【Translation】 Uraaka de Sogoude Danyuu ni Souguu shimashite ~Choukyou saretara, Binkan ni Narisugite Komattemase~

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ウラ垢でスゴ腕男優に遭遇しまして ~調教されたら、敏感になりすぎて困ってます~

CV: Inaba Hajime (稲葉ハジメ)

Track 1: First Meeting


Hello there.

That’s a cute keychain.

We match.

Are you Miss Yumechi, perhaps?


I guessed right! Thank god.

This is our first time meeting in person. I’m Makki.

I’m sorry for barely making it in time. You were waiting for me, right?

Oh, sorry. I was so excited to meet you that it’s made me oddly tense, I think. I’d be happy if you could call me “Makki” like you do in the DMs.

Yes, nice to meet you.

That said, you’re as cute as I thought you’d be. I want to devour you right away.

Just kidding.


Your face is bright red. That’s so cute!

Also, your clothes really suit you today.

No need to be so nervous. Just think of it as you having fun with a guy friend.

In any case, why don’t we head to a cafe?

There’s this one place that I wanted to visit. It has a terrace and they say their parfaits taste as amazing as they look!

Yumechi, you like sweet things, right? Seeing that I saw you eat an incredibly sweet-looking strawberry.

ーーIn a very lewd way.


Since it’s hot today, it’s probably more comfortable inside the store.

So, come on. Your hand.

Let’s hold hands so that we don’t lose each other.


Thank god, it’s not too packed.

It’s just the two of us. Are there any seats by the window?

They said those seats are free.

You first.


It’s a cute place, do you like it?

I like sweet things too, but I can’t exactly come here alone.

People often recommend the seasonal parfaits here.

It looks like there’s a lot of other things, so take your time choosing. It’s hard to choose when you have this many choices, right?

What should we get?

Oh, this looks delicious!

Hgn…and this too!

Have you decided?

In that case, I’ll have the seasonal parfait.


Excuse me!

Erm, we could like a First-love parfait along with a seasonal parfait.

First-love parfait… It’s a nice name, don’t you think? It looks very sweet and delicious, but I feel like it’ll be a little sour.

You’re studying relationships?

I don’t think there’s a reason to rush, though?

Do you often meet people like this, Yumechi?

Is that so? Then why don’t you enjoy lots of ‘firsts’ with me?


Oh! They’ve arrived.

Wow, they’re so huge! They both look delicious.

Oh, sorry, would you mind if I take a photo?

I know right? Just looking at tasty food makes me happy; my phone is filled with pictures of food.

Thank you.

Let me help myself to it then.


Sorry, sorry, I was just thinking about how you’re devouring it so enthusiastically.


Yup, it tastes great.

You got cream onto your cheeks, so I couldn’t help it.

You’d like a taste of my parfait?

Alright, say “ah.”


How is it? Does it taste good?

Ahh, Yumechi, everything you do is, oh so adorable. If you were to upload a photo of that, you’ll probably receive tons of DMs.

Eh? Really?

I guess I’m your first for two things now.

Yumechi, are you-

Oh, sorry.

Yumechi, Yumechi… Is it alright if I call you “Chi” then? Like “Lil Chi,” would that work?

So cute…


M-m, I kissed you just now because I thought you were cute.

You’re so cute, Lil Chi, I can’t help but tease you. Besides, you want me to teach you about even naughtier things, don’t you?

It’s cute when you’re honest.

Then let’s go to one afterwards.

……A love hotel, that is.


Another first?

In that case, we ought to enjoy ourselves, don’t we?


Track 2: Gentle Caresses


Go in.


Are you oddly surprised by how normal it looks?

I thought you’d be able to relax more if it wasn’t so obvious where we are, so I asked for a standard room.

Oh, but…

The bed’s the exception, I guess. Since we’re in a love hotel, it’s king-sized.

Come on, don’t just stand there, Chi, come over here.


Are you a bit nervous?

They say another person’s warmth is calming, so I’ll hug you like this.


Do you feel a little more relaxed?

Yeah, it’s warm.

Chi, you’re so cute. You wouldn’t mind if I kiss you, right?

