【Translation】 Misshitsu Game

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CV: K (K)

Track 1: Hint


I’ll be leaving then. I’ll be back late today.

It’s not my choice to make.

I’m heading off then.


What? Let me go!

What is the meaning of this-


Where is this place…?

Is this blood?


Hey, you, are you okay? Keep it together.

You don’t seem hurt, are you able to move?

That’s a relief.

Looks like we both lost consciousness.


I’m fine. I was bleeding a little from my shoulder, but it’s ceased now. Since I am wearing a white dress shirt, it does stand out a lot.

Do you know where this is?

I see.

Hey, don’t you find it strange?

A table, a chair… And there’s something akin to a shelf on top of that shelf. However, there are no doors. How exactly are we supposed to get out of here?

Please tell me if you know anything. I can’t seem to remember anything.

Wait, who am I even?

And you, who are you?


You’re the same as me?

I don’t have a wallet on me either.

Let’s try to think. Did we come here willingly?

That’s one thing we can’t be certain about.

No, I’m fine. I’m sure this wound wasn’t something I got from here. I mean, I don’t have any basis for it, but that’s the feeling I get.

Perhaps we know each other or perhaps we’re complete strangers.

I don’t know if it’s because of the amnesia, but I lost my sense of time. What time is it now? What day is it now even?



Since when did we move onto a new year?

Hmm, you seem to know that the current year’s 2013.

I see. So that’s all you know?

But it looks like you have it a little less worse off than me.

What’s that?

You have a piece of paper or something sticking out from your breast pocket.


What? Game start?

What do you mean by “game”?

Hey, hey, you, are you okay? What’s wrong? Are you in pain?

Take some deep breaths.

Hmm? What is it?


No, but-

I get it. Don’t get so worked up, I’ll take them off.


I’ll undo the buttons…

Are you sure about this?

What is the meaning of all this?

I’m sorry, I’ll turn the other way.


What? Why? Why are you doing this? …Wait, even your skirt?

Stop this!


So strong… How do you have so much strength in that tiny body?

Alright, I’ll take it off.

I’ll be removing your bra then. I’m begging you, please return to normal.

I guess it’s no use.

Ahh, you have such beautiful breasts.


Bottom too?

But that’s-

Alright, alright, I’ll take off your panties too.

So what do I do now?

No way, you want me to have sex with you? But we’ve lost our memories and are locked up in this room, you know?

Because you want to survive?

What do you mean by that?

Okay, okay, I get it. You’re beautiful, so I can’t complain about that. And I’m not enough of an adult to remain cool in situations like these.


You have such cute ears…

How does it feel when I lick the inside of your ear?

Your lips are incredibly soft too. And these breasts… They’re just the size that I like them.

I wonder if your nipples are sensitive?

I’ll lick them.


That’s such a lewd expression.

Your nipples are sticking up.

But what I’m most interested in is this place…

I knew it! You’re wet.

Are you under the influence of something?

I’ll insert my fingers.


Even your insides are soaking wet. It’s even trickling down your thighs.

I’ll start moving.

Wow, you’re moving your hips…

Well? It feels good, doesn’t it?

I’ll go faster.


Haha, you’re squirting!

You have such a lewd body. Does this situation arouse you even further?

Alright, alright, I’ll stick it in.

Wait, let me get it out.

Look, I’m at my limit too. It looks like it’s about to burst at any time, no?

The ground’s hard, so place your hands on the wall and stick out your butt. And spread your crotch a little more.


You have such a beautiful pussy.

I’ll be putting it in then.


It’s tight, it’s so tight. And it’s tightening up even more.

Did I reach all the way in?


It feels good.

Where would be the best?

Okay, I’ll let it out onto that lovely ass.


Are you alright?



Hey, are you sure you’re alright?

It looks like you’ve returned to normal.

Umm, sorry, suddenly this…

Huh? There’s something stuck under your skirt.

It’s masking tape.

