

I see. Key.


Oh, pass it to me.

I’ll wrap it in a piece of paper like this… Afterwards, we just have to leave a message and Souji can come get it.

Now then, let’s take our leave.


Is something the matter?

Eh? There are no more trains?

That’s not something you should apologize for. Besides, I genuinely had fun today.

I wanted to be with you and everyone else.

So umm…is what Shuusuke said today true?

I expected that. Sorry.

Eh? But there’re no more trains-

A taxi?


I’m acting strange? That’s harsh.


Sorry, please give me a moment.


Akiho: Yasuyuki, where are you right now? You said you’d be back by the last train.

Ah, sorry, I was just sending a friend home; they drank themselves unconscious.

Akiho: You sure there isn’t anything between you and other women? No one is trying to flirt with you, right?

There isn’t so please calm down.

Akiho: Okay, I understand. I’ll wait for you, so careful on your way home.

Mhm, I’ll be home before you know it.



Yeah, I promised to be back by the last train, so I guess they were worried.

Yes, it’s fine.

They were a bit angry, though.

Eh? What do you mean?

Are you worried about me?

Not to all! You were thinking of me, no? Thank you.

I was happy today. Chatting with the others, speaking with you, not forgetting about me even during times I’m not around… For me, those alone are enough.

Thank you for worrying about me.


I can’t exactly say “well, see you soon,” can I?

Your feelings of love… Did they not fade? Had I not had a wife, would they still be valid right now?

I’m sorry, I’d said something unnecessary, didn’t I?


Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.

I guess it’s goodbye-


Watch out!!!

Are you alright?

Is it maybe possible for us to meet again, alone?

Just to meet. Just like we were in primary school, no plans, just a simple meeting. Please.

That’s all I need.


Sorry for hugging you. Seeing that you haven’t changed, I couldn’t stop myself.

You said that it was a thing of the past but I’ve always been in love with you, and those feelings haven’t changed, even now. However, as you have said, I have a wife.

And so, just seeing your face and having a mere conversation is more than enough.

Mhm, I can accept that.

I’ll see you soon then.


Track 3: Just 5 Minutes


Mizuki: Yesterday was fun, wasn’t it? We even got to see both Yasuyuki and Shuusuke.

Mizuki: Shuusuke said he’d join us for drinks again in the near future. It’d be nice for us to meet up again for drinks sometime next month, wouldn’t it?

Mizuki: Hey!!! The hot water’s gonna overflow-!

Mizuki: Jeez, why are you in a daze? You’re not responding to a person’s saying, it’s not like you.

Mizuki: Listen, I’ll brew the tea so you go take a seat over there.

Mizuki: It’d be worse if you got burned.

Mizuki: Come on, sit, sit.


Mizuki: There’s no saving this. You added too much hot water, so it’s all diluted.

Mizuki: I’ll help myself to your tea leaves.


Mizuki: Did something happen after you parted ways with us yesterday? That reaction tells me that something did.

Mizuki: So, what happened?

Mizuki: What? Us as a group?

Mizuki: Hah!? What is Yasuyuki thinking…?!! You surely declined, right?

Mizuki: At first? What at first?

Mizuki: Don’t tell me you get swayed by him wanting to see you…!?

Mizuki: Then what?

Mizuki: Is he being serious? I know that his married life may not be as blissful as he may make it out to be, but with respect to his wife…

Mizuki: No “but”s! It’s not worth wasting your pity on him!!!


Mizuki: No, you don’t understand. His wife, Takamiya Akiho, is the only daughter of the Takamiya family. She’s a monstrous woman who, as long as she wants something, whether it be a person’s heart or their life, she desires it nonetheless!!!

Mizuki: I’m not exaggerating!

Mizuki: I may not have said it yesterday, but Yasuyuki’s career change and his marriage were all forced upon him by that woman.

Mizuki: You were worried about Yasuyuki because you know that, no?

Mizuki: Because that woman took a liking to him, just like that, Yasuyuki’s entire life was decided for him. I’m sure you know what’ll happen if you were to meet the husband of such a woman in private.


Mizuki: There’s nothing for you to feel bad about, Yasuyuki also bears his share of responsibility for not stopping that young miss’ advances.

Mizuki: You and Yasuyuki are no longer kids.

Mizuki: Once you’ve been dealt that hand, what you should do is suck it up and deal with it. For a grown man to impose themselves on a girl who once had a feeling now of all times is wrong…!

