【Translation】 Do-M Hime no Yuusha Choukyou Nikki

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CV: K (K)

Track 1: Central Tavern



Critical strike!


Alright, I took them down.

I am a hero who decides on my own critical hits. Now then, a solitary journey is a lonely one.

What I mean is, I’m thinking about recruiting some comrades.


Don’t mind me talking to myself, I do this all the time.

Well then, I guess I should head to the central tavern.

Recruit here?

I can’t deny that, a knight is indispensable. If you have 2 attackers, it’s more efficient. And also, a healing priest, and a mage.

Also, it’ll probably be more preferable if they’re guys.


Hey, young lady over there. I would like to individually request a knight, a priest, and a mage.

That said, why’s it always a party of 4?

Due to some mysterious power, a party cannot consist of any more than that?

Is that by design of Eden’s god?

Eh? Right now all you have is a female knight?

This is troubling…

Is it that person down the hall?

However, they don’t seem like a knight. Slender arms, fair skin, beautiful blonde hair… The size of their armor is clearly mismatched too.

In any case, please ask them for me.



That girl is interested in me?

No, but I’m the one making the offer…?

I can’t refuse?

Oh, okay.

For some reason, the blonde knight is grabbing onto my hand, but…

“Do such heroes really exist”?

I’ll leave on a journey with this knight then. Do I just have to sign?

Here, right?


Hmm. you’re…


“Have we met before”?

I’m not sure. I don’t remember. Anyhow, I look forward to working with you.

W-What did you-

This is a greeting…? I feel the stares from the people around us, though.

One from me?

Okay, okay, I get it.


Your tongue…

You’re a knight and yet you’re able to use this type of magic?

You have such an amazing smile.

In that case, let’s head for the eastern cavern.


Track 2: Uses of an Inn


This bastard uses attack magic, huh.

Pull back.


Lightning magic… It’s sending shocks through me.

So even low-level monsters are able to perform such attacks.

Here I go. Take this….!


That was close. Let’s return back to town.

So, you’re a knight you said?

You don’t have to nod your head so incessantly.

You were put to sleep earlier by sleep magic, your armor’s too loose-fitting, and on top of that, you didn’t have a weapon.

They’re all too heavy for you?

I-Is that so?

Your arms are slender.

When I was paralyzed by lightning magic a moment ago, did you pick up a note or anything?

Then don’t worry about it. Once we pass that gate, we’ll be inside the castle town.


You want to hold hands again?

Anyhow, let’s get to an inn.


Umm, why does it feel like everyone’s keeping their heads down around us?


Why are you waving your hand?

In any case, let’s pick up the pace. I’m a little exhausted.


Owner, do you have any rooms open?

There’s only one?

It’s normal to sleep with your party…? Is that so? I’d like to take that room then.

2nd floor?

Got it.

You can go on ahead first. The edges of the steps have been eroded, so careful when stepping on them.


Are you not wearing underwear?

No, uh, it’s nothing.

I’m at loss.


I can finally take a breath.

I’ll leave my weapon here and relax. I’ll have to go buy some medicinal herbs later since neither of us can use healing magic.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Help take off your armor?

That reminds me, why are you wearing something that doesn’t fit you?

You found it lying around? Then wouldn’t the owner be concerned?

If you just undo this part-

Wait, aren’t you naked?


I’ll turn the other way, so cover yourself with the sheets.

What are you-

For protecting you?


That place… If you touch it like that-

You’re able to take mine off so easily. Your hands are warm and they feel really good.

If you stroke it so hard then I’ll-

I’ve neglected it for a long time.


Hmm? That’s-

I’m going numb…

It’s that monster’s magic.

It’s a weakened form? …It feels like electric shocks are going through me, and it feels good.

I’m cumming!


I’m sorry, I got it on you.

At any rate, please wear something. If I see you naked, I’ll quickly…

Speaking of which, you really can use magic. However, the way you’re using it is wrong. Weren’t you supposed to be a knight?

Hmm? That emblem…

No, I won’t force any questions on you. That smile of yours makes me lose all my guard.

Now then, I’ll go buy some medicinal herbs. I have to hurry up and defeat the demon king, after all.

……Since that is the crest of the royal family.


Track 3: Cowgirl in Further Encounters


Each time we stay at an inn, I get rewarded. What I took along was not a knight, but rather a girl who needed to be escorted.

I’m starting to like her loose armor. Not to mention, she’s completely naked under it, and all the places that her chainmail rubs against turn bright red.


