【Translation】 Hyouhen Kareshi ~Onii-chan ga Toilet ni Ikasete kuremasen~


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

豹変彼氏 ~お兄ちゃんがトイレに行かせてくれません~

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋)

Track 1: Signs


I’m home.


Whoa, it’s so windy.

Hey, I’m home.

Is no one home?

Oh, so you were.

Hmm? You were cooking, so you didn’t notice?

You’ve always been like that, haven’t you? One time during kindergarten, you were so desperate to make a piggy bank out of paper mache that you forgot to eat.

Once you focus on something, you’re deaf to everything around you, right?

You haven’t changed at all.


Haha! How cruel of you to call me a nuisance. Your beloved big brother has even brought those sweet strawberries that you love.

They’ve even been dipped in condensed milk.


Going all “I love you” now… You’re quite the calculating little sister, aren’t you?

Though that part of you is adorable too.


No, it’s nothing.

Let’s hurry up and eat.

Your stew looks delicious. Let’s leave the milk-dipped strawberries for dessert.

So those you get that excited over those strawberries, huh?

You really make big brother worry.


That was delicious! Thank you for the meal.

Oh, I’ll wash the dishes.

Yeah, yeah, the strawberries.

I know, I know, I’ll grab them for you.

Speaking of which, where did Mom and Dad go?

2-week trip to Singapore?

Being able to spend time alone as a couple every single year, how lucky. I would like to go on a trip, but what I won’t go on is a trip with you.


It’s nothing.


Here are the condense-milk-covered strawberries you’ve been waiting for.

I said… Souvenirs! I’m looking forward to souvenirs.

I’m not lying.

Come on, that’s enough, just shut up and eat the strawberries.


Open your mouth bigger and say, “ah.” Otherwise, the sticky white syrup will drip all over the place.

Well? You want more, right?

Once you swallow it, open your mouth nice and wide again.

Stick it out. Stick your tongue out more and lick the condensed milk. It’d be a waste for it to drip elsewhere.


Yes, yes, it’s tasty, isn’t it?

I bought rather expensive strawberries for you, so savor them well.

You’re making quite the expression.

Haha! Ow-

Sorry, that was my bad.

Alright, I’ll let you eat it normally, so stop hitting me.

Come on, say “ah.”


Well? Does it taste good?

I see. I’m glad to hear that.

Eh? You’ll feed some to me too?

I’m fine, I’m fine, there’s no way I could do something that embarrassing. “But you fed me, Big brother”? But you’re a girl, you know? I, as a man, could never.

It’s fine, big brothers are being that do such things for their little sisters.

Don’t be upset.


Hey, hey, the condensed milk will-


That was, uh, immensely sweet.

You don’t even know the other people’s feelings, yet you manipulate them at times like these.

It’s nothing.

Now hurry up and eat the rest, then take a bath.

!? Who the hell is going to peek?!! Who in the world would peek on you, you idiot…!!! I can’t tidy the dishes until you finish eating, so hurry up and eat!


Track 2: Realization


I’m home.


Hey, I’m home! Is anybody there?


Don’t open the door…? Is something wrong?

“Leave me alone”?

What’s that for? You know, when you say that, I, as a brother, would want to check up on you even more.



What’s wrong? Why are you crying?

What happened? Are you feeling sick? Is your stomach hurting?

Are you in pain in some way?

No, that’s not it…?

Then what happened? Something must’ve happened to make you cry, right?

So, what happened?


You don’t want to tell me?

Well, if that’s what you say then I won’t force you to tell me, but… Sometimes it’s better to say it.

Ah! D-Don’t cry!

It’s my fault, Big Brother was wrong!

Damn, it looks like I was the one who made you cry. So, is it our family situation, perhaps? You’re still in school and yet you’re doing all the housework.

Please tell me if it’s too much. Big Brother will help you out.

Even if I’m working, it’s fine. Similarly, you’re still attending school, no?


You’re happy, but that’s still not it?

