【Translation】 Fukinshin Residence ~Otonari ni Sumu Ikemen Instructor to no Shinmitsu na Kankei~

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フキンシン・レジデンス ~お隣に住むイケメンインストラクターとの親密な関係~

CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: Hot Springs Inn Destination


We can finally relax.


Oh, when I saw it on the net before, it looked like a really good inn, so I checked-in for a room. I thought we’d stay here while we’re vacationing here.

It’s a first for me too.

It looks really beautiful. The photos don’t do it justice, I’d say.

Whoa, I can see the mountain off in the distance. The weather’s nice too. This is great.

Oh right, there seems to be a tennis court a short walk away, so why don’t we go there tomorrow?


Slide it open.

Getting all scared, how cute.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, though.

It’s the truth! I would never let you experience anything scary. Or at least that’s what I want to say, I guess it’s not very convincing.

The start was uh, there’s a lot of things that I am, umm, truly regretful for.

Yes, very…


Hehe, are you surprised? I choose a room with an open-air bath. …Since I wanted us to spend some quality time together.

I thought it’d be nice to submerge in a bath and relax while looking at the scenery.

That said, I was super nervous.

Come a little closer.


I wanted to do this as soon as I could.

By doing this, I feel like I’m back to myself.


Well, of course. it was the first time I met your parents. I was frozen stiff even though I’m not the type to get nervous even with work.

“Please let me have your daughter.”

I thought I was going to fumble my words.

Why are you laughing? I had no idea what I’d do had your parents opposed and I was seriously worried. I practiced endlessly whenever you were asleep.

“Please let me have your daughter. I intend to marry your daughter…?”

I’ll treasure her for as long as I live, so please let me have her hand in marriage. I’ll definitely make her happy.”

No, neither sounds right.

“We’ll be getting married…?”


Anyhow, I’m glad it went over smoothly.

Your dad at that time was quite amazing.

Yes, yes, he had his head down the whole time so I thought he was, in fact, angry.

No, I mean, he was completely silent. I didn’t know what he was going to say. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Please take care of my daughter”… I was super relieved when he said that.

Thank god. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and nearly cried.

Your mom lowered their head as well and began crying her eyes out.

“Yes, I’ll cherish your daughter. I will never make her cry”… And just as I said it, you started crying beside me.


“Thank you”… I’m the one who should be saying that.

No matter how many times I say it, it still won’t be enough.

And now you’re crying again.

You got that crybaby aspect from your mother, huh.

It’s fine, you can cry all you want when you’re with me. There’s no need to hold back. During that time, I got the sense that you were raised with care by your parents, and it touched my heart.

Now I’m about to cry too.


I thought about what it’d be like if my mother was still alive.

She was quick to cry like you and your mother. Had she known that I was marrying such a nice girl, I’m sure she would’ve cried tears of joy.

I’m sorry, it got kind of depressing there.


It tickles when you nuzzle your nose against me.

How cute.

Whoa, it’s turned inside out.

When you’re with me, I can’t stop myself. Letting out such a nice smell… My mind goes blank.



Since we’re here at a hot spring, why don’t we get inside the open-air bath?

What is it? Why do you look worried?

Oh, that’d be nice. I would love to see you in a yukata, I’m sure it’ll be sexy.

Oh, but it’ll be off before long. Is that okay with you?

Erm, where would they be… Around here?

There they are!


Alright, here’s yours as well.

I’ll change too.


She ran away.

It doesn’t really make a difference whether you change here or not. That’s precisely why I jump you, do you understand that?

Alright, I’ll go change too then.

Please tell me when you’re done changing. I’ll be right by the corner.


Oh, I’m ready.

You look so beautiful in a yukata.

And you have your hair done too.

The atmosphere around you has changed so much.

Even though you went through the trouble of changing… I told you, didn’t I? It’ll be off soon enough.

Can you wear it again later?

When I undo your yukata’s obi…

Your boobs come right out into the open.


