【Translation】 Zutto Hatsukoi Makimura Youji


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ずっと初恋 槇村耀司

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Reunion


Oh, you must be the student teacher who’s starting next week.

I’m the academic advisor, Makimura Youji.

I look forward to working with you.

I’ve already reviewed the prior submitted documents, so it’s not an issue. Right, also…

Here’s your teaching schedule.

For the first week, you’ll start off by observing my class lessons. Aside from that, you’ll also participate in the facilitation of lunch service, cleaning, and after school activities.

Do you have any questions?


Hmm? Is there something on my face?

If there’s anything you don’t understand, please feel free to ask me.

Oh! It’s the first bell.

Well, why don’t we show our faces to the class then? I’ll have you introduce yourself first, that way, it’ll be easier to transition you into training next week.

Go on in, Teacher.

You may be a student teacher, but to the kids, you’re still a teacher.

Come on, go ahead.


Does it feel nostalgic?

You think I wouldn’t notice? How many years has it been since you graduated?

Since it was my first year formally teaching, it must’ve been 10 years. You used to be so tiny, now you’re this big. You’re even wearing a suit.

I guess I’m getting old.

Hmm? How could I forget? You were an extremely memorable student.

As a teacher, I could never forget about the first class of students I had. Besides, you were the class representative, no?

I really appreciated all the help you gave me.


That said, you’ve become quite the adult.

Hmm? Me?

I hardly changed?

Well, 10 years for you and 10 years for me is completely different. Once you become an adult, decades pass by in the blink of an eye.


Welcome back.

I’m happy that you’ve returned to this place.

Not many students come back to visit after graduating. Moreover, you’re coming back as a student teacher, so it makes me even happier.

What about you? Are you happy to see me?

Haha! You haven’t changed.

No, it’s nothing.

Do your best, Teacher.


Here, the classroom is this way.


This is it.

Are you nervous?

It’ll be fine. You can do it!

You always put your all into everything you do, so I know that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

I believe in your hard work.

Take 3 deep breaths.

One, two, three.


Alright! Let’s go.


Okay, the bell has rung, so take your seats.

This is the teacher that’ll be coming here next week for hands-on teaching experience. She’s come to say hello.

Please take it from here, Teacher.


Track 2: Another Confession 10 Years Later


You’ve worked hard this week. Please continue to keep at it.

Alright, cheers!


I never thought I’d be drinking together with one of my former students like this.

Hmm? What?

You’re always looking at me.

No, as your supervising teacher I’m honored.

How has it been teaching in an actual school environment?

Compared to how it is in university, you have to get up quite early and you end up leaving rather late too. Right now you may have your nerves keeping you going, but there are many whose bodies can’t keep up after the second week, so be careful.

I see. So you’re enjoying yourself.


You have a point. Whenever I see the children’s smiles, it melts away my fatigue regardless of how busy I am.

They’re cute, aren’t they?

They’re my proud students.

Popular…? Among the students? Well, of course. Look at how much I love them.

Oh, you’re referring to the girls?

I mean, they’re at the age where they start having feelings for those of the opposite sex around them. However, to them, it’s a big deal, so I avoid treating them like children and handle it in earnest.

Isn’t that obvious? They’re my precious students.

You were serious about it too, weren’t you?


How could I forget? Do you realize how many times you’ve confessed to me?

8 times? No, 9 times.

Before your graduation, you were ambushing me every day.

“If your feelings haven’t changed in 10 years then I’ll consider it,” that was pretty haughty of me if I say so myself.

Did you think I said that in order to make you give up?

I told you, didn’t I? I’m sincere in my approach.


Oh, I think it’s about time we leave. We have to get up early tomorrow.

Huh? What’s the matter?

What is it? You still have more to say?


You like me?

You’ve only been with me for a week, you know?

I suppose so. If you include the time where I was your homeroom teacher, we have been together for 2 years, plus a week.


Do you like me that much?

I see.

In any case, let’s get out of this place.


Come this way.

Have you made your resolve?

Are you prepared to date me, is what I’m asking? You may have just stepped foot into the adult world, but I’ve been an adult for over 10 years.

