【Translation】 Hyouhen Kareshi ~Joushi ga Kubiwa wo Hazushite kuremasen~ Stellaworth Tokuten

Thank You to Madame for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Shirai Yuusuke (白井悠介)

Track 1: Reverse


Penetrating you deep doggy-style and grinding against your cervix…. And as for these swaying breasts… I’m pinching the ends of them from the back and playing with them.

Say, can I choke your slender neck like this today?

Thank you.

Here I go then.


Oh, this is wonderful. This best feeling ever.

Each time I tighten around your neck, your folds twist and turn, and your entrance starts clamping down painfully hard on my cock.

And that look of agony is incredibly arousing.

Jerking your legs around, drooling, and moaning with your face entirely flushed… Is it painful? Or does it feel like pleasure?

Haha! I see, I see. I feel so good that I can’t resist it either.

Even though it’s painful for you to breathe, your clit is hard and erect and you’re enjoying yourself ever so readily. How lewd.

Did you always have such a slutty body? Or did I make you that way? Because if so, that’s a good thing.


I’m close to my limit too…!

I can, right?

I’ll shoot my cum deep inside this horny pussy that gets off to being strangled!


Is your body alright?

Thank god.

The cum from my cumshot is trickling down your tight.

What? Is it that embarrassing to have me lap up that mix of pussy juice and cum?

If it feels good, you should be honest and say it.

Oh, I see…

Instead of letting you say it, I generally start choking you and making love to you instead.


Come here.

I may be pushing my selfish desire onto you, but you never complained, and simply entrusted your body to me.

It probably hurt and was painful, but when I see the marks I leave on your body, it puts me at ease.

The marks on your neck from choking you… The ropes mark left from binding your wrists and ankles…

And finally, the kiss marks I leave all over your body.

They’re all like proof that you are mine, and I love them.


What’s the matter? Why’s your body quivering all of a sudden?

Are you wanting to do it again because I kissed you?

It’s fine, I know how you are.

Come on.

What I’m doing?

I’m doing what you want. I’ll lend you my dick, so go ahead and move on your own.

You’re able to do that, right?


Even if you’re embarrassed, your pussy’s already twitching and leaking with juices even though you just came.

Here, I’ll spread your hole wide open.

Come on, when we’re doing it in the cowgirl position, you have to insert my dick yourself.

Just place it in at your own pace and start moving.

Yes, hold the base of my hard, erect penis and slowly lower your hips. And your tight hole will meld into the shape of my cock.


It went entirely inside you, didn’t it?

Look, try placing your hand here.

You can feel the slight bulge in your stomach my cock has made, right?

I’ll thrust up from below.

Come on.

Hey, don’t just moan. Try finding the places that feel good and start shaking your hips.

Here, place your hands on my chest.

Move your hips up and down, and shake them like this.


Yes, that’s right. It feels good.

Having you look down upon me is a change from the norm and is new and refreshing.

It’s surprisingly not all that bad.

I got an idea.

Wrap your hands around my neck.

Come on.



Can you strangle me and leave marks on my neck too?

It’ll be fine. Just copy what I usually do to you.

Do it, Choke me.

Harder. Harder. Choke me harder so that you’ll leave your mark me.


This is amazing…

Everything else is turning dark. All I can see is you.

Breathes, voice, everything’s all you.

Just wow… It’s painful, but the thought of you strangling me makes me incredibly happy.

Come on, choke me harder. Make me cum!


I’m…I’m about to cum.


I’m sorry. Air suddenly rushed in, so my lungs might’ve been ready for that.

But I’m fine now.

Thank you for stroking my back.


You thought I was going to die?

You’re right, I’m sorry for making you worry.

I guess so.

Even though I want you to always be smiling by my side, I’m constantly scaring you or hurting you.

I’m more hurt by it than you…?

If it’s you, I don’t care how much I’m hurt. I wouldn’t mind being killed by you either.

That’s just how much I love you.


Look, my neck has the same marks on it as you, doesn’t it? It’s almost as if your love has physical remnants like a wedding ring.

I’m happy.

Having the same marks on me lets me visibly see your love for me.

As long as these marks don’t disappear, we’ll always be together.

I love you. I always will.

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