They’re white and look so tasty.

Your nipples are getting hard now… When they stick up like that, it makes me want to suck them.


Your body is hot. So you want me, huh,

I want you badly too. I’m already rock hard.


When I massage your soft breasts…it feels like my dick is on fire.

You’re keeping me on edge too.

There’s no need for you to hold back, I’ve already taken off your yukata.


You know already. I’m only ever super thirsty when it comes to you. You’re the only person in the world whom I love this much.


Oh, damn, I think I’m about to lose myself again.

So before that…

Let’s head over to the open-air bath. We came all this way to a hot spring, after all.

Hold on tight.


Track 2: Open-air Bath


Is the hot spring hot? Your skin has turned very pink.

Your cheeks and the back of your neck too…

Your nipples have become nice and hard as well.

I’m just stroking them gently with the tips of my fingers and yet… You’re feeling it, aren’t you?

You’re shaking your hips.

Your boobs too. They’re soft and fit right into my hands.

They’re so soft that I can keep massaging forever.


Not a problem.

Hold onto me. You always get dizzy when you start feeling it, and when that happens…

Come on, spread your legs.

It’s fine, no one will see.

Sit down on the edge over there.


I’m the only one watching.

If someone were to see…

It’d only be the evening sun.

Your pussy is soaked; it’s covered in your juices. So you were that turned on, huh?

I’ll spread it for you then.


Lots of pussy juice is pouring out of you.

Now, so that nothing spills…

It tastes wonderful. Can I lick it all up without a drop to spare?

I’ll take my time then.


Does it feel good?

Like I thought, your clit is what feels good, right?

Are you turning red?

I’ll tease it with the tip of my tongue then.


I don’t think I can stop…

I know. You get wet real easily.

Your insides are starting to spasm. Are you about to cum? Hey, are you about to cum?

You love this, don’t you?

I’ll do this to your clit…


You came, didn’t you?

I want to stick my dick inside so badly.

You cum so quickly when I give cunnilingus, don’t you? You can’t fool me. Your face, your body, they’re all bright red.


Your earnest juices are leaking out.

I’ll drink every last drop.


Huh? There’s more trickling out?

There’s no end to it.

Since you came so much, you were trying to hide it, weren’t you? Show me your face.

Come on.

Your cute, intoxicated-looking face, show it just to me. Alright?


Eh? Oh, seriously?

That type of thing, It’s been a while… So you’re going to give me a titjob?

What’s the matter? Your service is perfect.

It feels good.

I find your boobs hopelessly cute. They’re soft like marshmallows. And now your hard nipples are…

It feels so good…


Hey, look at me.

I want to see your face as you sandwich my cock between your tits.

It’s super hot.

It’s fine. You’re doing all you can and that alone is such a turn-on. Licking it all of sudden is…too much.

Y-Your tongue is gently coiling around the shaft…


So you’re doing it for me…

Go ahead, tease my weak points.

Your soft, wet tongue is so hot… I’m about to cum, so please let go, else… Are you sure?

I’m happy.

It feels good. It feels so good. You’re sucking my cock with that cute expression on your face.

I’m… I’m cumming. I’m cumming!

I’ll shoot out all my cum…!


So you swallowed it.

I’m happy.

I want to hold you tight.


Even when I tell you that you don’t have to give me blowjobs, you still try your best at it. And before you know it, you learned to do it the way I like it.

It makes me happy. Thank you.

Now it’s my turn to make you feel good.

I have to make you cum a bunch.


Keep seated and grab onto my shoulder.

Can you tell? The tip’s touching your pussy.

My dick is hard, ain’t it?


You’re so wet. You want it badly, don’t you?

I’ll slowly insert my dick then.


It’s hot.

Do you feel it? The tip itself is in. It feels like you’re going to suck me all the way in.

I’ll thrust into you slowly… Bit by bit…

Deep…deep inside you.

Just a bit more.


I’ve reached it, the deepest spot inside you.

