【Translation】 Kaiketsu Saku wa Masaka no 3P!?


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CV: Kousaka Atsushi (高坂篤志), Watanabe Hiroshi (渡辺紘)

Track 1: Reason


H: I’ll be putting it in.

H: Then…

H: Sorry.

H: Not this time either, huh. I thought it would be possible today.

H: Why are you apologizing?

H: There’s no way that’s possible. How could it be your fault? You mustn’t think that way.

H: You…


H: I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d be so affected by it.

H: Please don’t cry, it’s all my fault.

H: No, it is. I may have told you that I didn’t know the reason for my erectile dysfunction, but deep down, I knew. The reason, that is.

H: I believe it’s my sexual deposition.

H: Umm… Do you know what “cuckolding” is?

H: Err, in other words, I get aroused whenever I imagine you having sex with another man.


H: No, that’s not it! I love you. I love you immensely.

H: It’s precisely because I love you.

H: It’s not like I’m always having such thoughts, but occasionally, I would imagine myself watching you have sex with another man while you attempt to deny the situation.

H: Even I think I’m a terrible person for having such thoughts, and I feel bad for you.

H: I tried my best not to have such thoughts.

H: But… I wonder when it began? As I suppressed my fetishes, at some point, I became unable to have sex.


H: Of course you didn’t know. And not just to you, I never spoke a word about this to anyone.

H: I’m sorry for being such a perverse husband.

H: I’m truly, truly sorry. I think it was wrong of me to not have told you. But I was scared that the moment I did tell you, you’d come to hate me.


H: Why do you always say the words that I want to hear?

H: Thank you.

H: Thank you for loving me despite the way I am.

H: Eh? You would…? No, those words were more than enough. This is my problem.

H: You’re right, this is our problem.

H: To tell you the truth, there is one thing I would like you to do. But…

H: Alright, I’ll say it. And I’ll leave the rest of the decisions to you.


H: Then…

H: If I say that I want to see you have sex with another man, what would you do?


Track 2: Solution ~Pair~


H: No, it’s fine. I’ll get it.


R: Hello.

R: Eh? it’s unusual for you to greet me.

H: I guess. Anyhow, please come on in.

R: Right.

R; Here’s a gift. You liked this too, right? I brought it thinking that we’ll be able to drink it together.

H: I see. Thank you.

R: Eh? Oh. Yeah.


R: Oh, it’s been a while. How have you been?

R: I guess it wasn’t the mood for that. You seem a little worn out?

H: In any case, please take a seat.

H: You too.

R: Okay.


R: What’s the matter? Why are the two of you acting so formal?

R: Ah! Don’t tell me you’re informing me of your divorce?

R: No way, how could that-

R: Eh? Seriously? You’re kidding me, right? Weren’t you two getting along so well? You haven’t even been married for 3 years.

H: No, that’s not it. That’s not the issue.

H: To tell you the truthーー


R: Uhh… Please give me a little moment here, I’m a little confused. So what you’re trying to say is, in order to fix his erectile dysfunction, Hiro wants to see his own wife have sex with another man, and you want to leave that role to me?

H: Yes, that is correct.

R: W-W-Wait, are you serious?

R: I wish I could help since this is a request from none other than my best friend, but this is… Not to mention, it’s my own cousin’s wife. It feels very wrong since it’s within the family.

R: Also, umm, don’t you find it unpleasant? Even though it’s for the sake of your husband, asking that of your friend of 10 years.

H: I agree with what you say, Ryou. But we’re asking this of you after discussing it thoroughly between us.

H: If anything, we could only ask it of you.


R: Eh?

H: It’s true that I was the one who said I wanted to see her have sex with another man, but even so, I can’t stand the idea of having a guy who would do such things lay hands on her.

R: You’re contradicting yourself.

H: I think so too.

R: Well, I do understand how you feel.

H: Both her and I trust you, Ryou. Not to mention, you’re experienced with women.

