【Translation】 Kuroi Yume 4th Night #34 4th


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黒い夢 第四夜 ♯34 4th

CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐), Zenzai Tatsuya (善財達也), Gotou Keisuke (後藤啓介)

Track 1: Caught by 2 Muscular Workers at a Construction Site……


L: Lift that higher.

L: That’s not what I said! I said higher…!

L: That girl’s face is one I’ve yet to see.

L: Are you one of those part-timers who’s only here for the day?

L: Oh? You found this job via an app.

L: Lately, everyone’s been finding it through the app.

L: What do you normally do?


L: Oh, you’re just your average white-collar worker.

L: Overused their credit card, got into debt, and now has to take daily side-jobs is the sense I get.

L: Was it hosts? Was it gambling? Or did you splurge too much?

AL: Team Leader, this isn’t time to be picking up women. The weather’s making a turn for the worse, so the supervisor’s been telling us to tidy things up already.

L: Yeah, sorry, sorry, I’ll head there right now.


L: Hey, should I send you home in my car, Miss?

L: Oh, but before that… I don’t have an umbrella, so I’ll get in under there first.

L: The transportation minibus only sends you to the nearby station, no? I have time since work halted midway, so I’ll send you home in my car.

L: Do you not want to because it’s my car?

L: I’ll drop you off near your house, so you’ll save on the train fare. Taking the monorail at the station near this infilled land is expensive, after all.

L: It’s not a bad idea, right?

L: It’s not a big deal. Here, I’ll hold the umbrella.

L: My car’s right there.


AL: Damn it! What do you mean the bus I normally ride isn’t available?!!

AL: What a useless employment company…!!! I’ll make sure you pay for this next week…!

L: Huh?

AL: Oh, Team Leader? You’re still here?

L: What’s up with you? Did you get left behind?

AL: Yeah, I did. My employment agency’s bus went off and left without even doing a headcount.

AL: I’m seriously pissed off right now.

L: Oh? Then will you be riding my car too?

AL: Eh? But, why about this young miss here?

L: Huh? It’s not like it makes a difference. Besides, don’t you think it’s more reassuring for there to be more people than if it were just us alone?

L: You see, because I suddenly swooped under her umbrella and grabbed her shoulder, she seems quite wary of me.


AL: Oh, so that’s what you mean?

AL: Drive me too then.

L: Alright.

L: Well, I wonder if there’s anybody else I could drive home.

AL: It’s probably just me. There’s no one else left.

L: I guess that works.

L: Let’s be on our way.


L: Wait! Oh right, I left my power drill out in the open.

AL: That’s not good.

L: Can we head to the construction site for a bit before we head over to the parking lot?

L: We already have the ceilings done, so you won’t be getting wet.

L: Follow me.


Track 2: Bond with Masking Tape, Plowed with a Power Drill and Face-fucked


L: My power drill… Where is my power drill…?

AL: That’s enough. It was a lie anyway.

L: It’s not a lie!

L: Oh, it was in this bag. But anyhow, let’s just do it here.

L: Get out the masking tape.

AL: Okay.

AL: How much do you need?

L: Huh?

L: Hmm, let’s see… What would be best…?


L: In any case, I have her arms pinned behind her back, so why don’t we wrap it around her arms and upper body?

AL: Good idea. It would make her tits stick out too.

AL: This should work.

L: Oh, you’re going to resist?

L: Why? You were hoping for this, weren’t you, Miss? Otherwise, you wouldn’t come work at a site located on some infilled land at the ends of the earth.

L: You were hoping that the men on-site would do this to you, no?


L: There’s no point in resisting. There’s no one else on-site, and you can’t call out to any cars either.

L: The road connected to this infilled land may be open for small vehicles, but all that comes and goes is our company cars,

AL: Are you going to pull together the resolve and escape?

AL: Also, Miss. Isn’t this job a secret from your company? You said that you worked at a normal company, but normally, side jobs are prohibited, no?

AL: If you run away, I’ll report it to your workplace.

AL: And it looks like we have plenty of information all gather up in here in this bag.

L: It wouldn’t be a bad idea for us to take a video of the entire ordeal and spread it around either.


L: Just kidding.

L: You aren’t planning to escape, right?

AL: Haha! You felt it a little there, didn’t you?

AL: Wow, there wasn’t any warning, Looks like we’ve got ourselves quite the slut. Right on the mark, right on the mark~

L: You were staring at me lustfully while we were talking in the morning, weren’t you? ……Looking like you wanted me to rape you and fuck you up.