I see…

Is it because I forced strawberries into your mouth while smiling weirdly?

Well, I guess not, right? It’s not Big Brother’s fault, right?

Jeez, it’s alright to cry. Let yourself cry.


Umm, I’m sorry if I’m wrong, but did something happen at school?

Looks like I hit the mark.

So, did someone bully you? If so, Big Brother will-


You’re not being bullied, but…? But what?

I won’t tell anybody. When you’re that insistent, I wouldn’t even tell Mom and Dad.

Leave it to Big Brother. It’ll be a secret between siblings.



Okay! Now tell Big Brother everything and get that weight off your shoulders.

Afterwards, we’ll have pudding time.

And for the sake of my crying little sister, Big Brother will do his share as well.

Enough, just tell me.

It’s hard to talk about?

No need to worry about that, I’m your big brother. Who do you think was bathing you and changing your diapers when you were young?


Hey, don’t pout. Come on, tell Big Brother.


What? You fought with someone close to you?

Not a fight?

Wait a second.

That person you’re close with… They’re a girl, right?

They’re not…? Then are you implying that there’s a guy you get along well with in class?

Not anymore?

In any case, there was a guy like that, right? So, what happened between you and that guy?



Quick, tell me.

……And be as detailed as possible.


There wasn’t anyone in the other class… Then what about that guy?

And then?

What happened?

He tried to force himself onto you? And? How far did you let him go?

Why am I asking that?



I’m making a scary expression?

How could I possibly remain calm when he might’ve turned my cute, precious little sister into damaged goods?!!

Now tell me, how far did it go?

Mid-way…? That tells me nothing. Be exact. Did his filthy junk go inside your cunt?


It looked like he was about to do it, so you ran away?

I can’t tell whether or not that’s the truth. And you’ve been crying since then, huh?


I see, I finally understand now.

My face is scary? But my face’s always been this way, you know?

Alright, alright, so you had a man, and during your first time together, you got scared and ran away.

…Is what I got out of it.

I’M NOT WRONG, AM I?!! I can’t possibly be wrong, right? You were having a secret affair with some guy behind my back.

Do you realize how hard I’ve been holding back each and every day?


Yes, I am your big brother. Your kind, kind brother.

So, I have to make sure this doesn’t happen again, don’t I?


It’s only natural, no? It’s the duty of the big brother to protect his little sister

No need to worry, they’ll never make you cry again.

Ever again.


Sorry for making you talk about something so unpleasant.

I’ll bring you pudding, so please go to bed after finishing it. You might feel a little more refreshed after sleeping.

I’ll brew some tea too.

You prefer Earl Grey, right?

Yes, you’re right, it’s a very fragrant tea. I’m glad you enjoy such heavy-scented tea.


Track 3: Penetration


Oh, you’re awake?

Hmm? Why you’re sleeping in Big Brother’s room?

So you don’t remember.

Yesterday, you fell asleep right after finishing the pudding, you know? I heard you making sound in the middle of the night, and when I came to check on you, you seemed feverish.

I moved you over to my room because I was worried.

Besides, my bed’s king-size, so even if you’re here, there’s still plenty of room to sleep.


Oh? That?

Don’t mind it. It has fluffy fur, so it doesn’t hurt your wrists, right?

Yup, yup, to put it bluntly, they’re handcuffs. There’s no mistaking that.


It’s so that you don’t fall from the bed. Your big brother’s kind consideration.

You’re awake now, so remove them?

Haha! Of course I won’t.

So, Big Brother’s been thinking… I can’t let you, a person whom I cherish, attend a school where you might get raped.

I thought about having you change schools, but I came up with a far better idea.


I should’ve been there to protect you, right? …Like I did in the past.

I’m so sorry for not noticing.

But everything will be alright now. I’ll find a place where we can live alone together, and let’s have you switch to home school.

That way, there’ll be no one to make you cry.


What’s wrong? Why are you shaking?

Oh, the room must be cold, right? I’m so sorry for not noticing.

