【Translation】 Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game Vol.5 Open Kareshi Hen


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淫蜜脱出ゲーム Vol.5 オープン彼氏編

CV: Majima Junji (間島淳司)

Track 1: Encircled by Blind Love


This is the first time we entered a place like this together.

Even though it’s one’s precious birthday, to spend the day in a love hotel… Does that take you aback?

I was hesitant too, but I’ve been kind of busy lately, so I wasn’t able to work much part-time. And even when I did go in, I wasn’t being given many shifts, so I haven’t got to see you at all.

Eh? Hmm…

I mean, I work part-time as almost like a hobby, so you can say it’s a life experience type of thing. Bunch of things had happened outside of my part-time job, you see.

It’s busy being an adult.

Hehe. That said, thanks to working at that dull cafe, I met you.

In any case, I don’t plan to let go of you this entire day.


You seem nervous. Did you think you’d immediately be eaten up by me?

I don’t mind doing so if that’s what you want.

Well, let’s first have a mini-champagne toast.

Thank you.

Since this is a rare occasion, let’s make the most of it. Cheers.


It’s mild on the tongue, and it’s delicious.

I know, right? I thought it’d suit your tastes too.

Nice drinking.

Would you like to drink more?

Sure, I’ll pour it for you.


How is it? Does it taste better than before?

You’re spilling it.

Look, your cleavage.


It’d be a waste, so I thought I might as well taste it alongside you.


Being all shy. How cute.

Speaking of which, when you asked me what present I wanted for my birthday, I said that I’ll think about it, right?

Is it alright if I make a request now?

Yup, I thought of something just now.


I want you to give me lots of kisses.

And from there, I want you to seduce me sexily. Do you think you can do it?

This is wonderful, you’re really cute when you’re putting your all.

Sure, straddle on top of me. Do it however you like.


Eh? Eyes?

Hmm…if possible, I’d like to keep my eyes open during it. Can I?

Alright, alright, I get it. If you ask me with such a sweet voice, how could I refuse?

Well then, does this work? I’ve shut my eyes.


Is that it?

I asked for lots. This is hardly enough.

Mhm, it feels good.

But not yet. It’s not enough, let’s kiss more.


Receiving kisses from you is nice.

Your eyes are moist. Did you get turned on by any chance?

I personally got really aroused. That said, I suppose that rather taking the initiative yourself, you prefer me taking the initiative.


Let me undo your buttons.

Your breasts are soft and feel super good, don’t they? The shape and size are just right; it’s just how I like it.

And since you enjoy having your boobs touched, it’s a win-win.

…Particularly here.

Your nipples are hard.

They’re sensitive, aren’t they? I’ll tease them gently, extra gently while kissing you.


It’s gotten a lot harder than before. I wonder if your lower-half is having a good time?

Well, can you hear it?

Your insides are already making such wet noises even with your clothes on. Were you thinking of sex while we were kissing?

You can’t help but want to be touched directly, right?

In that case, I’ll do as you wish.

Please lift your hips up a little, and cling onto me tightly.


Mhm. Good girl, good girl.

I’ll insert my finger.


My middle finger has been swallowed up in an instant. Shall I insert my ring finger as well?

I’ll rub it gently with my two fingers.

Hmm? Does it feel good?

You happen to be breathing straight into my ear, so it tickles.

M-m, I don’t hate it. Your lewd voice is very seductive, and because of it, my place here has become more and more energetic.

I’ll pull out my fingers.


Hey, look, this was just how wet you were.

…And it’s far sweeter than champagne.

What shall we do next?

The way you’re fidgeting is cute. You immediately show it on your face, so it’s easy for me to tell.

Can you remove my belt for me?

It’s still awkward no matter how long it’s been.

Thank you.


Say, shall we do it here on the sofa?

Sure. Grab onto my shoulders.

It’s tight.

Can you relax a little more?

That’s right.

Amazing, the place where I enter is squeezing down on me tightly.


It’s all in. All the way down to the base.

I can feel you coiling around me.

Your look of pleasure and your sensitive body are so cute. It’s all very much like you, and I love it.

I love you.


Do you think you’re able to move your hips on your own?

Very good.

