【Translation】 Boku ga Zenryoku de Nagusamete ageru


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1


Welcome home!

What’s the matter? You don’t look very happy.


Why are you dodging the question?


Come on, tell me. Did something bad happen out there?

Or does your stomach hurt, perhaps?

You see, I wasn’t feeling very well after I had lunch.

You know the convenience store bento I bought the day before yesterday? The one I popped in the fridge?

It passed its expiration date, you see.

Ehehe. I went like, “It’ll be fine” and ate it. And sure enough, I got food poisoning.

Well, it did fix itself by evening-


Hey, hey, what did you hit me for?



I was just worried about you.

What? Why? We’re in a relationship, aren’t we?

We’re already living together, so we should at least not hide things when we’re feeling upset.

Come on, come here.

Take a seat next to me and let it all out. I’ll comfort you.


That’s my boy.

So, what happened?

You can’t say it?


Because you’ll be bad-mouthing other people?

What am I to do with you? You’re always playing the role of that super nice person, so you keep driving yourself into a corner.

You don’t have to be that nice.

You’re truly earnest, aren’t you?

Though I do love that part of you.


It’s fine, you don’t have to force yourself to tell me.

If you don’t want to talk about it then you don’t have to talk about it. But let me comfort you in exchange.


Come on, come closer to me. I’ll pat your head.


It’s been on my mind for a while, but your head’s suited for patting.

It fits my hand.

I guess you could say the shape of your head makes it easy to pat.

Your hair smells the same as mine.

Well, I guess it’s only to be expected. Say, why don’t I wash your hair again tonight?

You like having me wash your hair, don’t you?

Yup, I like it when you’re honest.

I may not know what happened, but even if the world were to become your enemy, I’ll still be on your side.


Or something like that.

Was that line too cliche?

But you see, I really do mean it, so remember that well.

When you’re feeling down or when things are tough, you have me. You can always turn to me.

I couldn’t care less about other people. You’re the only one who I spoil like this.

So! You can go ahead and act like a child.


Come closer to my chest.

Well? You can hear the sound of my heart beating, right?

Have you eased up a little?

You want to lick some boobies?

Haha! You’re really acting like a child.

Hmm, what do I do? I can’t produce milk, not to mention, I’m an A-cup.



Haha! That tickles.

When you lick it like that, it’s almost as if you’re a cat.

Hey, does it taste good?

No, you mustn’t lick it so lewdly like that. I’ll…end up feeling it.

Eh? You want to do more lewd things?

I don’t mind if you do, but remember that I’m also a man. I won’t be responsible for what happens later.

Then go ahead, lick it more lewdly.


Yes, move your tongue around skillfully.

Around the tips of my nipples.

Yes, and now bite down gently.

It feels good…

Suck on them, and roll them around with your tongue.

Touch my other nipple too.


This is bad…

Eh? It turned hard?

They were already hard. I’m sure you realized that while you were licking them.

You weren’t referring to my nipples…?

You’ve got quite a dirty mind, don’t you?

Come on, shift your butt over.

I’ll hold you tightly in my arms, so come closer this way.


You don’t like being kissed on the forehead?

You’re so needy.

It’s fine. I’ll give you tons of kisses.

A mature kiss?


Bring your tongue out a bit more.

Does my tongue feel good?

Your place down there has gotten hard.


You can feel it through your pants.

It feels good when we rub against each other.


So, what do you want to do?

I’ve made the decision to comfort you today, so you’re free to do whatever you want.

Well? What do you want to do?

Do you want to do me? Or do you want me to do you?

>> If you want me to top you, please proceed onto the next track.

Oh, it’s nothing. I was just talking to myself.

>> Are you going to continue listening?

So you feel like topping me today.

Sure, I’ll let you take me.

Oh, but, I’m not used to it, so please be gentle.

It’s my one little request-


Why did you hit me?

I’m finally letting you do me without a fuss, you know?

Do you understand what I mean?

