【Translation】 Alice no Midara na Sekai ~Cheshire Neko to no Mikkai~


Thank You to Lux for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

アリスの淫らな世界 ~チェシャ猫との密会~

CV: Sagisawa Shu (鷺沢萩)

Track 1: Cheshire Cat’s Invitation


Hey you, did you chase that rabbit all the way here?

What’s your name?

Oh, Alice?

Nice to meet you, Alice. I’m Cheshire Cat.

You’re cute. Let me have a good look at your face.

Big eyes, plump lips, rosy cheeks… You’re very lovely and cute.

Your boobs are big, and your style’s nice too.


Eh? Alice, have you lost your way?

You don’t know which way to go?

Oh, I see. Then why don’t you come over to my house? My bed’s available in case you want to rest.

You want to use my bed?

Sure, go ahead. Use it.


Alice, those blue clothes suit you. And that small white apron’s adorable.

Since you’ll be lying in bed, it’s best if you take it off. You wouldn’t want your clothes to get wrinkled, right?

Do you have a spare change of clothes?

Oh, you don’t?

You wouldn’t want to be naked either, right?

I got an idea! Why don’t you take off your clothes and wear just the apron?

Let’s do that.

I’ll turn around, so go get changed.


She has no clue that it’s all reflected in the mirror, huh.

Her naked body…

So cute.

She’s put on the white apron…

Her boobs are bulging out of her apron, and if she just squats a little, that place comes fully into view…

Ahh, it’s so enticing.


Ahem, Alice, have you finished changing?

You have such a nice sense of style. My eyes are captivated.

Umm, on that note, there’s something I’d like to ask you. Do you have a boyfriend, Alice?

I want to know.

Eh? Not currently?

It’s almost like a lie. I’m so lucky.

Alice, since you don’t have a boyfriend, you must be kind of lonely, right? So, Alice, if you’d like, why don’t we try to get to know each other?

Just a little.

I’ll do anything you want me to do. Anything.


Are you sure? Do you really want me toーー

I’m glad you like me.

Then what do you want me to do first?

Hmm? You don’t know?

What about a hug then?

I see. Can I?

That’s a relief. I’ll wrap my arms around your body then, Alice.

This is the first time you’ve been hugged like this?

Is that so?


You’re so comfortable to hug.

Alice, your boobs are big, and you have such a nice body.


Does it feel good?

Should I hug you tighter?

I see. So like this.

I’m glad it feels good. Next, I would like you to kiss you gently.

Do you not want to kiss?

It’s fine, this is normal when you’re dating.


Lift your face up, Alice.

Stand on your toes. That way, you’ll be able to reach.

Good girl.

Purse your lips a little.

Yes, accept me.


Are you reacting to the kiss…?

Alice, you’re so cute when you’re blushing.

So you are reacting.

You’re starting to feel it, right? You’re adhering even closer to me.


I’m starting to feel it too.

So are you feeling it, Alice? Your eyes look dazed.

I’ll kiss the back of your neck too then.


Oh, your body bent backwards just now, didn’t it?

Looks like you’re quite sensitive, Alice.

What about your boobs? I’d like to touch your boobs, Alice.

Just a little.

I’ll make you feel good. So stay still, alright?

You can continue standing.

I’ll slip one of my hands through the sides of your apron then.


I haven’t done anything and yet you’re twisting your body.

Is your heart pounding?

Leave it to me.

I’ll start then.


Are you starting to feel good? You’re starting to pant.

Then let me slip in both my hands.


You’re starting to moan.

I want to hear more of your moans.

Should I start touching your nipples as well?

Just a little?

I guess I can then.

The voice you make when you feel good is so cute, Alice. When I hear that voice, I start reacting too.


It’s amazing. Your nipples have become hard too.

Alice, you’re very sensitive, aren’t you?

I’ll make you feel even more.

Should I lick your nipples next, Alice?

Eh? But everyone does it when they start dating. It’s true, So can I lick them?

I can then.

I’ll shift the sides of your apron.

Show me your cute boobs.


Oh? You let out quite the voice.

I’ll lick you even more then.


I’m getting aroused too. Very aroused.


Track 2: Teasing All Over


I wonder about your lower half, Alice. I wonder if you’re aroused.

Let me try touching it a little.

I can’t touch that part?

You pulled your hips back just now.

How cute.

But I want to touch this place.

Just a little.


Let’s see.

