【Translation】 Hyouhen Kareshi ~Joushi ga Kubiwa wo Hazushite kuremasen~

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豹変彼氏 ~上司が首輪を外してくれません~

CV: Shirai Yuusuke (白井悠介)

Track 1: Admired Boss ~Dinner While Enjoying the Nightscape~


We got through the briefing without an issue and we’re now finished with this day’s work.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Yes, thank you. Because of you, the work’s been completed well ahead of schedule. I was planning to head straight home today, but I guess it’s still a bit early to do so.


Oh well, since the negotiations went well, let’s close up.

If you’d like, we could have a meal together.


There’s a restaurant nearby that serves delicious paella. How does that sound?

Also, would you be okay with drinking wine?


Okay, it’s decided then!

The place has a lot of different wines on offer, so it’d be nice if we could find one you enjoy.

Let’s go then.


Thank you for all your hard work today.

So, does it suit your tastes?

I see. That’s good to hear.

We often go out to eat as a part of our job, but it makes me happy that I’m able to enjoy a meal with you at a restaurant I frequently regular.

I’m glad you’re having a good time.

Then let’s dig in before the food gets cold.



Oh, let’s see…

I wouldn’t say I go bar hopping, but I guess I do drink a lot. I visit a variety of establishments on a routine basis.

Being familiar with a lot of places is helpful for work as well.

Not to mention, it allows me to reward my cute subordinate.

And look, the oil from al ajillo is about to drip down. Be careful.


It’s not something I would carelessly say to anyone. Those were my true thoughts. I really do think of you as my cute subordinate.

Besides, I’m not dating anyone right now.

Also, you’re the first person I’ve ever brought to this restaurant.

I don’t see myself that way, but I seem experienced?

You see, it’s precisely because I want to cherish the other person that I wouldn’t date anyone readily. And because of that, there aren’t many that I’ve gotten far with.

You might even call me a coward for that.


Eh? You’re like that as well?

Oh, was that the case?

It’s a bit unexpected. I find you extremely charming, so I thought you were popular during your student days.


I’ve only seen you in the work setting, but you’re very thoughtful and also very capable at your job. You’re highly valued even within the company.

Also, I feel that the work atmosphere is more positive just by having you there, so you should be more confident in yourself.


You finally laughed.

Yup, smiles definitely suit you best.

For some reason, you seemed a little down lately, so I was worried about you.

Of course.

Being able to understand what conditions their subordinates are in is a part of a superior’s job.

Also, because you’re an honest person, any tiredness or unease easily shows up on your face. At least that’s what I find.

No, uh, I’m not asking you to apologize.

If anything, I’m hoping that you would rely on me more. So no matter how trivial something might be, please tell me.


Yeah, I’m glad your mood’s been lifted.

Ah! It’s already this late?

I have so much fun during our conversations that I tend to lose track of time.

Shall we head home now?

Oh, I already paid the bill, so don’t worry about it. Let me treat you ever so often.

I told you, it’s fine.

Haha, you’re so earnest. Nowadays, it’s not strange to think of a man as a walking wallet. That aside…

I’ll escort you to the station since it’s late.


No need to be so humble.

It’s past midnight and there are a lot of drunkards around, so it’s dangerous to be alone, right?

Unfortunately, I could only take you up to the station but think of this as a sign of appreciation for having the meal with me.

I’m the one who should be thanking you.

Don’t worry about it. Plus, I got to enjoy a wine that I would have a hard time ordering by myself.

If you’re up for it, could I invite you out for another meal?


That’s a relief to hear.

In that case, why don’t we go out to eat again at a time that works for you?

Speaking of which, you’re paired with Azuma for the project, right?

Get in there and do your best.

Huh? What’s the matter? Why are you suddenly quiet? Did something happen with Azuma?

Your question is too vague, I don’t know what you’re asking.

A fight between Azuma and me?

That’s a funny question. I would never quarrel with a subordinate.

Why do you look so worried? Did Azuma say something happened between him and me?



No, nothing comes to mind. But that might be because I haven’t noticed.

In any case, I’ll go ask Azuma directly.

Watch out!!!


Are you okay? You’re not hurt, right?

That’s a relief, that puts my mind at ease.

Oh, sorry! While I was trying to protect you, I…

Was that uncomfortable?