Mizuki: Wait, don’t tell me you still love Yasuyuki?

Mizuki: Haa…it all makes sense now. I knew you wouldn’t do something so rash over simple pity.

Mizuki: Forget, my ass! Did some old flame rekindle after one incident yesterday after reuniting? Do you really think it’ll stop with just a meeting?

Mizuki: You know, I’m asking whether you’re confident that your relationship won’t go beyond just a meeting?!!

Mizuki: Seriously, stop. With a soft-type like Yasuyuki, both women will end up hurt.

Mizuki: What I’m saying is, a man who’s nothing but kind is the most dangerous.


Mizuki: Crap! It’s already this late!!!

Mizuki: Thank you for the drink. I apologize, I have to be on the floor today; I have to go.

Mizuki: Alright, don’t ghost him when he tries to contact you.

Mizuki: I’ll see you around.



Sorry for calling you out of the blue, were you busy?

I’m on my way home but I thought we’d set up a brief meeting.

Eh? What, pardon?

It’s noisy outside, right? There’s a lot of cars passing by.

Also, uh, is something the matter?

Eh? Why’s that? Are you concerned about Akiho? Is even 10 minutes too much to ask?

Even just 5 minutes is enough, I want to see you. In 30 minutes, I’ll be waiting for you at the park we played as children.


You came.

Yes, 5 minutes is enough.

Even so, I can accept it.


I was sitting inside a large chair inside a large room inside the Takamiya corporation. It’s one of those expensive leather-covered types.

Hmm, I guess I was serving as the acting president. The Takamiya president themselves is currently on an overseas business trip, so I was just asked to sit there.

Nothing is amazing about it.

I was sleepy the whole day, and there were many times where my head nearly slammed the desk.


It’s true that I haven’t slept, but it’s not as though anything has happened between me and Akiho. I just wasn’t able to fall asleep yesterday.

……Because I was thinking about you all night.


And by voicing that, I’ve probably angered the gods. Like, what are you saying as a married man?

However, I wanted to see you regardless today.

I now know that I can no longer fool myself.

Yes, I was lying the whole time. To myself, to Akiho, and to you. I may not know what you think of me now, but it became clear to me during yesterday’s reunion.

The person in my eyes, both then and now, was you.


Being told this all of a sudden is confusing, right?

Nevertheless, even if it ends up hurting Akiho, I can’t stop my feelings for you.

Honestly, I’m full of contradictions. Because I hate hurting others, I went along with whatever Akiho said; despite that, what I’m doing now is…

It’s fine, you don’t have to follow up on it. I know what I’m saying is terrible.

In the beginning, I didn’t have any hesitations. I thought if repressing myself meant everyone would live in peace, it was fine.


I look like a fool, don’t I?

By the time I came to a realization, I had achieved nothing. Neither dreams nor a happy family, All that was left was the bindings of my wife and the decorative position as Takamiya’s successor.

I guess you could say I was hit with karma for living the way I did.

Coming to this point and seeing you… I yearned for you. I yearned for you so desperately that giving up itself was no longer possible.

Even though I’ve given up on much until now…


The gods must be cruel.

……Seeing that they made me experience such feelings when it was all too late.


We’re reaching the time limit. 5 minutes.

I will no longer lie; I’ll take responsibility for what I’ve done. And when that time comes, could you please how you feel?

It’s impossible for you to reply immediately, right?

I believe you’re in the right.

I’ll contact you again.


Please don’t say farewell. I’m not going to give up on you.

Thank you for coming.


Track 4: Another Set of Feelings


Souji: Sorry about last time, I heard you carried me home.

Souji: Isn’t your expression a little too cheery? I’m sure you thought I was a massive pain in the ass for getting blackout drunk.

Souji: Yes, yes, I’m sorry.

Souji: Anyways, as an apology for last time, I bought us a bunch of beer, so let’s drink the night away!


Souji: Oh, uh, about earlier.

Souji: Err, erm…

Souji: Don’t glare at me. I’ll say it. Jeez. Though I do like that headstrong part of you.

Souji: No, it’s nothing.

Souji: So umm, when you carried me home, Yasuyuki was with you. Is that for real?

Souji: I-I see.

Souji: Well, uh, was what Shuusuke said true? That you’ve always been in love with Yasuyuki.

Souji: So he wasn’t kidding.

Souji: Is that also why you’ve never got yourself a boyfriend?

Souji: It does matter!!!