Try placing one of your legs on the bed.

Yes, yes, that’s right. It’s easier for me to touch you that way.

May I?

I’ll touch you carefully.


It’s soft and puffy.


You’re wet. You’re wet, Alice.

This is what happens when you get turned on. It’s normal, so don’t be embarrassed.

Can I touch that wet place a little more?

Just a little. I’ll make you feel even better. I’ll stroke it gently with my finger.


So, are you feeling it?

You’re moaning.

You can let your voice be louder. I get turned on too when I hear it.

Yes, that’s right. When you grab onto me and moan like that, I get excited too.

Then I’ll start touching this place next.

Which place…?

Your clit.

This is your most sensitive spot, right? You’ve touched it before yourself, right?


A secret?

Don’t do that. Even if you cover it, I’ll still touch it.


Oh, you bent back.

I only touched you with the tips of my fingers, though. You’re so sensitive, Alice.

I’m really happy. I’ll make you feel really good with my fingers.


Ahh… Are you feeling it?

I’ll start moving faster.

You’re moaning so much.

Louder. Cringe to me tighter.

Yes, that’s good.


Are you at the edge? Are you about to cum?

I’ll make you climax…!


Yes, cum!


You’re close, aren’t you?



You climaxed while grasping onto me.

Alice, you want to feel more pleasure, right?

No more…? The strength has left your body?

Don’t worry, you can still keep going. I want to continue. I’ll do a bunch of things that feel good.

I wonder how it is after climaxing.

I’m referring to this place. I want to know what state it’s in.

I’ll touch it briefly.

I want to know how good you felt.

Stay still, alright?


Oh, wow! It’s so wet.

Alice, you were really feeling it, weren’t you?

I’m happy.

You’re too tired to stand? Then why don’t you lie down on the bed?

You did just climax.

I’ll let you sleep in my arms.

I’ll hug you.


There we go!

You can sleep on the bed.

Can I sleep with you?

Yes, that’s right. I like you, Alice.

Hey, Alice, turn this way.

Close your eyes.


You’re beautiful and cute.

Oh, sorry, I touched your boobs. They’re sticking out from your apron, so I accidentally brushed against them.

You want to feel even better?

Your voice was too quiet, I didn’t hear you.

Little louder.

Okay, alright. I’d do anything you say, Alice.

Shall I massage your boobs?


No, you can keep your apron on.

I’ll push aside your apron and lick your nipples.


You’re bending your back.

Does it feel good?

I start feeling it too when you moan.

I’ll go even further then.

I’ll start licking from your stomach.

No, stay still!

Yes, Yes, that’s good.


You twisted your body just now, didn’t you?

Is your stomach ticklish?

Bear with it for a bit.

You can’t?

Then what about here? Your clit. I think it’ll feel really good.

Please let me lick your clit.

I can, right?

It’s embarrassing…?

We’re getting along so well, so there’s no need to be embarrassed.


You’re so cute, Alice.

I’ll lick your clit then.


Oh wow, I licked it just a little and your body is already bending backwards.

And your cheeks are red too.

I want you to feel good, Alice, so I’ll do anything.

I’ll lick your clit even more.



I’ll lick it even harder then.


Are you about to cum?

Go ahead. Cum.


Go on. Cum.


Oh, you came, didn’t you?

You were adorable.


Track 3: I Want You


You’re tired? You can’t go on?

But I still want to continue.

After seeing you cum, Alice, I reached my limit. I want you, Alice.

What I want to…?

I want to put this inside this wet place of yours, Alice.

It’s big?

Are you scared?

It’ll be fine. I’ll be gentle, so leave it to me.


Don’t block that place with your hands.

Alice, I’ll pull your hands away.

I’m getting kind of aroused by it.

I’ll be putting it in then.



Yes, relax.

It’s going in. Alice…!

It feels good.


It went in a little.

It feels so good, Alice.

Alice, you let out your voice and twisted your body, didn’t you?

I’m too big?

And hard?

But it doesn’t hurt, right?


I’ll start moving my hips a little then.


Wow, this feels way too good.

What about you, Alice? Does this feel good?

Do you want me to go further?


I’ll slowly thrust it in and out.


Alice, this place is soaked.

I’m feeling really good too. I can’t wait any longer.

I’m sorry, Alice.

It went in all the way. It felt good, so it went all the way in.


You’re quivering, Alice.

Does it feel good?

I see. That’s good to hear.