This doesn’t happen every day…! Do you know that?!! Do you realize that!?!

Eh? I’m being annoying?

Who cares!!! Just have sex with me already, you idiot!



You’ve already licked my nipples thoroughly earlier, didn’t you? Is there a point in licking them so insistently?

No, stop…


When did you become so obsessed with nipples?

If you keep licking the same place… It’ll…become…sensitive.

No, don’t yank them with your fingers.

If you lick the tips while pulling on them, then…


It feels good. It feels so good…

My nipples feel so good…

No, stop, stop. I told you to stop…!

If you yank both of them-

You’re licking them too hard.

You idiot.

Ngh, it feels so good…


You’re…teasing my nipples way too much.

Jeez, it’s because you wouldn’t stop teasing my nipples. You haven’t even touched it yet and it’s rock hard already.

What is this? Does this make me seem like the dirty one?


I mean, you’re all prepped and ready to go too.


Let me have a peek.

It’s already bulging out of your pants. If I don’t get it out, it’ll dirty your underwear.

Though I’d be the one washing it.

Say, is it alright if I help myself to it.

It’ll be going inside me, no? So, if so, let me have a taste of it first.

If you don’t mind, then.


Yours big for sure, isn’t it?

Even if something bad has happened and you aren’t in the best of moods… This place is still extra perky.


Don’t say I sound like an old geezer!

It has your lewd taste to it.


Say, did you know that you had 2 moles on the other side here?

Eh? On my butt?

No way! I had a mole there…?!

Are you serious?

I never knew.

I guess you have a point. It’s not normally in sight, so it’s not something you’d notice. Or rather, if anyone else were to find out you had a mole here, I’d have to tie things up immediately.

Hmm? Tie what up?

Isn’t that obvious?

Tie the one here to where your two moles are.


Does it feel good?

I love the shape you have here. Aside from that, it gives me really nice vibes.

Hmm? What is it?

No matter how dirty I am, I wouldn’t choose my man based on the shape of what they have down there.

Besides, I’m not that wild in the first place.

Eh? No way! That’s how you thought of me?

You’re so mean, You’re so mean, You’re such a meanie.


Don’t just hit me…! You’ll give me brain damage, you know? Also, you’re the one who made me this vulgar.

Jeez, I was cute and innocent until you corrupted me!

Well, I’m responsible for going along with it, but…


No, cross that. It’s 100% your fault.

You’re the one who pushed it onto me, so, therefore, you’re the root of all evil.

Oh, where oh where did my innocence go…?


It tastes good…

Hey, can I stroke your shaft while I lick you?

I know you’re weak to that.

It’s not that I want things to end quickly…

‘Cause, you know, you’ll be inserting it inside me, no? In that case, I want you to last longer.

So, why don’t we have you let it out one time before then?


It’s so hot. It’s become so stiff.

Say, can I stroke you a tad faster with my hand?

I’ll hold the tip in my mouth then, so you can go ahead and cum inside my mouth.


No need to look so surprised.

Do you find this strange?

Eh? But I’m always gentle.

I’m being kind, aren’t I?

I’ll swallow it all, so don’t hesitate to cum.


Go ahead.

Look, your veins are bulging. No need to hold back, just let it all out.

You’re leaking pre-cum.


Are you about to cum?

Go on, cum.


Did that feel good?

Then it’s my turn now. I got pretty turned on from blowing you.

Look. See?

Hmm? You have the urge to touch it?


Sit there watching begrudgingly until you can get it back up again. I have no need for a limp dick.

So, until it gets hard enough, make sure to watch me carefully.


Hey, are you watching?

Having you watch me jack off… Darn, it’s more arousing than I thought it would be.

Eh? My legs? Spread my legs wider?

You really are dirty, aren’t you?

Look, I’m doing you a massive service here.

Do you see it? Do you see the dick that you’re always licking so thoroughly?


What? Eh? You can see all the way down to my anus?