Then let’s walk like this.

Well, if we keep holding hands like this, it makes you feel more protected in case anything dangerous happens again, right?

Come on, stop staring down at the floor and watch where you’re walking. It would be bad if you nearly get hit again.

Now let’s go.


Track 2: Sudden Change ~Receiving Cunnilingus While Fully Nude in the Workplace ~


You’re doing overtime at this hour?

Why do you look so surprised?

Working in the pitch dark without any lights… What are you trying to do? Conserve energy?

You should at least turn on a light.

Oh? Well isn’t that my PC?

What were you doing? Was there something you couldn’t do without my PC?

What is the meaning of this? Explain.


Oh? You’re unable to offer me an explanation?

Digging through other people’s things without permission is out of character for you. I’m appalled.

How did you unlock it?

Right, I did give you my password previously when I assigned some urgent work to you.

However, I didn’t give it to you so that you could dig around through my PC. So, what were you checking for on my PC?

You were looking through my PC without my permission in the late hours of the night in an empty office with no lights, so I’m sure you had a corresponding reason, so explain yourself.


Seeing that you’re apologizing, it must mean you’ve done something wrong.

Something so wrong that you can’t tell me.

Enough with the excuses.

You were probably digging around because of the rumors surrounding me.

That look on your face… Looks like I hit the bullseye.

I suspected as much. Lately, I’ve been talked about in a rather unfavorable light within the company, and there were even rumors of wrongdoings.

Though they’re nothing more than baseless lies.

Some people go out of their way to inform me of it, you see. Because even despite all this, I’m still popular.


Naturally, the source of those rumors was Azuma. And I know that he’s been feeding you false information too.

So, I can fully understand your desire to investigate me after being fed those lies.

However, it was a shock to me.

I trusted that you alone would never doubt me and that you would never sneak around behind my back like this.

And that’s why I gave you my password, and also why I never changed it.



I see. So you acknowledge that you’ve done something wrong.


What am I doing? Can you not tell even after I’ve pushed you down like this?

I guess it was true that you were inexperienced when it comes to love.

So you do know.

You’re quick to pick on things, aren’t you?


Is it not because you betrayed me?


Yes, you betrayed me. I didn’t just find you cute, I also believed you to be an honest girl who wasn’t two-faced.

However, you accepted what that guy said without questioning and started digging through my PC like a thieving cat.

And a bad girl like that needs punishment.

Very harsh punishment.



Shut your mouth, you lying woman. If you’re going to start struggling, I’ll tear up your clothes.

A video of you walking out clothingless will be captured on CCTV… I’m sure it’ll cause a huge ruckus within the company the next day.

Oh, I won’t be shown in surveillance footage. I know the camera placements inside the office.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what I’m about to do to you, it still wouldn’t cause a problem.

Even if I do this…!


They’re in the way!

Don’t you dare hide anything, just do as I say. You’ll be showing me everything. Right here and now.

So that’s what’s under your suit.

You’ve got some rather nice tits.

Your chest swells each time you breathe… Pale and beautiful, and awfully arousing.

I never thought I would be having sex with you in this fashion, though.


You’re still going on about that?

But it’s in vain, I don’t trust you even in the slightest bit anymore. Now try your best to seduce me so that things won’t be nearly as painful.

I told you to try and seduce me.

There’s no point in looking so hurt.

Also, what’s with these tits? Even though you sound extremely desperate, your nipples still got hard.

Did you get turned on from having them seen?



They’re not…?

Don’t say it like it’s so certain. You can see them too, can’t you? …These hard, erect nipples, that is.

They have such a lovely shape, and they have a bounce to them too…

These nipples that get hard with a simple touch from my fingertips… I’ll lick them.


Your nipples have gotten even harder than before. And they’re bright red now too.

Is this the first time someone’s licked them?


What’s that? You’re trying to resist?

All I see is you happily wiggling your hips, though.

You’re so shameless.

I’ll suck on and lick the other nipple the same way… And I’ll pinch the other with my fingers.


Your nipples are glistening from my saliva… They’re irresistible.

I’m close to my limit too.

I told you to stop resisting. Since this is your punishment, you should just accept it.

Yes, that’s good. Looks like you finally got in your head.


That’s the one last piece of clothing, huh.


