【Translation】 Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu Narumi Yuuji

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彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 鳴海侑二

CV: Tsuboi Tomohiro (坪井智浩)

Track 1: First Month


Are you going to sleep?

Oh, uh, you can have the bed, I’ll go sleep on the living room sofa.


Then I guess we can sleep together?


You should go further in. Considering my large stature, it’s better for me to stay by the edge of the bed.

A single is definitely too small.

It was already cramped with just me, so it’s even more so with two people.


I guess. Are there any strange sounds coming from my pillow?

It has red mung beans in it.

It’s made by my father. I pulled it out in a hurry when you told me that you plan to stay over today.


Haha! I see. This is your seeing a bean pillow?


Well, it’s like not I personally used it myself, so when it comes to people your age, it’s all the more unlikely.

But my father seemed to be unable to sleep without one. Even when he was hospitalized for appendicitis, he asked my mother to bring it.

So, umm…

There’s still time. If you want to go home, I can send you-

No, you’re being a bother.

It’s just that…for a cute young girl like you, to be in a relationship with a stuffy middle-aged man like me, I worry whether or not you’ll regret it.

I know. I know how much you love me!

But I personally lack the courage.

As you know, it’s been so long since I was last in a relationship that I no longer know how to go about it.

Much less with someone who’s a full generation younger than me.

I don’t know what I should, and it stresses me.


We first met about a year ago, right?

You were pretty enthusiastic about frequenting a simple shop run by an average local.

Haha! Is that so?

I have a bit of confidence in my pasta, so I’m happy for your praise.

Because of that, whenever you dropped by at lunchtime with other girls from your university, none of the fancy sweets would remain, and the latter half of the day would essentially be void of younger female customers due to that.

Really, you were quite peculiar.

Comfortable…? An overpriced coffee shop that’s hardly worthy of being called a cafe?


We talked about a lot of things from across the counter, didn’t we?

Your anxiety over living alone for the first time, or how you were shocked to see your friend’s boyfriend come all the way to the campus to see her.

And then, there’s also…

Yes, yes, I laughed at the mention of how, in the city, the bus fare’s all the same no matter where you travel.

I was never able to reply with any meaningful, but just seeing your expression change so frequently during our conversation… I could never tire from it.


I see. You were happy to have someone listen to you?

Then I guess I was able to be somewhat useful.


Huh? Seemed lonely? …Me?

I think it’s just your imagination, I have no reason to feel lonely.

Really? I would have the occasional lonely look?

I see…

Perhaps so. Deep down, I might’ve been lonely.

Sorry for dodging the question when you asked about when I started running that coffee shop.

It’s lame and pathetic, and I didn’t want to talk about it.

When I was young, I wanted to experience everything. I championed the phrase “You Only Live Once” and caused a bunch of trouble for my parents.


I took a leave of absence from university and backpacked around foreign countries for over a year

I thought it was fine as long as I contacted my family once a month.

Oh, and pasta became my forte because I ran out of money mid-way through my travels and had to work part-time for like 2 months at an Italian restaurant.

My mother sent me countless messages urging me to contact her if I’m ever tight on money, but I ignored them all.

I thought it was cool to do it all alone.

But when I think back on it now, my mother probably just wanted to talk to me even if that were the reason for it.

I’m an idiot for only noticing once I’ve aged, aren’t I?


After finding a job, I began living alone and began contacting my family less and less.

I had always assumed that if I were to return to my parents’ house, they’d be there. However, when I received news that my parents passed away in an accident 4 years ago, I learned, for the first time, what it was like to lose what you took for granted.

It was a single-vehicle accident while they were on-route to their destination.

That morning, my mother sent me a message saying that she’s going on a trip with my father, but I never responded.

But you can’t turn back time, what’s gone is gone.


Me quitting my job as an office worker and taking over my parent’s coffee shop might just be a self-congratulatory form of atonement.

See? It’s pretty pathetic, right?

I didn’t say this to depress you.


Your hair’s soft and easy to stroke. Almost like a cat.

I’m not making fun of you.

If I had to choose, I’d say I’m hiding my embarrassment.

Frankly speaking, running a coffee shop better suits my personality compared to being an office worker, and I enjoy it.

Having small talk with regulars who’ve been here since my father’s days while serving up my specialty cooking… And when there aren’t people, I’d read newspapers and fall into a daze.

Besides, it’s a miracle that a cute girl like you would ever cross paths with me.

Of course, there are difficulties that come with it, but despite the calm passing of timing, no day is ever the same.


A regular’s grandchild was born around the time I first took over and hearing that they’re already attending kindergarten was astonishing.

