【Translation】 Fukinshin Residence ~Otonari ni Sumu Ikemen Instructor to no Midara na Kankei~ 300DL Track

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CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: The Couple Afterwards


There’s such a heavy downpour. I guess it’s a thunderstorm, huh.

Ah, lightning.

Whoa, Caretaker. Grabbing me all of a sudden like that… You’re such a spoiled girl. I even rang the doorbell.

Your legs gave out?

I thought this would happen, so I came to get you. You did say you were afraid of thunder. I didn’t want to leave you alone.

You can relax now, I’m here with you.


Whoa, are your hands okay? They’re so cold.


I told you, didn’t I? I love you. And so, I want to cherish you.

Though in the beginning, I was impatient and ended up being forceful.

Hmm? There’s something you want to say?

What is it?

That… Is that true?

I’m so happy. I didn’t think you’d ever say that.

I was always hoping for this moment, but I felt it was selfish of me. But since you say that, that must mean we’re lovers, right?


Thank you.

Can I come inside your house? I don’t think I can control myself much longer.

I love you. There’s no longer that gap between us.

I’ve never been this serious before.

Damn, I’m unbelievably hard right now.



Your look of pleasure is so cute.

In that case, I’ll make you…feel good. Really, really good.


You’re so upfront today.

Then I wonder if we can do things that are particularly risque.


Now we’re wet from the rain.

Let’s take a bath together.

Isn’t it too late for that? We’ve already done a bunch of naughty things.

That’s right, I’m a tease.

I want to see you embarrassed more often.


When your hair is wet, it’s all the more beautiful.

I won’t turn the light off, I want to see you under the light.

And now you’ve done it.


Jeez, we’re acting like children.

Okay, enough fooling around. I’ll wash your body while you’re still nice and warm.

After all…

Enough. Come on.


Let’s cover you in soap.

I only brush the back of your neck yet it still tickles?

You’re so sensitive.

Then I wonder what’ll happen if I touch a naughty place?

I see. Sorry. But isn’t that how it goes? People have the urge to tease the girl they find cute.

I want to cherish you and also treat you gently too, I guess.

And I want to fluster you like this as well.


That’s how men are.


Your boobs are soft and marshmallowy.

Well? Can you tell? Your nipples are hard. All I’ve done is touch you and yet you’re aroused… How lewd.

You’re so sensitive.

I’ll wash your boobs and nipples thoroughly.


How’s that?

Do you want me to rub harder? Or do you want me to be gentle?

I see, so it feels good when I massage your boobs vigorously. Then does it feel better when I massage your boobs or when I tease your nipples?

Dodging the question…

Which is it?

You like both?


Your expression is so cute.

Alright, I’ll tease your nipples.

Ah. My leg’s pressed up against your pussy.

You’re already wet.

You’re moving your hips so much. Are you doing it on purpose? You were doing it the whole while I was massaging your boobs.

……Rubbing your wet pussy against my thigh, that is.

You want me to touch you, don’t you?


Then I have to make sure to give a lot of attention to this place too.

First, let’s wash off the soap.

Afterwards, I want you to show me your washed pussy.


I think I’ve rinsed everything off.

Do you feel cold?

You’re okay, right?

Then sit down on the rim of the bathtub.

That’s right. Oh, and, careful not to slip. Make sure to hold onto me.

Let’s get to the main event.

Okay, now spread your legs. And can you turn this way?


You’re being so obedient. So you want me to look at it that badly, huh? …This place, that is.

It’s so wet. You’re such a naughty.

Spread it for me to see. …So that I can look all the way inside.

Come on.


Wow… If I look closely, it’s dripping with your juices.

Do you want me to lick it?

Even if you say no, I’ll still lick it.


It’s such an erotic taste…

Your clit is twitching from being licked.


Hey, don’t avert your eyes. Look this way.


Yes, good girl. You smell of soap.

Well, I did just wash you, after all.

Say, do you want me to lick it more? This place that became soaking wet from having your boobs fondled, your pussy.

It smells so good. So cute.

I’ll make you feel real good.


Incredible, you’re overflowing with juices again from me licking you.

And your clit’s hard.

Well? Can you tell? This place isーー

So cute. It’s twitching. Hey, do it like it more when I lick your pussy, or when I finger your pussy?

You’re becoming honest.

I don’t mind. I’ll go with both then.

I’ll insert my fingers while licking you. …LIke this.

Look, they’re slowly going inside you.


You sure love it when I tease your pussy, don’t you?

That’s so sexy.

I’ll finger all the deep spots while licking you a ton.