L: Nice, nice. When you deny it, pretend to hate it, and resist, it makes my cock even harder.

AL: I can’t wait any longer.

L: Oh? You’re wearing quite the cute bra.

L: Normally you wouldn’t wear such nice underwear to such a filthy work site. …Since you’ll be getting it dirty every day.

AL: It was so they could be tainted with something different, no? Though I couldn’t care less about the bra. What’s important…

AL: Is what’s underneath it.


L: Your tits are now being highlighted by your lowered bra… What a turn on.

AL: They look delicious.

L: You… Don’t just sit there sucking on her nipples. Pin her down!

AL: I am.

AL: But isn’t it about time we switch for a bit?


AL: Those nipples are rock hard. My, my, are you starting to feel it?

L: Her arms may be wrapped in masking tape, but we still need to keep her pinned down, huh.

L: Well, it’s not a big deal. Is there anything I could use…

L: Hey, you, keep her down.

AL: Okay.

L: I guess this should work.

L: I’ve flipped that metal drum onto its side, so lay her on it.

L: Drag her over here.


L: Let’s bind her lower body too. …So that her cunt is open for viewing.

AL: Yeah, yeah, I’ll spread both her legs.

L: I can see half her pussy through her underwear.

AL: Your cunt’s super wet, you know? Looks like you felt good from having me suck on your nipples.

L: You’re stuck to the side of a metal drum, and even though your legs are spread wide open, instead of drying out, you’re leaking more pussy juice.


L: Here, I’ll loosen you up before I fuck you with my massive cock, naughty miss. ーーWith my specially made power drill.

AL: That’s the power drill you forgot?

L: It makes things interesting.

L: Let’s press it against your clit first.

L: Even if you’re telling us to stop, you’re still feeling it anyway. …From having the power drill pressed against your clit.

L: You were probably already turned on in the morning from the vibrations from the heavy machinery. Well? I’m sure you wanted to be fucked so badly that you could hardly endure it, right?

L: You were lusting after the muscular young men that just don’t exist at your workplace, after all, weren’t you?


L: That’s funny, Miss. You’re still trying to deny it?

L: It’s pretty obvious that’s not the case.

L: Look, you’re starting to pant.

L: Your cunt’s twitching, and it’s covered in your pussy juice. It’s a shame that you can’t see it, Miss.

AL: I can’t wait any longer.

L: Miss, he’s giving you the big, sweaty cock that you wanted so badly.

AL: It’s a shame that that isn’t the case today. I only worked in the morning. Though it probably reeks more than enough anyways, it’s covered in dirt.


AL: Come on, suck it properly. I’ll face-fuck you so hard that you won’t have the time to bite down.

L: This Miss’ pussy is reacting to your smelly cock.

L: Her panties are soaked and she’s starting to spread her legs.

AL: Looks like you’ve taken a liking to my cock.

AL: Take it in even deeper then. Stroke the tip with the back of your throat.


L: She’s starting to lift her hips.

L: Looks like you want to cum.

L: Go ahead. Cum. What is there to be embarrassed about? No woman can resist this power drill.

L: Cum!

AL: I’m about to cum too…


AL: I’m still cumming…

L: You were forced to cum, your mouth is filled with semen, and your pussy’s twitching, but I still won’t stop the power drill.

L: I’ll tape the power drill onto you, so you can’t pull back your hips to try and escape it.

AL: Hurry up and swallow my cum already.

AL: How long do you plan to savor it?

AL: You’ll have a cock thrust into your mouth until you swallow it. Or is that what you prefer?


AL: You actually swallowed it? Haha!

AL: Wow, Miss, you swallowed that filthy cum, and yet you came again. Do you want to try cumming while kissing me? Well?


AL: It tastes of my sweat and cum.

L: She came…

L: To cum while kissing a man who forced his dick into you…

AL: Poor thing.

AL: Even if you have your face turned away from me, I can tell. …That you’re horribly pent up, that is.

L: Looks like you want it inside you already.

L: Here.


L: Would you prefer my massive cock to this power drill?

L: Your panties are completely see-through. I can see your pussy entirely.

L: It’s gapping open and shut and seems to really want this inside it.

L: Come on, tell me what it is that you want.

L: If you don’t tell me thenーー

AL: Wow, she swallowed it up all at once.

AL: Seriously, you’re quite something.