It feels so good. I’ll touch your stiff place here that you love as well.

The way you’re shaking your hips… How lewd. As expected, it feels good when I stroke this place during intercourse.


Oh. Are you about to cum?

Go ahead, cum.

You want to cum together? How troubling, I wanted to savor you for a little longer, though.

I got an idea.

Hey, I want to change positions a little. I’ll push you down and I’ll be on top while we’re still joined.


There we go.

Is it alright if I go a little rough? That way, I think we’ll be able to cum together.


I’ll start moving then.


Your insides are so hot…

It feels so good.

I’m about to cum too. Let’s cum together.

Go on, cum. I’ll follow right after you.


I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


Are you okay? You’re sweating quite a lot.

Mhm. We felt good together.

Then is it alright if I brought you over to the bed next? Let me give you tons more affection today.


Track 2: Melting Bodies


Well then, we’ve arrived at the bed, my cute Princess.

You know that I wouldn’t be satisfied with only one round.

Hmm? What’s that?

Oh, this room’s information booklet. Was there something interesting written on it?

This is a deluxe suite? Lucky us.

That said, why are you so flustered?


Escape game? …This is a room that can’t be exited once it’s entered? What you do mean?

Let’s see.

“Courtesy of the luXuria hotel, this is a special room in which once the room is entered, it cannot be exited until a series of missions have been successfully completed. There were many contraptions installed; however, a guest cannot exit the room midway. By entering this room, you have agreed to all terms and conditions. Thank you for your understanding.”

Is what it says.


I get it now. Seems fun.

No need to be so panicked. Hey, look, it’s written here that it wouldn’t be difficult at all if the two people loved each other.

Think of it as an amusement attraction and let’s work together and get through it.

Now then, the first mission, is it inside this forcibly stuffed paper?

Boom. The first mission is…

“Kiss her ears 20 times.”


It’s a high hurdle?

This is true. Your ears are extremely sensitive.

That said, you’re not against, I know that much. Shall we go ahead and give it a shot?

It’s fine, stay still.

Which ear should I stay with, I wonder?

Right ear?

Or…perhaps this side instead?


Don’t quiver so much when I haven’t even touched you.

Let’s first start with your right ear.


Does it tickle?

One more.

Well? Does it still tickle? Since you’re very sensitive, it’ll eventually turn into pleasure, so relax and focus on your ears.

Cute. This will be the fifth.


Your breathing has gotten rougher, hasn’t it?

Your eyes are all teary.

There’s still another 10 left, huh. When I think about how it’s almost over, it does make me reluctant to continue.

Next up is your left ear, right? But before that, there’s a place that’s been catching my attention. Is it okay if I were to touch it?


Look, you’re already this wet.

To be this wet even though we just came together, you’re so naughty and cute.

Your sensitive place is jutting out hard and looking all lively. Even though you love having this place teased, I didn’t lick it properly earlier, right? Sorry.

When I kissed your ears, it started aching and now you’re wanting to be touched again, right?

No need to be shy.

Tell me anything. Be honest.

I want you to be more disheveled and I want you to feel more pleasure. So, right now, focus entirely on your ears and become laxer.

And if we complete the mission, I’ll give you a reward.


Don’t say you surrender. There’s still more to go.

Hehe. You’re totally faltering midway, shall I touch your boobs?

Do your boobs feel good too?

3 more. 18, 19…20.


So, did that feel good?

Well done. Now then, your reward… A kiss on the lips.


Are you more aroused than before? Your body’s hot.

Huh? That’s the sound of a mission clear, isn’t it?

The second mission has popped up, so let’s quickly take a look at it.


Track 3: Helping with Masturbation


The second mission is for the guy to help the girl masturbate. And for that, I prepared this.

I think this was called “babydoll”?

Your body’s beautiful, so I thought a sexy, almost transparent lingerie would definitely suit you. Why don’t you give it a try?

Why? Are you getting all embarrassed now?

I mean, it is true that it’s so see-through that you might as well be wearing nothing. However, this is more tantalizing than you being half-heartedly naked.


Come here. I’ll put it on for you.

Uh-huh, I want to see it worn. And of course, this only applies to you.

Don’t worry, it’ll definitely suit you.