R: Are you trying to say I’m always playing around?

H: No, uh, that wasn’t my intention.

R: Though, I will acknowledge that I was playing hard for a period. But that was only during my university days. Right now, I don’t have any lovers.

H: I know. That’s why we’re asking you.


R: What about you? Are you really alright with this?

R: I see. …So that’s how much you love Hiro.

R: Hey Hiro, what are your plans if I were to refuse?

H: Uh…

R: Are you going to get some other guy to have sex with her?

H: I’m not sure, but that probably will be the case.

R: Is that so?

H: I’m begging, Ryou.

R: Wait! Stop it you two.


R: You two can lift your heads. I get it.

H: Then-

R: I’ll accept. If you’re fine with having me, of course.

H: I see. Thank you, Ryou.

R: It feels weird having you thank me. That said, let’s get this going before you two change your minds.


H: Your body’s shaking. Should we stop? Right now, we can still…

H: I see…

H: Thank you for going along with my selfishness.


H: You can open it.

R: Thank you for the shower, and also, the bathrobe. Was this a new one you prepared just for me, by any chance?

H: Because I would feel bad having you use mine.

R: You’re so prepared.

R: I’ll ask you one more time just to be sure, but you’re really sure about this, right?

H: Yes, I’m sure.

R: You did mention that I wouldn’t need a condom because she’s on the pill, but is that really alright?

H: Well, as for that… It’s what I want.

R: Oh, okay, I get it. So that was your intention. Got it.


H: You were judging me just now, weren’t you?

R: Rather than judging you, I was just thinking that there are all sorts of dispositions so to speak. I don’t quite understand yours, though, Hiro.

H: Wait.

H: The one thing I ask of you is to not kiss her on the lips.

R: Yeah, I understand that as well. Got it.

H: Thank you.

R: So, where will you be, Hiro? On the bed?

H: No, I’ll be watching from that chair.

R: Okay, then…

H: Yeah.


R: Alright then.

R: This feels kind of strange. I never thought I would be having sex with you like this.

R: Let’s begin.

R: Turn your face this way.

R: Thank you.


R: Hiro, all I did was kiss her on the cheeks. Seeing how shaken you are, are you really going to be fine?

H: Yes.

H: Sorry, please continue.

R: You’re the one who asked for it yourself.

R: Well then, next will be the ears.


R: Your body’s so stiff. Please relax more.

R: Other ear.

R: Yes, that’s good. Just like that.

R: Cute.

R: Let’s have you lay down then.


R: I’m surprised. Your facial expressions are entirely different from what they normally are.

R: I do find it cute, though. And it’s lewd.

R: But if you think about it, it’s only to be expected. You’re now someone’s wife, of course you’d be different from the way you were in your school days.

R: Oh, this place has reacted to the point that you can notice it even with the bathrobe on.

R: It would make me happy if you responded to my kisses, though.


R: I’ll remove the bathrobe.

R: Oh, I guess it is embarrassing. It’s fine, you can continue covering it.

R: Even though the gap is fine. Please allow me a touch.

R: I wonder if it’s because you’ve just taken shower, but your body’s soft and it’s like it’s sucking my hand in.

R: Does it feel good to be touched?

R: Oh, but this place isn’t all that wet. Is it because you’re nervous?

R: Relax.


R: What am I doing?

R: I thought I’d lick you.

R: I don’t have to do it? But I have to, you know? It won’t be able to go in with the way things are.

R: Hey Hiro, you’d rather me not force it, right?

H: Yes, please be gentle.

R: Alright.

R: Look, I’m your partner, so please leave it all to me. Okay?


R: Yes, that’s fine.

R: In that case, can you spread it a little further yourself?

R: Eh? Uhh… Sorry, I meant your legs. I guess Hiro usually makes you do such things, huh.

R: Oh, wait, since we’ve come this far, let’s do it like this. I’ll lick it together with your fingers.

R: Yes, that’s fine.