A key? A key for what?


Track 2: Water


Are you not cold?

I see…

It’s just that, we’re both, uh, naked. Though I guess I shouldn’t be worrying about that. We have this key.

Hmm, it might be the key to the safe.

It’s been left there as if it’s begging for us to open it.

There’s no dial. It’s the type that can be easily opened with a key.

But would it be that easy?


It opened.

Huh? What’s this box with numbers written all over it?

A letter?

This room is being filmed?

I don’t know what to think of this. Is it because we started this so-called game?

Hey, are you okay? Do you feel different in any way?

You were probably hypnotized to react to the word ‘game’. However, it seems as though it’s only a one-time thing. They say that humans possess strength that they’re otherwise unable to access, so that might be the source of your incredible arm strength.

Though, that’s only my guess.

Though it might only be a guess, but either way, the goal was for us to have sex. And by recording the act, we can be blackmailed.


It doesn’t look like we’re complete strangers, at least not anymore.

“Well, we did have sex”?

That’s not what I meant by strangers.

I’m glad you’re feeling optimistic enough to crack a joke. I’d be worried if you were to start becoming scared in this situation.

Yes, I know it’s frightening. I just mean that it helps a lot.

Once we regain our memories, the video recorded here will… Haa…

You opened the first box, so what was inside?


Two bottles of mineral water?

There’s a note.

A – Man, B – Woman.

What do we do?

I’m at a loss. To be honest, I’m very thirsty. We just did ‘that’, after all. Not to mention, I’m hungry too.

We probably haven’t eaten in a long time.

If you’re going to drink then I’ll drink too.


Well, it seems like it’s just normal water.

Suddenly I feel…sleepy.


Huh? What are you doing?

You’re sucking my dick, and that place of yours is dripping non-stop.

It must be the water. Mine had sleeping medicine, and yours had aphrodisiacs.

If you suck it that hard, I’ll get hard again even though I just came.

Make it sound dirtier.

Yes, look up at me. Look at me while you blow me.


So, does it taste good?

Your body’s become hopelessly dirty because of the aphrodisiac, huh? I guess it’s good that you don’t have your memories because I have no intention of stopping you.

Well? Do you want my cock?


Come on, say it. Where do you want it?

You want this girthy hard cock inside your pussy, don’t you?

Beg for it properly.

Your pussy’s soaking wet, and you’re sucking a dick thirstily. A beautiful woman like you is drooling and making those obscene sounds…

Haha! I feel like something’s about to snap inside me.


Is that…an egg vibrator?

Where did that come from?

The second box?

Either way, it looks like whomever it is wants to film us regardless of what it takes.

Now spread your pussy. I’ll insert the vibrator.


It was swallowed up so easily…

Your wet pussy looks like it could swallow up anything. A tiny vibrator like this can’t possibly satisfy you, right?

But don’t worry, I’ll turn it on.

How’s that?

It can’t win against a cock, but the egg vibrator’s moving around inside you.

Use some strength and try squeezing down it.


Wow, the sounds changed.

You’re leaking juices and making such obscene sounds.

Did you cum?

I know it’s the effects of the aphrodisiac, but…

My god, it tastes so good. They’re such thick juices.

In any case, it looks like we’re both at our limit.

Stand, this toy isn’t enough to get you there.

Haha! You’re drooling from your mouth. Just how badly do you want a cock inside you?

Now say it.

“Please shove your cock inside my slutty pussy.”

What am I to do with you?

I’ll shove it inside you then.


Come on, where’re your words of gratitude?

Alright, that works.

Lift up one of your legs and show me your pussy.

Okay, it’s in. Now cling onto me.


How does it feel to be lifted up into the air?

My cock is penetrating right into your pussy.

I’ll start moving then.


You’re tightening up even more than before.

You definitely are tight.

But, I like it. The feeling of domination as it’s almost forced in is irresistible.

So? How does it feel?

You feel like you’re about to break?