Souji: Yasuyuki…

Souji: You, you’ve been keeping contact with Yasuyuki since then?!! Don’t tell me you two have been meeting-

Souji: Since when? When was the last time you two met?

Souji: One week ago.

Souji: You were making that expression because you’ve had no contact since then, huh. Looking all happy.

Souji: Are you really going through with this…?

Souji: Do you even understand what that means? He’s a married man, you know?!!

Souji: You don’t know…!!!

Souji: If you knew, then why are you making that face?


Souji: I knew you were never going to see me in that way, so I kept it secret. But, I can’t, I can’t take this. If this is what things are coming to, then like Mizuki said, I might as well force it out.

Souji: I love you. You were the only one I ever saw in my eyes, ever since those university days.

Souji: You never noticed, right? Because never once have you looked my way.

Souji: Please just pay even a little more attention…

Souji: As if I’d let you go. I’ll make you forget about Yasuyuki.


Souji: Is it that repugnant to you? Are you so repulsed by the idea of being with me that you’d cry?

Souji: Why? Why can’t it be me?

Souji: If you love him that much then why did you give up and let him end up with Takamiya…?!!


Souji: Sorry. Please leave.

Souji: Please, leave.


Track 5: I Can’t Stop


I knew it.

I saw some resemblance from the back, so I had a feeling it was you. Still, walking out here alone at this hour is dangerous.

I did call you earlier, but…

I see.

Did something happen? Something must’ve happened, right?

You look like you were crying.


I’m sorry, I’m not letting go of you right now. I’ll escort you home.


Are you…alright? Is it okay if I sit next to you?

Thank you.

Have you calmed down a little more?

You’re not a bother. I won’t force you to talk, but if you’re willing…


Did something happen with Souji?

I-Is that so? So the girl Souji liked was you. Still, why were you crying? If it’s too difficult for you to say then-


Souji went and lost it undoubtedly because of me, right? The missed call was also in the midst of it, wasn’t it?


Don’t cry. Don’t say that you’re the worst.

Souji wouldn’t think of you that way. You’ve done nothing wrong. I’m the one who caused this to happen. I took advantage of your kindness.

I’m sorry, I know I’m making you suffer.

I took advantage of you. I clung to feelings that you’ve already stated are now vestiges of the past.

But even so, I love you.


I’m sorry, I know it’s too late now.

Still, you’re the only one I love. I don’t want to hand you to Souji.

The emotions I feel when I think of you, when I touch you like I am now… The first and only thing I’ve ever truly wished for in my life is you.

I was planning to hold off until I’ve paid my dues, but I can’t wait any longer.

What is it that you feel towards me?

Please give me an answer.


Thank you.

Don’t run off.

I told Akiho that I wanted to separate.

I told you, didn’t I? I’m no longer going to lie. We may only be in the discussion phase, but I can’t take it anymore.

Ever since our reunion, all I could think of is holding you.

I know I’m being a terrible person, but even so, I want you. If it had been a feeling that could be controlled with reason then I would’ve never done this.

I love you.

I’ve always wanted to say that to you.


If you don’t want this, I don’t mind if you hit me.

I’m happy. I’m really happy.

Is it okay if I say something child-like?

I’m super nervous. I never knew that touching the person I like would make my chest this tight. I can’t keep calm at all.

You’re right, your heart is beating so fast.

We’ve aged and have been through a whole load of different experiences, but my feelings towards you are the same as they were that day.



Since middle school. You’ve been special to me ever since then.

But as you may know, I’m weak. I wasn’t capable of confessing my feelings to you.

And I really regretted it.


We sure are similar, aren’t we? We’ve both been in love with the other all this time, yet were never able to verbalize it.

That said, let’s put an end to that.

No more holding back either. I’ll become strong if that’s what it takes to make you mine.

So, be prepared.


Are you weak to this spot too?

Tell me all there is to know about you.


If it makes it even a minute, or even a second sooner…

I want to know everything about you. I want to regain all the time we’ve lost.

Oh? I’ll shower you with kisses and ask your body instead then.


Your bust is large, and also, this part is hard too. Does that mean you’re feeling it?

All I did was kiss you and touch you a little…

I’m sorry, just hearing you say you love me is enough for it.

Wait, if you touch that place now-

Let’s head over to the bed.


There’s no more turning back.

No, I knew it, I can’t. Embracing you so half-heartedly is wrong. I want to make you mine this very instant, but…

Thank you.

Let’s save the bonding for a little later.

But for now, please allow me to hold you close…so that I could feel you even if briefly.