R: Your voice is starting to leak out.

R: What a cute voice. So that’s the kind of voice you make during sex.

R: Hey, don’t cover your mouth.

R: Come on, go take a look at Hiro.

R: Hiro is super turned on from watching you. Are you sure you want to suppress your voice? You’re doing this for him, aren’t you?

R: Yes, let’s arouse Hiro even further.


R: You’re reacting more nicely than before. Your little entrance is twitching.

R: It’s starting to overflow.

R: With the way it is, I can probably slip my fingers in.

R: Eh?

H: You…

R: Now? Are you sure? I think it’ll be tough on you if we don’t prepare you more.

H: You…

R: You feel like you’ll lose your resolve?

R: Oh dear. I had a feeling this was going to happen when I decided to take part. You’re surprisingly turned on by this, aren’t you?

R: Here, I’ll take it slow.


R: I knew it. It’s still a bit tight. So you haven’t done it with Hiro for the past while, huh.

R: Hiro, she’s calling for you. Why don’t you hold her hand?


H: Are you alright?

R: Her insides tightened just now. So holding your hand made her happy, huh, Hiro.

H: Really?

H: I see. Thank you. That makes me happy.

R: Hey, why don’t you two kiss?

H: Eh? But-

R: Why are you hesitating now? Come on, show me a kiss between a husband and wife.


H: Can I? For some reason, I feel oddly nervous.

R: Again. She’s reacting so much from just a kiss.

R: I can’t get enough of this.

R: Yeah, continue kissing.

H: Is that okay?

H: I love that expression of yours.


R: Sorry, I-

H: Are you about to cum?

H: It’s fine. Let Ryou make you cum.


R: It’s wonderful. Your insides are trembling so much.

H: Did you cum?

H: How cute.


Track 3: Solution ~Threesome~


H: That expression and that voice just now were adorable. Thank you for going through with this.

R: Sorry, I went a little rough at the end.

H: No, I’m fine with it as long as she is.

R: In any case, I’ll be pulling out.


R: Oh, sorry, I came more than I thought I would.

R: Hiro?

H: No. Uh.

R: Why don’t you try having a go at it now?

H: No, uh, not today.

R: Seeing how erect you are, it should be fine. Come on, get over here.

H: !?

R: And you too.

R: Do you think you’ll be able to get up?


R: There, look at Hiro. It’s bulging from inside his pants.

R: So, why don’t you free it? Hiro will be in pain if he stays like that. Or, do you really not want to?

R: To do it with that fella, that is.

R: As always, you can never lie.

R: Well, Hiro, she wants to do it with you, so what are you going to do?

H: You…

R: Yes, yes, just like that. Let it out into the open air.


R: It’s amazing, don’t you think? It became like this just from him watching us do it.

R: So, why don’t give him a handjob?

R: Eh? That reaction… Don’t tell me-

H: How could I possibly make her do such a thing?

R: “Do such a thing”? While in the meantime, you’re letting your own cousin have sex with her?

R: I really don’t understand what you’re thinking, Hiro.

H: Shut up.


R: Jeez, I can’t tell if you’re overprotective or what.

R: But you want to make Hiro feel good, right?

H: Hey, don’t plant strange thoughts in her head.

R: I know. I won’t say any strange things. So, what do you plan to do? If you want to give it a go, I’ll teach you how.

R: Alright. Let’s first start off by having you gently grasp Hiro’s member.

H: Hey-

R: Now, try moving your hands up and down while grasping it.

H: Ryou, you…


R: Good, good. Continue.

H: It feels good…

R: I’m sure he’s telling the truth, else he wouldn’t be reacting like this. It’s throbbing into your hands, no?

R: Are you happy?

R: I see. In that case, why don’t you try using your mouth on it while we’re at it?

R: You want Hiro to feel good, don’t you?


H: What’s the matter? If you’re tired, you can-

H: H-Hey!