When I was young, I thought it was a boring job where you couldn’t even go out to play on Sundays. But now, I understand just how important the shop was to my father.


I’m sorry for going on about myself.

But I’m more worthless of a man than you thought I was, right?

Does it dissuade you?

Honestly, you have some rather strange taste. What’s so good about a man with no merits?

You can act…natural with me?

When you say that, it makes me feel oddly embarrassed?

I get self-conscious.

I mean, it wouldn’t be strange to put on airs in front of a middle-aged man like me.


Speaking of which, when you first left the countryside in order to attend university, you’d moaned over how you couldn’t keep up with the conversations of city girls.

Though you seem like a complete city girl now.

What I said just now really reeks of me being an old geezer. I really don’t like how I start talking like that as the years go by.

The way you are now versus the way you were then?

Let’s see…

You’re cute when you try your best to dress up and be pretty. You were more than beautiful enough the way you were though.

In other words, I’m fine with both.


That was out of character, wasn’t it?

Was I the type to say such things? I forget.

After I took over the shop, I’ve always been alone. Once I quit my office job, the girl I was dating broke up with me.

Following my parents’ death, I subconsciously avoided forming close relationships with others. And without much back-and-forth, people got fed up with me.

It was about then when I told I was hard to approach

Due to that, I lost a lot of friends.

So, when you first confessed to me, I was genuinely shocked. I never imagined that there would be a girl who would like me.

If I were to be honest, I was overjoyed.

I was always looking forward to your visits to my shop.


I had a hard time giving you an answer despite all that because I was scared that once we got closer, my wounds would only grow deeper.

I think I’m an idiot for imagining a break-up before we even started dating, but the thought just wouldn’t leave my mind.

Truthfully speaking, I’m still afraid to go forward.

And to start dating regardless…

No, that might just be a testament to how much I liked you, the person who wanted to be with me.


Can you give me a little more courage?

The courage to go further.

Haha! I wonder how many decades it’s been since someone patted my head. I never thought it would occur to me considering my age.

I love you.

I want to touch you more.


Track 2: I Won’t Make You Regret It


Do you like the ears?

If it feels good, I’ll keep licking them.


Your body’s trembling…

You really do like the ears, huh?


You have such pretty breasts…

Did that hurt?

That’s a relief. It’s been so long that I don’t think I know how much strength to use anymore.

Please tell me if it ever hurts.

Between licking them with the tip of my tongue, and sucking on them like this, which do you like better?

So you like being licked more?

Got it.


Now, which side of your chest do you prefer?

You can’t tell?

Then that means both sides feel good.


Can I ask you an odd question?

Is this your first time?

No, no, I’m not asking about your dating experience. It’s just that I was made fun of at hot springs for it because “I’d make someone cry during their first time.”

So umm…

In other words, I’m referring to my size…

W-Why are you bright red? It makes me feel like I’ve said something really embarrassing.


I see. So it is your first time.

You don’t have to force yourself to then, if it ever gets too much for you, don’t hesitate to tell me. It’s not like today’s the last day.


Don’t be so tense. Relax more.

This place feels good, right?

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s normal to feel good.

Are you not going to make any sounds?

I want to hear your voice.


You aren’t going to let me hear it?

I hear that cute voice…

Enough, just let me hear it.


Why are you closing your legs?

If you don’t open them, we won’t be able to go any further.

You’re that embarrassed?

You’re so adorable.

What’s this? You felt it from your knees?

It just tickles?

Really? Then what about your thighs?



How’s that?

It no longer feels ticklish, right?

Why are you fidgeting? Does your body feel like it’s burning inside?

Inside… Particularly inside here?

Hey, don’t close your legs. I have to get it wet, else that place I pointed to will end up hurting.


There’s a lot of juice pouring out of you…

I’ll insert my fingers.

Does it hurt?

Please bear with it for a bit.

This is as far as you can go. This was the place you said was burning earlier, right?

I’ll move slowly. Please tell me if it feels comfortable.


Are you alright?

You look like you’re forcing yourself. I guess it’s impossible for you to instantly feel good from it when it’s your first time.

I have to make it wetter, don’t I?


Your insides are twitching…

Does it feel a little better now?


I’ll add in one more finger.

It hurts?

Let’s stop here then.

Hang on for a bit longer then. Just cling onto me whenever it hurts.


Can I put it in now?


Does it hurt a lot? Should I take more time to accustom you to it?

Cling onto me tightly.


It’s definitely tight…

You feel so hot inside.

Let’s stay like this for a bit longer.


I’ll start moving.

Are you alright when I move?

I’ll continue slowly then.


Can I look at your face?

It hurts, doesn’t it? …I’m sorry.

