【Translation】 Fukinshin Residence ~Otonari ni Sumu Ikemen Instructor to no Shinmitsu na Kankei~ 300DL Track

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CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 4.5: A Special Morning


You awake?

Sound asleep, huh. But even so… Your face when sleeping is so darn cute. It makes me want to stroke it.

Oh, sorry, did I wake you?

Oh, it was just sleep-talk.

I don’t mind. Sleep a bit more.


Your yukata is wide open.

I saw your cute nipples. Does it feel good? Normally you start moaning with a simple nudge of your nipples.


They’ve gotten hard. Rock hard. You’re starting to pant, you know? Are you really asleep?

Or you sighing in your sleep?

Will you wake up with a bit more pleasure?

I’ll take your boobs and…

Do you feel it? I’m massaging them.

Your skin’s so smooth and they feel so soft. They’re melding around the tips of my fingers. Not to mention, they smell so good.


Damn, my morning wood’s getting harder and harder. The moment I see your boobs, I want to suck them.

I’m…sucking your nipples while fondling your boobs.

Are you really, truly asleep?

You’re weak to this, aren’t you?


They taste so good, they taste of you.

Did I tease you a little too much?

Still not waking up, huh? …Even though it feels good. Your cheeks are red and I’ve been fondling you this the whole time.

Are you still asleep?

In that case…

I’ll have a go at your cute ears too.


The kiss mark is so vivid on you. Did I go a bit too far?

But, you’re just so… Your sleeping face, your cute boobs, your scent, I love them all too much.

Oh, are you awake-

Guess not.

Your pussy’s drenched and yet you’re still asleep. It’s no different from when you are feeling it.

Look, even the sheets are wet.


Your pussy juice’s dripping from the tip of my fingers.

Ah, you’re clamping down on them hard. Are you really asleep? …Despite your pussy practically begging for a cock?

I’ll tease the place that’ll make you cum.

I’ll expose your clit and finger you… You’re tightening up so much. You jumped there, didn’t you? You’re trembling quite a lot.


Even though you can hear how wet you are, you still aren’t waking up, huh.


Oh, you’re about to cum, aren’t you? Your voice is starting to leak out.

Can you tell? My fingers are going in and out of your wet pussy.

I’ll stroke your clit alongside it.

My tip’s getting wet too.

Touch it.


It’s being enveloped by your cute hands. We’re getting each other off, aren’t we? We’re both rubbing against each other.

My dick is becoming engorged again.

You’re feeling it, aren’t you? …Almost too much so.

Come on, isn’t it about time you came? Look, your pussy’s twitching…and you’re shaking your hips.

Go on, cum. Cum.



Don’t tell me-

Oh? So you were having a lewd dream? …What kind of lewd dream? Well? I want to know. Was it perhaps a dream of you being fingering and made to cum continuously?

If so, then it’s a dream come true.

When you sleep looking so defenseless, you get attacked.

Do you realize that?


Yes, that’s right, you’re gripping my cock.

Your hands are wet with my pre-cum as you continue to stroke it. You’re quite good with your hands.

Your sleeping was too cute, you’re now covered in kiss marks.

Well? You hear it, don’t you? …The sound of your soaking wet pussy.


Huh? Are you about to cum again?

I don’t mind. I love seeing you cum, so I’ll finger the place all the way at the back.

I’ll make you cum.


You’ve squirted again.

My hands are super wet.

Your pussy’s quivering, it’s twitching, isn’t it?

So you came again, huh. Your eyes are in a daze. It’s like you just woke up, and you’re covered in sweat.


I want it in too. I can’t ignore this wet, loosened up pussy any longer.

I’m putting it, my dick, in.

The tip is being swallowed up instantly… It’s hot, and your insides are tight. Can I move some more?

While peering at your face.


Even if I move just a little, it still feels so darn good.

Your expression is becoming dirtier and dirtier. It’s nice when you’re asleep, but your face when I thrust into you is so sexy that it makes me want to fuck you even more.

Each time I pull out, you squeeze around me perfectly. Especially around your little entrance.

It feels like it’s about to push me out.

The deepest spots, from the tip, down to the base… It’s clamping down on all of it.


I’m cumming.

You have such a lewd pussy, every part of it is all too rousing. And you’re shaking your hips super naughtily too.

Our breathing is exactly on match too.

Your tight pussy and your dirty hip-shaking… I’m about to cum. I’m already… You’re shaking your hips so much. It’s way too sexy. I’m at my limit.

Just wow, your pussy’s sucking me in.

I want to see you shake your hips even more now.


Come here. Ride on top of me.

It’s such a nice sight. I have a full view of your body. I can see your boobs jiggling and my dick going in and out of you.

You are amazing with cowgirl.

You wanted to be the one to do it for the past while, no?

Go ahead, move however you like. You love having it inside and having me thrust my hips vigorously, don’t you?


My eyes are locked… You’re shaking your hips so lewdly right in front of me, and your boobs are jiggling up and down.

And your pussy’s so hot and wet and soft.

You’ve gotten quite good with the cowgirl position, haven’t you?

Huh? Me?


Rub against the places that feel good all you’d like.

Is what I said, but when you’re this good, those sweet words are perfect. Go on, you can keep cumming from your pussy, right?


Huh? You’re about to cum?

So you’re about to cum again.

How lewd.

I don’t mind, show me your orgasm face.

Come on, show that usual cute face of yours. And keep your legs spread nice and wide.

Wow, the way you’re shaking your hips is just…

I’ll cum loads inside your cute pussy.


Whoa there, are you okay?

You came too hard.

That’s fine, let’s remain like this and…

That said, it’s hot. We were enjoying ourselves quite a lot, weren’t we? We went at it pretty hard.


Sure, squeeze my hand if you want.

This time again…

It’s my turn.

I haven’t cum yet, so let’s cum together.

I’m happy. I’m happy that we’re doing it missionary. Your face, your boobs, your sweet scent… Those alone are almost enough to make me cum.


Let’s cum.

Keep cumming and let me see you go crazy. Your orgasming pussy is soaking wet and it’s tightening up like trying to wring it out of me.

I’m about to…cum. I’ll pump loads of cum inside your pussy.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


I let out so much.

Can you tell? Your pussy’s practically gulping down it with the way it’s still twitching.

So you wanted it that badly, huh?


You feel like you’re about to faint?

Yeah, since you came so many times, I guess you’ve got no strength left in you.


So, are you alright? You can lie down if you want.

Let’s sleep for a bit.

I ought to make sure I don’t jump you this time. I’m not confident I won’t, though.

That tickles…

Sticking me like that is a bad habit of yours.

It’s like you’re a cat. It’s cute.


You’re incredible.

Well, no matter how many times I have sex with you, it still feels new and refreshing. I guess you could say that I get surprised by you every time?

And it makes me love you even more.

And that’s why I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

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