I love you.

Even if the world makes me out to be a villain, you alone I’ll never give up on.


Track 6: A Moment of Happiness


Thank you for today. It was without notice, but you still accommodated me.

There’s good to hear.

I thought if we went a bit further into the suburbs, we could spend time together without worrying about other people’s looks.

Why don’t we take a break up ahead?

You were up early this morning, so you must be hungry, right?

So cute.

I love it when you smile happily.

Our feelings are officially mutual, so I want to say all the things I hadn’t been able to say until now. Is that wrong of me?


That’s a relief.

Mhm, no need to worry about that. I told her that I’m going shopping with my parents.

Still, it’s hard to get it off your mind, right?

But umm, it’s only been a week since we got across our feelings. I don’t know much about the present you.


I said it.

I told Akiho that I didn’t have any feelings for her, and apologized for all the things I’ve lied about.

Besides, Akiho herself knows that I don’t love her.

Most people would be surprised to hear this. However, Akiho was still extremely adamant about the marriage even though she knew.

“You don’t have to love me, just stay by my side.”

Yeah, that’s how attached she is to me. And that’s why it’s dangerous for me to bring up your name, Akiho can be very emotionally unstable.

This might take a long time, and I’m sorry.


When you say it’ll be fine, I feel like I can deal with anything. You’re always there supporting me.

You’re right.

This is our first date, so let’s enjoy ourselves.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Is this really enough?

Really? Not just because you love soft-served cream?

You sure are adorable.

Not at all, it has nothing to do with age. It’s fine to be happy when you’re happy and to like what you like.

I’m in pretty high spirits right now, you know?

Ah! You don’t believe me.


Normally that might be the case, but it’s different when you’re with the girl you like.


That’s why this type of thing is…

Oh! This place’s ice cream’s delicious!

Sorry, sorry.


I don’t care if others see.

So…one more?


Track 7: Not Even Momentary Happiness is Allowed


Sorry, did you have to wait?


I arrived right on the dot but I’m slightly earlier than you?

It does bother me. It always feels like you’re arriving first.

Mhm, it worries me, and I don’t want to make you wait.

Of course I’d be overprotective. You’re the person I’ve loved all my life, so I want to shower you with affection.

You’re welcome.

Let’s go then.


Though I say, we’re just going to the park right across.


I’m sorry that I can barely make time for us to be together. Today’s the first time in 2 weeks even.

You sure are strong.

Ever since our feelings became mutual…

“When will we see each other again? Just how long can we even be together?” was all I could think about.

Really? If so, I’m happy.


Huh? Why? Why are you…? Don’t tell me you’re giving up?

Don’t waver. As long as you love me, don’t think about anything else.

But even so, the person I love is you. With the way you are, you’re worried about Akiho and trying to end our relationship, aren’t you?

I’m going to divorce her regardless of what happens.

The person I want by my side is none other than you, and only you.

It’s fine if you act a little more selfish. Although there aren’t many things that I can offer you, if it would make you smile, nothing’s out of the question.


We’ve arrived…

Today was 20 minutes.

Yes, I called my wife when I left work and told her that I’ll be late from shopping. So, with 20 minutes, I’m able to drop by along the way.

I’ll make a call home, so as long as-


Akiho: So you wanted a divorce because of her.

Akiho: To add insult to injury, this person’s been with you during both elementary and middle school,  right, Yasuyuki? She was even present at our wedding.

Akiho: Don’t touch Yasuyuki!!!

Stop, Akiho…!!!


Are you okay?

Akiho: Why? Why are you protecting that person?!!

Akiho, I told you, didn’t I? I-



But then, you-

I’m sorry.


Akiho, if it’s like this, we won’t even be able to discuss it.

Akiho: If it’s about a divorce, I don’t want to hear it.

I know, I know. Let’s return home for now.

Akiho: Yeah, but give me a moment here.


Akiho: I will not divorce Yasuyuki. Now, promise me that you’ll never approach Yasuyuki again.


Akiho: Yasuyuki, I’ll have you make me a promise too.

Akiho: ……Never meet this person ever again.


Akiho: I’ve cooled my head a little after letting it out. Now let’s leave, Yasuyuki.

You don’t have to drag me like that.

Akiho: Oh dear, that’s no good. If I don’t keep a good hold on you, you’ll up and vanish.

Akiho: Ahh…it’s been so long since we last walked while linking arms.