H: It’s so hot inside your mouth…

H: I don’t know what Ryou told you, but you don’t have to force yourself.

R: Don’t say that, I’m just lending her a hand because she said that she wanted to make you feel good, Hiro.

H: She…

H: Is that so?

R: Hiro, she’s asking you, so tell her.


H: You don’t have to take in too deep, but you can lick it and suck on it?

H: Yes, that’s good. Slowly. Yes.

H: Say, can you suck it hard?

H: T-That’s…

H: This is bad, if you’re that rough… Pause!


H: That was close.

R: You should’ve just let her swallow.

H: That would… That would be hot, but…

R: You’re slowly becoming honest.

H: But more than that, I want to cum inside you. Is that okay?

R: Wait, stop!

H: Why are you stopping me?

R: Sorry, I wasn’t trying to interfere, but since you’re finally in the mood for it, I thought it’d be best to have her take the reins.

R: So, why don’t you insert inside you yourself?

H: Herself?

H: Can you do it?


H: You’re oddly forward today.

H: Then, please get on top of me.

H: I’ll support you, so please lower your hips slowly.

R: Don’t worry, I’ll support you from the back too.

H: Yes, just like that.

R: I guess it does feel different when you’re the one doing it. We’re only halfway.

H: All the way in.


R: It’s all in. Now, go on, slowly raise your hips.

R: Yes, just like that. Lift up till the very tip and then slowly lower your hips again.

R: Yes, that’s good. Now repeat that.


H: You’re slowly moving faster… Does it feel good?

H: I feel really good.

H: Lean your body this way. I’ll kiss you.

R: I’ll join in on the fun and pleasure.

R: Let me use this place of yours.

H: Ryou… What are you doing?

R: It’s fine. It’s not like I’ll be putting it. I’m just borrowing this place for a bit.


R: It’s as smooth and soft as I thought it would be, and it feels good.

H: Are you turned on? Turned on from Ryou rubbing against your back?

H: You’re not? Then why are your insides reacting like this?

H: This is incredible. Fluids are leaking from you non-stop, or is this what Ryou let out earlier?

R: You’re suddenly rough, Hiro. Are you jealous that she’s reacting to me?

R: It’s seriously cute.


H: I’m at my limit… I’m going to be rough, alright?

R: Wow, each time Hiro moves, you rub against me.

H: Bring out your tongue.


H: I’m about to-

R: I’m about to cum…


Track 4: Solution ~Situation~


H: Are you really fine with this place? This is our show of thanks, you could’ve chosen a better restaurant.

R: It’s fine. If anything, I prefer this place. Also, I told you that I didn’t need your thanks.

H: We can’t have that.

H: I’m really grateful for umm…the other day.

R: No, uh, I think I should be the one thanking you.

R: Anyways, what happened after? Were you two able to have sex?

H: Umm, about that…

R: Oh. I mean, I guess if it were that easily fixed, you wouldn’t have confided in me. Well, let’s put that aside and order something.

R: Excuse me, Chef!


R: I’m so full, I’m so full. Thank you for the meal.

R: So, would it be correct to assume that you’ll be calling upon me again today?

H: Yeah…

R: Roger that.

R: Oh, right. In that case, let’s head back this way.

H: We’re crossing the park? But I think it’s more of a roundabout way, though?

R: Yeah, yeah, enough from you, just follow me.


H: Hey, Ryou, don’t tell me this place is-

R: You didn’t know? During the night this place becomes an outdoor sex spot.

H: You brought us knowing that? And for what reason?

R: Since you enjoy the idea of her having sex with other people, I figured that you might enjoy having other people watching.

H: That’s…

R: Looks like my guess was right.

R: Since that’s how things are, what do you plan to do?


R: You’re already soaked.

R: Seeing how wet she is, I think it’ll be fine.

H: Yeah.


H: Are you really sure about this?

R: Why are you asking that now? Since we did all this preparation, it’s a lot worse to just end it.

