【Translation】 Yaa! Boku Chin***n!

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Shiba Itaru (志羽至)

Track 1


Hello! I am a Penis!

Normally I’m covered in foreskin, but don’t worry, I become a splendid, fully-peeled penis when erect!

Today I’ll be having sex with a girl. Now join me!


What is with this pussy? It’s so wet, I nearly drowned.

My body is sinking deeper inside her pussy on its own…


It feels so good…!

Wet pussies are the best!!! The way it clings to me feels way so good!!! My head is kissing the womb hidden deep in her wet pussy!


I’m about to cum!

I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I’m going to cum! It’s no use, I’m going to cum deep inside her pussy!

Shooting it feels so good…!


I’m getting gobbled up again! Her soaking wet pussy is starting to rub against my shaft again!!!

My head is being enveloped by her womb and her wet pussy is stroking the entire length of my body…!


If I get teased like that, I’ll break!!!


Track 2


Hello! I am a Penis!

Today, I’m having sex with a different girl.

I’m trembling with excitement, I want to enter inside her right now!


I’m in!

What a tight pussy this is…! The tightness is out of this world, and with all the bumpy folds, of course I’d cum right away!

It feels so good!

If you rub my head and shaft with those little bumps, I’ll be covered with pre-cum!

The way they scrape against me feels so good!


I can’t stop! The hips, the hips can’t stop!

At this rate, I’ll lose my mind and turn into a sow!!!


Track 3


Hello! I am a Penis!

My host is currently feared and despised by many as the Great Demonic Penis Lord! And today I’m having sex with a girl who prides herself on her technique!

Ahh… I’m so looking forward to it!


Her clit is grinding the place right under my head… This girl is so skilled with the tease!

I want to enter inside her, I want to enter inside her! I want to enter inside her, but…she’s just sliding my head against her pussy!

I can’t help but leak pre-cum in this situation.

You can hear the dirty wet sounds, and it’s driving me crazy!

Can I finally enter inside her?


My head is just sliding around… I won’t be able to go in like this!

I’m being grabbed with both hands!

She has her fingers interlocked…! I can’t free myself from this!

I want to go inside your pussy, I want to go inside your pussy, I want to go inside your pussy!!!


I’m in!

Oh my god, this girl is fingering my prostate through my ass while shaking her hips…!

What is this? My hips are going to melt!!!

Stop! No!

More! More!


It feels so good…


It feels so good……

I’m, I’m going to cum!

I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


It’s shooting out of me… This is the first time I’ve ever cum this much!


Track 4


Hello! I’m a Penis!

Right now I’m cumming as my ass is being fingered! I love cumming from my prostate!

“I’ll make you cum without ejaculating,” she said.

So I’m always rock hard in anticipation!

I may be a shameful penis, but I’m happy being played with every day by a person I love!

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