【Translation】 Hyouhen Kareshi ~Joushi ga Kubiwa wo Hazushite kuremasen~ Animate Tokuten

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CV: Shirai Yuusuke (白井悠介)

Track 1: Fully Nude at the Office


Yup, it’s been summarized in a very easy to understand manner. And with the way it is, you shouldn’t have a problem presenting it in the actual meeting.

Thank you for all your hard work.

You’ve been working hard this late into the night.

Don’t mind me. I was working overtime almost every day when I first joined the company too. But unlike you, I was making tons of mistakes and had to redo things over and over again.

I’m only human, so of course I’d make mistakes.

Yeah. So while you’re still a new employee, don’t hesitate to rely on us.


That said, now that we’re done with work. there’s no need for formalities.

Can you call my name like usual?


It definitely feels more relaxing that way. I should probably start calling you by your first name instead of your last name at work too.

You’re always showing me a whole range of expressions based on simple words from me.

I find that part of you really attractive, and also, cute.


Come on, come here.

Let me have a closer look at your face.

Look, you’re using formalities again.

I guess I’ll have to punish you thoroughly for that, don’t I?


I’m not angry. It’s just whenever you’re working at this desk, I get reminded of what we did here not too long ago.

And it makes me feel kind of odd.


I’m sorry for having such wicked thoughts, but…

What kind of expression would you make if I were to suddenly push you down in front of everyone during office hours while you’re concentrated on your job? …Those are the types of thoughts I keep on having.

You’re red as a tomato.

Isn’t this the part where you get angry?

Or are you saying that I’m free to do whatever I want with you?


You really are adorable.

I can’t get enough. I always have the urge to have sex with you like this.

You are a little sweaty, no surprise there. It’s mixed in with your scent and it really turns me on.

Come on, get on all-fours on top of my desk like you last time. and stick your ass to me.

Because you haven’t showered, your dirty scent is even thicker than usual.

And haven’t you already soaked through your panties?


Come on, lift your head up properly.

Look at the office you work at.

This is the place where every day, from morning till night. you would devote yourself to work.

How does it feel to be on all-fours in such a place with your pussy and tits out in the open? Look, all I did was sniff your scent and whisper some naughty words, and you’re already this wet.

I haven’t even touched them and your nipples are already hard.

And this bump here… Is it your clit?

Isn’t it all swollen and erect?


Let’s rub some of this pussy juice that has been trickling down your thighs onto your clit.

You love it when I rub this place up and down after making it wet, don’t you? Look, I tease your clit and you start spraying out more pussy juice.

If it’s like this, I could easily slip in two of my fingers.

What an incredible sound. It’s echoing inside the company.

Does it really feel that good when I rub against the shallow part near your entrance?

You want to cum?

Your arms and legs are shaking, so it seems like you’re at your limit.


I’ll pull out my fingers for now then.


Is it that hard to be left hanging just right before?

Is that so?

You can’t take it, huh? But don’t worry, even if you didn’t look at me so thirstily, I would still ram my cock inside your drenched pussy and make you cum non-stop.

Oh, right, before thatーー

That blouse, that skirt… Strip them both off and get fully nude.

Of course.

If you aren’t willing to remove them then why don’t I play around with your body and keep edging you again and again until you’re driven crazy?


So you would strip naked inside an office where someone might return at any time for the sake of having a cock stuffed inside your pussy, huh?

Come on, give me more of a strip show.

Obeying my orders right as I give them… What a good girl you are.

Do you want my cock so badly that you can’t take it anymore? Or did your body start aching even more at the thought that you might be seen by someone else?

You stripped naked just like I ordered you to. Good job.


Are you unable to wait any longer? Your pussy’s been twitching non-stop for the past while.

Here, I’ll give you your reward, so walk towards the window.

Now stand here.

Why are you trying to run away? I told you to stand here, didn’t I?

Come on, stop resisting, just place your hands on the window and stick out your ass already.


Let’s use this on you today.

That’s right, it’s something I’ve yet to use on youーa pink egg vibrator.

Look, when I turn it on…

It’s not at the level of an electric massager, but it still vibrates pretty intensely, no?

Normally, you would press this onto the clitoris or nipples for pleasure, but today, why don’t we insert this inside your pussy and have me fuck you with it inside?

Come on, spread your legs nice and wide so that the egg vibrator can go in easily.

Yes, I’ll slowly insert this inside you.



It got swallowed up instantly.

The cord is like a tail, and it’s cute.

What’s the matter? You know that you can’t be running away, right? You’re still missing the important part which is me stuffing you with my cock.


Squeeze the egg vibrator that slipped out from that tussle with your pussy. Don’t you dare let it fall onto the floor.


Ahh, you’re shaking and trembling.

This drenched pussy that’s begging to cum… I’ll pound it like you wanted and make you cum.

Come on, take a deep breath in.

Now take it all in…!



Your entrance is tight, but your insides are soft and steamy and the egg vibrator is hitting the tip of my cock.

Here, I’ll turn it on like you’ve been anxiously waiting for me to.

Cum however times you want.


This is incredible…

Your insides are quivering with the vibrator and squeezing me even more tightly than usual.

You came already?

I’ll make you cum even more then!


Come on, keep your head up properly.

You can see it, can’t you? …The outside view, that is.

There’re still lights on in the neighboring building, so if someone were to look this way, they can see you naked in plain sight with a vibrator dangling out of you.


To think your pussy would tighten at the thought of being seen… You really do have the body of a slut, huh.

Look, you can see your own dirty expressions reflected on the window, no?

Not to mention, your nipples are being forced against the window and your tits are being crushed.


Come on, let’s have more people see your foolish state.

You look like you want to cum so badly.

You’re trying to suck my cum out while the vibrator scrapes against your womb.

Go on, gulp it all down.

I’m about to cum too.


Alright, let’s cum together.

I’ll thrust deep into you while rubbing your hard clit.

Cumming-! I’m cumming!


Your insides are still squeezing me…

I’ll pull out.

Try to loosen up your body.


Are you tired?

But I’ve already had my fill.

Let’s pull out the egg vibrator too.

Our lower halves are covered with each other’s fluids, aren’t they? Looks like we’ll have a hard time cleaning the floors.


Is that so…? Sorry about that.

If that’s what you say then as sad as it is, I’ll hold off from doing anything at our workplace for the time being.

I know. I promise.

But it’s only for the time being, alright?

Once you’re in a better mood, let’s play around with toys again and make love in the office.

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