You’re making such a lewd expression. Whenever my cock…reaches the back. you would always cum a little.

You’re my little naughty girl.


Sure, I’ll make you feel it real good.


Your boobs are jiggling. And your nipples too. They’re so hard.

You, bathed in the sunset, facing me, it’s a wonderful sight. I can’t stop myself anymore. Your pussy, your boobs…

I’ll make you feel good from everything.


Your pussy is tightening up so much. I feel like I’m about to be engulfed.

I’ll cum…

Did you cum just now?

Thought so. Your pussy has completely melded to my shape.

It feels good. It always does.

I wish we could stay connected.



No, you mustn’t let out such a lewd voice. It’d be bad if the people neighboring us were to hear it.

Maybe this will make your moans a little quieter.


Your face is bright red.

You’re a genius when it comes to turning me on. That said, you ought to show a little restraint.


I guess the cat’s out of the bag.

That’s right, you’re the only one I tease.

Yes, more, I want you to feel it more. I want you to cum so many times that you can’t even count.


Your pussy’s seriously clamping down…

My dick feels like it’s about to melt.

I know, if I ram my dick into this place, the place that easily makes you cum…

It’s so warm. Your pussy’s slowly getting hotter and hotter.

It feels good.

The voice you make when you cum, I’ll engulf it completely.


You let it into me, didn’t you?

You’re such a good, good girl.

I’m about to cum too.

Get ready.


It feels so good.

That slender waist. This place, I find it so sexy, and so cute. Your pussy is like heaven.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming inside you…! Loads inside you!


I came so damn much.

You’re red all the way to your ears too.

How adorable.


We’re covered in sweat. Our entire bodies are wet.

Do you know how many times you came?

I was counting until partway through, but I guess I lost count. Anyhow, I got carried away too.

Seeing you in an open-air bath was so brand new to me. Your pale body is bathed in a hinoki cypress constructed bath.

It’s lewd.

It’s fine. I absorbed your moans with my kiss, so I don’t think much of it leaked out.


You’re going to get cold, so, come here.

I knew it, this feels so blissful.

It’s getting dark. Why don’t we stay here until we can see the stars?


It’s fine if the heat gets to you, I’ll be there to dissipate it.


Umm, uh, I…got too into it again. I keep losing my cool. Whenever I’m with you, I start acting recklessly.

You’re used to it…

I don’t know if that is good or bad.

No, it’s not good. Right?

I want to make it clear, I don’t want to hurt you. But…


I’m glad you’re a person who’d say that.

Uh, you know, that’s a straight pick-up line. You’re being way too lenient on me, do you realize that?


I love you. I love you so, so much.

I’m sure you already know but please let me keep saying it.

Hold me forever.


Thank you for accepting me. I can’t stress that enough.


Track 3: Accident on the Tennis Court


Now then, it’s been a while since I last played tennis.

Hmm? It’s fine, I just wanted to play around. That aside, you look cute in a tennis uniform.

You’re conscious about it?

Just let it be, the clothes are easier to move in, anyway. Though I’d probably end up staring so much that I miss my serves.

You being a former manager wasn’t just for show, huh.

Go ahead, I’ll go easy on you. Let’s do some light stretches.

Next, some practice swings.

I’ll start.

One… Two… Three…


Haha, now I understand why you were a manager.

Sorry, sorry, you were just trying so hard.

Alright, alright, I’ll teach you as an instructor.

Okay, listen, grip the racket gently. Yes, relax your shoulder. Take slow, deep breaths.

Breathe in, breathe in.

And with a gentle maneuver of your knees… You do this!

Looks good. You know how to do it yourself, right?


Then next up…

Put some strength into your hips, and keep yourself planted. When you move, you channel it in.

Yes, yes, you’re so quick to learn. You’re doing good.

Your hips are positioned correctly. Just like that.

Oh, uh, loosen your wrists a bit more.

That’s right, you want to grip it naturally then twist your hips. You want to hit it back not just with your hands but with your entire body.


