【Translation】 Oji-san wa Izonshou

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CV: Tsushima Yoshinori (對馬芳哲)

Track 1: Beginning of a Romance with a Middle-aged Man


Hey, you awake?

Hey, hello, Miss, are you okay? Crouching in a corner like that… Did something happen?

Are you feeling sick, maybe?

Shall I nurse you?


It doesn’t seem like you’re drunk?

Winding up in some residential alleyway during the middle of the day when everyone’s working…I assumed you were up all night drinking.

Well, let’s forget about that.

Anyway, it’s hot here. Why don’t we go someplace cool?


No worries, no worries, it’s my house I’m bringing you to.

No, umm, it’s fine, really.

Let’s say for argument’s sake, you aren’t alright and you rejected my offer to avoid danger. But by doing that, you’ll be stuck lying here forever.

You’ll probably end up dead within a few days with this heat.

Coming to my place or dying, make your choice.


It’s fine, don’t worry.

Even if I look like this, this old man is kind. I’m not forcibly dragging you over, instead, I’m giving you the option. I’m being considerate.

Yes, kind, and considerate. Do you understand now?

Okay. Now, come on, place your arm over me.

If you’d like, why don’t I give you a piggyback ride to my house?


Alright. It’s right over there, let’s go.


Track 2: A Better Place


The only drink I have is barley tea.

Here. Have some fluids for now.

Whoa, you gulped it all down. You were thirsty like I thought, weren’t you? Do you feel feverish or dizzy?

You don’t, okay.

So you don’t have a sunstroke… Oh, I guess people call it heatstroke now? In any case, you don’t.

So, why were you sulking there? Did you get thrown out of your house by your boyfriend or something?

Oh, I see. It wasn’t a boyfriend who threw you out, it was the real estate agent.

Because of rent?


Thought so. How many months behind were you?

Things really piled up for you there.

Did you not have money?

I see, so you had to pay massive amounts of interest to loan sharks every month.

Loan sharks though… You choose the worst possible place to borrow from. That was such a terrible decision. The interest rates are ridiculous, and they won’t spare you a single cent.

They’re super yakuza like that.

Try borrowing from acquaintances if possible, alright? It’s better to borrow from a smaller number of people in larger amounts.

If not having the money returned will put the other person in a bind, they tend to be friendlier instead.

Like they could refer you to a job.

Thanks to that, I’m not being chased by debt collectors right now. Though, I feel like I’ve had to cut ties with countless people I know.


Well, it’s not a big deal.


That’s one word I hate.

I work day-to-day.

It’s fine, it’s fine, the rent for this place is super cheap.

30,000 yen a month for a place like this within the city, it’s crazy, right? It’s cheap because the 3 people who lived here prior all committed suicide one after another, it seems.

I’m not superstitious, but the place around the bathroom mirror has a layer of stuff on it and it’s kinda scary.


Oh, but because of that, I could work side jobs for like 5 days a month and sorta manage on my own.

Is that your plan and why you’re not working?

Fired… Oh…

But don’t you find working for a company to be a pain-in-the-ass? I think those that can keep it up are the ones who are insane.

You’re normal. Normal.

Office workers have to be crazy up there. No need to look so shamed.


Do I seem like a jobless, preachy, stupid old man who’s leeching off of other people’s money to you?

I don’t. Right?

I mean, as for me being a stupid old man, I’m only in my forties.


That said, I’m kinda happy to find a comrade in all this after all this time. This old man gets lonely easily, you see. I thought I was gonna go off the far end because I’ve been living alone for so long.

Uh, no. Truthfully, I was feeling the desire to do a bit of manual work. I was planning to go up and say hello to a place that’ll give me work, but along the way, I found you.

Well, it doesn’t matter anymore.

It is what it is, right?


So it’s fine? You aren’t resisting at all.

It’s just tiresome?

Is it just a bother to you?

I mean, most think it’s bad to turn down an invitation, but frankly, rather calling you a good girl…

Doormats are a thing, but…

Is that what you are?

Go ahead? You’re fine with that?

I won’t hesitate then.


Track 3: Old Man’s Hands are Fast


Are you worried about the sweat?

No, but, if you want to take a bath now, don’t blame me if my dick gets all dejected. I love it when the skin tastes salty.

Hmm…and if possible, I would like to sniff your armpits.