Oh, right, you should spread your legs wider. I want to see it go in and out of you, Alice.

It’s fine, no?

I see it.

How lewd. Something big is going in and out of you.

Oh, don’t cover your face. I want to see the expression you make when you feel good.

Yes, let me see it.


I’ll move my hips faster.


This is incredible.

Alice, don’t bend your body back. I’ll cum.

No, Alice.

I don’t want to end it just yet. I want to make you cum even more.

What about this?

I’ll touch your clit while going in and out of you.


You’re leaking sounds.

And your clit’s wet and slippery too.

It feels really naughty when I tease both places, right?

Can I?

Be prepared, I’ll be teasing your clit with my fingers. And I’ll thrust in and out of you.


Does it feel good?

You’re such a mess now.

I’ll keep moving my hips until you climax, Alice.

I’ll tease your clit too, so feel good.

That’s right. Don’t hold back your voice. I’ll make you feel more, even more pleasure.

I love you, Alice.

I’ll thrust my hips even harder.



Sure. Make sure to feel it.

Are you about to cum?

Then cum. Go ahead.


You stiffened up your legs, didn’t you?

Did you feel good?

You were adorable, Alice. You called my name when you came, didn’t you?

I was happy.

Oh! Don’t move your hips.

You can feel that I’m still inside you, right?

It’s not over yet. I want you to feel more pleasure, Alice.

You’re at your limit?


I’ll thrust into you… Like this!


Oh, look, you’re bending your body again.

Alice, you still want to do it, don’t you?

Don’t you want to feel even better? I’ll keep going for as long as you want.

Then spread your legs.

You’re too embarrassed to?

It’s already in, so it’s not a big deal. Place your legs on my shoulders. I’ll prop up your legs.


Your knees are touching your boobs?

Your body’s so soft.

That place is in full view,

I’ve gone super deep inside you.

I’ll start thrusting then. I’ll thrust deep into you.


I feel good. You’re wonderful, Alice.

I’ll thrust even faster.

Don’t bend backwards, I’ll cum.

Try not to.

You can’t?

It’s no use. Cum, Alice! Please cum together with me.



Track 4: Harder


Alice, we came together, didn’t we?

This is the first time I’ve ever felt this good.

This place felt really good.

I’m referring to the place I’m in.

I’ll touch you a little.


Oh, I’m so happy, you’re wet all the way down your thighs.

Shall I lick you clean?

It’s fine, I want to do it.

I’ll spread your legs a little then.

Don’t be embarrassed.

You’re so cute when you’re blushing.

I’ll lick you then.


So, does it feel good?


Sure, I’ll lick you as much as you want.


Are you feeling it?

You’re moving hips.

And you’re moaning.

Oh, you’re so sensitive, Alice. Do you want me to continue? Do you want me to lick you harder?


I’ll lick you even harder.



What’s the matter, Alice? You’re twisting your body.

You’re moaning so much.

Do you want to do it? Do you want me inside you?

Whisper it into my ears.

Say the words “Stick in here” yourself.


Yes, I heard you.

Of course. I’ll insert it inside you.

Shall we make it more exciting?

There’s nothing to be afraid of, just leave it to me.

Alice, please lie face-down.

Yes, that’s good.


Your butt’s so cute. It’s so irresistible.

Now get on all-fours and prop up your hips.

Yes, that’s right.

Now loosen up, Alice. Accept me.

I’ll enter from the back.


It went in all at once, didn’t it?

It’s big and hard?

It swelled up to this size because you’re so cute, Alice. I can keep going for as many rounds as you want.

I feel so good.

I wish I can stay inside you forever.


Stop, don’t move your hips!

I’ll get too aroused, and I won’t be able to hold myself back.

Ah! You moved again just now.

Good grief, I guess I have to punish you for it. I’ll thrust it all the way inside you…!

Well? How do you like that?


I’ll grab onto your hips and thrust into you.

Are you feeling it?


You’re so naughty, Alice.

I’ll thrust even harder.


Stick your hips out more.

Yes. Good girl.

I’ll thrust even more vigorously.


Are you about to cum, Alice?


Go ahead, cum.

Cum, Alice!

Come on, cum…!!!


Alice… You came, didn’t you?

Oh, you’re sweaty.

I’m covered in sweat too.

But I haven’t cum yet, so let’s keep going.


No, I won’t let you rest.

Look, your insides trembled just now. And it’s still erect, no?