That’s good to hear.


Well, it is your first time at a love hotel.

I suspected as much. I’m happy that you’re a virgin, Chi. That said, you are sure about having me as your first?

I’m not against the idea at all. Frankly, I find you so cute, it’s worrying.


You uploaded such daring photos despite being so innocent. Of course, that is to say nothing of all the requests you went along with in our DMs.

Especially the time I asked you to spread your legs in an M-shape while wearing a mini-skirt.

The way you used the mirror for it was super hot.

Did remembering it turn you on?

You’re so lewd, Chi.

It’s cute.

Today, I’ll teach you all about pleasure then.

Let’s first start with your breasts.


That’s right.

Are you anticipating what’s to come, perhaps? Your nipples are sticking out.

Since I’m touching you overtop your clothes, you must be extremely sensitive. Why don’t we enjoy the fun you can’t experience by yourself?

That pain will soon turn to pleasure, so leave it to me.

Look, they’re becoming even harder.

Huh? What’s the matter?

You’re wanting more?

Then why don’t you show me your boobs like you did on the app the other day?

Naturally, hiding them today is a big no-no.


Hey, I can’t touch them if you hide them.

You have such lovely boobs.

Does having me see them arouse you?

You gave a little jolt.

Your nipples look delicious… Does it feel good when I kiss your nipples?

I’ll roll the other one between my fingers.


How does it feel when someone else teases them?

I’ll keep giving them plenty of love until you can’t take any more.

This side too…

You’re so sensitive, Chi. It’s cute.


Open your mouth nice and wide then.

Like that.

It feels good when we wrap around each other’s tongue, right?

Yes, the top of your mouth is a place that feels good too.

You’re doing good.

It’ll feel even better if we kiss while I tease your nipples.


Make sure to breathe.

Yes, through your nose.

That’s so cute. You look so dazed.


You’re so cute when you’re desperate, Chi. Am I allowed to touch this place too now?


You’re overflowing with so much nectar that I can spot it even with your underwear on.

Is this the first time someone’s touching the place below?

I see.

Let’s take it slow then.


Try spreading your legs.

Quietly spreading your legs, Chi… You’re so naughty and cute. Why don’t I start by touching you over your underwear?

Oh? The mere act of stroking your pussy feels good?

What about here?

That’s such a nice reaction. I wonder what’ll happen if I were to touch you directly?

Have you ever touched your clitoris before, Chi?

You’re scared to?

Why don’t we touch it together then?


If you keep stimulating your clit, you’ll be able to experience far more pleasure.

Let’s start by doing it over your underwear.

Press down on it gently and try rubbing it in a circular motion…

Gradually increase the strength and speed, and find what makes you feel good.

Well? Does it feel good?

You’re moving all by yourself.


Would you like to try touching it directly?

Then, today, I’ll be the one to grant you all the pleasure.


Let’s take off your underwear.

Oh, it’s already been soaked through.

It’s a sign that you’re feeling good, so I’m happy. And fret not, the love hotel sells cute underwear, so I’ll buy you a pair later.

How adorable…

Don’t worry, I won’t do anything that’ll hurt. You just have to immerse yourself in it, Chi.

Open yourself up to me even more.


Looks like you don’t feel it any less when I touch you directly.

Super sensitive. Just how I like it.

Your clit feels good, doesn’t it?

Don’t close your legs. I’ll touch it together with your nipples.

This feels good, that feels good, what a handful. Well, I’ll tease you all you want then.

How does it feel when I pinch your nipples slightly?

Does it feel really good?

Look, your clit has perked up too. So, why don’t we have you cum one time?


How does it feel when I lick your nipples?

Come on, feel good from both.

Did you cum?

It’s alright, just breathe slowly.

You look so lost in it.

You were super cute.

Oh, right! Are you thirsty? There’s a bunch of different things inside the fridge, but what would you like, Chi?


Okay, here you go.

What’s wrong? Did something happen?


Yup, it’s a capsule vending machine​. Would you like to give a shot?

Now open it up, I look forward to seeing what’s inside.

Hehe, it certainly does look like a slime. However, this is actually an egg vibrator.