I won’t baby you, so if you’re prepared for that, I wouldn’t mind dating you.


It’s decided then.

I’ll escort you.

We’ve become boyfriend and girlfriend, no? So holding hands is to be expected.

Let’s go.


Track 3: As Lovers


It’s been two weeks since you started working as a student teacher, hasn’t it?


When it comes to younger teachers, students seem to form almost a friendship-like bond, but that also means you have a good affinity with them.

This is in reference to the syllabus…

First on the list would be the short language test…

I think this would work for the Kanji writing portion, but it would be on the same day as the math quiz, so let’s shift things around a little.

Let’s move the math quiz to Wednesday.


Are you free tonight?

Then meet me at the parking lot at 7.


Now then, in terms of the math quiz…

Let’s increase the scope a little.

It’ll be page 15 of the textbook and onwards.


You’ve been staring at me the whole time.

Of course, I’d notice.

“Teacher, it’s like you have eyes at the back of your head!” You said this 10 years ago too. Though, it was said jokingly.

I can feel your gaze. Your stare was fixated on me, so I felt it right away.

It’d be a waste not to look?

Look at what…?

Oh, that’s what you meant. We’ve been dating for a week, but we’ve hardly had time alone with each other.

But are you happy?

You really are adorable.

Then let’s spend proper time as lovers.


This is what I mean…

Hmm? More?

Yeah, it’s not enough for me either.


You’re worried about other people seeing us?

It’s fine, not many people pass by at this time of the day.

You wanted to spend time alone, no?

It’s good that you’re honest.


Your lips are so soft.

Bring out your tongue.


Does this spot feel good? This spot under your tongue?

Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself. Would you like to come over to my house?

Would you like to stay over?

Of course.

Then let’s go. If we continue staying here, I don’t know what I might do.


Track 4: Everything to You


I told you that I couldn’t wait any longer, right?

I waited until we got to my house, so don’t expect any more than that.

Hehe. What’s the matter?

Did your knees buckle just from being kissed?

Let’s head over to the bed.

Hold on tight.


Come on, entwine your tongue around mine.

That’s right.


Your breasts are so supple. They feel super nice to the touch, and your body’s so soft that it’s engulfing my hands.

Shall we take off our clothes?

I want to see your body directly.

Come on, lift up your arms. Bottom too.

I’ll undress too, so give me just a moment.


Huh? Is something wrong?

It’s your first time? For this?

I see…

Alright. I’ll try to be as gentle as I can, but if you ever feel scared, tell me, and I’ll stop.

You dummy, that’s not something you should apologize for.

I’m really happy that I’m your first.



Huh? My glasses?

They’ll be in the way when kissing, no? Though, it would certainly make it difficult for me to see.

But when I’m close up, I can see your cute expressions without a problem.

The kisses feel good, don’t they? Do you like it when we kiss?

Then what about here?


It tickles?

You really are adorable, every part of you.

Your ears are tiny and cute.


You’re making some nice sounds. Does it feel good when I do this to your ears?

Then I’ll do it to the opposite ear as well…

The tips of your breasts… You like it when I tease them with my fingers, huh? I’ve only touched them a little, but they’re already perked up this much.

They’re adorable pink nipples.


Don’t hold back your voice. I want to hear your moans of pleasure.

That’s quite an erotic expression.

To think you’re capable of making an expression like this… I want to make you feel more with my kisses.

Feel more pleasure from my fingers…


Spread your legs. I’ll touch that place too.


Your underwear is a little stained. So you really were feeling it earlier.

…I’m happy.

I’ll remove your underwear.

Like I thought, this place is already. Well? You can hear these noises, can’t you?


This stiff place in the front… Does it feel good? Your voice got louder.


Spread your legs nice and wide, and bend your knees. Expose everything to me.

That’s good.

Good girl.

Look, when I slowly stroke the entrance area, it feels good, doesn’t it?

Ah! It’s overflowing again.

Seems like your body’s sensitive.


There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, this is an act that is meant to bring pleasure.

Just let yourself feel it while wanting me, that’s all.