Alright! I’ll go turn on the heat right now.


Hmm? Why you’re naked?

It’s obviously because I was worried about my little sister’s body.

Rest assured, Big Brother will cleanse all the places that low-life touched, so don’t worry.

I’ll cleanse things through and through.

Please stop…?

Haha! So you’re holding back. Big Brother doesn’t mind it at all, you know? We’re siblings, so don’t be so modest. I’ll make you nice and clean.

Big Brother is willing to do anything for you. You’re so, so, so, so cute that I just can’t help it.


Right, right, do you see that?

It was quite the hassle. While you were sleeping, I soundproofed both the walls and ceiling.

It’s quite good, isn’t it?

Because of that, Big Brother didn’t get a wink of sleep.

I’m sure you understand now, right? You can’t escape from me. No matter how loud you scream, nobody else can hear.


Hey, why do you look like you’re about to cry?

No need to worry, it’ll be fine. Big Brother will protect you. I’m willing to do anything for you.

Oh, right! Is there something you’d like me to do?

You want to pee?

However, I can’t let you go just yet. First I have to check whether any of that filthy piece of shit’s cum is lingering inside you, sorry about that. You can hold in your pee, right?


There’s only one way for me to check, is there not?


Listen, I’ll shove my fingers inside your pussy and examine it.

Hey, why are you struggling!? It’s dangerous!

If I end up leaving a mark on your beautiful body because of your squirming, I’ll cry.

I beg you, please let Big Brother be gentle. I honestly find you so cute that it drives me crazy. Or…do you not want it to be your brother?

Perhaps you’re completely against it?


Thank you. I wouldn’t be able to live on if you were to hate me.

Open your mouth.

Yes. Like that.

The inside of your mouth, your breasts, your legs, I’ll lick everything clean. I’ll overwrite everything.

So, did you let that rapist touch this place too? …Especially, these cute nipples.

Overtop your bra?

In that case, did he lick you or bite down on you like this?


That’s a very nice reaction. So you’re getting turned on from your big brother licking you?

So, did he really not touch you?

I see. That’s fine.

That said, he’s touched this place, no?

That place was safe too? Really? But just in case, I’ll check to make sure. …Whether your pussy’s been tainted, that is.


This place is bright red.

Looks like you’re already wet. Your red, swollen cunt is glistening with juices, how lewd.

Your juices are pouring out from it non-stop.

Come on, take a look. Take a look at how wet you’ve made my fingers.

Don’t pretend not to see.

This is proof that you’re a slut. To enjoy being played around with by your big brother this much, you’re so shameless.

You don’t enjoy it…? But this place doesn’t seem to hate it.


It went in so easily. You see that?

You said that no dick’s been here, right? So, is it true? Did he really not penetrate you?

Don’t just sit there moaning, SAY SOMETHING!!!

Even if you tell me not to spread it, I wouldn’t be able to check how things are inside otherwise. I have to confirm it myself or else Big Brother won’t be able to sleep at night.

I have to check all the way inside.


Ahh… It’s such a mess. Your insides are twitching, and are coiling around my fingers.

And your clit is hard and erect.

I wonder what kind of voice you’d make if I were to lick this place while churning up your pussy?

Stop? If you want me to stop then why are you making those sounds?

It doesn’t sense, right?


So, how does it feel having your big brother lick that dirty place of yours?

Hmm? What? Did it hurt?


If there’s something you want me to do, say it clearly.

Oh, right, you did say you wanted to go to the toilet.

Do it there.

Look, I’ve got 2 bath towels, so fret not. Just let it out.

You can’t?

What do you mean you can’t? You want to pee, don’t you? Or could it be that you want Big Brother to make you pee?


I get it, I get it, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not noticing.

Alright, I’ll lend you a hand.


What I’m about to do?

You can tell by just looking, no? I’m helping you pee.

Come on, spread your legs open.

But if we stop, you won’t be able to pee, right? So stop worrying and leave it all to Big Brother.


I’m putting it in…

Does it hurt?