…Like this.

Wow, you, your pussy, are all so perverse. How does it feel inside? And are you feeling it from your clit?

Come on, cum. Let yourself feel good.


Are you about to cum?


Even though you just cum…

So your pussy feels that good, huh?

Go ahead, cum. Let me see you cum again.

Make sure to feel it from your clit too.


Your legs have gone so stiff.

Whoa, they’re convulsing.

Are you about to cum?

Go on.

Come on.


Whoa, you sprayed all over me.

You squirted, huh?

It’s my first time seeing it.

Are you alright? You’re unsteady again.


This time you’ll be taking the initiative?


This is the first time. Does touching my dick not turn you off?

Then it’s fine.

It’s hard and erect now. If you touch it like that, you’ll get pre-cum on your hands.

Yes, you’re doing good. Your fingers are exerting just the right amount of pressure.

It feels so good… It’s making me excited.


I don’t mind. Make me feel good. Kiss the tip of my cock.


Your kisses send shivers through me.

Yes, bring out your tongue. Lick it in full.

You’re going great, it feels so good. Your tongue’s so soft and warm.


Can you put it inside your mouth?

Open your mouth nice and wide. Place one of your hands on it.


I can’t get enough of this.

So cute, you’re sucking my cock. It’s such a turn on.

You don’t have to worry about that.

You’re so kind. But making you feel good is something I enjoy. I don’t harp on the details.

But the way you wiggle your soft tongue around with all your effort really gets me going. I can really feel your love through your blowjob.


I’m…about to cum.

Wait! Let go…!


Thank god. I mustn’t cum just yet.

Hmm? That’s…

So you were planning to drink it.

I’m happy, but I want to cum together with you right now.


Sit down on the edge.

Can I put it in?

Look me in the eyes. Let me have a good look at the lewd expression you make the instant my cock goes inside you.



It’s in.

It feels good…

Your voice is echoing, and my cock is perking up more and more. Can you tell?

That’s right. Because we love each other so deeply, that’s why we match so perfectly.


Your clit is still hot.

I can see it clearly. Your clit is perking up from being rubbed.

Your face is such a mess. You’re feeling it, aren’t you? Your eyes are completely different today.

It’s an expression that says that you’re enjoying the sex from the bottom of your heart.

It’s so lewd.

But is it not so?

Look, I’ll scrape against your pussy while rubbing your clit.


Please drown in the pleasure.

You really do love my cock, huh?

Your voice, your erotic face… Your hot, red clit, your soaking wet pussy, your nipples, they’re all mine.


I can’t stop my hips any longer. Your insides are so hot that I’m…close to my limit.

You’re about to cum too, huh?

Your pussy is twisting around me.

It feels so good…

Your hips are shaking and quivering. It’s seriously sexy. You’re such a pervert, aren’t you? Not to mention you’re spreading your legs wide and giving me a full view of your pussy.


I’m about to…

I’m about…to cum too.

I can sense that you’re about to cum.


It’s fine, let yourself become more strange. Because I’m the same.


Your tight pussy feels way too good…

I’m cumming. I’m going to shoot out my cum.

I’ll let it out inside your pussy.


I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


That felt so good.

Sorry, I must’ve made you overdo it.

It felt like absolute bliss, my mind nearly left me. You kept saying you were about to cum and because of that, I went a little wild.

I love you. I wish I could hold you forever.


You’re so warm.

Let’s embrace each other for the next while. I wouldn’t want you to get chilly after the bath.


It’s so cramped.

Each time we have sex, I come to love you even more. I think I might get addicted.


You too?

I see. Then we’re thinking of the same thing, right?

I love you.


Just five more minutes…



Oh? Something smells good.

Coffee and toast?

Thank you, I’ll get up right now. But in exchange…


Eh? Are you serious? I have bed hair?

I can’t tell unless I have a mirror.

Though how should I say it? This feels really blissful.

Say, why don’t we get married?


Hey, don’t choke all of a sudden. Are you alright?

Uh, I can’t deny that. I think it’s a bit too sudden, but for me, I’m entirely serious about it.


Really? Is it strange?

But for me, you’re the only one.

Though, there were some mishaps and detours. Still, you’re the only one for me.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

For me to feel this strongly about a person…

Yes, I’ll be in your care for the future to come.



Sorry, even if breakfast gets a little cold, I’ll still eat it. So please let me have sex beforehand.

No matter how many times we have sex, I want to do it. I guess this is what they mean by being “completely head over heels.”

Morning, night, day…

I love you.

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