Crotch down properly…

ーーLike you did last night.


Ow, ow, the balls really hurt, you know?

Seriously, you were so bad earlier, so don’t you think your aim is suddenly a little too accurate?

Ow! Don’t be so angry.


An off-the-premises homerun… It flew so far.


Oh, it’s fine, it’s fine. There’s more-

It’s honestly fine. Hey!

Don’t go too far, you’ll have a hard time getting back.

Turn around.

Hey, can you hear me? I’m over here. You aren’t lost, right? If you are, respond back



I thought I heard her voice around here, but…

What’s wrong? Are you unable to move?

Show me.

Your ankle… It’s a bit swollen.

Hang on, I’ll bring you to a doctor right away.

No, no.

Enough, just hold onto me.


All done. I’m glad it wasn’t anything major.

The taping…

It looks painful. I’ll carry you on my back.

Don’t be hesitant. Come on.

Hold on tight.


Oh, uh, it’s great that it wasn’t serious.

It gives me a greater peace of mind to have your injury looked at as soon as possible. There are some things that aren’t evident to the naked eye, after all.



Oh, sorry, my head was in the clouds.

It’s nothing.

Say, don’t you find that doctor odd?

The way they looked at you, it just bothers me. They looked at your legs, your chest, as if they were eyeing it. And occasionally, they’d grin and smile.

Who knows about that, they were touching your legs an awful lot.

They were even examining your uninjured thighs.

Also, don’t you think they look a little too long with the taping? It wasn’t like they were inexperienced with it.


Their behavior is odd no matter how you think about it.


There wasn’t any need for them to adjust the taping so many times. Not to mention, a doctor, being that incompetent… It’s downright unnatural.

I guess you could call it a man’s instinct. Something just didn’t sit right.

Abusing their position as a doctor… There’s nothing I can say.


Track 4: Possessiveness


Where do you want to be let down? On the bed? On the sofa?

I knew it, I can’t.

They’ve touched your thighs, your inner thighs…

I’ll cleanse everything. I’ll cleanse all the places they’ve touched. Your body belongs to me.


S-Sorry, that must’ve hurt, right? Even though your leg’s injured, I…

Huh? That’s not it?

Oh, the kiss marks.

I’m sorry, I used a little too much force. Your thighs, I…


Leave as many kiss marks as I like…?

Can I cum inside you too?


I’ll try not to make your leg hurt.


Your clavicles too…

The place is filled with your scent. Your boobs too.

Your nipples are hard…

Whenever I massage your breasts, it’s hard to take my hands off them. They’re hot, and they’re sticky and damp.

The ends of them too.

I just want to suck them. Fill my mouth with them.


I know them. The places you desire, the timings you wish for, the ways you like it…

See? You’re quivering.

Today, I’ll cover you in kiss marks. I’ll lick you all over and suck on you hard.

Where would you like them?

On your inner thighs? Further in, between the crevasse?


I was right.

Because well, you’re tempting me with your lewd smell. Your pussy’s soaking wet.

Well? You hear them, don’t you?

…The wet sounds coming through your underwear.

Getting all teary, did it feel that good?

So you want me to lick your pussy already, huh. However, there’s a lot of places where I haven’t left kiss marks on.


Your calves…

They’re sucking my hands in. Your entire body, down to the tips of your toes, is cute. It makes me want to lick you everywhere.


Your lewd expression is in full view.


Your leg isn’t hurting, right?

Are you fine to continue?

Alright, but you mustn’t force yourself.

Let’s undress.


Your lewd scent is so thick.

Your cute pussy is right before my eyes.

Alright, let’s have a competition. Let’s see who comes first.

I have the advantage, don’t I?

Your pussy juices are overflowing to no end, You’re about to cum, aren’t you? I’ll roll your clit around in my mouth…

It’s tiny, but it’s gotten hard.


Hey, you’re leaking your moans and you’ve stopped your fellatio.