Is that a turn-off?

Sorry, sorry.


Your undergarments are soaked in sweat.

Yes, yes, it gives you the feeling of summer and it’s nice, right?

Ahh… It smells good.

Now I’m looking forward to your pussy. My senses tell me that it’s probably going to be really sour.

Oh dear, I’m being gross again. Sorry about that, I got a little bit too excited.

Though I guess you could say that I’m a champion of keeping panties glued to where they are.

Come on. Your pussy.

Spread your legs and show it to this old man.


Hoho! I can feel the youth. It’s beautiful.

Yes, it’s amazing.

Hey, can you tell? I’m super erect.

You can see it bulging out of my pants, no? I would like you to stroke it harder. But before that, let me have a taste.

Now, if you don’t mind…


I knew it, it’s so good. It’s sour like I thought it would be.

It’s wonderful.

The smell is magnificent. This is definitely good.


Ahh…I love licking pussy.

Man, if one would allow it, I would lick it forever.

Look, your little clit has come out of hiding. Looks like you’re getting into it too.

Does it feel good to have your pussy licked?

May I?

There, there.


Whoa, I can feel the blood pumping through my dick.

Hey, extend your legs a little.

Try kicking my crotch.

No, uh, not so much “kick”, but more like, you know, “step”. Try stepping on it.


You can feel it, right? It’s super hard already. This is wonderful.

A little harder. I don’t mind if you step on it a little harder. Oh, but, if you step on it too hard, I won’t be able to concentrate on I’m licking you. It’s frustrating.


Even when I suck on it really hard, it doesn’t hurt, huh.

You’re one of those, aren’t you? The type that rubs their clit real vigorously on the regular.


Was it right on the mark?

I was right.

Sorry, sorry, but there’s nothing wrong with that though. It would ruin the mood if you were to say that it hurts.

I’ll be sucking it a lot, so it’s great if you enjoy it.


That was incredible.

You shot out a bunch of pussy juice. Did you cum?

There, there. I’ll lick you even more.

It’s essential, no? Having them cum endless and having them beg for me to stop licking is the challenge.

And at that point, it’s fun forcing them to cum.

So, how about I dig my teeth in too?

With such a dirty pussy, I’m sure even that will feel good.


Ah, you came again.

The entire area around my mouth is wet. You’re quite amazing.

What a turn-on.

I sure picked up a fine one.

One more. One more. Do that thing for me one more time, right into my mouth.  The thing where you spray pussy juice everywhere like a fountain.


Again… You really are a gem.

You know, this, I feel like I could honestly lick it for a full day, but I’m at my limit. I want to stick it in.

Your hole has loosened up.

Besides, look, when I spread it with my fingers, I can see that even your insides are twitching.

Your body sure is honest.

Come on, look, it’s already become like this. It’s quite the sight, don’t you think? It’s so erect that it’s nearly touching my stomach.

It’s because of how erotic your pussy.


Oh, and also, this.

As for smoking and all…

When I stopped smoking cigarettes and switched to vaping, it perked up a lot more to my surprise.

My erection, that is.

When it’s sticking up this high, it kinda makes it harder to stick it in. Though, I’m still gonna stick it in, anyway.

This will be going inside your pussy.

How does that feel to you?

You’re surprisingly not as revolted as you thought you’d be, right? Rather, you have a look of excitement on your face. Your eyes are sparkling.

It seems like you’ve been pretty neglected. I get the feeling that you haven’t been with a man for the past while.

Well, I mean, I haven’t been with a woman for over half a year.


Anyhow, I’m already at my limit. Can I stick it in?


Here it comes.


It’s going in…

Your pussy is so tight!

That. You’re one of those. A complete clit-loving woman. This, this tightness, you haven’t had anything in here recently, have you?

No, it’s not a bad thing. If anything, it’s a good thing.

It feels so good that.., Damn.

It’s in. It’s all in. You feel it, don’t you?

Come on, here. Here. It goes all the way to the bottom of your navel.


That would be showing off too much.

Oh, but, you can feel it that far in, can’t you? So, can I move now? I can pleasure my cock with your pussy?

No, I mean, I’d still do it even if you say no. We’ve already come this far.


Oh shit…

No, this is seriously good. Wow. The upper half of your pussy. This place, here.

Can you feel where I’m pressing up against?