Track 8: The Person Who Gave the Push on the Back


Shuusuke: It’s been half a month since the class reunion, right? Why do you guys look so gloomy? What the hell happened during that period?

Mizuki: Oh, uh, Souji got rejected by her.

Shuusuke: What?!!

Shuusuke: So that’s why you rejected my invitation at first.

Mizuki: Well, yeah. I dragged them along since things settled though.

Shuusuke: Oh? It’s been resolved.

Mizuki: Isn’t that obvious?

Shuusuke: In that case, let’s drink away merrily. The alcohol will go bad at this rate.

Mizuki: Right? Yet here he is constantly sobbing about it.

Mizuki: An all or not confession ain’t bad, but a man’s also gotta be gallant.

Souji: Shut up, a man’s heart is delicate.


Shuusuke: I understand why Souji’s all caught up about it, but aren’t you acting a little strange? You seem down.

Shuusuke: Oh, I got it!

Shuusuke: Something happened between you and Yasuyuki, right?

Mizuki: Shuusuke, you-

Souji: Stop, while I don’t mind it, don’t go off mentioning it to her. Mizuki’s already said it before, but he’s married. Don’t say such things even as a joke.

Mizuki: Souji…

Souji: I’m gonna go to the bathroom for a bit.

Mizuki: Eh? You too!?

Mizuki: Hey, wait!!!


Souji: Ugh, I must be an idiot. Of course saying that will make her worry.

Souji: Alright! When I go back, I’ll go back to the usual me.

Souji: Back to the usual-

Souji: W-What are you doing?

Souji: That, well, saving a friend when they’re in a bind… Isn’t that only natural?

Souji: I’m sorry about last time. I still love you even now, but it’d be more painful not to be able to talk to you.

Souji: Would you forgive me?

Souji: I see. Thank you. I ought to be grateful to Mizuki who stepped in.


Souji: Hey, I know I shouldn’t be the one saying this, but what’s happened between you and Yasuyuki? Your behavior is definitely weird.

Souji: Oh, okay. Can you tell me when the time comes then?

Souji: Hmm, if things don’t go well between you and Yasuyuki, will I be able to move up the ranks and date you?

Souji: Truthfully speaking, Yasuyuki was invited too. However, for some reason, he couldn’t leave his house.

Souji: Say, do you love Yasuyuki?

Souji: So direct…

Souji: Well then, I guess I’ll lend a hand.


Souji: Hey, it’s me.

Souji: You heard about today, right? Where are you right now?

Yes, I’m listening. I’m at the shopping mall in front of the station.

Souji: What? So you’re closeby? So why aren’t you coming?

Well, uh…I had to accompany Akiho.

Souji: Oh, so it’s ultimately your wife you choose.

You’re wrong!

Souji: How am I wrong? If you’re for real then you should already know where your priorities are.

Souji: I guess you’re giving up on her then. Don’t mind if I-


Souji: Then show me your determination. You can’t protect anything with just kindness, and I have no intention of yielding either.

Souji: Bye.


Souji: I went and called Yasuyuki. He’ll probably be here in about 5 minutes because he just so happened to be in this area with his wife.

Souji: Jeez, I may be hopeless, but he’s even more hopeless.

Souji: And you, if you’re gonna go for it then go for it. As long as you’re smiling in the end, the outcome frankly doesn’t matter.

Souji: Come on, go!


Track 9: Infidelity and Resolve


I got a call from Souji.

I sure am hopeless, aren’t I? If I truly cherished you, then, I should, over Akiho…

You’re far too soft on me.

That’s right. I didn’t have much time to persuade her, so she might still be searching for me.

In any case, let’s get inside somewhere.


Sorry that it had to be a love hotel.

After coming this far, we should be fine. Akiho would never think to approach a place like this.

Mhm, so relax.


Come here, there’s something I like to discuss properly with you.

I’m sorry for not coming to see you all this time.

Is that not a lie?

You always say that you’re fine, but that’s a lie, isn’t it? To you, aren’t those just words to hide how you feel deep down?

You don’t have to put up a strong front. You don’t have to endure it out of consideration for me.

I’m powerless and am always showing you my weaknesses so I might not be reliable to you. That’s why, I want to become strong. I desire the strength to carry forth.

And for that reason, I need to know your true thoughts.

I don’t desire words of comfort, neither do I have the need for words of preference to me. I simply wish to hear your desires.

Please, tell me.


Thank you. I want to become your number one too. I always have.

Don’t cry.