Like I thought, I…

Being licked around that narrow part…it feels too good. When you lick it, I end up stopping.

You’re seriously skilled at this.


I’ll lick your clit, and use my tongue and fingers.

I won’t lose. I’ll make you cum first.


I’ll make you feel good.


You squirted a lot. Everything’s drenched.

That was close, had you not squirted, I would’ve cum first.

It’s a tie, isn’t it?


Your pussy juices aren’t stopping. Do you want it that badly?

Good girl. You said it.

Your eyes are moist. That’s way too cute. You want me so badly that you can’t help it, right?

I’m super erect right now too. I’m leaking so much pre-cum.


Can I?

I’ll insert my dick from the back…into your dirty, wet pussy.

You took me straight down to the base.


It’s overflowing already.

This is bad, I nearly forgot about your leg. I have to control myself, I’m about to get taken by it.

I really won’t stop, you know?

“Do as I like.”

I could barely contain myself when I was leaving those kiss marks. And when we were licking each other, I was so close to cumming.


Your boobs are jiggling…

It’s honestly such a turn-on. I’m moving my hips faster and faster…while your slender waist is shaking.

It’s so pale…

From the back, it feels like your pussy’s grabbing me, and strangling me.



Go ahead and cum. Cum whenever.


You have kiss marks on your back, and because you say such things… It feels so good that I force my way even deeper.

Me too…

I’m about too.

It’s wet and it clings to me perfectly. It feels so good.

I’m cumming. I’m about to cum.

Let’s cum together.



It felt so good that it made me stiffened. I came so much.

I came inside.

Because I came inside,,,

Turn this way.


Are you crying? Don’t tell me your leg was hurting……

I see.

I’m glad it wasn’t anything.

I’m filled with emotions too. I guess you came so much that tears came to your eyes.

It’s okay to cry.


You feel it so easily. You really are sensitive, aren’t you?

I made you sensitive…?

But which one came first?


I don’t even know myself anymore. Regardless, that just means our chemistry is perfect.


When we cuddle like this…

Oh, this isn’t good, I’m wanting to do it again.


But, but…

No, no, that won’t fly, I think it’s best to restrain ourselves. I’m worried about your leg. It’ll probably be hurting the next morning.

Then let’s just settle for kisses for now.

I can kiss you without limits, right?

Tilt your face up.


You’re covered in my kiss marks.

You truly are mine.


Track 5: A Place of Calm……


We’ve arrived.


As always, it’s calming here.


Oh, it’s fine, it’s fine. I love working.

I had fun throughout. Though I didn’t get a chance to see your sleeping face.


Oh, but you were keeping yourself up, right? You were doing your all to hold back your yawns.

So many times, I was so close to laughing.

And because of that, I was kept wide awake.


It was obvious.

There was no problem with you sleeping though.

Yup, yup, it’s best when you’re honest. Sleeping, crying, laughing whenever you want.

I guess you could say that’s what I want to see.

Anyhow, after unloading the luggage, I’ll head straight to your room.

Yes, until later.


I, uh…

I’m really glad I moved here. Even though it was just a residence I chose because it was close to my place of work…

I met you.

Speaking of which, that is true. When we first met, you weren’t so confident.

I remember.

Right now we’re next-door neighbors and we’re both renting our places, but perhaps in the near future, we can live together?

Like having one apartment…


But in that case, what will become of your job?

You’ve finally learned the ropes and it’s hard to find a new job, so it wouldn’t be bad to move into the neighborhood so you can still continue working, right?

Yes, yes, shopping is so convenient in this area, it’s hard to leave.

If we were to live together, naturally I would help with the shopping, and I’ll slowly learn to cook too. Also, there’s no rush, but, it’d be nice if we could live in a detached house with a garden one day.

I’m fond of barbeques and gardening’s a bit of a dream.

More than anything, the thought of you being there at home… It gives me motivation at work.


I just feel really happy. Let’s stay together forever.

Let’s find happiness together.

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