I’m letting you see it.

Come on.

You want to lick it?

Go ahead. Lick it. Make it wet.


It feels good.

Hey, you… The way you’re licking it is hot, but…

So? Where did you learn this from?

I know, you’re mimicking what I did to you the other day.

Yes, lick it slowly starting from the bottom. Around my inner thigh too… Wet it with your tongue, and loosen it up.

It feels good…


Lick the center more…

That’s good. Like you’re wrenching it open with the tip of your tongue. Slowly.

It’s good. It feels good.

Your tongue…went in.

Incredible. It’s sending shivers down my spine.

Y-You inserted your fingers!?

If you churn it up like that, I-

Stop, idiot. You haven’t even gone inside me yet! No, no, pull out your fingers…!

I said, no!

That place. The place your fingers are touching… That place, if you rub that place… No more, seriously, no more.


It feels good. I’m about to cum. I’ll cum.

No, I’ll cum!

No, no… It feels good!



Idiot, now your fingers are a mess.


I mean, it felt good. I was planning to take all the initiative today, but…

Come on, come here.

I’ll hold you tight.


There’s sweat on your back.


Yup, I’m covered in it too. I ought to clean the sofa covers later.


It’ll still be getting dirty…?

No, not yet! I can’t deny that you’re up and ready, but I just came.

I just said-


You can’t sway me with kisses. A no is a no. It’s not a matter of how I feel, it’s a matter of my physical…

Wait-! Are you listening to me?

Hey, are you-

You idiot!

While I’m still wet…?

Wait, if you try to force something that big inside-



The tip… You inserted it raw!?

W-Wait! If you move now, I-


It went all the way in??? Don’t tell me you shoved it in all at once just now???

It can hardly fit…

I did say I’d comfort you. But I can’t cum that many times in a row-!

Idiot! Don’t move…!


N-No, no way.

If you pound me so hard-

H-How? Again, I’m… My dick is…

No more… Please, why?

Deeper. Even deeper.

You’ve reached the furthest place inside me…


I’m enveloping you, aren’t I?

Is it warm?

Yours feel so hot.

I wish we could just…stay connected like this forever. That way, I can have you all to myself.

I’m being greedy?

But aren’t you always so high-handed with me?

It’s fine. I love that part of you.


Hey, can you move while stroking me?

Let’s cum together.


I-It feels good. It feels really good.

You can feel it, can’t you? You and I are just…as…hard.

Yes, faster, move your hips faster.

Show me your sexy expression.

Come on, come closer. Let’s kiss.


I love you. I love you more than anyone.

So, come on, more, more… I’ll accept all of you.

Harder. Harder!


It feels so good! Your hard cock is warping around inside me and hitting…

Stop, if you do that, I’ll… This is bad, I…I’m about to cum.

No, together, I want us to cum together…!


That’s good. Yes, cum.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming. You can cum inside me. Shoot it all inside me!




You came so much.

It’s trickling down from my ass and it feels nasty.


I mean, I was the one who told you to cum inside me. But it’s nice on occasions, no?

Did it feel good?

Then that means there was worth in letting you do me, right?

That said, I will tell you this beforehand since you don’t seem to quite understand, but this is a massive service I’m doing for you!


Well, that aside, are you hungry?

I want to eat pizza, you see!

Eh? Take a bath first.

If that’s what you say then shouldn’t this come first?

Hehe, I love you.


Track 2


Alright, so you want me to embrace you today.

I don’t mind, I’ll comfort you in your entirety.

That expression is cute. But you’re one of those types, no? ….Being treated gently won’t be enough to satisfy you.

Yup, you are always looking at me with those thirsty eyes.

I know that you’re more turned on when the sex is a bit rough.


Why don’t we head over to the futon? It’s too cramped on the sofa.

Now lie face up.

Oh, you don’t have to remove your clothes just yet, I’ll take them off for you.

My service is so good that it’s as if I’m one of those girls at those shops?

