【Translation】 Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game Vol.6 Mabudachi Doukyuusei Hen


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

淫蜜脱出ゲーム Vol.6 マブダチ同級生編

CV: Nogami Shou (野上翔)

Track 1: Pair of Close Friends


Hey, you sure you’re alright after so many drinks? Your pace’s fast.

I guess it’s fine to make an expectation today. Drink, drink until you’re satisfied. Even if you end up black-out drunk, I’ll be by your side.

We’re close friends, after all.

What? Are you still depressed from being rejected? …This isn’t like you.

Being quick to move on is one of your strong points, no?

Your boyfriend, no, wait, your ex-boyfriend, from what I hear, he has a good face but nothing else. Someone like you could be dating a better man.

I’ve been with you since high school, so I know your many good traits.


Next time.


I guaranteed that you’ll definitely date a wonderful man who’ll cherish you deeply next time.

Okay! I’ll join you today and drink to my heart’s content too.


How long has it been since I last drank this much…? Also, what time is it right now?

Eh? It’s already past midnight?

I understand that. I think it’s a pain to return home right now too. So, hey, why don’t we stay the night here?


If I search for hotels nearby…

Oh, there’s a love hotel that’s super close by. Take a look at this photo!

Damn, it looks to be super pretty.

Just kidding. As expected, a love hotel’s a bit-


Eh? No way.

You’d go? You’d seriously go?

I, I mean, I’m fine with it as long as you are. In any case, let’s go there for a peek.

Well, there might not be vacant rooms.


My. Somehow, it looks more spacious than I thought. Are the rooms always this big?

Love hotels are on a different level.


Then I guess it’s probably to do with locations.

Wait! You’ve been to love hotels??? …This is the first time I’ve heard.

Oh, I mean, that is true. I suppose you normally wouldn’t discuss such things with a male friend.

Eh? Me?

I’ve never been to a love hotel before.

My, uh, ex-girlfriend didn’t like such places. On that note, what’s that machine? Is it a karaoke machine…?

Have there ever been ones at the hotels you’ve been to?

Hmm? So they come with all sorts of things.


Well, in any case, let’s take a seat.


Damn, the bed’s fricking huge. Being down to sing is fine, but considering how much we drank, let’s just sleep.


Oh, I see. I would like to take a shower too, but you can go first.

Eh!? Together?!!

Stupid, how could I join you?

Hah? My face is red because I’m drunk. …So stop grinning!!!

Your face is too close.

Stupid, let me go, let me go…!


You, why are you doing something like that in a situation like this?

A joke?

You really have no idea, do you?

I can’t, I’ll stop holding back.

Don’t try to run away. I’ll teach you just how exactly I feel about you.


Why? You’ve already broken up with your boyfriend, no? …So still stay.

I told you. Don’t move.


Oh, uh, sorry.

No, wait, apologizing isn’t the right thing either. But even so, I…

Right! You should shower. You said that you wanted to take a bath just now, right?


I’ve gone and done it…

What am I even doing? God. Getting carried away… I’m the worst. I had always believed that it’d be fine as long as we could remain friends.


Track 2: True Feelings


Oh. You’re already done?

Oh, uh, I was thinking of taking a bath as well, but it’s already past 1 a.m. so I don’t know about that.

You’re planning to sleep, right?

Is that so?

Uh, right! Since you’re awake, why don’t we watch some T.V.?

Remote, remote…

!? That was close. So that’s how T.V.s in love hotels are. Also, when a couple comes to a love hotel, they wouldn’t go out of their way to watch this, right? …At least not that I know of.


Err, shall we go to sleep then?

Eh? Me? …No, uh, not really. Are you not going to sleep?

Oh, you’re unable to sleep. …I see.

Ah! I’m sorry. I knew it, it’s impossible to pretend that those previous events never happened.

The timing’s bad, but I’ll be frank with you.

It’s regarding the kiss earlier, but uh, I’ve always been in love with you. Since high school. The whole time.


I knew that you didn’t see me as a man, and since I was a coward, I never said anything.

Although we went off to attend different universities when we graduated, we met frequently. Plus, I was having fun, so I thought things were fine the way they were.