Really? Well, isn’t that a good thing. I’ll cum inside you this time. Since we can’t leave this place either way, why don’t we enjoy ourselves?

Here I go.

I’m cumming!


Track 3: Ring


Would you like to try playing detective for a bit?

Firstly, we’re seen as an eyesore by someone; however, it’s not as though they want us to disappear entirely from the world.

If they wanted to kill us, they could’ve put poison in the water, and most of all, there wouldn’t have been a need to confine us.

In any case, it appears that they want to blackmail us.

Are we hateful people, I wonder?


You look sad.

Now then, since we’re being recorded, where’s the camera?

Since we’re being surveilled, it also means that they’re ensuring our safety. The fact that we don’t feel cold despite being naked must mean they’ve adjusted the room temperature.

However, how would one be able to enter this room?

In any case, seeing that they’re able to arrange such a room, it has to be a person with a certain level of position. There’s no mistaking that.

Moreover, it’s been planned.

And they might’ve taken away both our memories and our free will.


Earlier, I lost to my thoughts and we had sex, but there’s one thing that’s been bugging me.

There’s no shower here and you’re covered in cum.

It’s very raunchy.


Huh? Did that use to be there?

An owl ornament…?

It’s light. Is it hollow inside?

It looks like there’s something inside.


What do you want to do? Do you want to try breaking it?

There’re two rings.

There’s a big one and then a small one…

I can’t quite believe it, but…can I give it a try? If it were to fit, it must be this finger.

And it should fit my ring finger too.


It might be poor of me to think this, but we might’ve been a married couple.

Our amnesia might just be a hint too.

We’re convinced that we’ve lost our memories, but there might be many more layers to it. And if that were the case, there must be a way to leave this room after solving all the hints.


Are you okay?


Those eyes… Again, huh.

In other words, these rings are the key to another hint.


Since we’re both completely naked, there’s no hesitation to be had.

You know, I love you too.

I don’t know what kind of relationship we had before we lost our memories, but right now, I’m with you.


Ahh… The cum from earlier is leaking out of your pussy.

Looks like you enjoy being creampied. You did gulp it all down as if it were something delicious.

I’ll scoop it out with my fingers.


The sounds are amazing.

Looks like you’re wanting it again. You’re clamping down on my fingers.

You want me to make you cum?

It’s still too early for that. Besides, what you want isn’t my fingers, right? You’re twisting your hips.

You’re overflowing with juices, and it’s washing out my cum.

Come on, shake your hips, and try to seduce me.


You’re moving them rather nicely.

When did you practice this?

You’re a massive slut, aren’t you? So, what does your dirty pussy want?

My cock is ready to go too. But all I say is you’re tight, and you tighten up way too much.

You may be soaking wet, but you still clamp down hard on my penis.

Alright, now stick it in yourself.


Ride on top of me.

Shaking your hips is your specialty, no? So cowgirl’s best, is it not?

Let me enjoy your languishing look from below.

Hold my dick with your right hand and rub it against your lewd pussy.


My tip is hitting your clit… You must feel good too, right?

This is a nice scene.

Now stick it inside you.


Your nipples immediately stood up.

They’re so hard.

I’ll pinch them for you.

Now then, why don’t you show me that hip-shaking you’re so good at?


No matter how many times we do it, your pussy’s still so tight. I hit the back so easily.

It feels like my dick can’t do without you either.

What do you think?

I don’t know where the cameras are, but it adds to the excitement, doesn’t it?

Me too. We’re both perverts.

Now shake your hips more. I want to see you go wild. Don’t just move up and down, move back and forth.

Yes, like you’re churning up your insides.

Yes, that’s hot. I can feel you swallowing me up down to my base.

Now, don’t just cum by yourself, make me cum too.


That feels good…

Go faster and tighten up around me.


Get ready, I’m cumming.

You can’t escape from it. I’ll cum, I’ll cum while I’m penetrating you!