That’s funny, you know that I would never flirt around like that, right? Also, you aren’t frequenting such shops without telling me, right?

Because if that were true, I’d be disappointed in you in more ways than one.


I’m joking. I’m just teasing you.

Jeez, don’t make that face.

I just wanted to see you look troubled for a bit. I wasn’t trying to be a tease. Today, I’ll be gentle…

No, that’s not it.

You’ll lay everything bare before me, and I’ll pound you so hard that both your mind and body become free of restraints.

Now close your eyes.

I’ll take your clothes for you.


You actually enjoy it when I kiss your cheeks like this, don’t you?

Well, despite being a man, it’s hardly boney.

Saying your body’s like that of a girl’s would be going too far, but you have a pretty nice figure.

And when I gobble up your ears…


They’re so soft.

Is your left ear one of your weak spots?

Your hips are trembling.

How cute.

I’m always grateful that I have you as my partner. You may lament about how you could never hold down a relationship with a girl, but I don’t see it as an issue at all. If anything, it’s a plus.

I wouldn’t want someone as cute as you to be taken by a girl.


These thick eyebrows, this easily sweaty forehead, your burly eyelids, that nose you worry about, your soft cheeks, your thin lips…

I don’t think you understand just how much I love you.

You see, I…

I love you so much that I want to just eat you up.


Say, can I touch your nipples?

Oh! You don’t have to undress. I told you that I’d be the one to undress you, didn’t I?

Or maybe we should keep your top on?

If we continue like this, I feel like you’ll end up looking stupid, but that sense of vulnerably is kind of cute, and I like it.

I’ll slip my hands through the gaps in your shirt and touch you that way.


Hehe. Does it feel good?

Come on, place your hands over your clothes, and on top of my fingers.

When you do that, it looks like you’re touching yourself.

Yes, your areola. Trace around it like you would a circle.

That’s right. Slowly.


Your nipples have gotten hard.

For them to be this erect… What a naughty boy you are.

I’ll pinch them, and soften them up then.


When I pinched them, they became even harder.

Then what about this?

I’ll flick it back and forth with the tips of my finger.

Well? Are you feeling it?

Does it feel good?


I’ll tease your other nipple.


How does it feel?

Your hips are bouncing again, and the tip of this nipple has stiffened too and is pushing my fingers back.

What? You want it already?

You’re so naughty.

But not yet. It wouldn’t do unless you felt so good that you forget all the bad things that happened today.

So until you accumulate a ton more milk, I’ll continue to tease you some more.


Can I bite your nipples?

A little bit of pain is just right, right?

Your tiny nipples are so hard and erect, and they’re also a bit red. How cute. Your place down below has gotten hot, hasn’t it? So, why don’t we take off your pants?

I can already see the shape of it from looking at your underwear.

Let me touch it.


As I thought, yours is quite nice.

I love both the thickness and shape.

Hey, whenever I massage it like this, this question always comes to mind. It’s trivial, but, you know how muscles loosen up when you massage them?

Even though the body usually eases up when it’s massaged, why is it that this place gets hard?

Eh? You’ve never thought about that?


Sorry for bringing up something so dull.

Well, if I don’t distract myself, I would be in a bit of a predicament too… Though, you are right about ready.


Come on, close your legs.

I’ll take off your underwear.


Mmm, this is a nice sight to see.

Now stay still. I’ll lick you slowly from your toes all the way up to your thighs.

Does it tickle?

I really wish I could gobble up these firm calves.


Your thighs are soft.

Spread your legs wider.

I can see your pink-looking hole rather clearly. Since it’s cute, I’ll lick this place too.

Well? What do you think?

Does it feel good when I lick your anus with the tip of my tongue?

Seeing how much it’s twitching…

Look, my tongue will go in.


Yes, let me hear more of your moans.

You love it when I do this to you, don’t you?

Are you at your limit? ‘Cause this place is super erect.