That spot is super rough.

It feels great.

Each time I pull out and shove my hips back in… It feels like I’m going to sink into the floor.

You’ve got amazing assets, you know that?


This is the first time someone’s said that to you?

No, but, it feels really good.


You like it deep?

When I force up against you… Come on, see? See? You like it when you’re grinded up against?

Nice. It feels good, and you’re super sensitive.

You’re a fine girl.


Does it feel good? Does it feel good? Are you about to cum?

It’s been so long but your body’s quick to adapt.

Go ahead, cum whenever.

No, I mean, well, when it comes to that and all, I might be the one to hit my limit first.

What? What I mean is, umm, that. I was thinking of creampie-ing you. It would feel really good, after all. To pull out now would be…

No, this old man wants to cum inside.


Eh? It’s okay? Really?

Are you sure? I’ll be pumping it straight inside you.

No, no, this is your fault. Look at what an erotic pussy you have. I may have gone without a woman for a long time, but to be supplied with such a fine woman during such a time… How could I possibly control myself?

I’ll cum. I’ll cum inside you. Is that fine with you?

You seem kinda desperate…?


No, it’s nothing.

I really will cum inside you.

You should cum with me, look at how much your pussy is twitching. No need to hold back.

Cumming, I’m cumming!


It’s pouring into you…

Your insides tightened up so much too. Or rather, you tightened a little too much.

Aren’t you cumming a little too hard?

Little more. There’s a little more left to go.


I came again.

Ahh…I actually gave you a creampie.

Oh, but, it felt really good.

You too?

That’s an honor.


Wait just a second.

Just a little longer. Just a little longer, I want to stay inside you. Inside your pussy.

There’re no problems with that, right?

Can I?

Thank you?


Hmm? If you’re tired, go ahead and sleep.

As for lunch…

Feel free to help yourself to whatever’s inside the house. Either way, you have no place to go, right? You can stay here as long as you like.

If anything, I want you to stay here.

You see, this old man can’t handle being lonely.

No, uh, the constant loneliness recently has kind of… You get used to it over time, but with such a fateful encounter, I’m suddenly unable to tolerate it.

I don’t want to let you go. I don’t want to be alone.

So, why don’t you stay here for the time being?


Track 4: Old Man Can’t Wait



Oh, good morning. Are you awake?

A lack of confidence?

I’m just borrowing your body for a bit. Just let it pass, as it is, I’m still restraining myself. I wanted to just shove it right in, but I’m making do with just your bare thighs.

That said, your body is fine~

Both your ass and thighs are plump. This is what you’d call an amusement park for dicks.

A body that pleasures cocks… No, a body that exists to pleasure cocks!

Hey, don’t try to run away. You can’t get away.


You may be running your mouth, but you’re feeling good too, aren’t you?

I can tell.

Your pussy has been wet for the past while, after all.

It’s not?

That’s a blatant lie. It’s plain as day. You can hear the dirty sounds, can’t you?

I’m pretty close to cumming. I’ve been rubbing up against you way before you woke up.


I didn’t think I’d cum this much. Sorry for waking you up like this.

I’ll still hard, so I’ll keep rubbing against you.

Also, you haven’t cum, right?

Come on. Look, here, I’ll rub your extra sensitive clit…seeing that I’ve figured out all your weak spots yesterday.

Don’t underestimate me.


Your hips are shaking… You’re about to cum, aren’t you?

Go on. Come on.


You came! Your body’s jumping up, your body’s jumping up.

We’re both so energetic in the morning.

It’s nice having a woman there in my room when I wake up in the morning.


Best before date…


Hmm? Oh, I have a routine of drinking 2 raw eggs in the morning.

Ugh, it tastes awful.

It has the same feel as that cum that a shemale had me drink in the past before I cut contact with them.

I mean, isn’t it a pain to cook them? I’ve never once considered the idea of cooking for myself.


Eh? What?

What, what? You’ll do it? …Really? Out of all the women who’ve stepped foot inside this house, you’re the first one to ever say that.

They were all those who couldn’t even make instant ramen properly.

No, uh, it just slipped out of my mouth. So umm, you’re the type who gets jealous over past women.

Huh? You can’t get the stove on?

The low battery light isn’t on, though. The gas burner was pulled up quite recently, so it should still be runningーー


It finally broke, I guess.