See? Here’s the switch.


Since we happened upon it, why don’t we try using it?

Then, come on, off it goes!

Yes, your body’s beautiful, Chi.

Let me remove my top too then.

Hehe, are you embarrassed?

That’s cute.

Say, why don’t we hug?

Feel my warmth.

A person’s warmth is comforting in and of itself, isn’t it? Your heart’s racing, Chi.


Pass that over to me.

I’ll press it against your nipples…

It’s a different type of pleasure compared to what you experienced before, right?

Here, hold onto it yourself.

Rub your own nipples with it.

Yes, it’s very sexy. Does the vibrator feel good?


Yup, just like that.

Find the spots that feel good. And in the meantime… I’ll be licking this place.

It’s not dirty. It’s wet from earlier and now, dripping with even more.


Not to mention, I’m only licking around it and you’re already trembling. I’ll lick your clit a ton then.


Look, your clit is erect. You must be really enjoying yourself.

Come on, Chi, if you don’t press the vibrator against yourself properly, your boobs won’t feel good.


Your insides are loosening up…

Let’s have you cum from your clit.


You came, didn’t you?

You’re so cute.

Did it feel good?

My goal today was to drown you in pleasure, Chi, so I had more than enough fun. Thank you.

I’m glad.


Oh, the egg vibrator’s yours, Chi.

Think back to today and use it on yourself. If you use it every day, you should be able to experience even greater pleasure.

You’re so damn cute.

The photos posted on the app might become even spicier.



Track 3: Let’s Go Shopping


I’m so sorry for making you wait.

You’re just as cute today. So, are you wearing the underwear I bought for you the other day?

Let me have a good look at it later.

Sexy see-through undergarments really suit you, Chi.

Now let’s hold hands and set off…!



To tell you the truth, I got us a reservation at the pancake place you were interested in, Chi.

I’m glad you’re excited. Let’s go!


They all look so tasty……

I’ll settle on this.

Have you decided, Chi?


Hi! I would like to order.

Erm…I’d like one Matcha and one Berry Maple, and I’d also like to order a coffee and black tea.

Speaking of which, that photo from last time got so many replies. You know, the one where I asked you to press the egg vibrator against your bra.

All of your photos have had that extra “appeal” to them ever since that day.

Just the other day, someone mentioned masturbating to them in replies, no? Are your DMs faring alright?

Eh? You don’t mind showing me?


“I jack off to you every day, Yumechi. I’ll go to town on your pussy if you’d let me, so give me a DM.”

“Would you be interested in a gangbang?”

“My tongue work is out of this world, would you like to experience it?

“I’ll fuck you like a fleshlight”

Ugh, there’s even dick pics.

So this made you happy, and that’s why your photos have been teetering closer and closer to the edge?

You’re such a dirty girl.

So, are you now used to that type of thing? You were going all “I’m scared” the last time.


Huh? Me?

So did you masturbate while remembering the time I touched you?

Is that so…? So you wanted me to watch?

You’re so adorable, Chi. I wish I could kiss you right now. However, right now, the pancakes come first.


Whoa, the pancakes are so thick!

They’re so fluffy.

Mmm, they smell so good. Let me take a picture of them.

Let’s not wait any further.

I’m digging in!


Holy! The knife went right in.

Damn, what is this? I’m at a loss for words. It tastes super good.

Chi, would you like a bite of this too?

Say, “ah.”

It’s super tasty, right?

Let me have a taste of yours too.


Wow, the maple syrup is amazing. That said, I think I might find your nectar to be more delectable.


Wait, you have some dripping from your fingers…

Sorry, sorry, it’s bad manners, right?

Come on, let’s eat.


Everything tasted so good! I would love to come here again.

They say they have special limited-time menu items, so I should check up on it.

That reminds me, there’s a place I’d like to drop by. Is that alright?

Chi, you’re wearing the underwear from the other day, right? So I’d like you to wear a matching babydoll.

Yup, let’s choose it together.


That store over there.

It’s a slightly kinky lingerie store with a huge product line-up. There’re tons to choose from, so please tell me if you find any you like.