And with that, you’ve been stripped bare.

How does it feel to be clothingless at the place you normally work and laying on top of my desk completely naked?

How could I forgive you?

Also, you surely didn’t think it would end here, right?

If you understand then turn around and get on all-fours.

Good girl.

Now let’s see the state of this place in…


Haha! You’re soaking wet.

Looks like my fingers can slip in easily.

All I did was lick your breasts a little and now you’re this wet, you must feel it really easily, huh.

Are you a natural born slut?

Not to mention…

Your pussy’s got quite the filthy scent to it. It’s mixed in the scent of a whole day’s worth of sweat.


Hey, don’t try to escape.

This dirty cunt that’s gaping and dripping with pussy juice… I’ll spread it far as it can go, and lick it until you cum.

I touched it lightly with my tongue and you’re already this wet?

That’s amazing.

Here, I’ll suck on this protected clit too.


You jumped a little there just now.

Did you cum a little? There’s even more filthy juice leaking out of your pussy.

Do you intend to cover my entire desk with your pussy juice?

You have no shame, do you?

Your hard, exposed clit has such a naughty taste to it.

Look, I’ll make you moan even more.


Your body’s trembling… Are you about to cum again?

Go ahead, cum whenever you want.

I’ll suck on your beloved clit and tease your hole with my tongue.



Cumming and moaning shamelessly from having you clit suck at the place you work…

You’re a hopeless pervert, aren’t you?

Looks like there’ll be worth in training you.


She lost consciousness…?

Dear, oh dear, you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.



Track 3: Mating like a Bitch ~Sex Doggy-Style While Strangled By a Collar~


Oh, you’re finally awake.

There’s no need to be so startled by me, right? I’m hurt.


Well good morning. How do you feel?

You’ve been…

You’ve got quite the nerves to try and to escape while I’m talking. Did you really think you could?


That’s a nice appearance.

Is it painful being strangled?

Oh really? Well, you tried to escape, so it couldn’t be helped, right? I’ve decided that from now on, each time you’d disobey, I would pull on this leash and punish you.

You’re asking why again?

I told you already. You’re at fault for trusting Azuma over me.

So this is punishment for that.


No matter how much you wish to escape, this is my house. So no matter how much you scream and cry, it’ll only be heard by me.

Isn’t that wonderful?

And here…

We weren’t able to do it yesterday, but today, I’ll pound this hole and fuck you like you’re a bitch in heat.


Come on, if you think you’ve done me wrong then lift up your ass and show me some submission.

Point your ass this way.

Well done. That’s a splendid dog pose.

Your tiny clitoris, your swollen cunt, and your aching pussy… I can see them all clearly.

I’ll tease them then.


I’m only touching the entrance and your insides have already softened up and loosened.

Yesterday was also forced, but do you enjoy being treated this way?

You don’t?

You’re this wet from a single finger and swallowing it up happily down to its base, and you still say you don’t?

Then let’s increase the number of fingers?


You can’t stop your own moaning when I churn up your insides with my fingers, huh. …And when I spread you open, your hot flesh coils around me.

I guess it’s about time we do the deed.


It seems pretty tight, but I’ll be thrusting it in regardless.

From back… As would be fitting for a bitch.


Even though it’s so wet, it’s still so tight. You’re squeezing me along my entire length.

It feels good. Really good.

When I’ll pull my dick out right to the end and thrust it right back in… Your tight pussy melds to my shape.


Look, you’re stooping over. Keep your ass raised up high!

Let’s not forget the collarーー


Drooling and dangling your tongue as I yank on your collar… Have you been reduced to nothing more than a bitch?

It’s quicker to have you learn through your body that when I thrust my hips and penetrate you with my cock, I offer a pleasure that I only I can grant. Do you realize that?

I’m going to cum…


Don’t lose consciousness just yet.

I’ll fuck you until you remember the taste of my cock.

Got it?


You were forcibly penetrated and yet you were making a lewd expression like that?

This time I’ll pound you thoroughly while teasing both your nipples and clit.


As I slowly spread you open, your womb has started to lower itself…

With such a shamelessly greedy pussy, this wouldn’t even be punishment anymore.

I’m about to cum soon too…

Oh, right, I should strangle you harder with the collar.


So tight…

That’s quite the expression. You’re drooling non-stop while making the face of sow drowning in pleasure.