And as things went along, you got yourself a boyfriend.

It was painful and I thought I’d set up distance between us, but I just couldn’t.

So when I heard that you broke up with your boyfriend… While it was awful for you, I, on the other hand, was happy. And for that reason, it’s unfair to be telling you this in a place with no routes of escape.

It may be a force of habit, but these are my true thoughts.

I’ve truly, genuinely, loved you for so long.


Oh. My girlfriend? …They’re my ex-girlfriend, though.

Sorry, that was a complete lie.

How should I say it? When I heard that you got a boyfriend, I ended up lying in the spur of the moment.

I thought you might’ve been mindful of it otherwise. Also, I was quite plainly, frustrated by it. In reality, I’ve never dated anyone, and kisses-wise, that earlier…was my first.

It’s seriously lame, isn’t it?


It might be difficult to say, but if you only see me as a friend, then…I would like you to reject me outright.

Please tell me what your feelings are right now.

……I’ll accept them no matter what they are.

I’m not confident that I’ll be able to give up immediately when you give the red light, but err…


Your voice was too quiet. Say it again.


Really? You certainly said, “I like you,” just now, didn’t you?

I shouldn’t be the one to say it, but you aren’t being swept away by the mood and it’s actually true?


“I probably like you”? What’s that supposed to be? …This is my genuine confession, you know?

Don’t look so troubled.

Come on. In any case… Laugh.

Here. Tickle, tickle!!!


What’s this? You’re laughing, aren’t you?

You’re making some rather nice sounds. What about here, your sides, I wonder?


Ah! Hey! Why are you joining in on the tickling?

Hey, stop! I pass…!!! Hahaha!!!

I was letting out weird sounds because of you, cheeky bastard.

You’re 10 years too early to win against me.

Ah! Haha! Stop! Not there…! HahahaHAHAHA!!!


Our eyes finally met.

You see, I really love the expression you make when you laugh because of me.

Hmm? Is that for real?

Then it wasn’t just a “probably” this time.

Damn, I’m so happy.

I love you. I love you too.


So, uh…it’s okay to assume that we’re no longer friends, but rather, lovers instead, right?


Umm, is it alright if I were to kiss you again?

I may have messed up the order of things, but please let me kiss you gently the second time.


Your lips are soft, and they feel nice.


Do you hear that noise just now? It sounds like a door unlocking.

There seems to be an adjacent room, so is it that door?

I’ll go take a look.


Woah, there’s a bed in this room too.


“First mission: Reveal true thoughts. Congratulations on your clear.”

What’s this?

What? There’s another note?


Track 3: Each Others’ Body


“Mission Two: Look at each other’s naked bodies.”

Huh? What is this?

Is this how love hotels are?

If you don’t know either then I guess it is what it is. Let’s ignore this, pretend it doesn’t exist.

Well, this is a love hotel, so you’d naturally see each other naked in the process. …But we literally just became lovers. Also, what are these “missions” even supposed to be? Do we get a prize for completing them?

Well, whatever. In any case, I’ll go take a bath and you can go ahead and sleep first.

Come on. Sleep.

Alright, good night.


Huh? There’s something left on the side table.

“Welcome to the deluxe suite. Courtesy of the luXuria hotel, this is a special room in which once the room is entered, it cannot be exited until a series of missions have been successfully completed. The prepared missions are all those that can be easily cleared for those that truly love each other. Please do your best as you confirm each other’s love.”

HAH!? We can’t leave?!!

Uwah! You… You were still awake?

Well, it seems that an information booklet for this room was left here. And on it, it was written that we can’t leave until the missions are cleared.


It must be some joke.

In any case, I’ll be taking a bath, so don’t mind me. Sleep.

Oh, I said that earlier too.

I’ll be going then.


Oh! The bath’s already filled with hot water.

I don’t recollect her being in the bathroom for that long, but she did actually take a bath.

Her used bathwater…

No, no, no, no, stop thinking that. It’ll make it feel weird.


Too much has happened since we arrived in this room.

I haven’t even come to terms with the fact that we’re lovers, so to be naked…

Being naked, huh.