What do you think about this?

Look, look, look, it’s one of those open-crotch types that leave your precious place right out in the open.


It’s a super-micro bikini.

Haha! I know, one step at a time.

What we’re looking for today is… In this area, maybe?


I like the lace kind, but what do you think?

Hold it in front of your clothes.

Yup, I like it. What about you?

Let’s settle with this one then.

Oh! Should I buy you one of these things for a young woman who’s given up on love?

I’m joking. Please allow me to offer this as a present.


Alright, next up is…


Oh, it’s raining.

I thought we’d go to the same hotel as last time, but… If you don’t mind, would you like to come to my house?

It’s a short walk away.

It’s settled then!

……Let’s have fun at my house today.


Your eyes are moist already…

You’re so cute.

It has been a week, after all. So wear the babydoll we just bought and let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

Let’s go before the rain gets any worse then.


Track 4: House Date


Come on in.

Sorry that it’s so dreary.

Thank you. Though, it’s only because there’s really nothing here.

Chi, use this towel.

There’s no issue, right?

Take off your wet clothes and instead… Here, take this. Why don’t you quickly change for me?

I’m sure you’ll look cute in a babydoll, Chi.

The dressing room’s over there, so please use it. Of course, I wouldn’t mind if you changed in front of me either.


Hehe, what a shame.

Take care.


Whoa, it looks so cute! Even cuter than I imagined!

Yes, yes, it really suits you.

Hey, can you spin around for me?

The slight glimpses I can get is wonderful.

Eh? I’m sounding like an old man?

It’s your fault for being so sexy, Chi. Now, come here.


You’re so cute.


Your eyes get watery from simple kisses?

Since you went through the trouble of putting it on, it would be a shame to take it off.

Huh? Have you become more sensitive than before?

You’re trembling so much.

What’s this? Your nipples are sticking out and I can see them through the lace.

Your lewd nipples look super delicious, Chi.

I’ll keep touching them and make them more striking.


No, you’re not allowed to hide them.

Don’t worry, I’ll shower you with so much affection that you won’t have time to worry about such things.

You know that I’m dirty, don’t you?

Wrap it around more.

Yes, that’s right.

Good job. Look at how perky your nipples are.



Oh, just the feeling of your lingerie brushing against you made you feel it?

I don’t mind. Go ahead and become even lewder.


Would you be able to get up, Chi?

Ohhh… Those are porn vids.

“You own copies!?”

Not too bad of a reaction. Are you curious?

Why don’t we watch one together?


I’ll mute it since I want to hear your voice, Chi.

Chi, sit here in front of me.

It’s starting.

That’s another first for you, Oh, but if you’re that curious, you should’ve just said so.

Yeah, that’s me.

You must be shocked, right? Sorry for not telling you that I’m a porn star.

I haven’t starred in much lately, though.


Uh… I’m good?

Are you not turned off by it?

I see…

I’ll make you feel really, really good then, Chi. We just so happen to be in the exact same position, so why don’t we re-enact it together?


Masturbate for me.

Don’t say no. Come on, show me your indecent side.



And then what?

How do you play with yourself?

Oh? So you would stroke your clit with fingers like that?

Go on, continue.

As a reward for being a good girl, I’ll lick your ears while fondling both your boobs.


You can’t seem to stop your fingers, can you?

You really are adorable.

So, do you want me to lick your boobs?

Since you were so honest about it, I’ll lick them for you.

Come on, turn this way. And hold the fabric in your mouth so that I can see your breasts.

Now that looks super arousing.


Looks like you feel really good from your nipples too.

For the left side…

Here. I’ll rub it and pinch it…

You seem to be really enjoying it.

You want me to stop? In that case, I lick and suck on it…


Huh? Not your boobs?

Then what do you want me to do?


Oh, you can still afford to pay attention to the screen? Then as you wish, I’ll play with your pussy the same way.

But before that, I want you to focus, so I’ll turn off the TV.

Concentrate on me.


Your underwear is soaked in your nectar, Chi.

Seeing how wet you are, it’s probably enough. Let’s try inserting some fingers inside today.