Sorry, you are a virgin, after all. I’ll touch your breasts, so focus on that.


Your nipples are erect.

Do you like it when I suck on them?

You don’t know? But how could you not know? If it feels good then say it feels good.

Your face is red as a tomato and your eyes are teary… It’s truly adorable.

Big Brother will penetrate you with his dick and make you feel good. And I’ll lick your boobs to make you feel better than you ever have.


You’re slowly starting to relax, huh?



You’re clamping down on my dick… Does it still hurt for you?

Alright, I won’t suddenly start moving, so turn this way.


You sure love kisses, don’t you? Your pussy tightened the moment I licked your palate.

You’re just holding back your pee?

Liar. You felt it from your big brother’s kisses.

What about here?

You said that you liked my voice, didn’t you?


Your pussy is melding to my shape…

Don’t worry, I’ll take it slow.

Why are you trembling?

Don’t close your eyes. Look at me.

Yes, look at me, look at Big Brother.


You’re already at your limit? So you want to pee that badly? You want to let it all out even though Big Brother’s watching?

Seeing your entire body trembles as you hold back your urge to pee… So adorable. So, so adorable.

Let it out while I rub against you inside.

You want to pee, don’t you?

Your clit is swollen and erect. Is it already on its way out?

Let it out. Let it out! I’ll make sure to pinch your clitoris too.


Oh, would it be better for me to stroke it instead?

Well? What do you prefer?

Stop? Stop what? You feel super good when I rub against you inside with my dick while I play with that hard place of yours, don’t you?

You’re still holding it in?

I’ll press down on your bladder then.


You can’t take it anymore?

Go ahead. Come on, let it out.

Your insides are convulsing… Are you about to cum? Are you going to cum?

Let it out.

Cum while pissing yourself in front of your big brother.


I’m cumming…

I’ll cum too.


You peed all over yourself, huh?

You can’t even pee without your big brother anymore.

So cute. So, so cute. Since you’re so cute, Big Brother will take complete care of you, alright?


Track 4: Habituation


Good morning. Did you sleep well?

So you’ve loosened up your insides for Big Brother’s sake?

What a good girl you are.

You want me to have sex with you already?


Yesterday, we promised to eat first, no? We’ve already been alone together for 5 days, so start remembering.

Today we have egg rice gruel and a side of spinach.

Make sure to finish it all, alright?


Alright! Your complexion is a lot better now too.

Once you finish eating that, I’ll listen to anything you say.


Of course I’d be. It’d be a request from my adorable little sister.

No need to eat so fast, I won’t be going anywhere.


You’ve finished already?

Jeez, you were rushing way too fast. Come on, open your mouth. Let me check if you’ve swallowed everything.

Good job in finishing it all.

Now then, I’ll do anything you want. What do you want me to do today?

I’ve told you before, haven’t I? …Use your mouth.

So what do you want me to do today? Shall I pound you from the back? Or do you want to ride on top of your big brother and grind against your pleasure spots yourself?

Well? You can decide.


You really are adorable.

Sure, I’ll do as you wish.

First, we’ll start with this. Let’s stretch open your peehole.

Don’t make that face, we manage to make it to 5mm yesterday, no? I’ll slowly stretch it out one millimetre at a time while pulling it in and out of you.

Don’t worry, bend your knees and leave it to Big Brother.

Keep your knees bent.

It’s dangerous, so don’t move.


I’ll insert it slowly, so take a deep breath in and relax.

Hmm? Just now?

3 cm of it went in. A little more and it’ll reach your bladder.

Your legs are stiff and rigid… Does it really feel that good?

Huh? It’s different from yesterday?

Correct! This one has a ball and chain shape to it. It had incredible reviews with how bumpy it is, so I had to use it on you.

Well? Does it feel good to have something rubbing along your peehole?


Letting out such naughty moans…

To enjoy having your peehole violated… You really are a degenerate. This is the hole you piss from, you know?