No, uh, there were signs of it before. I guess I have to go buy one.

The recycling shop at the other station is the cheapest. You won’t run away while I’m shopping, right? You won’t be gone by the time I’m back, will you?

Of course not, no, how could I possibly let you escape? I’ve finally obtained a girlfriend again after all this time.

You’re a woman one would love to keep as a mistress.

You’re cute, you’re young, and you’re pussy’s great.

As for that, well, it may sound like a joke, but please. After showing this old man the light of day, please don’t plunge him into despair.

My state of mind is way different when there’s a pussy back home.


This old man is an addict, so when he thinks about the thought of himself being driven mad because there’s no one to do it with and drowning in tears when the spasmodic urge to do it re-arises, he just can’t take it.

Don’t be so heartless, we spent a passionate night together yesterday, no?

So, you won’t disappear, right?

Ah! Oh right, let’s do this. Why don’t we go shopping together?

Come with me to the recycling shop.


Track 5: Rock Bottom


It sure is summer.

The air conditioning in electric trains feels so cool. Plus, it’s past rush hour, so there’re hardly any people.

So, umm, you reacted when I spoke about my ex-girlfriends, right?

No, I think it was insensitive of me to say that too.

Oh, but, what about you in that regard? With that well-developed body of yours, you aren’t going to say that you’ve only ever had a single boyfriend until now, right?

No, wait, I guess that is possible. Even if it’s just one person, you’ve dated them for numerous years…

Haha, it’s kinda making me jealous.

And yet, when I slipped it in, it was incredibly tight. It makes me wonder if you had circumstances.

So, why is that?


A host, huh.

No matter how much money you burn on them, they’d never have sex with you, no? Isn’t that practically just a food sample? …Regardless of how good they look.

Oh? Now you’re suddenly offended. In that case, did you have sex?

Did you have their raw dick inside you even once?

See? You’ve never.

Man, women are so commendable. For what reason would you fling money towards men that you can never do it with?

If it were me, if there was a woman who claimed they love me and would hand me money, I’d fuck them as many times as they want.

No, I wouldn’t even need the money. As long as they love me, I…


So…did you reach out to loan sharks in order to support him?

Oh? In the beginning, on top of your daytime job, you had been dating a sugar daddy.

Like where you’d go out for a meal together?

You found yourself a rather good patron.

That’s not it?

Oh, oh, but you know, then that isn’t compensated dating, that’s straight borderline prostitution.

The sugar daddy thing or whatever got tough and yet every week you would approach the loan sharks to order champagne.

So that extra-sensitive pussy was the doing of the old man who paid you.


So then, what happened to the host you were supporting.

Oh, so they disappeared.

That’s kind of scary, honestly. I’m sure those guys from the shop were probably searching for them in a greater frenzy than you were.

So you started hating everything, and couldn’t take a single step from your futon.

I understand how you felt. I feel like that sometimes.

Though, naturally, in that situation, you’d be fired.

I get it now. And then eventually leads to you meeting me.

You were then depressed for several months, could never get out of your futon, paid only the interest to loan sharks, burned through all your savings, got behind on your rent, and then was thrown out of your house due to restructuring.

In other words, despite your well-developed body, you had no contact with men throughout.


My, my, my. I’m really horny now.

Train: We will be arriving shortly at Hinashigaya, Hinashigaya. Please be mindful of your belongings before exiting.

Oh, we’ve arrived.

Come on, let’s get off.


Track 6: Both at Rock Bottom


Sorry, sorry, I just couldn’t control myself anymore.

That said, this feeling applies to you too, no? You’re super wet.


No, I am grateful for that, though.


It’s fine, it’s fine, no one uses the toilets in the station during this hour. Besides, no one would purposefully check inside an occupied stall.

It’s great. It’s wonderful.


It’s not just your body…

No, I mean, it is your body but your pussy is honestly the best.

You see, it’s the first time I’ve seen a woman who’s ended up on the same level as I am. And when I thought about that, I suddenly felt this desire inside me.

You’re cute.

The face you made when I said you weren’t just doing compensated dating was amazing.

Did you think I’d hate you for that?

But even so, you told me, didn’t you? You were probably thinking that it’d be fine if it were me.

Isn’t that right?

It’s over for me too.

You feel it, don’t you? Even your insides…


What do I mean?