I’ll start by slowing tracing around your pussy…

It’s twitching like it wants them inside already.

Then as you wish…

Wow, you swallowed up two fingers at all and you can hear the sounds of how wet you are.

And when I move my fingers back and forth… Well? Doesn’t it feel good?


Make sure to remember this sensation. Knowing what places feel good is very important, you know?

You’re so sensitive. Did rubbing your G-spot make you cum?


Chi, you’re becoming ever more sensitive. How adorable.

I’m praising you. You’re so naughty and lewd, and it leaves me wanting more.


I’d gladly welcome it, but would you like to practice some orgasm control?.

Did you bring the egg vibrator we bought last time?


Why don’t we practice with this?

Place your hands on your knees and hold your legs open, Chi.

What a nice view.

I’ll slide this around your thighs first.


How cute, you’re trembling.

And then I’ll move it along your slit…

Well? Nectar’s pouring non-stop. Does it feel good?

It’s frustrating?

Next up, here.

That’s quite the reaction. Your clit feels good, doesn’t it?

Yes, your pussy’s twitching. But not yet, I won’t let you cum just yet. Whenever you’re about to cum, I’ll stop.


No, you have to hold your legs properly.

It’s practice, is it not? So we’ll keep repeating the process.

I haven’t done anything and yet you’re leaking more nectar from the mere sound of the vibrator.

How naughty.

I’ll make way to your clit again…

Wow, it’s become so hard.

Let yourself slowly ascend to climax, and thenーー


I told you that we’ll be repeating things. Do you not want to continue?

In that case, feel free to cum then.


Well done.

Hmm? Why are you fidgeting?

You’re so naughty.

You want my fingers?


That’s quite the naughty request, to say the least. If you say things like that, I…


Seriously, what’s with that? You’re just way too cute.


Jeez, I’ll loosen it up properly, but seeing that it’s your first time, it might still hurt.

Uh, umm, when you eye it so seriously, it makes me embarrassed.


What am I to do with you? When you say that you want me, of course I’d lose my self-control. I’ll try to be as gentle as possible and make it hurt as little as I can, alright?



It’s warm lube to help you ease up more.

You are pretty wet already, but I want to lower the burden on you, so I’ll apply lots of lube.

I’ll apply a bunch inside too.


There’s enough room for two fingers…

I can fit three inside too.

I wonder if this place feels good?

What a nice reaction. Your insides are wrapping tightly around my fingers.

Look, now you have four fingers inside!

I’ll slowly move them in and out.


It looks like it feels pretty good. Why don’t we have you cum from this?

There’s nothing to worry about, just focus only on the pleasure.

Good job.


Chi, your moans, your look of pleasure… Look, those alone have made me even harder.

I want to enter inside you already.


Yeah, condoms.

I’ll be putting it on myself today, but can you put it on for me next time, Chi?

It’s a promise.


Don’t fret. Relax. I won’t be putting it in just yet.

Can you give me your hand, Chi?

Let’s apply a bunch of lube on my dick as well.

It’s hot?

This is probably the first time I’ve ever been this erect. I guess I have far fewer reins on myself than I thought.

Far, far, fewer.

Yup, it’s because it’s you, Chi. It’s your fault for being so cute.


You can remove your hand off my dick.

Chi, are you fine with this? This will be going inside you.

All I’m doing is rubbing it against your clit and yet, look, you’re overflowing with lots of nectar again.

Does my dick feel good?

Then keep your legs open. I’ll insert it inside you slowly.


Breathe slowly.

Like this.

It’ll be okay, continue breathing.


Are you alright? Does it hurt?

That’s a relief.

It’s all in.

I’ll move slowly, so let me hear your voice.



This place…feels good?

I’ll keep grinding my dick against it then.

It’s fine, let your mind go blank. Let yourself cum.

Let me hear your voice.


I’m about to cum too.


You’re clamping so hard…

I’m cumming, I’m cumming-!


That felt so good.

Chi, are you in any pain? Are you okay? Even though it was your first time, it felt really good?

Mhm, I felt really good too.

With how cute and naughty you are… It’s the best feeling.