But when I think about how I’m the one who caused this expression, I get really happy.

It’s not what you want to hear, right?


Eh? Make you show more expressions…?

You really are adorable, aren’t you?


Extend your tongue; wrap it around mine.

Yes, you’re doing good.

Has it distracted you from the pain even a little?

That’s a relief.


It’s been so long… I don’t think I’ll be able to last.

Though, that’s more of an excuse. The reality is, you’re so cute that I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself.



I’m cumming!


Is your body okay?

How cute.

You don’t regret it, right? …That you gave your first time to someone like me.

Oh, I’m sorry, I asked something strange, didn’t I?

Pretend I didn’t ask that. I’ll just have to treat you so well that there’s no room for regrets, right?

I’ll cherish you. I’ll cherish you so much that you won’t regret it.

I’ll cherish you forever.


Hey, don’t cry over something like that. It’ll make it harder for me to let go.

I love you.

I’ll be in your care.


Track 3: Sleeping Breaths




Track 4: Second Month


Oh, you’re out of the bath?

Come here.

You dried your hair properly too.

There, there.

Oh right, did you have lunch yet?

I see. You got up late in the morning? Then tell me when you feel hungry, I’ll cook something for you.

We can’t go out in this storm,

Though, lazing around in bed every so often isn’t bad either.

Regardless, I was surprised. I thought I should close up shop since pretty much no one would come in this weather, but as soon as I began closing, you burst in soaking wet.


To not notice the announcement that your lectures were canceled… That’s rather unexpected of you.

Alright, I’ll apologize, so don’t pull on my cheeks.

Oh, my facial hair?

I wasn’t trying to grow it out on purpose, it kind of just happened. But having facial hair makes me seem more like a coffee shop’s “Master,” no?

Do you not like facial hair?

If so, I’ll shave it right away-

Eh? Oh. I-I see. That’s umm, a relief.


What’s the matter?

Huh? A photo?

Speaking of which, we’ve been dating for two months and we still haven’t taken a single one.

Right now?

No, I can’t with my current messy state. And if we’re going to take a photo, I’d prefer to shave my face.

T-This is fine?


Oh, I’ll hold it, so scoot on over.


Even if you say my expression’s stiff, I haven’t taken a photo in so long.

O-Okay, I’ll smile.

Whoa, when I try to lie down and smile, my expression’s even worse. How should I say it? My face looks puffy, and I seem like even more of an old man.

You, on the other hand, look beautiful. Your skin is brimming with youth.

Is this what they call “the joy of youth”?

Oh, right, I should lift my head a little.

Sorry! One more.


How’s that? It looks better than before, right?

60 points? That’s harsh.

Then let’s take more photos the next time we go out. I’ll take that time to improve my expressions in front of a camera.


Say, is it alright if we hold hands?

Wrap your legs around me too.


I wonder why? I just wanted to adhere to you. Is it strange for a middle-aged man to ask for this?


No, embracing the girl I love while listening to the sounds of rain even when just lazing around in bed is surprisingly blissful.

And when we’re this close, I can even see my face reflected in your eyes.

You’re right.

Fawning all over you… It’s a dumb look, isn’t it?

However, I look very happy.

I knew I was ordinary, but in my early days, I couldn’t help but want to stand out.

Being eccentric is a Japanese stereotype.

In my journey of self-discovering, I even visited India. However, the more I discovered about myself, the more ordinary I realized I was.

The thing that really surprised me was the sheer number of people sleeping on the streets at night. When normalcy for me is to spread out futons and sleep with my family.


The basis was that it’s cooler outside than it is inside, it seems. Nevertheless, I was so shocked when I came across it that I began laughing.

I wanted to copy them, but I was scared that I would be attacked by a robber while I’m seeing, so I couldn’t do it.

I may have large stature, but I’m still a coward.

In the end, no matter where I went and what I did, regardless of differences in values, I remained “ordinary,” and I felt disappointed in myself.

But now, for the first time, I feel happy just being ordinary.

I wonder why I didn’t notice something this simple and important sooner?


No, I might’ve come to this realization precisely because I met you.

Eh? In a more direct way?

I’m glad to have met you.

Thank you for coming into my world.


Track 5: Because It’s Important


You don’t have to force yourself to lick it.

Okay, then please take it slow,

You don’t have to force it all into your mouth. You can start by tracing around it with your tongue.


Lick it from the base to the top, and repeat that.

And when you reach the top, use your tongue on the tip.


Yes, that’s the spot I like.

Once you get used to it, start using your hands too.

Yes, use your fingers on the place you traced with your tongue earlier.

You… You’re surprisingly good.