You know, that this person and I are the same. That’s what you’re thinking, right?


Jumping up like that… Does it feel good when I scrape up deep against you?

How adorable, having such an easy body.

Oh, even if it feels good, you feel guilty.

Like how your body was made to be this way?

It’s good. It’s a good thing. It’s cute. A woman who has a sense of indebtedness is super erotic.


You’re one of those too, no? The type that can’t survive without something to obsess over during such times.

I can tell…because I’m the same.

And in that case, why don’t you obsess over me? Because right now, I’m super into you.

Isn’t that perfect?

You tightened, didn’t you?


I like you.

I don’t know, I’ve taken a serious liking to you after earlier.

I like you. I really like you.

I’m cumming. I’ll cum inside you again, so…it’s fine, right? You would want that too, no? That’s what your pussy is telling me.

No need to worry about that, it’s cutest when you’re honest.


I’m cumming. I’m going to cum!


You’re tightening up so much.

You came too, huh?

A little longer…

I’ve finished cumming.


Man, it’s hot. I’m covered in sweat.

We sure sweated, didn’t we?

Hmm, what do we do? If we head to the convenience store inside the station, I wonder if the sweat will dry off.

A girl going to a convenience store with a middle-aged man is like a prime example of someone who’s reached their lowest in this day and age.

No, but you see, even if I hit rock bottom, the world isn’t one to care.

Society is pretty robust, even if there are one or two useless people, it doesn’t make a difference.

Though, that itself is what helps keep me going.


Alright, I’m pulling out.

Make sure to tighten up your pussy, else cum will spill out.


Track 7: Old Man is Happy


We went for 3 rounds again today, but…I can’t get it to subside at all. My erection is super hard.

You can feel it too, no?

The way it’s bent so far up that it’s striking up against your belly and is digging at you.

I love this.

You’re there whenever I feel kinda lonely during an uneventful night.



No, not really. It’s not like I’m fine with anyone. But since you’re saying that, are you then fine with someone who isn’t me?

But it had been me. I was the one who picked you up yesterday, and you were the one who let me take you.

In that case, it shouldn’t matter.

I feel like it’s sorta dumb to make up reasons to want someone.

I like you. I really like you.

After yesterday and today, I’ve fallen completely in love with you. Let’s not worry about the details.


Look, I’m grinding against the back just like you like it.

Since you already know, why don’t I tease this place too?

Wow, you really do love your clit, huh? When I touch it when penetrating you, you sure tighten-


Shit, I won’t be able to last.

I’m cumming. I’m going to cum.


You suddenly-

Did you cum from the feeling of being creampied?

Incredible! An amusement park can’t compare to this. It felt real good. That said, I’ve definitely run out for today.

I’ll pull out.


Man, your pussy is gaping right open.

Because it’s been neglected so long, it suddenly feels full, doesn’t it?

Same with me.

This feeling is nice.

The listlessness… It’s a comfortable feeling of fatigue. I feel like I can sleep like a rock.

Hmm? You too?

We’re getting that a lot, huh.

Yeah, let’s sleep for today. And of course, it’ll be together. We can just take a bath tomorrow morning.

Oh, wait, let’s first kiss before we retire for the night.

I’ve been kinda holding back until now. ‘Cause you know, despite having sex and all, you seemed like the type who hates being kissed by someone you don’t like, and it’s a thing.

However, I’m at my limit, this old man can’t hold back any longer.


It’s fine, right?

You have such nice lips.

Suck on my tongue too.

Making requests like that…


I really do like you.

Though, if we go too far with this, we won’t be able to sleep.

It happens from time to time.


I love you… Just kidding!


Track 8: People Have Histories


What? I don’t want to hear about those things, don’t call me over something trivial.

That has nothing to do with me.

They were the ones who wanted to end it, so I doubt they’d concern themselves with me.

I would not be sad if they died. Why are you contacting me now of all times?

Yeah, yeah, on the off chance that happens.

This is the first time you’ve contacted me in 10 years and it’s about this?

Don’t contact me again. Delete this number from your contacts.

If you keep nagging me about it like this, it’ll only make me care less. Goodbye.


Hmm? Oh, good morning.

Did I wake you?

It was my younger brother.

It was nothing major. Was it a little noisy?

Sorry about that.