Track 5: You’re Special


This bath is great, don’t you think? There aren’t many single rooms with a huge bath; it took a lot of effort to find one.

Yes, let’s go in together. I’ll wash your body for you.

Let’s jump in the bath and rejuvenate ourselves.

The shower’s not too hot, right?

That’s good. Please take a seat on this stool then.


I’ll rub soap all over you and wash you.

First off, your right arm…

Then your left arm…

Around your neck… Your back… Your cute butt… I’ll rub some on the front too.

Your right leg… Your left leg… Your belly… Your navel…

You feel it from here too?

I’ll lick this place next time then.

Let me cover your boobs with this soap too…


Here I am just washing you and you’re feeling good from it?

You’re so naughty.

Sorry, sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Your cute nipples looked like they wanted to be touched.

We have to wash your pussy too at the end, don’t we?

You’re shaking your hips, Chi.

Alright, I’ll rinse off the soap.

Hold your arms up high.


Okay, stand up, Chi.

Hmm…I can’t seem to get rid of this slippery feel from your pussy. Why don’t we increase the strength of the shower?

You’re free to cum.

Whoa there! You came, didn’t you?

Now then, why don’t we get in the bath?


Ahh…I feel alive again.

Hey, don’t sit so far away. Come sit with me.

Yes, good girl.

Chi, your first time has been taken by me. Thank you for choosing me to be your first.


You were just so freaking cute.

It’s not going to be like some massive incident, and the amount of blood depends on the person.

Oh, but considering how deep I reached, I guess there’s still a weird lingering sensation?

I’m sorry for not being able to stop myself.

Let me take a look at it later, okay?

It’s your fault for being way too cute, Chi. I’m hard again.


Truthfully speaking, I haven’t been in the best of conditions lately. Even when I arrive on set, I would take a long time to get it up…

I drifted away from that line of work in part because of that.

However, it’s strange, isn’t it? We just did it and I’m already like this. But even so, doing it a second time might be a little too much for you, wouldn’t it?

I won’t put any burden on you, so is it okay if I hold you like this for a little bit longer?


It’s fine…?

Then, uh, please prop your hips up here. It might be embarrassing, but can you spread your legs and show me?

Doesn’t look like anything’s torn.

……And it doesn’t taste of blood either.


Yup, seems like the inside is fine too.

Hmm? Did you get turned on again from me licking you?

I’ll lick this place even more then.


Your nectar’s starting to trickle down.

You’re so lewd, Chi.

Let’s both become naughtier and naughtier.


Your clit is bright red in anticipation.

How cute.

Does it feel good?

You’re swaying your hips… Are you trying to entice me?

I don’t mind. Let yourself enjoy it.


You came again, didn’t you?


What a plea. If you beg me like that, I really will do it.

Then stand up.

Place your hands on the wall.

Yes. Good girl.


Your boobs and your clit… You love them both, don’t you?

You’re making a really naughty expression, you know?

Look, it’s reflected in the mirror.

Remember all the places that feel good.

You act so lewdly that one wouldn’t think you just had your first time today.


This is my first time experiencing this. I just came not too long ago, but I’m already like this.

Stick your butt out more. I’m putting it in.

Chi, your pussy’s practically begging for it too.


You’re okay, right? It doesn’t hurt, right?

I’ll insert it slowly…

Make sure to feel me.


Look, it’s all in.

Does it feel good? You can keep going, right?

Chi, your insides are so hot.

Did you cum the moment I put it in?

You really are adorable.


Does your back feel good too? Your inside tightened just then.

I don’t think I can last much longer either.

Your pussy feels super good, Chi.

I’ll go a little bit rougher. I’ll keep hitting the spots that feel good, so let’s cum together.


Sorry, I came onto your back.

Please sit down here, Chi. I’ll clean your back.


I guess we did it a second time…?

Let’s get out before we start feeling dizzy.

Chi, are you alright?

Grab onto me.


Jeez, you’re just way too darn cute.

I love you.


Track 6: Can I Keep You to Myself?


Chi, you smell nice from the bath.


We came to this hotel again, huh?

Let’s kiss.