I’m the only one, right? The only one who would mess you up like this and grant you this much pleasure.

Come on, cry out more.

Moan louder, and beg for my mercy…!


Cum. Cum! Cum with your tongue dangling while being strangled!

I’m about to cum too…

I’ll shoot it deep inside you!


I guess I can’t cum as much the second time.

My cum is spilling out from inside you.

Can you feel it? Can you tell that there’s cum dripping all the way down your butt?


I’m putting the spilled cum back inside your pussy.

It would be sloppy to have it leak out.

You spill any of my cum again without permission, I’ll have to consider plugging your pussy up.

I wonder how long it’ll take until you become a well-behaved pet?



Track 4: Humiliating Walk ~Naked Stroll Through the Park~


Oh, you’re awake now.

Good morning.

That said, since you slept rather deeply, it’s already nighttime.

You look like you’re in disbelief.

Or did you take an interest in this toy?


Can you not tell by just looking at it?

It’s a vibrator. It’s an adult toy that’ll be going inside her.

I was choosing between which would be best, but since you’ve taken an interest in this one, let’s use it.

Well, you have a clear view of it, don’t you?

I’ll smear the tip of the vibrator with your pussy juice…

Haha! I’m only touching you with the tip and yet your hole is gaping open and shut. And your clit is swollen and erect too.

I wonder what’ll happen if I were to shove it in all at once?

You never know unless you try, so why don’t we just do it?


It got swallowed up so easily.

Though I guess it’s not surprising since it was stuffed with my cock earlier.

Look, you can hear plopping sounds of your juices.

It’s all in.

You can tell if you touch it with your hand, no? …That your stomach is bulging from the vibrator.


Your breathing’s shallow…

Are you unable to wait either?

No need to be impatient, I’ll turn the switch soon enough.


You let out quite the sound.

Feeling that good from a toy like this… I’m glad you enjoy it.

Ah! Hey! If you try to remove it without my permission, I’ll shove another vibrator into your already tight hole.

Even if you look at me with those eyes, I still won’t do anything.

Have fun with that toy.

I’ll watch from here as you play with yourself with that toy.


Tighten your pussy so that the vibrator doesn’t fall out.

I don’t care how much I have to say it, but you’ll be punished if you let it fall onto the floor.

Haha! And you came while I was speaking,

Looks like your holes are rather undisciplined.

Even though you had something inorganic as this violating you… I guess you’re fine with anything as long as it fits inside your pussy.

I guess it can’t be helped. Since we’re at this point, let’s change the way it moves too.


Your entire body jumped. Does it feel good too?

This time, the tip’s twisting around too, so it’s probably hitting all your good spots.

Try not to break, alright?

Haha! Did you cum again?

You’ve been cumming non-stop for the past while and your juices have been dripping constantly from the gaps around the vibrator. It’s almost as if you’ve wet yourself.


There, there.

I didn’t think you’d like it that much, so I’m happy too.



My, my, I just told you not to let it fall.

Good grief, what a sloppy hole you have. Say, did you loosen up on purpose so that you’d receive punishment from me?

You didn’t?

But punishment is punishment, so you’ll be receiving it regardless.



I’m going for a walk in the nearby park, and you’re coming with me.


Too slow! Stop dawdling around.

What? You have a problem with something? We’re just going for a stroll. If you think it’s hot then you can just take off the coat.


If there aren’t any issues then let’s head over to the park.

Even if there aren’t many people walking around at night, it’s not like you could allow the vibrator to drop onto the road either.

Passerbys would never think that you were completely naked under this coat. Nor could they possibly have imagined that you were walking with a vibrator stuffed inside you while being dragged by a leash.


We’ve arrived.

You did well. Let me reward you.


When we’re in a place as quiet as this, that sound does become apparent.

I’ll change the vibrations.

Haha! Are you already unable to stand?

You’re hopeless. Well, you have been leaking a ton of pussy juice onto the ground.

Since there’s no going around it, I’ll let you use your hands. As an exception.

Did you not hear me? I’m telling you to take off your coat, get completely naked, then get on all-fours.



You’re not wrong. If someone were to see you like that, your life would be over.

Even Azuma would likely be disgusted to find out that you were a woman who would walk outside naked on a leash with a vibrator stuffed inside her while dripping pussy juice everywhere.