It’s not unreasonable, but if I were to immediately go onto her today, by wanting to see her body, my pure feelings of loving her for all this time would seem almost like a lie…

Though it’s probably hard to convince otherwise since I’ve not only taken her to a love hotel, but I’ve also forcibly kissed her.

Ah! I can’t keep calm at all.

Should I take a cold shower before I get out?


What? A power outage-

Huh? You, why?

Eh? You couldn’t open the door? Not because something’s misaligned?

Are you serious?

So the booklet and those missions might’ve actually been real. It seems like we’ve wound up in a strange hotel.

Also, why did you turn off the lights?

Oh, you’re embarrassed about that?

In any case, come here. You’ll get cold if you stand there naked.

Let’s take a hot bath and figure it out.

Oh, right, it’s dark, so careful where you step.


Are you able to sit?

My bad.

Is it not cramped there? Why don’t you come a little closer to me?


I mean, you’re the one who came in naked and crashed into me, so why are you so embarrassed?

Too late now. To be honest, I’ve been looking at your naked body for the past while.

Haha, you’re shrinking down. How funny.

That said, it’s very cute.


Oh, it seems like my eyes have adjusted.

I can clearly see the shape of your breasts, so you’ll stop your pointless resistance, right?

No, you can’t go any further than that. Come closer this way.

Caught you!


Woah, your face is hot.

What? Were you feeling embarrassed?

Don’t pout so much.

Sorry, I was teasing you a little too much. Even so, umm…we’re now more or less boyfriend and girlfriend.

Also, it’s not that embarrassing to begin with. You’re beautiful, so be bolder.

Your style’s great, your skin’s flawless…


That voice just now was super cute. Do you feel good when I touch this area? Or does it only tickle?


I know that it’s your legs.

Even so, your legs are beautiful. They’re pale and slim.

I can’t touch your legs too?

Ah! You trembled. You’re feeling it, aren’t you? …Even though I merely stroked them.

In that case, what about here?

From your hips down to your thighs…


No, no, that’s not it.

I got a little carried away, I’ll stop now.



In any case, although it may be dark, we’ve had a good look at each other naked. And I feel like if we go any further, I won’t be able to stop myself.


Track 4: Warmth of Touch


That bath felt good.

Uh, no, I didn’t mean in a weird way. We’re clean and warmed up, so…

Haa, I feel like something’s wrong with me.


Huh? Something’s fallen on the bed.

A letter…?

“Congratulations on clearing the second mission.”

Here comes another mission.

The third mission is to embrac-to embrace each other nakedーー


Are you serious? Just how many missions are there in total?

Also, how does this all work?

Is somebody watching us from somewhere? …I’m scared just thinking about it.

But well, we cleared the second mission after we saw each other naked in the bath, so if we do what’s written, things will eventually work out in the end.

Ah! Don’t look so anxious.

Alright. In that case, why don’t we hug each other with our bathrobes on?

We don’t know its mechanisms, so we might be able to clear it without getting full-on naked and hugging. And if so, it won’t be as embarrassing, right?

Come on.


You’re warm. Is it because you just got out of the bath?

You’re so nice to hold. I wish I could hug you like this forever.

Now then, has a letter fallen from somewhere?

……I guess not.

I guess that doesn’t work. I’m positive that if we abide by the missions, we can proceed to the next one, so I think we have do choice but to do it.


Oh. Uh-huh.

Then uh, since it’s embarrassing to be seen directly in a well-lit area, cover yourself with the futon after you undress. And I’ll turn the other way.

How does that sound to you?


Have you undressed?

I’ll undress too then.

Then I’ll get in the futon, alright?


Your body’s warm, no, hot.

Can you lay on your side? I’ll wrap my arms around you.


Damn, it’s incomparable to when we had the bathrobes on. It feels like I’m being sucked in by your body, and it feels good.

Also, you really are soft.

Eh? Oh, somehow it feels like I would crush you if I were to use too much strength, so I held back.

I’ll hug you tighter then.


How’s this? It doesn’t hurt, right?

Your face is kind of red. Are you okay?