See? It’s incredibly cute. Plus, it’s also sexy.


Now then, go ahead and show me.

Don’t play dumb. You’ve masturbated before, haven’t you? So touch yourself zealously in the way that will make you feel the most pleasure.

I’m referring to this place.

The place that’s been drooling this whole time like it wants to be touched…

This place here.

Wet your finger with that almost overflowingly wet entrance and stroke this place firmly like you’re pinching it between them.

Come on, hurry.


Yes, that’s good.

It feels good, doesn’t it? Since you’re only fiddling with that place, your insides start wanting it too, don’t they?

It’s fine. Try inserting your fingers inside.

Use both hands and stimulate both the inside and outside.


There’s still a bit of shyness, but the movements of your fingers have gotten more and more intense.

Ah. Don’t stop, continue.

I clearly see you moving your fingers in and out.

For it to be that wet and twitching, and for your nails to be digging into the sheets… Every one of your gestures is erotic.

Just watching you is turning me on. Shall I jack off while you masturbate?

Just kidding. That was a joke.


What do you usually think of in your head when you masturbate? Do you imagine me teasing you?

Tell me.

Haha! Even more is leaking out.

You like it when I tease you with words, don’t you?

Why are you hiding it? Come on, spread your legs nice and wide, and just let yourself feel good.


I need a better look at the sight of you swallowing up your slender, delicate fingers.

To me, you, when you’re embarrassed, are the most wonderful dessert. So, shall I give you a hand right about now?

You look like you want to cum so badly that you can’t help yourself.

Your chest is stiff and tense like it wants to be touched. Well, you’re using up both your hands, so you can’t fondle your breasts.

Shall I lick them through the babydoll?


It’s become more see-through from being wet. How lewd.


I’ll rub this nipple with my fingers.

No stopping your hands. Make yourself feel good.

I want to lick your favorite spots right now, but right now, the mission is for me to help you masturbate.

Churn it up nice and good in my stead, and make yourself feel good.

That’s right. And while you’re at it, I’ll be teasing your nipples the entire time, so if you’re about to cum, don’t hesitate to tell me.


You’re already about to cum? Were you holding back the whole time? …You’re really swaying your hips.


It’s swelled up nice and big.

Wow, your insides are still twitching. Did it feel good when you came?

That’s great to hear. I was super aroused too.

You were really cute there.


You were also feeling it a lot from me while you were fingering yourself, no?

When I think about how you might remember today’s event when you masturbate at home, it makes me all the happier.

What was that? It sounded like something unlocking.

Is it that case over there?

Let’s open it up and see. The contents of the next mission might be written in there.


A peach…?

It has a really sweet and sour scent. I guess it’s like “here’s some fruit as a reward for the clear,” or not.

There’s a piece of paper with it as well?

I knew it. It’s the third mission, isn’t it? I wonder what’s next. Give it a read.


Track 4: Strange Fruit


“Third mission: Eat the strange fruit and have sex together.”

They call it a strange fruit, but what’s so strange about it? No matter how you look at it, it’s just a regular peach.

Well, it does have a sweet scent that makes you want to just dig into it.

Hmm…since we came here, all we’ve had is a drink of champagne, so I do indeed feel hungry.

Seeing that we’ve come this far, let’s go ahead and eat it.


Hmm. I do understand how you feel, but it should be alright.

It’s probably an item to stir up each other’s feelings like the babydoll earlier, don’t you think? Well, I go take a nibble of it first.


Mmm… Sweet.

It’s juicy and delicious. I see. The taste is that of a tasty peach.

Next is your turn.

Oh, would you prefer I feed it to you mouth-to-mouth like I did the champagne?


See? It’s a tasty peach, right?

Would you like to eat some more?

Sure. One more.


I don’t know whether I’m eating the peach or I’m eating you anymore.

This is…

Suddenly my body has become hot.

Incredible. My heart’s pounding uncontrollably. I don’t how to describe it, but I want to have sex with you so badly that it hurts.

I want to stick it in you right now, rub against your insides hard, and thrust deep into you.

Are these urges the fault of the peach we just ate?


More, entwine your tongue with mine more.

Your body’s extremely hot too. Are you in the mood for sex just like me?