You’re strong, far more than you need to be.

You never depended on me nor asked me for anything and that itself made me feel uncertain. However, those words just now reassured me.

You might get angry at me for saying this, but I think you’re the cutest when you smile!

That said, you’re cute when you cry too. Especially when you cry into my chest.

I love you.


What’s the matter?

Mhm, go ahead, say what you want.

But, I still, I still haven’t set things straight with Akiho. Does that not bother you?


I’m happy. I’m so, so happy that I’m about to cry. To think you’d want me…

I’ll embrace you. I won’t wait for another second.


I’m sorry, I can’t stop kissing you.


No, this is barely enough.

Move your hands aside. You don’t need your clothes, right?

You’re beautiful. Focus on me more. Both in body and mind.

I’m being too greedy?


You’re right, but I don’t have it in me to put up pretenses during it.

How cute. All I did was kiss your nipples.

No, don’t cover your mouth, I want to hear more. Let me know that you’re enjoying it.

You really are weak to it, they’ve become like this.

They’re hard, and also, red. And whenever I poke it with my tongue, you let out a sweet voice.

Eh? Are you sure?

I won’t refrain then.


Then what were you trying to say? You’re the one who said not to focus only on your breasts.

Hey, don’t close your legs.

Say, did you cum a little from just your nipples? Because this place is soaked, there’s a clear stain on your underwear.


You reacted so cutely to my words and actions, so it makes me want to do even more things.

I’m not gonna wait.

Now there’s no point in wearing underwear. Let me take it off for you.


Wow, just seeing this makes me want to enter inside you.

I’m happy but not yet.


Because I want to caress you for now.

That’s the first time you’ve called me “mean.” I want to do all these things because it’s you.

The way you tremble when you hold back your voice is cute too.

Who knows.

Becoming this aroused on top of the bed and wanting to treasure these moments to this extent, you’re the first.

I wonder if it’s because I’m having sex with the girl I love?

I guess I’m an S in that sense.


You’re completely drenched. Does it really feel that good?

Hmm? Yes?

No, no, I’m not calm at all. As proof of that, I’m trying really hard to control myself right now…

What’s wrong? I still-


Don’t look at me for confirmation.

That’s enough, right? If you keep staring at it…

What are you suddenly-


I’m happy, but if you lick me like that…

It feels good.

No, not there.

You’re surprisingly lewd; that startled me. You were skilled too.

Just seeing you feel good makes me happy.

Alright, but just this one time because that’s-

Of course I’d want to cum while inside you. Besides, I have a good sense of your disposition on top of the bed now. Next time, I’ll make a mess out of you.

If I make you cum enough time then you wouldn’t be able to fight back, right?


I want to touch you a bit more, but…what do I do?

Are you unable to wait?

Got it.

I’ll go even further then. Wait for just a moment.


Okay, I’m putting it in.

Your insides are so warm…

You really are adorable. Your insides are spasming just from the act of it going in. Do you hear it? The sounds are amazing, right?

It’s overflowing, and you’re coiling around me.

Hmm? What is it?

Go ahead, cum whenever. Let me see you cum.


You came just now, didn’t you?

No, I won’t let you rest.

It’s wet, and your insides are twitching.

I’ll thrust even harder then.


Does it feel good?

Open your mouth. I want to kiss you.

I don’t mind. Break. Drown yourself in me. I’m close…to my limit.


I love you.

Even if the path to come is paved in thorns, you’re the only one.


Track 10: Epilogue


Are you tired?

Mhm, me too. I still haven’t settled anything, but I feel incredibly happy.

I’m not forcing myself.

I believe I ought to work harder, both for my sake and for yours. Right now I’m doing a lot of investigating so that I could get divorced.

It may still take a bit of time, but I’ll put an end to it.

Besides, I’m confident that the two of us are bound to be together.

Although there were many times where we were close to bidding farewell after our reunion, in the end, we never did.


Pfft, maybe.

But you didn’t say it either. And tha’s  why I believed you’d be a part of my future.

I’m sure I’ll end up causing you trouble, but even so, I’ll make you happy.


Thank you. Thank you for looking at me, for loving me.

I love you.

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  1. Kborenai

    Oh…my….fuxking….GOD! I distinctly recall hating this drama for the themes – the weak man unable to break off an unhappy marriage but still knowingly fools around with another woman. The friends in this story are sooo understanding. Still, I wished Mizuki dealt a much heavier hand, his sermon at the beginning was so common sense.


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