Quick escape!


We’re out now, so we’re safe.

Haha, your armor does seem heavy. You’ll never be able to outrun anything like that.

I’m still far from being a splendid hero.

It’s great when there’s a big tree or a big rock to hide behind, but if there isn’t any, hide behind me.

Hmm? Is that a proposal…?

Of course it’d make me blush.

Well, don’t worry, this area was originally intended for parties of 4. And since I’m fine here alone, I’m pretty strong I’d say.


Hey, don’t just run ahead!

Well, I guess she wants to stay at an inn. And each time, we’d get stuck with a single room.

The owners of the inns would never make any particular mentions of it, and each time she walks up the stairs, it feels as though her goal was to show me that place of hers.

However, I’m unaffected.

Or more precisely, I pretend to be unaffected.

Even I think I’m a weird hero.


Now then, I’ll be removing your armor.

You have such an amazing smile. Are you asking me to kiss you?

Come here.


Uh. Hey, hey, don’t push me!

Ow, ow, ow.


The view from below ain’t bad.

Hmm? Your face is red.


Whoa, you’re being so forceful.

You’re soaking wet, huh?

It’s trickling down your thighs, you know?


If you grab it and stroke it so hard, I’ll turn rock hard.

That wet place of yours is coming closer…and engulfing me. Your insides are so hot.

You’re soaking wet and yet you’re still clamping down on me…


You have such beautiful slender hips.

It makes such dirty noises each time you move. You’re dripping with all these naughty juices.

We’re rubbing against each other so much…

It feels so good.

You’re shaking your hips and drooling with an intoxicated look on your face. And when I see that, it makes me forget all the events of the day.


Monopolizing the hero…?

The way you move your hips is amazing. Is this place your battlefield?

I see. So you use magic.

Being so quick and nimble… I can’t win against you on top of the bed, it seems. It would be dreadful if you were the demon king.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

Can I cum inside?




I’m still, I’m still cumming.

Did we cum together?

I see.

You seem happy. Do you like me, Princess?


Thought so.

It’s been 10 years since we last met. I’m sorry for taking so long to notice.

But even so, where did you learn all this from?

Yes, I’m jealous.


I’m so worn out today. Next time I have to make sure I save enough stamina to reach an inn.


Track 4: Hot Spring Play with the Princess


From what I heard from the princess, the king has been behaving strangely lately. She ended up being confined to her room, but she had a secret passage there.

She often slipped out to play with me when we were young.

We used to hold hands and prance around.

On that note, we might’ve kissed then too. The only thing that’s really changed is our bodies.

I only began being called a hero in recent years.


Princess, corner them from there.


Critical strike!


Haa… I’ve leveled up.

Those fellows may be quick, but they give a lot of experience.

That reminds me, why are you dressing up as a knight? You’re a mage, aren’t you, Princess?

That armor was left behind by someone, right? So, what about its owner?

I see. It’s the armor worn by your escorts.

Where are they now?

It’s very likely that they’ve been taken captive by the demon king.


Princess, your face-

I’ll carry you to an inn right away!


You don’t have a fever… If anything, you’re too cold.

Are you okay?

I’ll warm you up, Princess. Let me take off your armor.

Okay, now lie down. If we hug each other naked, we’ll be able to preserve your body temperature.

Don’t worry, we’ll always be together.

Come on, squeeze my hand.

Hey, not there. That’s for when you’re feeling better.


Your hair has never been this long, has it?

It’s a beautiful blonde.

Alright, I’ll give you some pats.

There, there. Good girl. You worked hard, didn’t you?

Your fair skin is so smooth. There’s a slight body odor, but I find that nice as well.

Don’t be angry.

There’s a hot spring here in this town Once you get better, why don’t we go there together?

Yeah, I’ll be the one to clean your body, Princess.


You have such lovely breasts. They’re not terribly big, but they’re how I like them.

Your nipples are erect, Princess.

Oh, sorry, you’re a sick patient right now, right?

I won’t forgive any bastards who dare harm your body. Now then, please sleep.

Yes, we’ll always be together.


Princess, you’re up again way too quickly.

Warming the room with fire magic was clever, but what are you gonna do if it starts a fire?

You’ll put it out with water magic?

I guess I’m no match for you. Is that how badly you want to visit the hot springs?

I can’t guarantee that there’ll be a mixed-bath hough.


Owner, we’d like to go into the hot spring.

