【Translation】 My Sweet Heroes


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CV: Katagiri Ryouichi (片桐良一)

Track 1: Childhood Friend and Hero


Sorry to keep you waiting!

I apologize for making you wait…

P: Seriously, you took way too long to buy things, Shougo.

Paul, don’t dodge the blame! Also, Paul, can you leave for a bit?

P: Why!?

Enough. Get off my shoulder. Besides, you shouldn’t be following us on our date in the first place.

Come on, shoo, shoo.

P: Tch.


I’m really sorry for making you wait. I bought this for you.

Let me see your left ear.

Hehe, I knew it. I thought this earring would definitely suit you.

Come on, other ear too.


Now, why don’t we go grab something to eat?

Would you like to eat?

It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s a present from me.

Well, certainly, today’s not an anniversary or anything. That said, is giving a present to one’s girlfriend only reserved for anniversaries?


Haha! Anyhow, feel free to take advantage of me.


You’re welcome.

Ah, if it wasn’t for us being outside and Paul being here, I would hold you and kiss you.

Haha! Don’t be so shy, I’ll wait until we get home.

P: Shougo…

In exchange, when we do get home…

P: Shougo!

What Paul?!! Don’t get in the way of us flirting.


Tsk, another beast has appeared.

I’m sorry, please wait here for a bit,

Paul! Sword!

P: Alright!!!

Don’t interfere with someone’s date…!!!


Only two, huh.


There are ones over there too!?!

Paul, turn into a gun.

P: Got it!

Alright. Take this!


That’s the last of them, right?

Paul, you can transform back.

P: Okay.

I wish they could give me a break. Here I am on a date.

P: But wasn’t it great that I was here? If I wasn’t, you would have to fight bare-fisted, Shougo.

Yeah, yeah.

P: You haven’t thanked me!

Why would I thank you? If you hadn’t made me a hero way back when, we wouldn’t have been in this situation in the first place.

P: Well, you’re not wrong. Because the two of you picked me up, Shougo gains the power to fight beasts.

You call it power, but all I’m doing is swinging you around, Paul.


Huh? What’s the matter?

So close we fight?

Hah!? I don’t get along with Paul at all!!!

P: I’d rather be on your shoulder instead of Paul’s.

Hey, Paul! Don’t touch other people’s girlfriends without permission!

P: Doesn’t matter, Stupid Shougo!

What did you say?!!


H: ーーSo that’s the woman with the holy powers.


Track 2: Rewards After the Battle


Hey, hello. Can I hop in the bath too?

I’m not patient enough to wait until you finish.

No, no, what I couldn’t wait for…isn’t the bath. I couldn’t wait any longer because I wanted to touch you so badly.


You’re so cute.

Is it alright if we do some lewd things in here?

We can’t?

I worked hard in defeating those beats today, and I want a reward.

Please. Please, I’m begging you.

I’ll make you feel good, I won’t push you too far, I may not have a condom, but I’ll make sure to cum outside.

I’m serious, I’m serious. So, please?


Your body’s so warm.

Hey, open your mouth up a little.

Your tongue’s hot and your face is red. Are you turned on, perhaps?

You’re not?

Let me touch your boobs and see whether you are turned on or not.


Your heart’s pounding so fast.

I know.

Not to mention, it’s warm and soft… I wish I could touch it forever.

Let me kiss you again.

I’m not allowed?

But I’ll do it anyway.


It feels so good…

Entwine your tongue with mine. You can be rough and gobble it up if you want.

It feels so good, I can’t get enough of this.

Your expression immediately became lewd.

Yes, it’s true. You’re turned on from me kissing you and massaging your boobs.

Eh? Me too?

We’re the same then. Then, why don’t we feel good together?


Place your hands on the wall.

You gave a little jolt when I kissed your back. Why’s that?

I see. So it feels good.

I’ll kiss you someplace even better. Will you be able to endure it?

Yes, a place that’ll feel really good.

Can you spread your legs a little?