R: Well, if you don’t want to do it, Hiro, then I’ll-

H: I’ll do it!

R: Well isn’t that great?

R: Now, why don’t you stick out your butt so that Hiro has an easier time? Oh, and you can lean your upper body on me.


R: It’s quite a dirty position, isn’t it?

R: Hiro, I understand wanting to stare, but if you don’t hurry up and stick it in, everyone else will have a clear view of it.

H: Okay.


H: It has really eased up. It’s reacting from just me touching it.

H: I’m putting it in.


H: Even though I haven’t done anything to it, it’s slowly engulfing me.

H: !? What was that sound just now?!!

R: I think the number of spectators has increased. See? There are people there. And also there.

R: You can feel their gaze, can’t you?

H: She’s squeezing so tightly…

R: Did you get turned on by the fact that there are people so close nearby?


R: Looks like you’re not the only one who’s turned on. But I think I’m at my limit too.

R: Hey, lend me your hand.

R: Do you think you’ll be able to blow it?

R: Yes. Your lips are so soft.

H: She tightened again.

H: It feels like you’ve become more sensitive. It’s great.


R: Hey! Hiro! You’re being too ravenous! She’s taking me down to my base…

R: I’m sorry, I can’t stop.

H: Your insides are starting to convulse… Are you about to cum? You’re about to cum, aren’t you?

H: Go on, Cum.

R: I’m about to too-


Track 5: Signs


H: That’s a cute voice. Do you want to cum? …Even though Ryou just made you cum.

R: Hey, stop throwing around other people’s names.

R: But it is a cute voice. I heard your moans of pleasure from even outside the door.

R: Does having sex with Hiro really feel that good?

H: She wasn’t the type to let out her voice, but lately, she feels it really easily.

H: I’m sure it’s thanks to your help

R: Yeah.


H: Huh? What’s the matter?

H: I’ve already kissed you enough times, was it still not enough?

R: You say it’s thanks to me, but you wouldn’t leave me the odd man out, right?

H: Ryou?

R: Hey, blow me.

R: And Hiro, this would arouse you more, no?

H: What do you want to do? I’ll leave it to you.


R: Wow, there’s no hesitation like there was before. So, can you lick and suck it more?

R: It feels good… You’ve become really skilled.

R: Hey, Hiro, you’re going at it too much.

H: Don’t provoke me further.

R: Good grief. Sorry, this hurts, right? But don’t stop.


H: I’m cumming!

R: Me too…

R: Cumming!


R: Crap! I have to leave!

H: It’s already that late?

H: Since it’s late, why don’t you stay over?

R: I wish I could, but a ton of the material I need for tomorrow morning’s meeting is at home, so I have to return either way.

R: Okay, alright!

R: Oh, right, Hiro, you have a business trip next week, right?

H: Yeah, but it’s only a week long.

R: I see. Then I won’t be coming during those days.

H: Actually, could you stay by her side while I’m away? And if possible, I would like you to stay over.

R: Hah? What? What do you mean? Why?


H: It’s been dangerous out there lately, and I can’t bear to leave her at home by herself.

R: Dangerous? But don’t you think it’s dangerous in another sense to leave her alone with me?

H: That’s why I’m telling you now. Both her and I trust you.

R: Trust?

R: I don’t know if you two are too soft or what.


R: Alright, I’ll watch the house while you’re away, Hiro.

H: I’m glad you say that.

R: Oh, look at you trusting me like that. It might just bring tears to my eyes.


R: Ah! Shit! The train!

R: Let’s talk about that another time. Now good night.


Track 6: Infidelity


R: Thank you for the meal. My, it was delicious!

R: I’ll help out too. I just have to rinse this, right? I’m a freeloader here, so I have to at least do that.

R: Alright, I’ll take care of this, so you can go ahead and rest.

R: Really?

R: I’ll wash the dishes while you can wipe the tableware. Will that work?

R: We’ll do that then.