L: Oh? Looks like you’re about to cum. Shall I search for the places that feel good?


L: Hmm…

L: The cervix? The G-spot? The other side of your cervix?

L: So, what spots feel good?

L: Looks like they all feel good.

L: I guess you can cum from any part of pussy whenever you’re fucked with anything cylindrical.

L: I won’t stop.

L: I’m making you cum and softening your pussy up. That way, it’ll feel even better later.


L: Haha! You came again immediately, and you’re squirting from your pussy.

L: Hahaha!!!


Track 3: Cumming From Being Face-Fucked and Having Nipples Licked While Being Tortured With a Power Drill in Front of 3 People


AL: After seeing you cum, I’m wanting to cum again.

AL: Team Leader, I’ve waited enough, haven’t I? Let me stick it in her pussy.

L: Huh? Don’t you think it’s funnier to keep her on edge? Soon enough she’ll be begging for a cock herself.

AL: I guess it can’t be helped. I guess I’ll face-fuck her again.


L: A little more…

L: Does look like we need the masking tape anymore.

L: Go on. Cum.

L: Cum harder than you did before.

S: Umm, is someone there?

L: Who is it?

S: I forgot to set my smartphone alarm.

S: I’m sorry, by the time I woke up it was already past noon. And in a rush, I took a taxi here, but…

S: Eh?


L: Oh, why isn’t it that useless student from yesterday?

AL: Nearly scared me there.

L: Why bother coming now? If you’re going to be late, just don’t come at all. To actually take a taxi here, what are you? An idiot? You’d probably be fired anyways.

S: B-But even so, I think it’s better to at least come.

S: Also, umm…

L: What?

S: What do you mean by what? Isn’t that woman-

L: Are you telling on your superior?

S: No, I’m not going to tattle, it’s just that I-


L: It doesn’t really matter if you tell on us.

L: If I’m going to get arrested, I’ll just leave. Either way, I’m playing with fire. It doesn’t really matter what happens to the company or if I get fired because even if I had a previous conviction at a past job, I was able to get employed here without an issue.

L: There’s an unprecedented labor shortage, after all.

L: Well, Student, why don’t you…

S: !?

L: Come on, join in. You can see this Miss’ pussy, right?

L: It’s completely different from what you see in porn, isn’t it? It’s dripping with pussy juice.


AL: You’re probably a virgin, aren’t you?

AL: I’ll give you a run at it once I’m done.

S: No, I……

L: Join in with us, Student. Let’s all have fun together.

S: But-

S: That woman’s wrapped in tape, and-

L: Just get over here!


L: You see, this woman is an extreme masochist and a massive slut, and she’s happy that this is being done to her.

L: Take a good look.

L: You want me to make you cum, right?

L: Here, hold onto the power drill.

L: Take it!


L: The power drill’s shoved right inside her and she’s about to cum again from me passing it.

L: Student, just keep it in place!

S: Her voice…

L: Yes, yes, you made her cum in an instant. …It was with the power drill, though.

L: What’s the matter, Miss? You were immediately made to cum by this virgin.

AL: I’m about to cum again too.

AL: It would be boring to cum inside her mouth again, so…

AL: Student, I’ll show you something I’m sure you’ve wanted to try.


AL: I came a shit ton again.

AL: Are you drowning in my cum?

AL: Would you like to try giving her a facial, Student?

S: I-I…

AL: Would her cunt be better? You’re still a virgin, so I guess a facial’s too much for you.

L: I was planning to fuck her after she starts begging for it herself, but since this virgin student has appeared, we’re having a change of plans.

L: No more of the power drill.


L: Your hips moved to chase the power drill. Just badly did you want to cum?

AL: Let’s change positions, Miss. If we stay like this, only two of us could have fun.

L: Student, go peel off the masking tape.

L: You aren’t going to resist, right?


Track 4: Triple Cumshot with Cocks Stuffed Inside Your Mouth, Ass, and Pussy Simultaneously


S: I…I’ve laid her face up on the blue sheet like you told me to.

L: You can go ahead and have a go, Student.

S: Eh!? But-

AL: Miss here wants to do it with you too, Virgin. Look, that’s what her drenched, gaping pussy is saying.

L: Do you want to be stuck as a virgin for the rest of your life? Getting a chance this yourself… You can’t, can you? Either way, your cock is ready to go, so bring it out.

S: O-Okay…


L: Oh? Haha! Look, it’s rock hard and covered in pre-cum.