Let’s kiss.


Track 4: Bad End


It’s pitch dark… A blindfold?

You too?

Hey, is that you?

I can’t move, The chair, I’m-

Are these handcuffs?

Answer me.


W-What are you doing?

My nipples…

Please remove the handcuffs.

No, why are you doing this? Please say something. My nipples will come off…! Stop!

No, no! Please stop!


Hey, wait, you’re there, aren’t you?

Please wait!

This must be a jokeーー


Did I fall asleep?

What was that?


Then what about her?

It’s just me?

How much time has passed?

I’m still stuck not knowing anything. However, it is clear that we’ve made progress after having sex 3 times.

She must be gone because she’s no longer needed here.


I have way too few clues to work with, and more than anything, it’s lonely.

Is this ring mine, I wonder?

Huh? Is this…a photo?

Who’s this woman? And if I remember correctly, this place is-


Damn it, it’s happening againーー


Where am I?

On top of a bed?

Huh? You’re…?

Man: Oh my, you’re awake? I’m someone from the room next door. I had surgery on my legs and will soon be discharged.

Man: Someone wanted me to pass this over to you.


Man: It was from a beautiful lady. Though, all I saw was her hair.

Man: Now then, I’ll be leaving.


What is the meaning of this?

What about her?

Was it all a dream?

The ring… No, it wasn’t a dream. How did I get from that place to-

What’s this?

A cell phone…? With one message?

“Have your memories returned?”

If your memories have returned then the game has been safely cleared. With this, you are mine.

And there’s a video attached…


This is… Then that means that she was the culprit!

But, why?

Hey, nurse, how long have I been here?

I, umm, don’t have my memories. I don’t even know what I am.

Hey, I can’t remember anything.

Even if you say that, I don’t…


You’re from that photo…

Who are you?

A knife?

What are you trying to do!? Someone, someone please come!!!

It’s because my memories didn’t return? ,,,It’s my fault?

The game?

What did I do wrong?


No wayーー


It appears that I died, and the one who stabbed me was my wife. The one who was with me inside that room was my secretary.

She wanted to steal me from my wife, so she began a game with her.

However, my memories never returned.

And that was the end of it. There was no victor in this game.


Track 5: End


Are your memories returning?

Does that mean we’ve solved the hints associated with you? I want you to tell me what you know.

I don’t know what to start asking.

What is our relationship?


You’re my secretary? And you’re the culprit?

I don’t know what you mean by that.

Is this place really being filmed?

For what reason?

As proof that we’re in love…? I’m even more confused now.

Huh? What is this photo?

This woman…is the person I’m married to? Then what about the ring because I was sure it was you.

Will I finally understand when my memories return?

And am I participating in this game out of my own volition? Or did you force me into it?


A game between you and my wife?

Do I not love my wife?

I see. How would I be able to make my memories return?

You don’t know…? And if they never return, what will happen then?

The worst possible scenario?

Am I going to get murdered by my wife?

Then what if my memories do return?

I’ll live together with you?


I see.

Either way, I have to recover my memories somehow.

The final hint, where does that lead? Amongst everything we have now, the answer must be found there.

Did anything change inside the room?

Doesn’t look like it…

Huh? Your finger.

I see. I get it now.

These rings belonged to me and my wife, right?

If I were to remove itーー


Well? Do you like it?

I’ve prepared this ship just for you. It’s a space where we can be alone together.

The wound on my shoulder has finally healed, and I’m free now.

It’s what you wanted, no?

Don’t worry, I’ve done what I could regarding her.

You won the game. She’s admitted too.

Now then, let’s kiss.


You have such nice lips.

I would like to have a toast with you, but you’re not in a position where you can move your body.

Does being tied up turn you on?

Let’s pour some champagne on your crotch.


Well? Does it feel good?

It’s the sweet taste of victory. Now drink it up.

That said, there’s no need for two winners, so why don’t you play a game with me?


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