Hey, why don’t we rub against each other?

Get up while keeping your legs spread. I’ll hold them both in my hand.


That’s good.

I’m rubbing against that middle past of yours, and it feels good.

Go faster?

Bring your face closer to me.

Are you already at that point? ‘Cause something dripped from you.

My pre-cum?

It’s not mine, it’s yours!


Hey, are you going to cum? Are you about to cum?

Go ahead, cum.

Here. I’ll stroke the base hard and touch the tips too.

Come on, cum. You have your legs spread wide open, and your dick is rock hard from being touched by me… It feels good, doesn’t it?

That place is twitching again, you know?

Let it all out.

Cum. Show me what you look like when you cum.


Eh? Cumming…?

You came so much.

Did it feel good?

Oh, it’s all a mess. But this works, let me use your milk as lube. …Seeing that it’s tickled all the way down to your ass.

With the way it is, I should be able to get it in.

Hmm? No, you mustn’t make that expression. I won’t let you give up here. I haven’t cum yet, and regardless of what you think, your ass has been begging for me for the past while.


Now turn around. Today, I’ll penetrate you from the back…

Come on, lift your butt up higher.

Oh, this place is wet from all that milk earlier. Don’t think fingers would slip in easily?

Look, my finger got swallowed right in.

Painfully so.

Ah! Ease up a bit more. It has really started to hurt.

Hmm? Are you even trying to relax? You haven’t loosened your hold at all.

What am I to do with you?

I’ll stroke the front, so focus on that.


You may be mumbling about this and that, but this place is still as lively as ever.

You just came, but when I touch you like this, you’re immediately hard.

That’s fine.

Focus your attention on this.

Your hole has loosened up.

So? How does it feel having both the front and back teased at the same time?


You don’t have to hold back your voice. Just let it out.


Yup, your voice is definitely cute.

Your slightly muffled voice is incredibly cute.

Can I add in one more finger now? …Seeing how much it has loosened up.

Wow, and in it goes.

Your place here is most certainly a naughty one.

Here, I’ll stir it up for you.


The place that feels good… It’s around here, right?

Oh, did I get it right?

In that case, I’ll stimulate this pleasure spot nice and thoroughly.

So? Does it feel like the tips of my fingers are like a vibrator?

Right, the front’s lonely, isn’t it?

I’ll stroke the middle part then.


Hey, let your voice leak out more. It’ll be more exciting that way.


Turn this way.

The teary expression of yours is absolutely adorable.

Let’s add in another finger.

This time I’ll slowly pull them in and out.

Hmm? It feels good?

Wow, do you hear these indecent sounds?


I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself much longer.

Can I put it in?


Are you okay?

This is amazing, your insides are hot and wet.

Say, is it alright if I move?

It feels good…

It’s hot and tight, and it feels really good.


Hey, let me touch your dick some more.

When I grip this place, your ass responds accordingly, huh…

That’s good. It feels really good.

Do you feel good too?

So, can I move faster?


It feels good…

I’m about to cum. Can I unload it all inside you?

I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming inside you!



You came so much again.

But do you feel refreshed now that you’ve let all that out?

Oh, my milk is flowing right back out of your ass. I’ll plug it up, so let’s head over to the bath.

You want to take a quiet bath alone?

What’s with that?

You were being so needy earlier. It’s not good to be cold right after having sex.

It’s wrong! It’s wrong-!

Ow!!! I told you not to hit me…!


That said, you’re feeling better, right?

I’ll have sex with you any time you want if you ever need comforting. I love you, after all.


Bonus Track


Come on, it’s morning. It’s time to wake up.

Eh? Are you alive? You’re alive, right?


What am I to do with you?

You’re so needy. You’re so needy. You’re so damn needy!!!

By the way, I shouted it 3 times at the top of my lungs.


Well, it looked like you were half-asleep, so I don’t think you were counting.


Alright, I’ll give you a morning kiss, so wake up already…!

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