Ah! Hehe, this place is twitching.

It’s dripping with juice and it looks delicious.

I’ll lick it, so stand still.


You’re making such wonderful sounds. Does my tongue really feel that good?

Your voice is so cute.

Damn, this place… There’s so much pouring out that I can’t lap it all. Since we don’t often do it in the bath, you’re feeling it more than usual, right?

Your voice and those sounds are echoing, and this heat and humidity make me even more aroused.

So let’s both get into it and feel good together.


Right now, it’s not reciprocal?

Alright, then turn this way again, let’s use our hands on each other.

Your hand feels so good…

You trembled just now. Are my fingers rubbing against someplace good?

How cute.


Agh! Jeez, firing back like that is so mean.

I’ll end it here.

I’m at my limit. If you stroke it that hard, I’ll cum!

You’re at your limit too, right? …Seeing how hot and wet this place is. And it’s squeezing tightly too.


Then sit down on the rim of the bathtub.



Now wrap your arms around my neck.

I’m putting it in.


It feels good…

Can I? I’ll hold you up.

Up we go.

Are you scared?

Yeah, this is the first time we’re doing it in this position. But it feels so good when you cling onto me.

It feels so good. Your insides are clamping down on me.

So you’re happy when I thrust deep into you, huh?


Hearing your lewd voice go straight into my ear is incredible. When you whisper “it feels good” like that, I’ll cum.

I can’t, I’m seriously at my limit. I’m about to cum.

Can I cum?

Not yet?

Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to make you cum.

I’ll go faster, so grab onto me tightly.


It feels so good-

Huh? You’re about to cum?

Go ahead, cum.


You’re clamping down so hard-

Your body’s quivering… Did you cum? Well, did you cum?

That’s a relief.

I’ll be there in a bit, so hang in there.

Cumming, cumming, I’m cumming-!


Eh? Uh…

I’m so sorry, I came inside you.

But we’re in this position, it’s not like I can suddenly pull out.

Ow!!! Don’t claw my back!

I’m sorry, I’ll be careful next time!


Alright, alright, I’ll put you down, I’ll put you down.


Alright, then, uh, can you spread your legs?


As an apology for cumming, I’ll make sure to scoop it all out.

We can’t leave it be. It’s my fault, so I’ll be the one to clean up this place.

Eh? I’m not having fun, I’m not having fun. That said, if you do end up feeling it and are unable to wait, let’s go for one more round.

In that case, I’ll insert my fingers.


Track 3: Hell’s Puppeteer


P: Ah! Those apples look delicious. Buy them for me.

No, we came to buy ingredients for dinner.

P: Aw, I can’t have any?

Even if you beg like that-

Eh? You’re fine with buying them?

P: Yes, I can have them! Yay!

Jeez, you spoil Paul too much.

P: All she is, is kind.

P: Eh?

!? Beasts!!!


Sorry, but can you hold the shopping basket?


P: Got it!

P: Shougo, since there’s a bit of distance, shall I transform into a gun?

No, the enemies look tough, so I’ll approach them and strike them down with an axe.



H: Hmph, what a foolish man.

H: Don’t move. If you move, I’ll slit your neck with this knife. And you wouldn’t want to die in front of the eyes of the man you love, right?

Alright, I’ve defeated all of-

You, who are you?!! What are you doing to my girlfriend-

H: If you come any closer, it’ll be the end of her.

P: That guy is…

Paul, do you know him?

P: Yeah, that guy’s known as “Hell’s puppeteer”.

Hell’s puppeteer?

P: He’s targeting her for her holy powers…

Holy powers? Why on earth would she have such powers?

P: She does! You might not know this, Shougo, but I use her powers to transform myself into weaponsーー

Then why didn’t you say anything!?!


P: Because I believed you’d protect her, Shougo.

H: Falling out amongst friends. How unfortunate.

Hey! Wait!


P: He disappeared. She’s been kidnapped…

Why? Why am I so useless?