Well, Chi, I have a request for you today.

This is maple syrup flavored lube, but… It has a sweet scent, doesn’t it? I want you to drizzle this onto my dick and lick it.

I would be happy if you could lick me with your cute little mouth.

So, how’s that sound?


Thank you!


First, hold it with both hands.

Apply plenty of the lube…

You’re doing good. Spread it along the entire length.

When you trace along the head… If you tease it so carefully, I’ll get hard right away.

So, why don’t you try licking the top of dick?


Is it tasty?

Lick it with the tip of your tongue and…

Yes, lick from the base to the tip.

That’s good.

Speaking of which, you uploaded a video of you masturbating with the egg vibrator the other day, didn’t you?

You were holding back your voice, but the way you leaked a tiny moan at the end was hot.


Hey, don’t stop.

Remember that time while licking me.

Chi, you’re making such a lewd face.

You’re doing good. Now put your mouth around it and move your tongue around slowly.

Now slowly get it in deeper while licking it with your tongue…


I’m so happy that you’re desperate going along.

Oh, but, it’s not painful for you, right? Are you okay?

That’s so cute.

That alone is about to make me cum.



I couldn’t help but take pictures of the lewd expressions you make as you blow my dick.

Say, why don’t I upload this photo?

I’m sorry, I wasn’t being serious.

So, umm…is it possible for you to stop posting on your alternate account? I don’t want any other man to see your lewdness and adorableness.


Don’t stare at me so much.


Erm, I’m even surprised myself. Considering that I did porn, I should understand that people have different fetishes, but, but I really can’t do this anymore.

I can’t stand the thought of there being guys that masturbate to your photos.

I should be the only one to know how super naughty and also extremely sensitive you are and how you respond to my actions with cute moans.

Besides, I plan to quit being a porn star.

And I haven’t been on any set lately either.


I’m in love with you, Chi.

I love you so much that I want to have you all to myself.

So, why don’t you become mine, Chi?


Really…? Thank you.

I love you.


Now that I’ve got that weight off my shoulders…

Hey, Chi, can you give a little more attention to my dick?

It feels so good… I’m so close to cumming.

Say, can I cum on your face? I really want to.


Sorry, I’m cumming, I’m cumming-!


I’m so sorry, I’ll wipe it off right away.

Use this towel.

I covered you in so much of my cum.


Did licking me make you feel good too, Chi?

You’re so lewd, Chi.

I’m happy.

Now, it’s my turn to lick your pussy, Chi.


It’s soaking wet already.

Your nectar’s so tasty, Chi. So much of it is leaking out of you.

Does your clit feel good?

I’ll lick it even more then.

You’re already about to cum?

Go ahead and cum.


You came, it seems. Your toes curled up tightly.

You’re really cute when you cum, Chi.

You’re okay to continue, right?

Eh? No, uh, can I really insert it inside you now?

Then put on a condom for me. We promised, didn’t we?


No, no, the other way.

That’s right.

Thank you. Let me apply a little bit of lube to lessen the burden on you.


You felt it from just the lube?

So lewd. I love part of you too.

Become even lewder, let out all your moans, and let yourself go.

Show that only to me

You can hear these dirty wet sounds when I simply rub my dick against your entrance.

No, not yet.

Wait until it goes inside you.


Wow, your insides are so hot, and soft. It’s slowly swallowing me up.

It’s all in.

It’s all the way.

Damn it feels so good.

I’m the same. I’ll massage both your boobs as I grind against you even more.


Do your boobs feel good?

Look, when I pinch your nipple hard, you tighten right up. Not to mention how soft and nice your boobs feel.

You’re clamping down so hard…

Are you already about to cum?


Let’s cum together.


I’m about to cum too-!


Chi, you came from the deep penetration, didn’t you?

M-m, you came from this deep spot here.

Let’s have tons of sex together from tonight onwards.

You’re so cute.



Eh? Is it yours, Chi?

What is it?

“Yumechi, let’s meet offline”… Chi, don’t tell me you plan to reply?

Hey, why don’t you just delete it?

Because if you don’t hurry up and delete it, I might go crazy from jealousy.

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