Alice, you can still keep going, right?

So let’s keep going.


Yes, I’ll start moving.

No, don’t pull back your hips. I’m still buried deep inside you.

I’ll go a little rougher.

Be prepared.

I’ll thrust into you from behind. I’ll grab tightly onto your hips and thrust into you.


Alice, are you feeling good? Do you like it when I thrust into you like this?

Do you like things rough?

I’ll thrust into you while massaging your boobs then.

I’ll thrust from a different angle.


The bed’s creaking.

I’m worried it’ll break.

It doesn’t matter if it breaks. It feels way too good and I just can’t stop myself.

Alice, don’t bend your back, I’ll cum.

You’re such a naughty girl, Alice. I don’t want to end just yet.


The place I’m going in and out of is completely drenched.

It’s soaked.

I’ll thrust this super wet place here.


It feels so good. This place of yours is the best, Alice.

You want me to touch your clit too?

Then I’ll rub it.

I want to hear you moan in pleasure.

Make them louder. Let me hear more of your lewd moans.


This is so arousing.

I’ll tease your clit and thrust into you.


Track 5: Embracing You


I wonder what kind of expression you’re making while you moan.

I want to see your face, Alice.

Your face as you drown in pleasure, that is.

Can you turn this way?

Lift up one of your legs then.

Yes, that’s right.

While I’m still attached to you.

How lewd.


Pass your leg over my head.

Yes, that’s good. Well done.

See? Now I can see your face.

I’ll shower you with even more affection.

I’ll hold you.

We’ll be doing it while you’re in my arms, facing each other.

I wanted to try this.

I like you, Alice, so let me kiss you.


I love you, Alice.


You’re reacting so much to it.

The place where I’m attached is so wet.

I’ll hold you even tighter.


It feels so good.

I’ll start moving my hips slowly, and start circling it around.

Yes, like that.

How does it feel when I make turns inside?

The way I move my hips is kind of naughty? But you like naughty things, don’t you?

You’re feeling it, aren’t you, Alice?

You’re moaning so much.

Let me hear more of your voice.


Yes, that’s a good sound. Your moans turn me on.

Do you want to feel even more pleasure, Alice? …Then why don’t you move your hips as well, Alice?

Yes, that’s right, we’ll both be moving.

Try moving your hips.

Don’t be embarrassed, just give it a try.

Yes, that’s good. Slowly. Match your pace with me.


Yes, you’re doing good.

It feels good, right?

Let yourself feel it.

You’re so cute, Alice. Your cheeks are red.

Don’t close your eyes.

Yes, look at me. Look at my face, look deep into my eyes, and kiss me.


Why does it feel so good?

I’ll hold you.

I’ll hold you tightly and kiss you.

Alice, I’ll start thrusting my hips. I can’t hold back any longer.

I’ll thrust even harder!


Does it feel good?

Yes, I feel good too.

If you move your hips like that, I won’t be able to stop.

I don’t want that, I’ll end up cumming.

Alice, you’ve gotten good at it, haven’t you?

I’m happy.

How about this next?

I’ll lay back while holding you in my arms. And I’ll be on the bottom.


Oh, did that surprise you?

You’re on top, Alice. This time, you’ll be the one moving their hips.

Don’t worry, you can do it.

You’ve already tried moving them just now, haven’t you? And it felt really good, right?

Try moving a little.

Yes. Just like that.


You’re so good at it.

I have such a nice view of you from below.

The face you make as your moan, your bouncing boobs, your hard nipples… I can see it all.

I can’t get enough of this.

Move your hips faster. Move them in the way you like.


Yes, that’s good.


I can’t hold back any longer. I’ll start moving too.

I’ll thrust up from below.

Feel the size of me…

Do you feel good, Alice? I’ll thrust even harder.


You’re tightening up…

Wow, just wow.

I can’t stop myself.


Alice, your boobs are jiggling.

They look super tempting. I won’t be able to hold myself back.

I’ll massage them both with my hands.

I’ll massage them harder.


Are you feeling it? Well?


Track 6: Naughty Alice


Alice, you’re letting out such loud sounds.

You don’t know what’s going on anymore?

Lewd words are coming out of your mouth, that’s what.

It’s fine, continue talking. It turns me on. Whisper it directly into my ear.

Yes. Yes, that’s it.

You want me to be rougher?

I’ll grab tightly onto your boobs and massage them hard. And I’ll tease your nipples hard too.