H: Hmph, so you’re awake?

H: Struggling is futile. I have control over your body right now with the use of my powers.

H: You look scared.

H: However, to me, you are the one who’s an existence to be feared. After all, you are someone who possesses holy powers.

H: A weapon-transforming celestial beast and that incomparable power…

H: I’m not lying. If that power were to be unleashed, it would annihilate all evil beings, including me. And that’s why I have to dispose of you nowーfor the sake of all evil beings.

H: But if you’re willing to become mine, that’s a different story.


H: Become mine and use those powers for my sake.

H: Do you understand what that means? If you refuse, all that awaits you is a gruesome death. Despite knowing that, you still plan to choose death?

H: Foolish woman, you should’ve just submitted.

H: Well then, die here. With this knife, I’ll slit your-

H: Don’t tell me, that man… How could I not notice something so simple?

H: I get it, so you won’t agree because of that man. In which case, it’s a simple fix; that man’s life just has to end.

H: ーーAnd it’ll end by your hands.


H: Hahaha! I wonder how he’ll feel when he gets killed by the woman he loves?

H: You would never?

H: You will kill that man without a doubt. Now, take this knife.

H: Why are you surprised? It’s only natural for you to take the knife.

H: I told you, didn’t I? …I now control your body.

H: After you wash off the blood of the man you love and return, I’ll comfort you and your body. Hahaha!!!


Track 4: For the Sake of Protecting Her…


Paul, did you find her?

P: No, I couldn’t find her anywhere.

Damn it! Where did he take her?

P: Shougo…

If only I was with her… If only I, if only I…

P: Shougo, it’ll be fine. I’m sure she’ll come back.

Come back? When? That man had a knife!



P: Shougo?

Paul, that collapsed person over there is-

It is!

Hey, hey, pull it together. Hey!

P: Her eyes are opening!

Ah! Thank god!

You were safe, thank god. I’m so relieved.

I’m sorry, I was supposed to protect you, yet I made you experience something so frightening.

It’s alright now. Regardless of what happens, I’ll always be by your-

P: Shougo, watch out!!!


Why did you-


Wait, what is this? Why are you doing this?

P: Wait, Shougo…


P: She looks like she’s in so much pain… She’s not the one in control…

T-Then who is…

Don’t tell me-

Wait! Wait, wait!

P: Shougo!

Don’t worry, it only scratched my arm. But what should I do? It’s not like I could attack her.

What do I… What do I…

Dammit! I don’t know what to do!


!!! That suspicious man… Is he controlling her?

H: Hehehe.

You bastard!!! ARGH…!!!

P: Shougo! Behind you!

H: Muhahaha! How’s that? How does it feel to be stabbed by the woman you love?


H: Oh, right, after slicing up his legs, take that knife and plunge it through his heart. I’m sure he would like that too.

Someone, please…

H: Now end his life!


H: Huh?

H: What are you doing? Stab him already.

H: Do it!

You look like you’re about to cry…

I’m sorry, I’m sorry for putting you through so much pain. You’ve done enough, it’s fine.

P: Shougo…

If it hurts then stab me. If you’re the one to kill me, I’m satisfied with life.

H: Hugging the person who’s about to kill you… You must be crazy.

I love you, I don’t mind being killed by you.



H: What is this light!?

P: Shougo, I’ll turn into a sword for you!

Thank you.

Alright. ARGH!!!

H: You-


Come on, please, please lend me your strength. Lend me your holy powers and cheer me on!

It’s warm…

But more, lend me more!

More, more!

H: This power…

ARGH!!! It’s over!


H: No way, I’ve lost…?

Did I defeat him?

No, I guess he escaped.

P: Shougo, we did it.

Yes, I protected you. I protectedーー

P: Shougo? Shougo!


Track 5: Love


I’m back! I’m finally back at home.

P: Welcome home, Shougo. You’ve finally been discharged.

Yup! They told me to take it easy, but I’m fine now.

