【Translation】 Uraaka de Sogoude Danyuu ni Souguu shimashite ~Choukyou saretara, Binkan ni Narisugite Komattemase~ 300DL Track

Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Inaba Hajime (稲葉ハジメ)

Track 1: Do You Believe in Fate?



You don’t have to be so upright and ring the doorbell every time. I want you to enter with the spare key and say, “I’m home.”

It’s been 3 days since I last saw you, Chi!

I really love it when you refer to me as “Ikuto”. Since well, you just wouldn’t stop calling me “Makki”.

I do want to call you by your name, but I’m the only one who calls you “Chi”, so it feels special.

Do you like it when I call you “Chi”?


Oh, sorry, you’re just way too cute, Chi. Please come on in.

I have the day off tomorrow, so would you like to stay the night?

Thank god.

I’ve been deprived of you, Chi, so I want to hold you and kiss you, and do a ton of other fun things.

That said, please take a seat here first.

Are you feeling thirsty? Would you like some tea?



Oh, right! I tried reading the somewhat rated webnovels you mentioned earlier, Chi.

It’s different from straight porn and it’s even split into countless genres. There were also tons of interesting titles, so it became quite useful research.

The one I found easiest to read amongst the countless I’ve read…

It’s this one in particular!


I thought of a good idea. Why don’t we try acting it out?

Let’s read through the novels and replicate the scenes. Since you’ve stopped with your alt account, aren’t you craving for some excitement, Chi?

You told me that you thought of the photos you uploaded to your alt account while reading these, no?

So, why don’t we try doing the things you couldn’t do alone together?

Now this easy-to-read “Love-Dovey Lessons with My Easygoing Associate Professor,” should work, right?


It features an associate professor and their former student.

This heroine was also a virgin who then met the person of their destiny, Doesn’t that kind of resemble you, Chi?

The synopsis is this…

“With a strong yearning for her associate professor, Chizuko, a university student, made the bold decision to confess to him before her graduation. And when she did, he came out about something unexpected…”

“‘I have to warn you, my disposition is a little particular.'”

“He told her that he was a sadist, and then said to her, ‘Perhaps, you have what it takes? You are extremely sensitive by nature,’ and pointed out Chizuko’s masochistic tendencies.”

Okay, okay, okay, hmm…

Oh! I think we’ll be able to act this out. This part with the mirror.


I have a similarly large room in my room.

Come on, sit down on the bed.

Thank you.

Here, check this out. If I set that over here… Look, we can see ourselves clearly.

Are you nervous?

How cute.

There’s nothing to worry about, let’s enjoy ourselves and feel good.


“‘I’ll be watching from here, so do as I tell you and drown slowly in pleasure.'”

“‘Let’s see… Why don’t we have you orgasm from your nipples today?'”

“The professor embraced her body from behind, and while gazing sharply at her through the mirror, he licked her.”

You’re bright red, already?

This is just the beginning, you know?

“‘Come on, bring out the egg vibrator.'”

“Just as the professor asked, she brought out the egg vibrator and turned it on.”

“‘How do you usually do it?”, the professor asked. Nervously, she slipped the vibrator under her clothes and pressed it onto her right nipple.”


Oh, does it feel good? Your eyes are becoming moist.

“‘You’re enjoying yourself, aren’t you?'”

“The professor narrowed his eyes and gradually extended his hand over her left breast.”

“He massaged it gently when finally, he pinched the now hardened bud in its center. Combined with the stimulation of her right nipple, the amplified pleasure caused a painful moan to leak from her mouth.”

“‘Please look in front of you,” said the professor.”

“Looking up timidly, she was met with the reflection of herself looking like a bitch in heat, with an egg vibrator placed on her right breast and her professor fondling her left.

“‘Look, your face is completely flushed. Don’t you find that incredibly beautiful?”

“And as the professor spoke, her entire body turned red from embarrassment.”


Chi, your body’s red as a tomato too.

It’s very enticing.

“‘Hey, your hand’s starting to slack.'”

“Caught off guard by the professor’s words, she began jiggling vibrator up and down. However, that alone made her stomach burn up and she became unable to suppress her voice.”

“Although she was hesitant, she soon began moving the vibrator fervently. and in turn, the professor pinched the nipple of the left breast he was massaging.”

Huh? What’s this?

Did you cum a little from your nipples?

You’re way too lewd and also way too cute, and I love you way too much.

……And I’m worried.


I was the one who suggested doing it, but it feels like you’re feeling good because of the professor and it makes me jealous.


Having you call me, “Professor” is new and interesting, but…not today. I want us to feel good together, Chi.


So, do you notice it?

You’re shaking your hips, Chi. And I haven’t touched your lower half at all.

Here, look, look at how soaked your underwear is already.

Since it’s being reflected in the mirror, I can see it clearly even from the back.

Can you see it too, Chi?

I want to see more. Show me.


Oh my, you’re overflowing with nectar again.

Come on, take off your underwear.

Turn towards the mirror and spread it for me to see.

Your beautiful pussy, of course.


Your insides are twitching as if it’s begging for it inside.

I guess it should be fine when you’re this wet.

Say, can you ride it in this position? Let me see you swallow up my dick, won’t you?

Nice and slow, alright?

Good job.

Now, take a look at the mirror. My dick is entering your lewd pussy bit-by-bit.


That’s right, take slow deep breaths.

I’m fine. Continue.

Oh, sorry, your back was just too beautiful.

If you take it in so deep all of a sudden, I’ll hit the back-

It feels good…

What about you, Chi? Does it feel good?


Once you’ve settled down, go ahead and move at your own pace.

Chi, your pussy…feels so good.

You say “no more,” but here you are probing for whatever spots feel good.

Does it feel good? You can go rougher if you want, you know?

When you move your hips so vigorously, it creates some rather indecent sounds.

You can hear just how wet you are.

I’ll start moving too.


So, can you still keep going?

I’ll thrust up from below.


Chi, you’re cumming so much.

Fill your mind, fill your mind with me.


You want to see my face…? My god, that’s way too cute.


Turn towards me.


I’ll start moving.

Are you sure about that? Because if you say that, I really might cum inside you.

It feels so good. Your insides feel so good, Chi…

Yes, it feels good, doesn’t it?

Come on, let’s cum together.


Chi… Get pregnant, Chi.



Whoa, I came so much inside.

Seriously, you’re way too cute.

Do you feel okay? Would you like me to bring you some water?

I came inside without thinking… I’m sorry.

Jeez, why are you so damn adorable? At this point, I’d much rather you do pregnant.


Yes, a baby of our own, Chi.

I’ll cherish you for life. I don’t want to ever let go of you.

These eyes, these lips, these boobs… I want to be the one to monopolize them all.

But wait, if we have a baby, I won’t be able to have your boobs all to myself, Chi. Though when it comes down to that, I can take one side and the baby can take the other.

Say, you were imagining it just now, weren’t you? …Of having both me and our baby suckle on your boobs.


You’re such a naughty, Mama.


Hey, Chi, do you believe in fate?

Yes. Fate.

I had a bunch of haphazard relationships, but I think it might all be for the sake of meeting you, Chi.

Therefore, there’s no way out for you.

I’ll make you mine while all you know is me.


Please let me have you in your entirety, Chi.

I love you. I love you with all my heart. I’ll shower you with endless love and affection.

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