It’s been fully reserved for us?


Now you’re giving me that smile.

Hey, hey, you’re too quick to strip.

Don’t yank me. What are you? A child?

Don’t grab me all of a sudden! Also, licking nipples is a thing that only I should be doing.

You can’t fool me with kisses.

At the very least, let’s go inside and not do it in the dressing room.


Don’t trip.

You tripped… Are you alright?

I told you, that’s not a place you should be grabbing.

Yes, that’s a place you should be using your mouth on. And no using magic.

Your tongue is amazing, you’re going so fast.

You’re making it loud on purpose, aren’t you, you boyish princess?

No, I’m not praising you.

But I like you like that, Princess.


If we were to get attacked by monsters right now, it’ll be the end of us.

You’ll fight them with magic?

I’d like you to do so normally.

Princess, your tongue is so indecent. You’re wiggling it around me, and my dick’s getting bigger by the minute.

You’re so good.

Please suck it more, and make it loud. Let the world know that this kingdom’s princess is licking and gobbling my filthy cock.

Ahh… That turns me on.


The place right under the head is my weak spot.

Please kiss the tip.

Increasing and decreasing the pace of your tongue… You’re very skilled at it.

You’re sucking so hard…

You’re drooling from your mouth.

I guess you can no longer tell whose fluid it is. Your now tainted mouth is very much a turn on.

I’ll let it out on your face.


Now then, I suppose I have to wash your body now, don’t I, Princess?


Hey, don’t run away.


There, I caught you. I got you by your cute nipples, so there’s no more running away for you.

Have you given up yet?

Ahh! Water magic?



Track 5: Using Proper Magic?


My journey with the princess became a rather long one. Even since she began attacking the monsters with her magic, I realized all my worries until now were for nothing.

I had that mismatched armor stored away in a warehouse for safekeeping.

Now she’s fighting in a fitting, fitting? outfit that consists of alarmingly little fabric.

It’s easier for her to move it, but I can’t concentrate because of it. And the princess seems to enjoy it whenever she sees that.


There is one thing that has been bothering me.

She learned charm magic from a monster not too long ago, but… Chances are, she’s using it on me, isn’t it?

There are many times where I lose my memories at the inn.

I’m worried about what she might be doing to me.

Well, that’s enough of my monologue.


How many kisses of victory has it been?

Princess, you’re searching around for weaker monsters just so you can get some kisses, aren’t you?

Also, returning to that hot springs town each time we level up is starting to become a little too far of a journey.

Can we not head toward the Demon King’s island?

You don’t want to?

I hear that there’s a hot spring in that island’s town as well.

You want to go there right now?

It’s already night, but there are still boats running.

Let’s hurry.


These ships did get attacked by monsters before, but we had exterminated them a long time ago.

Yeah, we’re finally ready to head for the island.

We are just a party of 2, after all.

Are you sure we can use the special room?

Ah, Princess-

I apologize. Princess!


This room is incredible. It has such a cushy bed.

I still have a bunch of HP left, but I might not have much left by morning.

I go buy some medicinal herbs.

You bought some already?

You saved me there.


What, what is this? My body’s burning up.

Princess, are you using some kind of magic on-

Princess, get on all-fours and show me that wet place of yours. Come on, say “please look at me.”

Shake your hips and try to appeal to me.

Seeing that you’re this wet, are you trying to seduce me?

What is it that you want inside you?

Fingers first, huh?


It’s making quite the noise. Are you not ashamed?

You’re feeling it inside, huh?

It’s become a sight to behold. It’s begging for it greedily, and it’s clamping down on my fingers.

This place is nice and stiff too.

I’ll tease them both.

Hmm? You came already?

What’s with those eyes? You want something other than my fingers, don’t you?

Look, it’s already thick and hard.



Your nipples erect and look like they want to be played with.

They’re hard and are asking to be sucked.

I guess I could do this too.


You let out such nice moans when I bite down on them.

You have tiny nipples, but they’re now super hard. I’m sure that little mouth down there’s become quite a mess.

Come on, tell me what you want.

If you suck it properly, I’ll stick it in.

Go on, suck it harder.

Yes, use your tongue.

You’re drooling… How dirty. Is this what a princess should be doing?

Now spread your crotch, I’m sticking it in.


Twisting your hips like that… You’re such a shameful princess.

They’re moving on their own?

I guess there’s nothing we can do about that. You sure love being creampied, don’t you?

Then let me cum inside. You love semen, don’t you?