So, can I insert my fingers inside?


It definitely is tight…

Hmm? Are you alright?

It doesn’t hurt, right?

I’ll spread it slowly.

Relax. It’ll be alright, I’ll make you feel even better.


You seem to have gotten accustomed to it.

I’ll insert them fully then.


My fingers are entirely in.

Your place here has taken in my fingers all the way down to their base.

Your insides feel very hot.

It’s soft, and my fingers are being enveloped.

I’ll stroke you on the inside, so please tell me which places feel good.


Is it here?

Your insides reacted. How cute.

What about further in? …Like here. This place.

They all feel good?

Jeez, you…

That’s quite the clincher. I’m not confident that I’ll be able to hold back If you rile me up too much, so keep things in moderation.



What I mean is that I want to do the deed already. I’ve been desperately suppressing the urge to insert it for the last while.

You’ll be fine?


Thank you.



I’m sorry, for some reason it’s bigger than usual today. And considering that it’s your first time, I think it’ll be a bit difficult for you.

Are you still willing to go through with it despite that?

I’ll insert it then.



Are you able to relax a bit more?

Open your mouth. Let’s join together as we kiss.


This is all of it…

Can you feel it? Can you feel that I’m inside you?

Give me your hand.

Come on, touch it.

Here, this is the place where we’re connected. You swallowed me up entirely even though it’s your first time… What an outstanding student.

Yeah, I’m happy too.


Until you’ve settled down, let’s stay like this and not move.

Take nice deep breaths.



Are you alright now?

I’ll start moving then.


Don’t hold back your voice, it’ll make things even tougher for you.

Yes, keep crying out in that cute voice. I’m the only one listening.


It’s clamping down on me…


It feels really good. I feel so good that I feel like I’ll melt inside you.

Do you hear it? Do you hear the naughty sounds coming from the place where we connect?

It’s proof that you’re feeling it because of me.


You’re so cute and adorable that it’s out of this world.


I’ll go a bit deeper.

I’ll prop up this leg. Alright?


I’m reaching even further than before.

Kissing feels so good…

Your lips, your tongue, they’re both sweeter than before. I think I might get addicted to them.


Your insides are convulsing… Are you about to cum?

You don’t know?

Then, here. I’ll tease this front part. And don’t resist it. I’ll cum together with you.


Just a little more, I’m still cumming…


You came properly, right?

You were super adorable.


Give me a moment here, I’ll pull out.


Cumming this much… It’s like I’m some young lad.

Come on, come close this way.

Here, I’ll lend my arm as a pillow.


Your body’s not in pain, right?

That’s a relief to hear.

I’m sorry about the last bit, I lost a bit of restraint. And you were acting too lewd and were too cute.

There’s nothing to worry about, there’s nothing strange about feeling good. If anything, I’m happy that you were able to feel good even though it’s your first time.

I told you, didn’t I? …You’re an outstanding student.


Then should I treat you as a teacher?


Did it really feel that good, Teacher?

Haha! Alright, alright, I won’t mention it anymore.

Come on, cheer up.


Have you cheered up now? Well?


You must be tired, right? So you can go ahead and fall asleep, we can take a shower in the morning instead.


I don’t feel like letting you go right now.

Seeing how I feel this way, I’m really acting like a kid, aren’t I? Even I’m surprised at myself.

Good night.


Track 5: Admired Teacher


Sorry for being so late, the preparations for tomorrow’s committee was taking forever.

It’s part of the job, so it doesn’t tire me. More than anything, it was not being able to see you that was more difficult.

Today was your employment exam, right?

How did it go?

Really? Congratulations! It’s great news. I’m really happy for you.


I guess so. You’re now a teacher just like me.

You worked hard, didn’t you?

Now things should settle down for a bit. Should we go on a trip before graduation?

Huh? Something you’d like to discuss?

Why are you acting all formal?

What’s the matter? Why’s your face so nervous?

Whether I love you?

Of course I do, why wouldn’t I?


Come here.

Closer. Come sit on top of my lap.

Did I do something to make you insecure?