How’s that?


I’ll thrust my hips.

Yes, feel it. Feel good from me.


I can’t take it anymore.

Alice, I’ll push you down from the back.

This time I’ll be on top. I can’t hold back any longer. I want to thrust deep into you.

Be prepared. I’m going to be rough.

……Like this!


Oh, you’re starting to bend backwards.

Wow! Do you like it rough?

It’s fine, I’ll listen to any of your requests, Alice. I’ll go even rougher with you. I’ll grab onto your hips and thrust in and out vigorously.

How’s that?

Are you feeling good?

Your hair’s swaying back and forth.

I’ll make sure to be rough with you.


I can’t help myself either.

Alice, the sight of you bending your body is amazing.

I’ll keep thrusting until this place hurts.


I’ll grab onto your ankles.

I’ll spread your legs apart and thrust right into you.

I’ll grind against your deepest spots.


I can see everything.

How lewd.

I’m going in and out of you.

Say it, Alice. Tell me to penetrate you deeper.

Yes. Yes, that’s it! Tell me that naughty things make you feel good. It’ll make me feel good as well.

Alice, say it while moaning.

Yes, that’s right.

Louder. Scream it out louder.

Say it while your hair sways back and forth.


I can’t. You’re so lewd.

You’re so lewd, Alice.

I can’t get enough of that look of bliss.

I’ll penetrate you all the way.


Alice, your moans are incredible.

Are you about to cum, Alice?


Cum, Alice.

I’ll scrape against you until you cum.


Cum. Cum!


Alice, your legs tensed up, didn’t they?

It’s still going? You’re still cumming?

That’s fine, I’ll continue to tease you. Here, I’ll thrust in and out even faster.

Alice, do you feel something big and hard going inside you?

Does it feel good?

I’ll thrust all the way into you.


You’re still cumming…

This is way too amazing. This place of yours is way too amazing, Alice. I’ll never get tired of it.


Don’t bend your back, I’ll cum. I’m at my limit.

You’re tightening

Damn, I’m about to cum.

Let’s cum together, Alice. Together. Now, Alice!

I’ll cum deep inside you.



That was wonderful, Alice.

My body’s trembling from the pleasure.

Open your eyes, Alice.

I’ll kiss you as a reward.


Track 7: I Love You


I love you.


Oh, sorry, I touched your boobs again.

It was an accident. An accident.

You’re exhausted already?

Sleep for a bit then. I’ll let you use my arms as a pillow.


Sleep soundly inside my arms.


Alice, your boobs are sticking out from your apron.

She’s asleep, but I still want to touch them.

Should I? I love massaging her boobs.

I’ll use both my hands.

They’re so soft and they’re practically engulfing my hands.


Alice’s so cute, she’s already peacefully asleep.

I can’t stop myself.

She won’t notice if I were to massage her boobs more, right??

Then I guess I should keep touching them.


I want to tease her nipples too.

If I keep it to a minimum, she won’t wake up, right?

Let me pinch them with my fingers.

Now they’re hard.

What about that place below? Should I extend my hand there and give it a touch?

Whoa, it’s super wet. This is way too tempting.

This isn’t good, I got all big again. Alice is so cute that she immediately makes me hard.


Alice’s sleeping on her side, huh.

Should I hold her and insert it from behind? It’ll be fine if it just touches her a little, right?

I’ll press it against her then.


It’s nice and slippery, and it feels good.

Darn, I can’t take it anymore.

I’ll insert just the tip.

It feels so good, my hips will start moving.

This isn’t good, I…I can’t control myself. I want to put it all in.


It went in.

It’s squeezing me so tightly.

I love you, Alice. I’m sorry for doing this even though you’re asleep.

I’ll start moving my hips slowly.

I’ll slowly pull in and out.


I feel really good.

Alice, I’ll tease your nipples while massaging your boobs. And I’ll move my hips too.


Oh, sorry, Alice, did I wake you?

Of course. Of course you’d wake up when you have something this lewd done to you.

Did you feel the size of my thing going in and out of you?

Does it feel good?

Twisting your body like that… You’re feeling it, aren’t you?

Your moans of pleasure are cute too.

Then while we’re lying on our side, I’ll thrust deep into you…!


Alice, you’re rubbing against me so hard.

I’ll thrust even harder and even deeper. I’ll make you cum all night long.

I love you, Alice.

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