【Translation】 Neko no iru Seikatsu ~Onii-san Shironeko・Yuki no Baai~ Stellaworth Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: A Stroll Under the Full Moon


Master, look! Look, it’s a full moon.

Since it’s been constantly raining, there hasn’t been a night where we can see the moon in so long.

Eh? A stroll?

A stroll with Master…

Shall we go feel the night breeze then?

There’s no need for make-up, you aren’t meeting anyone. It’ll only be me.


Come on, let’s go.


Ahh… That’s such a nice breeze.

Whoa! Careful where you step, there are muddy spots, so careful not to lose your footing.

Let’s hold hands.

Or would it be easier to walk if you grabbed onto my arm, perhaps?

Then here, make sure to hold onto me tightly, Master.


I lived in this park for a short while.

Yes, kind people would occasionally bring me food. But soon enough, I lost my place here.

There’s a lot of competition for comfortable places to live like this place is.

Turf wars and fighting just don’t suit my nature.

Though when you become a stray, you can’t be that wishy-washy.

So if, “if”, an enemy appears when I’m with you, Master, let’s speed away. I’ll run with you on my back, so you, Master, should quickly jump onto my back.

I’m being serious.

You’ve been someone precious ever since that fateful day.



These tiny ears… Those eyes… Those lips… I find them all to be adorable, They’re lovely.

Master, please open up your lips a little more.



Master, I’ll start hurting if you cling onto me that tightly.

Are you turned on? …From being kissed outside?

You’re so naughty, Master.

Look, your eyes are already in a daze.

Then shall we do something even more indecent?


Come this way.


We can’t be seen from the road on the other side here.

Your chest’s shaking… Is it cold, perhaps? Or are you scared, perhaps?

There’s nothing to worry about, the only ones watching is me and the moon.

Come on, let me have a closer look at your cute breasts.


They’re so beautiful…

Your nipples are hardening inside my mouth. Does it feel good, Master?

Sucking on them, then licking them with my tongue, then biting them gently… When I do, you immediately make those lewd sounds.

It’s really cute.

This place should be in a rather “messy” state too, don’t you think?

Yes, your underwear.

Has it not been dirted from your overflowing juices?


Eh? Really?

I’ll check, so please pull up your skirt.

It’s embarrassing?

I think it’s more embarrassing to be wearing dirty underwear though.

Come on, show me. Alright?


Ah! I knew it. It soaked through completely.

I can see it clearly under the moonlight.

You’re so naughty, Master.

The wet underwear must feel uncomfortable, right? So, I’ll remove them for you.


It’s forming threads…

Oh Master, so there’s so much flowing out of you.

Are you going to cum from your clitoris?

Come on, cum. Please cum.

Go on…


Whoa, that was close. Please hold onto me properly.

It felt so good that your knees buckled?

Then please allow me toーー

Please lift up one of your legs.

Yup, and now make sure to hold onto me tightly.


It must because you just came; your insides are twitching. If you clamp down that hard, I’ll cum right away.

Eh? We can’t have that. I can’t be feeling good all on my own, I have to make you cum too.

Besides, I’d prefer to hold it back, then shoot loads and loads into you.

Just the thought of it excites me, Master.



Is it because we’re outside?

You mustn’t be so indulgent. Please tone down your voice.

I’ll silent your mouth then.


It feels good… Master, can you turn around?


Like I thought, it’s easier to move this way.

I love slamming my hips against you and thrusting deep into you…

Master, I…I…


Master, turn this way.

I’ll cum, I’ll cum deep inside you.


No, Master, it feels too good. Master…



Master, you came too… So cute.

I’ll pull out, so make sure not to spill any until we make our way home.

It’s not impossible, right, Master?

It’s fine. Close your legs and put some strength in.

Not right now.

After I pull out. If you squeeze so tightly, I might not be able to.


That said, why don’t we continue once we get home?

I wouldn’t want anyone else to hear those sweet sounds you make, after all.

Just silence your mouth again?

You’re so greedy, Master. When you say, I won’t be able to control myself.

Why don’t we stay ‘attached’ all night long, Master?

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