It’s not even your pussy and yet you’re making that expression and drowning in pleasure.

……It’s really hot.

I’ll pull it out all at once, so cum!


Oh, because I was teasing your peehole, some pee came out too.

That was so cute. Since you just woke up, you let out so much.

We’ve done this countless times, yet you’re still embarrassed by it? By how the bath towels are completely drenched in your pee?

But you let it all out, so good job.

Now, what do you want to do next?


You want me to mess you up from behind?

Well, you’re now able to swallow up thick vibrators like this. Big Brother’s so proud of your growth.

Lie face-down. I’ll thrust it right into you.

Good girl.

I only touched you with the vibrator and your cunt’s already twitching. 

Is it because you had this inside you the entire time?

Of course not, right? Your pussy’s nice and wet because you want me to shove my cock inside you, no?

Your red folds are twisting and wrapping around it.


Don’t squeeze so tightly. Don’t you want me to move it more vigorously?


More what? I told you to be clear.

You should say is, “I’m a slut, so please mess up my wet pussy with that thick, thick, bumpy vibrator,” no?

You’re embarrassed?

Then I won’t do anything.

Wait? But why? You don’t want Big Brother to do anything.

You do?

Will you say it properly then?

Then beg for it nicely.


It’s embarrassing when it’s just you?

Then it’s with Big Brother, you’ll be able to say it, right?

“I’m a slut, so please mess up my wet pussy with that thick, thick, bumpy vibrator.”

Well done.

This place of yours is incredibly lewd.

Shove it all inside…

It’s wet and soft. Well, you hear it, don’t you? You’re this wet even without lube.


I’m at my limit.

Hurry up and cum.

Then afterwards, please allow me to insert it inside your wet pussy.


You came, didn’t you?

Come on, sit down and straddle over my legs first.

Good, do as I say.

Next is to plug up your own wet pussy with my cock.


Hmm? What is it?

You don’t like how you’re the only one naked?

Then you can take things off for me. I’m holding onto you, so my hands are occupied.

Ow, ow!!! You’re being too rough!

Alright, alright, I’ll undress, so wait.


Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you happy now?

As always, your skin feels nice.

You’re touching me?

Go ahead, do as you like. That said, don’t take it too far, if I’m going to cum, I’d rather cum inside you.


Damn, your hands are smooth and they feel so nice.

Hey, stick out your tongue. I’ll suck on it.

Your tongue feels so nice… It’s rough, yet so soft, and it feels wonderful.


T-That’s enough.

Don’t look so disappointed. I thought I was about to cum.

I’m seriously at my limit, please let me enter inside you.


Yes, while sitting.

Come on, lift your hips.

Wrong. Not there. Are you trying to tease me, perhaps?

Come on. Here. Hurry up and envelope your big brother with your pussy.

You… All at once…


Are you having fun bullying your big brother?

You’re not? Seeing how tightly you’re squeezing me, don’t you feel bad for Big Brother’s dick?

Look, it’s quivering and begging to cum.

And since you’re tightening around me, Big Brother’s in pain.

What you should do?

I’m sure you know that already.

You just have to shake your hips and make Big Brother cum.


No, no, not tighten.

Come on, shake your hips.

You can do it, right?

Spread your legs again and shake your hips. If you don’t do it, I’ll pull out. Are you fine with me removing the cock you love?

You aren’t, right?

In that case, come on, do it.

That’s right. You can do it if you try, huh.


It’s great. Your insides are soft, yet it’s clamping down so hard.

It feels so good…

Your nipples are so hard and erect, and it’s adorable.

You love it when I bite them, don’t you? You cum right away whenever I bite down your nipples while I rub against you inside.

You don’t actually hate it, right?

I told you, Big Brother will do anything for his honest little sister.


Good girl. I’ll bite them, press down on them with my tongue, and roll them around.

Other side…


Your insides are twitching…

Are you cumming? Are you about to cum?

I’m about to cum too.


Your insides are still convulsing… Are you still cumming?

The way your entire body’s trembling is really cute.