Cute. So cute.

I’ll dissolve you fully like the peach.


Since you were churning it up by yourself earlier, it’s still wet. Tons of juices are dripping down from it just like the peach we just ate.


You’re leaking out quite the sweet voice. So you’re super turned on too.

Me too. I’m so aroused right now that I don’t know what’ll become of me.

It’s no use, there’s no enduring this. Please let me inside of you.

Thank you.


It feels good. Your insides are wrapping around me so tightly that it’s like it’s trying to grab me away.

That expression’s so naughty.

Do you feel good?

That makes me happy.

Is it what they were referring to when they called it a “strange fruit”? Even though I’m inside you and bound with you, I can’t help but desire more despite that and want to feel you up even more.



It feels really good. I’ll hit all your pleasure spots as well just like this!

Let your voice out more. Let me hear more of it.


You tightened.

Feel my heat even more.

C-Cumming, I’m cumming…I about to-



Wow! I came so much.

Are you alright? Because it’s not settling down for me.

This might be the first time we’ve gone this rough. Same for seeing you become that much of a mess and just satisfying yourself.

“Strange fruit”…

That really got me. I didn’t want to do anything that was too rough with you, but I wanted you so badly that I couldn’t stop myself.


Did it not hurt?

Then that’s a relief.

So this must be what it’s like to run on instincts and unleash your desires. I guess it was a peach that has similar effects to an aphrodisiac.

Deep down, you were probably thinking that gentle sex wasn’t enough.

It’s fine to say it honestly.

That peach seems to have the additional effect of making you honest with yourself.


Oh well, it’s fine. In any case, I now understand that you love sex just like me.


I know, I know, sex with me, that is.

I love having sex with you too.


You really are adorable. You’re making me more and more into you.

Please continue to show me different sides, okay?

Oh, right. I got so heated up that I forgot about the missions. It appears that the door to an inner room opened this time.

Let’s go look after a short break.


Track 5: Exposing Everything


Woah, this is an amazing room! It’s mirrors on all sides.

I mean, the fourth mission is to have sex in front of a mirror. But when even the ceiling’s a mirror, so much for the whole in “front” of a mirror.

No matter which way we look, the sight of us making love is in full view.


Oh. The door locked.

I’m sure it’s set up so that you can’t leave until the mission’s cleared.

Then without delay…

What shall we do? Shall we do it from the back this time?

I’ll be able to penetrate you deep and it’s easy to see the mirror.


Get on all fours.

Look, look, I can see you on all fours in all different angles. Are you embarrassed?

I feel happy. It’s easy to touch your cute boobs too.

Lewd? Of course I’m thinking about lewd things. And you’re lewd too, so we’re a match.


Hey, don’t hang your head. Look at the mirrors.

You always shut your eyes whenever you start feeling good, so you haven’t really seen me massage and play with your breasts with my five fingers like this much, right?

Well? Are you turned on? You’re making a rather naughty expression.

You have this kind of intoxicated look when you’re having sex with me too, you know? And when I see you like that, I get hopelessly aroused.


I’ll insert my fingers below, so watch carefully.


It’s super wet. It’s easy to move in and out.

Tell me where it feels good.

Cute. To be able to see this cute appearance from all angles, this room is wonderful. I think I’ve found an unexpected fetish.

Eh? Why are you saying that all of a sudden? I wouldn’t just sleep with anyone.

I may seem easy-going, but it’s different when it comes to you. I’m not skilled enough to have relationships with multiple women and I am not capable of doing this with someone I don’t love.

It’s true. I don’t want you to misunderstand me, so believe in me.


I see. So I’ve been making you anxious this whole time.

It’s probably thanks to that peach that I’m about to hear all the jumble of thoughts from deep inside your heart.

Hey, why don’t you leave a kiss mark on me? Anywhere is fine.

It’ll be proof that I’m yours.

And please allow me to leave plenty of marks to show that you’re mine.


I love you. You’re the only one whom I love and want to have sex with.

I’m serious.

Come on, let’s do it.


I’m happy you believe me.

Lift your hips a little. I’ll enter from the back.


When I put it in from the back, it feels like I’m reaching really deep.

Sorry, that wasn’t everything.