Uh, could it be that my ‘that’ is touching you?

Sorry, it more or less had an effect down there. Even so, this can’t be helped. It’d be stranger if I wasn’t erect in a situation like this.

Don’t look at me with such an embarrassed look.

That face is dangerously cute.


It probably got bigger just now. Can you tell?

Your voice is cute too.

Did you get turned on from having ‘that’ pressed against you?

Hey, don’t run away.

Let me check for other places that feel good.


So soft. Like I thought, you feel super nice to the touch.

That voice just now…

Which place felt good? The place on your stomach that my ‘that’ touched? Or is it perhaps the nipples that have been hard for the past while?

Ah! Is it your nipples?

It feels good when I move about and rub against you, right?

I’ll rub you against even more then.


Is that the reaction you have when you do lewd things?

Hey! Don’t turn your back to me. If you don’t snuggle closer to me, we might never be able to leave.

Look, the mission is for us to embrace each other naked.

I can’t just hug you one-sidedly. Unless we hug each other, we won’t be able to clear it.


Or are you seriously not wanting to right now?



So when you’re embarrassed, your body tries to escape on its own. Then I’ll grab onto you tightly so that you can’t escape.


You’re just the right size. You fit nicely within my arms.


Your place below… Could it be that you’re wet?

Hey, don’t try to escape again! I won’t let you escape.

So you were turned on and got wet from hugging each other naked like this and having my hard ‘that’ pressed up against you.

What’s with that? That’s way too lewd, and also, way too cute.

Damn, it’s too much. It’s really too much. It’s such a turn-on that my mind’s spinning. I have the irresistible urge to do some much more amazing things to you.

These soft and beautiful-


U-Uwah! Suddenly, the T.V.-

There’re words on the screen…

“Congratulations on clearing the third mission. The next, fourth mission is to have sex.”


Erm, that means we have to go all the way, right?


Track 5: Wondrous First Time


Uh, umm…

Erm, it feels weird to ask you this now, but are you really alright with doing it?

So many things have occurred during these just past few hours, so to be coerced into sex is umm-

I see. I understand.

If that’s what you say then I won’t ask again.

And if I think about it carefully, if you’re the type of person to voice any complaints if you do have them.

I’m super happy to get to this point with you.

I love you.


Not just your lips, but also your cheeks and ears too.


Every part of you is cute.

Massaging your breasts is a little nerve-wracking.

Oh. Uh-huh.

Damn, it’s so soft. I feel like I can touch them forever.

Is it alright if I use a little more strength?


Okay, I’ll go a little harder then.

Please tell me it hurts.

Your voice is louder, and that voice is super cute.

So it feels good, huh.

Your body’s flushed and your eyes are dazed. And your nipples are hard again.

I’ll pinch them.

It’s cute when you tremble as I rub them with my fingers.

You’re shaking your hips too.


Hey, why are you moving your hips? Are you telling me to hurry up and touch the place below?

You were super wet earlier, after all.

No need to rush, I’ll be touching it more than enough.

First, fingers…


Wow, it’s super slippery and this place’s hard too.

Does it feel good when I trace along this area? Because every time I move my fingers, you moan and tremble, and it really turns me on for some reason.

The feeling of being desired makes me happy.

I’ll insert my finger then.


Your insides are hot, and they’re squeezing tightly down on my finger.

It’s squeezing so tightly, so tightly that it feels like I’ll get pushed back.

I’ll start moving my finger.


Woah, you’re getting wetter, your deep parts have become super hot, and from there, so much is pouring out.

I’ll insert another finger.


Are you alright? It doesn’t hurt, right?

I see. Then it’s fine.

And now that there’re two fingers inside, it’s gotten even tighter. So this is how your insides are like.

Does it feel good when I move them in and out?

When you’re asking for it like that, I can’t stop myself.

I can’t, rather than my fingers, I want to insert this instead.

Can I?


Umm…it’s my first time, so I might not perform well.

Thank you.

To tell you the truth, I wanted to be your first. Though there’s nothing I can do now.

If I had told you about my feelings earlier…

Eh? It’s your first time too?