P: In that case, if any beasts appear, you’ll go fight them again.

Hah!? Paul, you want an injured person to fight?

To say such heartless things…


Stay there for the next while. And during that timeーー


It was hard not to be able to touch you while I was hospitalized.

So, you know…


They told me to take it easy, but sex is fine. I’ve been holding back for so long, I might get too horny and go out of control.

And as such, you should let me have a good taste of you.


Well, how does it feel to be kissed after so long?

It feels good…

Tongue too.

You want me to lie down?

Okay, alright.


Okay, I’m lying down.

The fact that you’re initiating the kisses makes me real happy.

This is nice.

Are you doing this so that I don’t have to move?

Thank you.

Then, uh, I want to lick your boobs…

Ah! Sorry, sorry, I got too carried away.

Eh? I-It’s fine?

I’ll help myself then.


Whoa, your embarrassment as you press your boobs against me is wonderful.

Your nipples are hard…

They’re hard and tasty.

I won’t be doing anything else, so you can go ahead and take the lead. Get me to move however you want.

You want me to lick the other side?


I’ll stick my tongue out like this, so give it to me.


Side note, since you’re shaking your hips, would it be better for me to lick that place instead?

It’s not just your nipples, that place is hard too, right?

Then can you hover that my face?

You can place your hands on the bed.


You’re already so wet.

No, you are.

See? You’re wet all the way down to your thighs.

I’ll lick you, so lower your hips.



Wow, those sounds… Does it feel good when I suck hard?

You’re quivering, though?

So it feels good. So my tongue does feel good after so long. That’s a relief.

It is a relief since I want to make you feel good. You’re always doing things for me.


Are you about to cum, perhaps?

I’ll lick you even more, so cum all you want.



Cute. The voice you made when you came was cute.

I want to enter inside you so badly…

Can I stick it inside you?

Let me check with my fingers,  Grab my hand and let me feel it.

Now insert my fingers.


Yup, you’re ready. Your insides are enveloping my fingers.

Seems like it feels good.

Hehe. You’re shaking your hips even though it’s only my fingers. From my perspective, it looks like you’re masturbating with my fingers, and it really turns me on.


When it comes to being stupid, it’s because you’re always doing such naughty things that I’ve become stupid.

Say, are you trying to cum from my fingers?

No, you have to cum the other way.


Yes, it’s already rock 

Place it against you.

Yes, then lower your hips and swallow it up slowly.


It’s going in…


Thank you.

It doesn’t hurt, right?

I see. That’s good to hear. We can wait until you settle down, so would you be able to move?

You’re clamping…

It feels good. So good.

The way you’re moving your hips is so lewd. Are you hitting the places that feel good?

You don’t know?

Then grind against them. Make yourself feel good.


Yes, move like that…

It feels so good!

You’re so cute, the way you’re moving so desperately for me is unbearably cute.

Each time you move, the earring I bought for you as a present sway along with you. I’m glad they’re fitting for your look of embarrassment too.

Oh, uh, lean your body towards me. I want to kiss you while we’re at it.

No, you have to make sure to move your hips too.


Your kisses feel so good…

Your boobs are rubbing against me and your insides are tightening around me… Ahh, I love it so much!

I love you. I love you so much. I love you, I love you. I won’t ever let you feel scared ever again. I’ll protect you. I’ll always protect you.

Say, why don’t we cum as we kiss?

I want to cum together with you while we’re deeply connected


Your insides are so tight-! I’m about to cum.

Cumming, I’m cumming!


I came so much.

Why is it?

It’s been accumulating, plus, it felt really good. Anyhow, I’m glad you came as well.

You have a look of pleasure.


Was it still not enough?

But that’s the expression you’re making. In any case, I haven’t had enough yet. I want to experience even more pleasure with you.

So after we finish taking a shower, can we do it again?

Oh, right, I forgot. I’ll have to throw Paul out of the house first.


I won’t ever let you feel that way again. I’ll protect you for the rest of your life.

I love you.

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