Hmm? The promise from 10 years ago? Oh, about how I’d date you if you insisted the same thing 10 years later?

That was when you were in elementary school, no?

You think the only reason I’m dating you is because of that promise?

Haha! Of course not.


Do you remember your first day? The day you came to give your introductions?

I felt my heart skip a beat the moment you entered the staff room. …Even though I should’ve known that you were one of my former students.

The fact that you gazed at me in admiration has already been said, but I was captivated by you too. As a woman, I thought you were beautiful and the eyes that sparkled with hope for the future left a deep impression on me.

Later, you started your time as a student teacher, and I slowly realized that I fell in love with you.

Especially with the way you give your all with everything you do.

And the more I got to know you, the more in love I became.


Your empathic nature, the expression you make when you carefully listen to what the children have to say…

Everything about you captivated me.

Most of all, you made me remember what was most important.

The feelings I had when I first became a teacher.

Of course, it’s not like I’m slacking off on my job right now or anything, but I’m always pursuing miscellaneous matters and was held captive by the things that weren’t fundamental to my job.

There were even times where I couldn’t be upfront with my students.

But in watching you, I was reminded of my initial purpose, and it gave me motivation.


With the way you’re able to make me feel… To me, you’re someone very, very important, and precious.

Oh, right. This!

Take a look at my smartphone’s image folder.

Yup, that.

See? It’s filled with photos we’ve taken together, no?

This was when we visited the theme park. And look, see? The aquarium. There’re also photos of us riding a rowboat in that park.

And this is the first home-cooked meal you made for me.

And this-

Sorry, your sleeping face was too cute, so I couldn’t but capture it.

Just this one, alright? If you don’t like it, I’ll delete it. Oh, but if possible, I’d rather not delete it.


Do you understand now? This is how crazy I am about you.

There’s no reason for you to worry, right?

No, uh, I’m the one who should apologize.

I’m sorry for not noticing the anxiety I was causing. I promise to voice my feelings clearly through words from now on.

I love you. I’m deeply in love with you.

I want you to stay by my side.


Thank you, I’ll continue to be in your care.



Why don’t we celebrate your successful exam?

Do you have time next weekend? Let’s visit the restaurant you wanted to go to. Oh! And, also a stay at a seaside hotel.

We’ll have dinner and stay a night at the hotel.

What do you think?

Are you that excited?

I have such an unbelievably cute girlfriend.


Yup, I’m looking forward to it too.


Track 6: Love and Lust


Go ahead, you can go in first.

Do you like it?

I’m glad that it’s made you this happy.

Yeah, it is. It’s a nice, quiet room.


Come here, take a look at the nightscape.

The sea is to the right, but since it’s night, it’s pitch-black. But seeing that I chose a room with an ocean-view, let’s view it together in the morning tomorrow.

Ahh, how beautiful.

A mature dress that befits you and cheeks slightly flushed from wine… It’s very sexy.

Hmm? I know, you were referring to the nightscape, weren’t you?

However, rather than the nightscape, I was more enthralled by your reflection in the window.

Since our mealーfor the whole entire time.


Turn your face this way. Let me kiss you.

Your body’s flushed too…

Let’s take off our clothes, they’ll get wrinkled.

The curve of your back’s beautiful.

Hmm? Does it feel good when I kiss your back?


Turn towards me.

So this is the lingerie you have on… The black lace is erotic and very sensual, and it’s arousing.

You’re so skilled at flipping my switch. If you seduce me with lingerie like this, I don’t think I’ll have any self-control left.

Did you buy it for the sake of today’s date, by any chance?

……As something for me to see.

Thank you, that makes me happy.


So you weren’t just cute, you were a naughty girl too. What were you imagining while you were choosing it?

Were you hoping that I’d pin you down and touch you with your bra on? …Like this.

The tips of your breasts are already hard.

And when I rub them with my fingers, they swell up even more.


I’ll shift your bra aside and lick you directly.

Does it feel good?

It’s fine, so let out your voice. I want to hear more of your wonderful voice.


Okay, I’ll undress too, so wait just a second.


Hmm? My glasses?