It’s not like this old man just spontaneously popped into existence. I have parents and I popped from a vagina.

I also have relatives.

People have histories. Though I guess my past is that of a worthless trash.

That said, I’ve decided not to look back at the past.

Are you not the same?


You’re the same as me.

You don’t want to remember the events of the past, right?

Personally, I think it’s fine. It’s not like there’s any sort of decent future for us. Also, isn’t it stupid to dwell in the past?

If we have neither a future nor a past, then the only thing we have is the present. no?

What’s the matter? What’s with the sudden hug?

Is it an invitation?

Huh? It’s not?

But well, right now I’m focused on my hunger rather than lust.


It’s already 11 o’clock.

We slept super soundly, didn’t we? At this hour, it’s only natural to be hungry.

Oh, right.

Why don’t we go have soba?

After that, let’s head to a cell phone store. I’ll be changing my phone model and my phone number.

Well, that much money I do have, so it’s fine.

I kinda kept the same number out of a force of habit. But since it makes me receive unnecessary calls, I have no need for it anymore.


Alright, it’s settled!


Track 9: Happiness is Lonely Thing


Man, it’s so hot.

We are going for soba, but…

Between a restaurant with super large portions but questionable flavor and a restaurant with super tiny portions but is delicious, which would be better?

Okay, we’ll go with less then. And in which case, it’s right over there.

It’s a restaurant located under the elevated railway.

You’d pass by my favorite place on the way there, but I guess we’re not going there.


It sure brings back memories of our meeting here.

It was New Year’s Eve, wasn’t it?

At that point, I was single and I never had a girlfriend until I met you, but… Anyhow, I was unbelievably lonely.

As I walked around aimlessly, snow began falling lightly.

I just wanted to get someplace inside and there just so happened to be an open soba restaurant, so I went in.

And when I did, it looked to be a pretty filthy place.


It felt like you were in awe at the downtrodden old geezers.

You were practically an angel to the old geezers at the soba restaurant. Cramped inside the store with nothing but a bunch of unmarried men.

And I was one of them, and I just think, oh, how nostalgic.

Though it was a soba restaurant, we didn’t order any soba. Only some shots of sake.

There, the tiny TV finally began the New Year’s Eve countdown.

Time just flies when you’re out of it.

Of course, I got intrigued. 3, 2, 1, 0!

The moment it hit 0 the whole restaurant went up in a roar. Everyone went “Happy New Year” while their breath reeked of alcohol.


“Happy New Year”… We were all miserable old men who no one loved, after all.

Grabbing each other’s shoulders, yell out “Happy New Year! Happy New Year!” with a genuine look of joy on each other’s faces

And I thought, they must truly be lonely.

And because we were very lonely deep down, I kinda, well, I began crying.

Seeing that I took you from there, they probably don’t think of me as one of them anymore. They probably won’t say, “Happy New Year!” to me.


No, even if I didn’t bring you with me, I, on my own…

The moment your existence came into my heart, there was no other way…because I’m happy right now. And I’m not lonely because I have you.


This new feeling of happiness is a bit painful, isn’t it? It feels like I’m leaving behind those unhappy days.

There’s no going back.

No, wait, what am I saying? I’ve been living like that for ages, it’s almost like an illness. I feel way too happy when you’re around, and it makes me scared.

I’m scared to lose that happiness.


W-Wait, why are you crying?

Hey, what’s the matter?

Look at me.

Hey, don’t start rubbing your eyes, it’ll make them swollen.

Stop, stop.

The mood here isn’t quite there. For that, and this, uh, um, the only way to overcome it is that.

That. That.

Listen, come here.

This place should work, it’s the backside of a building.


Suck it.

Or maybe…I should say, use your hands? Or should I beg you to lick it? What do you prefer?

This old man has become infatuated with you over these last couple of days.

You’re kind, and we’re just as lonely.


You’re really going to blow me?

Feeling empty…

When you’re alone, you lose the sense of why you’re alive.

That wouldn’t be good, right?

Even though you’re sucking me off so hard, it’s not good to be constantly hesitant, is it?


I love you. Don’t abandon this old man, alright? Please.

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  1. Kidtu

    Hello. I’ve been reading your translations for a year. I just wanted to say thank you. It must be hard or stressful at times to translate these but you always do such a good job!! Thank you so much. I appreciate your work.


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