【Translation】 Kuroi Yume 4th Night #34 4th DLsite Tokuten


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CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: With Just the Team Leader


Hello, I’ve come to repair the balcony.


Err, I called to repair the railing and the place where it joins the floor as they’ve corroded.

Oh, yes, yes, it should be easily fixed, but let me inspect it first.


I see now.

They’ve eroded over the years, but it should be fine if we swap them out. I have my tools in the car, so I’ll go grab what I need.

Yeah, you’re right, it’s better to get it taken care of.

Is there a smoking area or something that could be used? Anything will work.


Follow me.


I’ll go grab my tools then.

Ah! You can return to work. I’ll handle the rest.


Hello there.

That outfit ain’t bad either. It gives you that office lady look.

Oh? You’re trying to escape?

You’ve got quite the nerves.

Also, what a coincidence. I never thought that the company I was deployed to would be your place of employment, Miss.

When I saw your face, Miss, I remembered the events of that day.

My cock is already rock hard.


Don’t resist. You’re no different, Miss. Your pussy got wet the moment you heard my voice, didn’t it?


I’ll ram it inside that drenched pussy.

So let’s head to a place where we can do it. Alright?

That said, I’m fine with doing it anywhere. I wouldn’t mind fucking you here.


Haha! I didn’t think you’d bring me to the men’s toilet.

You’re quite bold, aren’t you, Miss?

People might come at any time, no?

Oh, I get it, you get more turned on when there’re people around.


Sorry, but today’s there’s only me. I’ll gather more people for the next time.

Turn your ass towards me.

Now let’s see how wet you are.


What a state this place is in. Your panties are completely soaked.

I guess there’s no need for me to loosen you up.

I’ll shift your panties aside and drive it in.


You’ve got quite a nice cunt, Miss.


Are you sure you should be moaning that loudly?

I won’t be responsible if the company finds out you led a construction worker to the men’s toilet and started cumming and moaning.

See? Someone’s here.

Well, it doesn’t really affect me. But I’ll cover your mouth for you.


You’re clamping down so hard…

So you are one that gets off to people being there, you pervert slut.


You’re about to cum, aren’t you?

What do we do? I think we’ve been found out. Even if you hold back your voice, your pussy’s soaking wet.

And I’m sure they know that you’re away from your seat, Miss.

Maybe I should’ve invited that person that was here pissing earlier.

Well, just cum, you voyeuristic, masochistic, whorish slut…! The more you rile me up, the more aroused you get, and the more you’ll get to cum.


Oh, you’re cumming, you cumming.

Your pussy’s twitching, Miss.

It seriously feels good.

Looks like you can keep on cumming. Does being fucked by a filthy cock inside a filthy toilet really feel that good?

Things fit with your work schedule, so I’m glad I came.


That’s right, I came because I knew you were here, Miss. To grant your fantasies…! Of having your horny pussy violated at work!

Come on, come on, Cum. Cum!

I’ll pump it into you. I’ll shoot my load into your womb…!



Turn your face this way.

Your pussy tightened again the moment I kissed you.

I’ll come pick you up once you’re done with work. And from there, I’ll make sure to fuck you thoroughly, Miss.

At your house, of course, Miss.


No need for other men.

You might be dissatisfied, but until I’m tired of you, you’ll have to bear with having only my cock, Miss.

Otherwise, it would be a waste of precious time.

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