Why? Didn’t you say you’ve visited a love hotel with your ex-boyfriend before? So wouldn’t you naturally have had sex?


It wouldn’t go in, so you two stopped midway? …But you were super wet when I was touching you earlier, and my fingers slipped all the way in pretty easily.


Ahh, does that mean your ex-boyfriend was just that big?


I see. So it didn’t exactly feel good, so you never got wet.

I get it. I get it now.

What just you said really gets me grinning.

Well, in short, that means you enjoy being touched by me more. Is this what they mean by “when it’s the person you like”, I wonder?

It hits me at the core.

You seriously are too cute.

Everything, every part of you is cute. So much so that my tongue feels like it’s about to melt.


I’ll definitely make you feel good, so let’s make it a wondrous first time for both of us.

Then, uh, please spread your legs.


Even though it’s only the tip touching, it’s trying to suck it in.

I’m putting it in then.



Sorry, but could you relax a little more?

Match me.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

That’s right.


It’s super tight. Are you okay?

I see. Then it’s fine.

We’re only midway, so don’t hold your breath.


It’s all in. Does it not hurt?

I see.

I’ll stay like this for the time being then. Please tell me if you think it’s alright for me to move.

I’m the only one who’s gone all the way with you, right?

And that makes me really happy.

It does feel good, but I guess you could say I feel a sense of joy. I feel kind of fuzzy inside.

I love you.

Have my feelings been fully conveyed to you?

I’m happy.


I kissed you and now it’s somehow gotten tighter.

Hot. I feel like I’m about to melt.

It’s alright for me to move?

To tell you the truth, it feels so good just to be inside you that I don’t think I’m able to move much.


Darn. Sorry. I can’t, I’m going to cum…


I didn’t think my endurance was this bad.

Sorry, in any case, I’ll pull out.


Track 6: The Second Time


Are you in pain? Or like throbbing inside?

Oh, I see.

Haa…I’m so lame. Even though I said I’d make you feel super good.

Erm. If you’re willing, let’s go at it again. I may have cum, but it’s not withering at all. If anything, I can’t control my excitement.

I’ll work harder this time, so please give me another chance.


But well, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to last, so I’ll use whatever I can to make you feel good before I put it in.


The dazed eyes you have after kissing are great. …So you loved kisses.

I look dazed too?

Well, I feel good from it too.

Open your mouth and let out your tongue.


That was a pretty lewd sound.

Since we had so many lewd kisses, your nipples are hard again.


Oh, you’re trying to escape again.

Nope, I won’t let you escape. I’ve decided to make you feel super good. Well? Does it feel good when I pinch both the right and left like this?

Seems like it does.

Your voice is cute, and your face… It’s red as if it’s swollen.

Then this time, instead of my fingers, I’ll lick you.


You’re reacting more than you did with my fingers.


Does it feel good when I roll them around with the tip of my tongue?

So honest.

I’ll continue then.


You have such nice reactions when I lick and suck them.

Please let me lick many more places.

Like your navel…

You’re trembling. So you do enjoy it.

And when I drag my tongue along your pale legs, you jolt up.

Hmm? You’ve been shaking your hips for the past while. Are you perhaps wanting me to lick that place already?

Sure, I’ll make you feel real good.

Spread your legs.


It’s so wet.

If I spread it open with my fingers then lick…

Your insides are twitching, and the way more and more is spilling out from inside you… It’s like you’re begging for it, and it’s lewd.

But that’ll be after I tease you a little more.

This time, you’ll place your legs tightly together and sandwich me between them.


Your tights are soft and they feel great too.

Although your legs are closed, an unbelievable amount is leaking out. So it does feel good when I rub against this place.

What a cute voice. I want to hear more of it.



You were trembling so much just now.

Perchance, did you cum a little?

It kind of makes me happy that I made you feel good.

Can I put it in?

As I should’ve predicted, you know me well.


I’ll put it in then.

Please tell me if it still hurts.


Like I thought, it’s tight, but I think…it’s going smoother than before. Rather than pushing back on me, it’s almost as if it’s perfectly molded to my shape.

It seems like it doesn’t hurt nearly as much for you. What a relief.