L: Isn’t this wonderful, Miss? You’ll be having sex with the youngest one here, not to mention, he’s also a virgin.

AL: We’ll hold those legs open.

L: You know what hole to put it in, right? It’s where we shoved the power drill.

S: Y…Yes.

L: How about we pleasure this Miss here?

AL: She’s going to cum again anyway while I suck on her nipples.


S: I’m cumming!

AL: Seriously? As you’d expect from a virgin.

S: It felt too good. I couldn’t endure it.

L: It’s fine, it’s not like you withered yet.

L: Isn’t that right, Miss? You feel it, don’t you? …That this student’s cock is still hard inside you while sticky with his own cum.

L: Tighten up.

L: Give a nice lesson to that young boy. Tell him to thrust into that hole.


L: You have two guys sucking on your erect nipples, and now they’re rock hard. Also, you’re starting to shake your hips on your own from the pleasure, aren’t you?

L: Yes, yes, that’s good. Miss here is enjoying it too.

S: I’m cumming again! it feels so good…!


S: My cum is spilling out from inside her…

L: Let’s switch places, Student. I can’t wait any longer.

S: Okay.

L: He came so quickly that you weren’t able to cum, right, Miss? So I’ll make you cum instead.

L: I’ll make you cum with my cock…!


L: Your insides are coated with that student’s sticky cum.

L: We did make good use of your cunt, after all. I know all the places that feel good.


L: Your entire pussy tightened up the moment you came.

L: Damn, it feels so good.

L: You’re about to cum again, huh?

L: Your pussy got nice and loose from the power drill and that student’s cock, and all them walls are soft, yet you can still squeeze this hard? Do you want to squeeze out my cum that badly?

L: I did tease quite a lot earlier. Your pussy was begging and begging for cock, but all it received was a power drill,


AL: I want to cum inside her too.

L: Huh? Just fuck her ass then.

L: I don’t want to cum yet, and unlike you two, I take longer.

AL: Miss, I’ll lift your body up.

AL: Spread your ass more.

AL: Yes. …While our team leader is still pounding you. You’ve been cumming non-stop, plus it’s wet with our cum and your juices, so even if it tears a little, I’m sure it’ll be fine.


L: Damn…

AL: It’s so tight. Look, you’re sandwiched between mine and our team leader’s cock.


AL: Student, go fuck mouth hole.

AL: You still want to cum, don’t you?

S: Yes, I want to fuck her more… I don’t even know who this Miss is, but I already came inside her twice and now I’m about to cum in her mouth…

S: Suck it, Miss. Swallow it all like you did when I came inside your pussy.


L: It feels wonderful, doesn’t it, Miss? You’re finally getting what you asked for.

AL: Your pussy, your ass, and even your mouth hole are being raped by burly men… I’m sure it feels unbearably good, doesn’t it?

S: All your holes are stuffed with dicks… Man, that’s hot.


AL: Isn’t it great that you came to work here? Look at how good you’re feeling…!

L: Let’s continue to get along.

L: It doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend or a husband, Miss. You’re going to become my toy.

S: I want to fuck her more. I want to fuck her drenched pussy again and cum right inside her. And I want to make her cum with my dick.

S: I’m so glad I gave in to the team leaders’ threats and went along. I never thought sex would feel this good…! I’m willing to do anything as long as I get more sex again.

L: You should be happy, you’re being made to cum non-stop by 3 different men, and that’s not something you get to experience every day. You might just be a special woman, Miss.


AL: I’m about to cum…!

L: You should cum too. Come on, don’t be embarrassed. Cum harder than you ever did before while being raped by men you barely met.


AL: Miss here is all limp now. Haha, well, she did get gang-banged.

S: It felt so good…

L: It’s not over yet, Miss. Like I promised, I’ll send you home in my car. Though, your house would be the last stop.

L: Before that, the three of us…

All: ……Will take our time with you in the car.

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  1. Kiseki Kaira

    How do you shift from translating BL to this lol wasn’t MC the cook or something? Also, did they literally shove a metal power drill up into her private parts?! Omgggggggg thanks for the translation and thank you Mango for the commission ♡♡♡♡


    1. Criy

      It’s a power drill where, instead of a drill bit, it has a dildo attached (hence “specially-made”) LMAO
      Also, it never said what MC’s job was.
      As for the shift, technically this was done like 2 weeks prior to the BL (cuz scheduling whatnot) lol


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