But I’m different.

I’d love you all the same regardless.


It’s okay to become an irredeemable slut. A person like you who can’t be satisfied through normal sex…

I’ll make sure to take very good care of you.


If you understand then remove your coat already. I’ll give you 10 seconds.

Well done.

Your hands.

What? You can’t do it?

Good girl.

Since we’ve gone through all this trouble, why don’t we take a short walk around the park?


Haha! This is fun.

Going for a walk with your pet, that is.

Oh, and make sure to tighten up your pussy so that the vibrator doesn’t fall onto the ground. Got it?

Once we finish a lap around the park, you can put your coat back on, and we can return home. And of course, the vibrator will be staying where it is.

If you behave well, I’ll give you a warm bath once we get home.

It is the duty of the pet owner to look after their pet, after all.

……And then the sex will come after that.


Track 5: Climaxing While Being Watched ~Creampied in Front of Another Man~


That’s good.

These lips, this tongue, this throat… They’re all to my liking. Though, I guess it’s not a surprise when you do this for a week.

So what shall we do going forward?

In the eyes of the company, you’ve been physically unwell, but…

Are you planning to spend the rest of your life attached to this leash and take up residence here instead?


“I’m sorry”…?

When you’re crying and apologizing, I can’t be freeing you that easily.

Come on, stop sitting there idly and go back to blowing me.

Hmph, is that so? You’re at your limit?

That’s fine. Let’s stop things briefly for now.


You have a look of disappointment, but I find that cute. It’s like you’re a dog that’s been forced to wait.

No need to make that face, I’ll return soon enough.

So be a good girl, and wait for me. I have a bit of a present for you.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Were you a good girl?

Here, this is your present…!

Hahaha!!! You’re surprised, aren’t you? I’m glad I kept it a surprise. Come on, wake up, Azuma!

What did I do to her?

You don’t seem too concerned about yourself. Seeing that you still have the time to be worrying about her.


Don’t worry, all I did was mix some sleep medicine into his coffee.

More importantly, you should be focusing here.

What’s the matter? Why did you let out such a loud voice?

Oh, I sat down while carrying you, so I ended up pushing the vibrator even deeper inside, didn’t I? I completely forgot that I had it jammed inside your pussy.

Let’s pull it out.


The toy’s completely drenched in your juices too, huh.

Well? Can you see it too, Azuma?

Haha! You look like you want to murder me.

Do you despise me?

Of course you do. I have the woman you’re in love with on a leash and using her like a sex slave in front of you.

I’m sure that’s quite painful to see.

But unfortunately for you, she has been having sex with me from morning till night like a bitch in heat during the time she’s been away from work.


Come on, stop being embarrassed. Show Azuma everything.

Spread your legs nice and wide and stick your hips out so that he has a clear view of your vibrator-filled pussy.

We’ve done this many times, so you know what to do, right?

You did it the way you always do. Well done.


What’s this?

Are you more quiet than usual because we’ve got a spectator today? Or are you already at your limit?

Then you must want a cock instead of that vibrator, right?


Lie down and spread your crotch.

You’re dripping with so much juice that it’s even dripping onto the tip of my cock. Were you hoping to get fucked while being watched?

You really are like a bitch in heat.


Here, I’ll give it to you slowly.

You’re squeezing me so tightly… Were you itching for that badly, you pervert? Whenever the tip grinds against the back, you tighten around my entire length.

I’ll pound your womb even harder.

Hahaha!!! Well? How does it feel to be fucked right in front of the guy you like?

Huh? You…?

You what? You hate me?

Of course you do.


You…liking me? That’s just a lie in order to escape, no?

If you want me to stop and you want to be freed, don’t make such an obvious lie.


Don’t say anymore.


I’m about to…I’m about to cum.


Azuma, there’s something I’d like to ask you.


Track 6: The Collar Known as Love ~A Hard-fought Love at the Ends of Humiliation~


Are you awake?

Thank god.

Does it hurt or ache anywhere?

It seemed like you passed out afterwards, so I was worried. Even though I was the one responsible for all that… It’s strange, isn’t it?

No need to worry about Azuma. He’s already left.

He’ll probably never show himself in front of us again.