I’ll move slowly.


A room full of mirrors is nice. I feel like I’m entirely buried in you.

Hey, can you see it? Can you see the place where we’re joined? This is the sight of me finding you wonderfully lovely.

Don’t squeeze down all of a sudden.

I want to enjoy your lewd side more, but it’s no use, I don’t have that type of patience.


I see. You too?

I’ll grind up against the deep spot you love lots. I’ll do it again and again until you’re satisfied.

How’s that? Does it feel good?

Take a good look at the place where we join. You can see just how much I love you and how much I yearn for you, can’t you?

I love you. I love you so much.


Sure, cum. And I’ll cum too.

It feels so good…

I’ll tease the front too.


Your insides are coiling around me again.

Go ahead, cum.

Let yourself feel it. Fill your head with thoughts of me.

I’m about to cum too…


Well? Has it relieved your anxiety?

There, there. That’s good to hear.

My feelings are always all directed towards you.

Now then, the fourth mission’s cleared, but before we return to that other room, let me hear your request.


Track 6: Tight Hug


I’ve had more than my share of fun, so I’m really wanting to grant a request from you this time around.

Please tell me if there’s anything you want me to do.


You want lots of hugs?

What a cute request. Of course it’s okay.


Like this?

When I’m hugging you, it calms me too.

Can you hear the sound of my heart? It just wouldn’t settle down, so I was at a bit of loss.

I can hear the sound of your heart too, and it’s still pounding.

Haha. I love it when you snuggle right up to me. For some reason, it turns on my protective instincts. It’s like I’m hugging a cat.

Huh? Why are you sulking? It just means that’s how cute you are.

Naturally, my protective instincts aren’t enough to suppress it. So you’ll take that on with your body, right?


Your hair smells of shampoo.

When I trace your body with my finger, my heart stops beating hopelessly fast and I just can’t stop myself.

I want to make you feel good with my hands, I want to shower you in lots of love, and ahh…I’ll treasure you forever.

Don’t look so surprised.

I’m sure that if I were to lose your love, food wouldn’t be able to even get past my throat.


You want to see me like that?

You say some rather mean things.

Well, it’s fine. No matter how you attempt to test me, all you’ll receive is the truth of just how much I love you.

If you don’t feel at ease unless you check then go ahead and test me from time to time. And in exchange, please be prepared for what happens afterwards.

For what?

I might give you an unthinkable mission. …Just like how this room’s game does.


This strange game, I wouldn’t have been able to clear it if it weren’t with you.

It’s true.

Well, how about we kiss? Just holding you is no longer enough.

I can’t? …How cold.

Though, that is what I said. That I wanted to hear your requests. In that case, why don’t you request for a kiss?

Eh? That doesn’t work either? What a shame.

Somehow, you’ve become quite the tease-


Surprise kiss attack?

M-m. Not bad. That said, since we’ve come this far, let’s continue on for a bit longer.


I’m beaten. Were you aiming for this?

Even though you look embarrassed, you’re looking at me with upturned eyes.


I’m wanting to do things beyond this again.

I know. Right now I have to curry favor with you, otherwise, I might be strangling myself later.

Alright, alright. Don’t pout. This time, I’ll hug you from the back.


How’s this? Can you sense my heart beating through your back?

It’s racing again, isn’t it?

But I’m aroused. I’m sure you can tell what situation my place here is in. When I remember how we just had sex from the back earlier, again, it just…

Come on, I’ll give you squeeze.



Woah, it’s the sound of the entrance door lock this time. That must mean we’ve cleared the final mission.

We never read the fourth mission. I wonder what it was?

In any case, let’s return to the original room.


Track 7: Love Most in the World


I see, I see. The final mission is coincidentally the same as your request which is “giving lots of hugs.”

With this, I guess the escape game is over.

It felt like it was over in the blink of an eye.

Hmm…is 5 missions perhaps not enough? Shuji said this number’s just right, though.


Oh, he’s my friend from university.

He’s dating a girl who’s his junior at work it seems and he’s super infatuated with her. He told me, with a serious look, that he wanted to make love with her to his heart’s content, so I lent this place the other day.