“Please cum inside me,” can you say that?

I wonder what’ll happen if I move more vigorously?

Like this, perhaps?


Doing that makes you cum?

Your wet juices are pouring out of you.

Princess, did you wet yourself?

Haha! It’s not convincing when you’re this wet. Look at this, these are your fluids, Princess.

My fingers are completely covered.

Open your mouth and lick it.


Is it tasty?

Come on, lick it clean using your tongue.

Oh, right, we were in the middle of this.

Moan, moan louder. What are you holding back for? You want others to see us having sex, don’t you?

Now, here I go.

“Please cum inside me,” say it!

One more time!

Just do it.




Track 6: Before… Battle!!


Alright, let’s free this!



Is this the blade of light?

Princess, we’ve finally reached this point. With your royal insignia and this sword, we’ll be able to seal the demon king.


DK: Hahaha! So you’re the people sent by those foolish humans?

DK: Go ahead and vanquish me with that sword you unleashed, Hero. However, you’ll meet your end inside this castle.


King, please take everyone and return to the castle. We’ll handle the rest from here.

Yes, I’ll protect the princess with my life.

We can talk more after we’ve defeated the four heavenly kings. Let’s head briefly to prepare for our final battle.

Princess, please teleport us back to the town.


We obtained a bunch of things in that dungeon, after all. We’re pretty much overburdened from it.

It can’t be helped when you’re holding that many weapons.

I’ll go store them, and I’ll arrange for the knight armor to be sent back to the castle. I’ll leave the handling of the inn to you.

Also, try not to use that magic.

It’ll be bad if I lose all memories of the previous night right before a decisive battle, and it’s unfair when you’re hogging all the fun, Princess.

I wonder what kind of face the King would make if he were to find out?

That you’re a massive masochist, of course.

And what’s with you being a super aggressive masochist?


You’re trying to fool me again with that smile.

I’ll see you again then. I’ll let you send this set of armor back to the castle.



Say, is that hair ornament for sale?

Ugh, that’s so expensive.

But well, I guess it’s fine. I’d like one of those. I’ll have the princess wear it later.


Princess… Princess?

Huh? She’s asleep?

What a cute sleeping face.

Oh, right! I should…

Yup, it suits her. And her lips are defenseless.

I should entwine my tongue with hers.


Let me roll up your clothes.

I love your cute tiny breasts, they’re soft. I wonder if you’ll wake up if I were to pinch your nipples.

They’re hard… And they’re becoming even harder.

Are you in a deep sleep?

Ahh, I can’t endure this any longer. I’ll cover your entire body with kiss marks.

Your faintly-smelling sweat…taste just how I like it.

And what about here? What state is it in now?


Even if you’re wearing underwear, it’s lewd.

You’re wet, aren’t you?

I can see the stains it’s left.

It smells so good. It smells of a pervert.

Your body’s honest even when you’re asleep, huh? I’ll go ahead and strip you then.


It’s making strings from your underwear.

This is amazing, just amazing. I have that wet place of yours in full view, and that place’s become hard too.

Bend your knees, Princess.

I can see your other hole clearly now too.

It’s wet from my saliva.


I think I can get my tongue slightly inside.

Does this place feel good too?

Will my fingers be able to go in?

My fingers went in…

You’re way too careless. Your sticky juices are covering my fingers and they went in so easily.

Is this the first time you’ve had fingers inside this place?

That place is twitching in response.

So you feel it from this hole too, huh?


I’m at my limit.

It would be hard to fit it inside this tiny hole when I’m this erect. I guess I’ll have to use this mouth instead.

I’ll put it in right now, so wait.

It swallowed me up so easily.

It feels like I’m being engulfed. I was enveloped in something warm in a mere instant.

My hips are moving on their own without my control…


Are you really asleep? Look at how much your body’s feeling it.

How does it feel to be penetrated without your knowledge?

You’re drooling from your mouth.

What kind of dream are you seeing? Are you having sex inside your dream too?

Do you feel me hitting the back just now?

I love you. Let me cum inside you.

I’ll move slowly. Slowly. I want to savor this sensation for as long as I can…


Now then, Princess, are you ready?

That hair ornament really suits you.

Let’s go defeat the Demon King!

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  1. Nikulius

    Ok…even tho the guy and the story keep sating that the mc is a “super masochist girl” I think she just knows what she is in into, which is rough sex. I was expecting slapping, kicks or at least light spanking but nothing 🤑


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