Don’t worry, I didn’t rough him up or anything. All I did was extract some information from him.

He ended up confessing to everything.

Yes, everything.

How he’s always been in love with you, how you never believed him no matter how badly he talked of me, and how he planted fake proof of wrongdoings on my PC.

You weren’t digging through my PC because you believed the lies Azuma fed you, in fact, it was the contrary. You were looking through it because you were worried that something had been done to it.

Properly speaking, I should’ve been grateful to you.

And yet, I…


I didn’t trust you when you desperately insisted that it was a misunderstanding. And to make matters worse, I even degraded you as a person.

I would make good on those threats towards Azuma, so he’ll properly never appear in front of you again.

But you…

Are you planning to accept me the way I am? After seeing me gloat openly while tormenting you to no end, are you still going to say you love me?


I was the one who didn’t trust in your character, so there’s no reason for you to apologize.

You did nothing wrong, and yet I was the one who hurt you the most.

I…I’ve always been in love with you.

I was hoping that one day, while keeping my true side hidden, I’d be able to make love with you like a normal couple would.

I was planning to hide the real me from you for as long as I lived.

But thinking that I’ve been betrayed by you, I threw that all to the wayside. I didn’t care if it destroyed our close work relationship.

So I did the things I’ve wanted to do deep down… Those horribly hurtful things,


I’m a sadist who derives pleasure from making women suffer. But once I did those things, I fell even deeper in love with you.

“I don’t want to let you go. I don’t want us to be apart.”

I began genuinely having such thoughts. ……When I can’t even grant you a normal happiness.

And yet, and yet you…

Are you saying that you’d accept a man who wasn’t even able to trust you? Me, a person who isn’t even capable of loving you normally?


Are you saying that you’ll always be by my side?

Thank you.

I still can’t believe it, but I’m really happy.

I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember, so it’s probably not something that can be fixed. So I’ll probably end up having sex with you in cruel fashion somewhere down the road.

You might be repulsed by this, but to me, that’s my greatest display of love.

I’m sorry…that can’t love you normally.


Thank you. I’m honestly overjoyed.

No matter what happens, I’ll never let you go.

I love you.


Your kisses feel so good…

I’m so happy. To receive love from you… No words could express my happiness.

Thank you.

You’re the only one who’s able to grant me such happiness. Out of everyone on earth, you’re the only one.

I love you.



And your nipples have started to perk up too.

I’ll roll them around with my tongue.


Your nipple is getting harder and harder inside my mouth.

Here, I’ll lick your left nipple too.


Your face is bright red… How cute.

When I think about how that expression now belongs to me, I can’t help myself. I’ll touch this place too.

Wow, you’re already leaking juices everywhere. It’s even close to making its way down to my wrist.

Let’s rub this wet stuff onto your clit and play around with it.


At first, you were so tight that I had to spend a lot of time loosening you up, but now you get all wet and sloppy with just a finger. Not to mention how swollen and erect your clit is.

No need to hold back your voice, I want to hear it more.

I’m the one who made you this lewd, after all. So I’ll take responsibility and make it so that your body can’t cum without my dick.


Can I?

I’ll have tons of sex with you and bind both your heart and body.

Look, I’ll be putting it in, so can you wrap your arms around my neck?


Your insides feel incredible…

Look, it’s all in.

You’re squeezing me even down to the base.

Can you tell? Do you feel it? My dick has reached all the way to your cervix.

I’ll start moving.


It feels so good…

You coil around me each time I thrust into you. It’s almost as if you’re trying to wring it out of me.


Say, why don’t we do something that feels even better?

Don’t worry, I’ll only be choking you lightly.

Accept me for me.

Thank you.

Here I go then.


It’s so tight… You’re clamping down so hard.

How’s that?

Does it feel good to have your mind all hazy?



My mind’s blank from pleasure, so…

I love you.

Looks like you’re at your limit too.


I love you. I love you.


I’m cumming!


You’re sweating so much…

Are you alright?

I’m sorry that it was painful.

I’ll give you a hug.

Feel free to fall asleep like this.


Good night.


I guess I went a little too rough. I have to be a little more gentle next time.


These marks left by my hands are almost like a collar.

Whenever this mark fades, I’ll again leave proof that she’s mine. That way, she can never escape me.

I love you.

……More than anyone.

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