What are you saying? Of course it’s not over. All we’re doing is changing positions.


You can keep lying face-down.

What I’m doing?

I’m going from the back while you’re lying down.

Oh, you don’t know?

This is how it is. You’ll be lying face-down and I’ll be going slap right on top of you.


How rude. Big Brother’s body fat percentage is lower than yours.


Enough, just lie down. Big Brother will warm the entire length of your back.

Your back is cold…

Are you alright? You’re not feeling uncomfortable, right?

Heart’s racing?

You know, when you’re getting on top of the person you like, how could your heart not be pounding?

What about you? Despite being this close to me, is your heart not racing?


You dummy, I know already. Your entire body’s flushed because of me.

So, will you be willing to go another round with Big Brother?

Thank you.

Can you keep a careful position?

Yes, close your legs.

I’ll enter inside you then.


You’re squeezing down on me harder than usual… It’s tight, and it feels good.

Squeezing and tightening…

Amazing! Just what is this?

Well? What about you? Does it feel different from normal?

You can feel my heart pounding from your back, and it feels strange? But what else? What about that pussy of yours that’s tightly gripping my cock?


Big Brother feels bigger than usual?


You’re straight-up provoking.

Wow, your insides are twisting around me, yet it’s squeezing so tightly. I feel like it’s going to be wringe out of me.


What are you doing? Why are shaking your hips from side-to-side?

Oh, you’re rubbing your clitoris against the sheets.

Well, in this position, I can’t touch that hard little place.

Who told you to stop?

Go ahead. Shake your body more and pleasure yourself with the bedsheets.

You’re not pleasuring yourself?

Then what are you doing?

I said it’s fine, and you’re the one rubbing the place the feels good.


You’re a masochist, aren’t you? Do you realize that your pussy tightens whenever I talk down to you?

Look, you tightened again.

Tighten up more. Cum while pressing down on your own clit!


I’m cumming. I’ll shoot it all inside you!


That felt really good.

What about you? Does it hurt anywhere?

I see.

Yeah, when we’re in that position earlier, we weren’t able to kiss during it. That’s one of its main drawbacks.

Sorry, sorry, I’ll give you tons of kisses, so forgive me.


Hmm? You’re exhausted already?

Well, I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll wipe you down, so go take a nap. Once you wake up, we’ll have our meal and “exercise” again.

Sleep tight.


Track 5: Mutual Love


What’s wrong? You don’t look so happy.

I won’t know if you stay silent.

Yes, you’re right, Mom and Dad will be returning from the trip soon. Were you waiting for them to come home?

!? You want me to remove the handcuffs?

I told you in the beginning, didn’t I? These are here to protect you.

I’m prepared to move. Tomorrow, we’ll leave this house together. Even if you don’t want to, I’ll drag you along.


You’re…fine with it?

What are you saying? You’ll be living alone together with me, you know?

There’s no way you’d hate that? …But how?

But it doesn’t make any sense. After all, I, your big brother, confined-

You’re not angry…?

That’s a lie, there’s no way that’s possible. You’re saying that in order to escape from me, aren’t you?

I’ll never let you go.

I’ll always be there to protect you. Otherwise, I, I-


You know…? Know what?

Yes, that’s right, you’ve always been the one for me. You were the only one I loved and could love.

However, your love and my love are different, no?

You too?

There’s no way that’s-


Do you, do you really……

I’m sorry. I knew, I knew this was wrong. But I hated it, I couldn’t stand the idea of other men touching you, the person I love.

I loved you far, far greater. I loved you ever so dearly.

So I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.


I know, I’ll…remove the handcuffs then.


There’s something you want to do?

“Give me your hand”?

What? Why?

Perhaps this is what I should’ve done at the start. Maybe we should’ve held hands like this.

Say, is there not anything else you want to do?


I see. So you want to hold hands and go on a date with your big brother?

“Now Big Brother’s mine”?

What are you saying? I’ve been yours since the very moment you were born.

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