Practiced…? How?

On your own fingers?

If that’s the case, I should’ve let you try it on the real thing to begin with.


Are you alright? It’s not painful when you put your mouth over the top, right?

I feel good.

There… That crevice.

That’s right.


You must be worn out, right?


I’m sorry, I have a hard time cumming if it’s just oral.

Hey, don’t pout. I can’t help it, it’s my deposition.

You’re going to preserve?

Then let me reciprocate it.

Turn your butt this way.


Your underwear’s wet.

Why are you apologizing? You got this turned on from licking me, no? I’m happy about it.

It’s hard to find the spot you love with your underwear on.


It’s here, isn’t it? …This hard place.

Found it.


Weren’t you going to tend to me?

You don’t have to push yourself.

It’s hard to lick?

Then take a short break. Either way, you don’t have the strength for it.


I knew it, your underwear’s becoming a hindrance.

I’ll shift it aside.

As expected, your reactions are different when I lick you directly. Compared to how you were initially, you’ve become quite sensitive.


You’re shaking your hips.

What’s the matter? Did you cum, by any chance?

It’s the first time you came, I’m happy.

Can I put it in from the back?


Can I keep your underwear shifted to the side? …Because this look is very erotic.

That visual is, oof… It’s super arousing.


It’s no longer hurting anymore, right?

Huh? You’re tingling inside?

Do you mean it feels good?

I don’t want to be the only one feeling good, so I’m happy that you’re able to feel good from this.


I guess it’s still impossible for you to cum from penetration.


Then would about when I touch here?

Does it feel good?

I want to make you feel even more pleasure.

Your nipples have more sensitive too, haven’t they?


What’s wrong?

Like before…? Like you when you came?

Then cum for another time.


You came just now, right?

I should’ve gone from the front. I wanted to see the face you make when you cum.


Lie face-up.

It’s definitely more calming when I can see your face.


That voice…is so cute. I love it.

I love you. I love you.

I want to make you cum again, but I don’t think I’ll be able to last long enough.


I’m…about to cum.

Cumming-! I’m cumming…!


The rain doesn’t look like it’s going to let up.


Track 6: Sleeping Breaths (India)


S-Stop. Stop!

Ow! That place hurts.

Nose? My nose is long? Why is it so long?

Don’t tell me your mother’s already…


No, not the face! Please step on someplace else…

No, I’ll get crushed. Seriously, stop!

If an elephant rides on me, I’ll get crushed! I’m not a pencil case. Please stop. Please, stop…!


Track 7: Third Month, and Forever Onwards


That elephant was so scary, I thought I was going to get crushed to death.

It was such a scary dream.



Oh, I’ve ridden an elephant before. In India.

Unlike the dream, I didn’t get crushed and was safe.

Now that you mention it, how many countries did I visit… There are those I merely passed through or had connecting flights in, so excluding those, it should be around 20.

Would you like to try traveling the world too?

I guess so. Let’s travel together one day. I can’t let you experience terrible things like running out of money mid-trip or almost being robbed like me.


Eh? Stories of my travels?

There’s way too many, I don’t even know where to start.

If I were to go into detail about everything, although it wouldn’t take forever, we won’t be able to get through it in one day.

You still want to hear it?

Haha, I see. You’re quite eager to know, huh.


Oh, right! You know about “One Thousand and One Nights”?

Aladdin is certainly part of it, but it’s technically only one of the many stories in “One Thousand and One Nights.”

In the past, there was a Persian King who was deeply distrustful of women. He would marry women and execute them after one night.

However, a certain clever girl would tell the king a bedtime story every night and end off on a cliffhanger.

The king, wanting to know how the story ends, would allow the girl to live, and then summon her to his bedside the next night. But, the girl would begin telling a new story, only to end off on a cliff hanger once more.

In the end, the king was summoning the girl every night and eventually stopped his cruel practices.


Until the day we can travel the world together, I’ll tell you the stories of my travels little by little.

I’ll, for sure, stop right where it gets interesting.

That way, you’ll never be able to leave my side, no?


I’m sorry, I’ve created a weird mood, haven’t I?

I know that you plan to always be by my side. But nothing’s certain, right?

Sometimes feelings fade over time.


I guess so. It would be a waste to spend life worrying about things that may or may not happen or regretting the past.

If I had time to be doing that then I ought to cherish the moments we have now, don’t I?

If I continue treasuring my days with you, they will last forever, won’t it?

Even though I’ve lived longer than you, you’re the one constantly teaching me.


Thank you.

I’ll stop my worrying. I’ll cherish your presence here in this moment and those feelings of love.

Thank you.

I love you.

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