I’ll leave them on today. …So that I can have a nice clear look at your naughty expressions and appearance.

Huh? You want to touch this place too?

Then spread your legs.

Oh, this isn’t good, your newly-bought panties have already become this soaked.


Just by rubbing it a little, more starts flowing out of you…

It’s frustrating doing things with your panties in-between, right? So take it off yourself, I’ll watch.

Eh? I’m being mean?

Maybe I am.

I might have a slight urge to tease you today.

You doubted my feelings of love the other day, no? So today is punishment for that.


If you understand then take off your panties.

Take off your bra too.

That way, I can shower your entire body with affection.

Well done.


It’s wonderful seeing you embarrassed, it’s very arousing.

I’ll give you a reward.

I’ll make you feel good, so spread your legs nice and wide.


Hold onto your knees.

Yes, like that. And don’t close them.


It’s completely drenched…

Did you get turned from having me watch you strip off your bra and panties?

Wow, more’s pouring out.

Hey, don’t close your eyes. Watch closely as I lick you.

Yes, good.


How’s that? Did that feel good?

You’re so honest.

Good girl.

Hmm? Are you about to cum?

Wait, I want to make you cum directly today.


Are you able to stand?

Come this way.

Turn around and place your hands on the window.

Just like that.

Spread your legs and stick your butt out more.


Look in front of you.

Your face is reflected in it, right?

Stay like that. Don’t avert your eyes from it.

Well? Do you feel it? …The tip’s rubbing against your entrance right now. Slowly. Like it’s stroking it.


I’m putting it in.


You came from just me putting it in, huh?

It’s cute.

I’ll start moving.


So tight-

Since you just came, it’s clamping down so hard.

It feels good…

Aren’t you feeling it more than usual? You’re moaning in such pleasure.

Your curved back is cute too.

Say, do you want me to thrust even deeper inside you?

Then use your mouth and ask for it.

Come on, say it.


Good job.

Then as you wish, I’ll thrust all the way inside you.

Huh? No more?

More what?

At times like this what you should be saying isn’t “no more” but “It feels good,” no?

I feel good too. It feels good.

You’re way too naughty and cute, and it’s making me crazy.


Keep looking straight ahead.

Yes, that’s a good expression. It’s loosened up as you drown in pleasure.

This is the face you always make whenever I embrace you. And don’t you ever show this face to any other man besides me.

Got it?


Your breasts seem lonely.

I’ll tend to them with my fingers.

You love it when I tease your nipples while I rub against you on the inside, right?


Are you about to cum again?

That’s fine, I’m about to too.

I’m… Cumming, I’m cumming!


Are you alright?

I’ll pull out.

Whoa! Has the strength left your legs?

Then let’s head over to the bed.


I’m sorry, I pushed you a little too far, didn’t I?

It felt good?

Hey, if you say that, I’ll want to tease you again.

I felt really good too.

I’m already hopelessly in love with you, yet I keep falling even deeper in love with you. At this rate, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let you go.



That’s right. Never ever.

Don’t make such an adorable face.

I guess so.

It’s still too early now, but I’m sure it’ll be a reality sometime in the near future.


Track 7: Everlasting First Love



Your hair feels nice to the touch. It’s completely from my hair.

Would you like to give it a touch?

Go ahead.


It tickles.

Do you like it that much?

Then you’re free to touch it whenever you want.

It feels nice. It does make me feel a little shy, though.

So, umm, it’s been on my mind for a while, but how long do you plan on calling me “Teacher”? We’re lovers, so we should at least call each other by our names when we’re alone.

Hmm, I’ll give that a pass.


It’s nice hearing my name called in your voice. It makes my heart race, and it makes me feel extremely happy.

Eh? It’s like a dream…?

What is?

Being like this with me?

You dummy, it’s not a dream. It’s reality.

I’m your partner, and I’ll always be by your side. Even when you wake up in the morning. Even as the years go by.



See? It’s not a dream, right?

If you still can’t believe then I’ll keep going.


You said I was your first love, right?

If so, then keep looking my way. Because I’ll only have eyes for you too.

I love you. I love you.

Thank you for making me your first love.

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