This feels way too good.

I’ll start moving then.


The way it feels like I being sucked in feels super good. And it’s so hot that it feels like I’ll melt if I’m in here for too long.

It feels so good.

Damn, it’s already starting to rise up. Even so, I want to stay like this with you a little longer.

It’s so cute when you cry out and moan.

This is bad…


It’s no use, I’m going to-



For some reason, it felt like your insides tightened at the end.

Did you feel good?

I see. That’s a relief. That makes me happy.

Damn, somehow I just feel so happy.


I think I heard some sound over there.

Oh, right. Since we had sex, we might’ve received the next mission.

Woah there.

Wait, wait, where are you going?

It’s fine. Later, leave it till later. Because right now, I don’t want to be apart from you for even a second.

Come on, give me your hand.


Let’s check the mission when we wake up tomorrow morning.

While holding hands like this, I want to stay glued to your side from tonight till morning.


Track 7: Lovers’ Morning


What was that sound just now?

Oh, you’re awake too.

Good morning.

So we held hands the entire time, didn’t we? Now then, it’s a bit scary, but let’s check out the next mission.


Oh. Is it this piece of paper?

“Congratulations on clearing the fourth mission. The final mission given to you, official couple, is to sleep till morning while holding hands.


In other words, we’ve cleared the final mission?

In the case, was that click noise earlier perhapsーー

Ah! The front door’s unlocked. Seems like we can leave any time we want now.

To have cleared it by accident while sleeping. Lucky us! And we now can safely bid farewell to this strange hotel.

That said, it’s still early in the morning and since we can leave at any time, we can rest at ease, so let’s laze around for a little longer.


Yesterday, I confessed to you and we did a bunch of things for the first time together.

Somehow, it still doesn’t feel real. It feels like a dream.

I feel a little scared because I’m feeling way too happy.

I’m not exaggerating! …Because I really did love you for so long, and it was really painful when I couldn’t give up on you even when you had a boyfriend.

But if I were to say that, it’d worry you, so I simply hid it.

But now, I’ll no longer hide anything from you.


What’s with that expression? It’s cute.

Extend your tongue out more.

Yes, that’s good.

Your body’s gotten hot. Are you aroused?

It’s easy for me to tell that your heart is pounding too. Plus, you’re trembling from me simply patting your back like this.

Say, do you want to feel more pleasure?

I’m happy that you’re wanting it because I really want you too.


It’s bright out, so I can see it more clearly than I did yesterday.

Your body’s incredibly beautiful.

Your hair, your skin, just touching them excites me.


This place here is already wet.

Is it because I kissed you? Or is it because we slept after doing it so much?

You really are adorable.

Your juices are overflowing.

Do my fingers feel good?

Although you’re squeezing down on them, it feels like you’re more used to it than you were yesterday, and it doesn’t seem like you’re having a hard time.

I’ll move them a little faster.


I like your normal voice, but your moans are seriously dangerous.

They just leak out when you feel good, huh.


Let’s do it.


Damn, it’s so hot.

It’s tight and it’s twisting, and it feels good. Everything below my hips feels like they’ll melt.

Does it no longer hurt when I go deep?

I see. I’ll start moving then.


Your face is red. How cute.

I feel really happy to have learned about this side of you.

Let’s kiss.


It feels good. Do you feel good too?

You’re cute when you’re embarrassed. Your sounds of pleasure, your expressions, all of it, all of it is so cute, and I love them.

Damn, I thought I’d last longer today, but as expected, it feels so good that I just can’t.

I love you. I love you.



Thank god. Did it feel good?

Although yesterday was our first time, it kind of frightens me to be feeling this good. It feels like I’ll never be able to go back.

Well, not that I want to go back.

The expressions, voices, and gestures that I never knew of when we were friends are all new to me, and it makes me happy.

To think this day would come… It’s almost like a dream.

Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do if this actually was a dream. I’d probably cry.

Well, I guess a dream can’t be this realistic and heart pounding.


Can I hug you again?

I think I love you so much that it’s kind of a problem.

I want you in your entirety and I want you to have me in my entirety.

Both then and now, I’ll always love you.

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