And I wanted to show you-



Ah, uh…to tell you the truth, I made this room. I mean, well, I own this entire hotel.

Are you surprised?

When it comes to sex, it’s an act that can only be done with a partner, so don’t you think it’s a waste for a couple to not go full loose when they make love?

But well, Japanese people are quite shy, so they rarely do, right? I think their love would deepen if they can enjoy being more open. Sharing one’s joy with each other is a pretty crucial component in a romantic relationship.

And so, I created an experimental room where couples can obtain hand-on experience in privately, albeit semi-forced.

It’s pretty popular, you know?


Just kidding. Saying this will probably make you anxious again.


Nevermind, that was a lie just now. Please pretend that it was all a whimsical joke on my part.

On that note, I get the urge to do it because it’s you. Even without this room, I think we’ll continue to lay ourselves bare when we make love.

Well, I guess that’s not a line that I will be saying once we’ve fully enjoyed this room.


This room is pretty jam-packed.

The missions are over, but since this is a rare occasion, let’s play around a bit more. If I remember correctly, it should’ve been left around here…

Tada! Adult toys.

There’re standard vibrators, egg vibrators, and various other things.

You see, this room has tons of missions pre-prepared so that you’d have fun no matter how many times you’ve come to visit.

Wait, my mistake. I meant or so it seems.

In any case, why don’t we try this vibrator out? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I’ve got a clear picture of just how lewd you are from this one day.

Deep down, you’re interested, aren’t you?

Be honest.


I’m glad you’re honest.

Lie down on the bed then.


Does it tickle?

I’ll slowly move down from your chest, so how about your belly area? It’s throbbing, right?

Then next up is your favorite place.

Past that is your thighs.

Don’t look at me with such longing.

You really are lewd, aren’t you? You’re super wet even though I haven’t touched you. I do feel bad if I were to keep this place waiting for too long, though.

Come on, look, I’ll touch you.



Is the stimulus too? When I hit the entrance, I felt it’d be engulfed in an instant.

Look, it’s going in.

Hehe. Your “no” means “more”, after all.

When I move it in and out like this repeatedly, what do you think? What’s your review of your first vibrator experience?

It feels good?

You’ve become honest, haven’t you? How cute.


Do you want me to make you cum with the toy? Or…do you want me inside?

Tell me.

As you wish. Open up your legs.

That’s right.

Wow, you’re soaking wet. Your insides must feel lonely since I pulled out at a good point, so I’ll fill it up right now.


Your insides are super hot.

You’ve become lewder and lewder each time we have sex.

It’s a compliment. You, when you’re feeling good from having sex with me, are so irresistibly cute.

You’re shaking your hips. Are you wanting me to move?


Does it feel good?

I get even more aroused when you say that. That said, you like cumming more from the outside than the inside, don’t you?

Your insides belong to me, but the outside is the toy’s realm, so I’ll tease you plenty with them.

!? You’re squeezing so tightly.

Not only that, I can feel the vibrations too.


It feels so good. It’s become so hot.

By teasing you, the flame has been lit again. I wonder if there are still residual effects from that strange fruit? I can’t help but want to be rough you.


You’re fine with it?

I see. So you want it rougher too.

Hold onto the egg vibrator and let yourself feel all the pleasure.


Do you like it when I thrust into you vigorously?

If you like it, nod.

Is that so? I understand.

Grinding up against your depths… Of course I feel good too.


I wonder why? I’m close to cumming.

Kisses feel good.

Let’s have lots of kisses and feel super good together.


It feels so good…

Are you about to cum?

I’m about to cum too.

I’m cumming, let’s cum together!


That felt good. It feels good no matter how many times we’ve done it.

You enjoyed the egg vibrator, right?

Would you like to bring this home with you?

Just kidding.


Today’s been the best ever birthday. Thank you.

I’m happy I got a great sense that you really love me too. I’ll say this seriously again, but the only person I love is you.

Showering the cute, cute you, who belongs to me with lots of love is my number one hobby.


I’m aware that I live carefreely, but I ought to get myself a bit more together so that I don’t make you anxious.

Even if I do have secrets, my love for you isn’t a lie.

I’ll treasure you both now and in the far future, so will you stay with me?

I love you more than anything in the world.

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