R: How should I say it? When we’re like this, it’s almost as if we’re a husband and wife.

R: You remember me saying it before?

R: Yup, yup, we went lodging with our university circle and while washing dishes together like this, I said the exact same thing.

R: But at that time, Hiro immediately came and said that he’ll help.

R: Yes, yes, but I didn’t think he would end up breaking most of the dishes right after we finished washing them, though.

R: Hiro may look like that, but he’s super clumsy.

H: He’s awkward and blunt, but he’s honest and straightforward. And since that’s how he is, I can’t help but help him when he needs something.


R: Speaking of which, you two started dating right around that time, right? Thinking back on it now, he probably barged in because he didn’t want us to be alone together.

R: If I were to say that deep down, I loved you during those days, would you believe me?

R: Don’t laugh. I’m serious.

R: I tried to keep it off my mind, but I feel like I’m feeling the same way I did then. Maybe if something had been different, we might’ve been married instead.


R: Hey, I want to kiss you right now.

R: Though, if I were to do that, would that be considered cheating?

R: !? That startled me!!!

R: That’s the sound of your smartphone, right? Is someone calling you?

R: Is it from Hiro?

R: It’s fine, you can take it. I’ll take care of the rest.

R: Come on, you’ll miss the precious call from your beloved husband.


H: Hello? It’s Hiro.

H: Are you free right now?

H: I see. What were you doing just now

H: Together? With Ryou?

H: Oh… You two seem to be having a lot of fun even without me around.

H: Whatever, it’s fine. Please pass the phone to Ryou.


R: Like I thought, the call was from Hiro, right? What did he say?

R: He wants to talk to me?

R: I wonder why?

R: Hello Hiro, it’s me.

R: Eh? Yeah. What? Are you sulking because we’re getting along so well? Good grief, you’re the one who asked me to be here in the first place. Though, I am happy that I’m able to eat delicious meals every day.

R: Eh? What?!! Give me a moment here.

R: No, it’s not like I can’t, but…

R: You’ve become super frank about it, huh. In any case, I understand. I’ll pass the phone over then.


R: Here. It seems like there’s something Hiro would like to ask from you.

H: That is true, but…

H & R: I want to hear you two have sex over the phone.

R: Is what he said.

R: He’s such a troubling guy, isn’t he?

H: I feel terrible about it, but can you? Please, please I really want to hear it.

H: Thank you.

R: You’re actually okay with it?

R: What am I to do.


H: Let out your cute voice.

H: Does it feel good?

R: Hey, don’t run away.

R: Come on, don’t try to escape.

R: Hiro’s a troublesome guy, but you’re similarly so. It may have been for Hiro’s sake in the beginning, but that hasn’t recently been the case, now has it?

R: Deep down,  you were waiting for this type of situation, weren’t you?

H: What’s wrong?

R: I knew it. You’re already soaked.


H: Fingers… I see. So Ryou’s fingers feel that good?

R: There’s so much pouring out.

R: Well, you hadn’t had sex since Hiro went on his business trip. Was this place lonely, perhaps?

H: Wow. I can hear the sounds.

R: Yes, she becomes like this from mere touch. I wonder who made your body this lewd?

R: Oh, but your insides are already soft. Looks like I can just slip it in now.

R: Hey, place your hands on the sink and stick your butt towards me.


R: My, my, it’s already trickling down your thighs.

R: Seems like it’s ready to go.

R: Look, it went right in. All I did was press against your little entrance and it went all the way in as if you gobbled it up.

R: See? It’s already hitting the back.

R: Your insides are soft and sucking me in, but at the same time, it’s tightening around me, and it feels good.

R: Whenever I pull out, it clamps down as if to stop me, and it’s great.

H: Don’t hold back your voice today. Let me hear more of your voice.


R: It’s coiling tightly around me. Seems like you remember my shape.

R: Long for me.

R: You tightened just now. The good spot I just rubbed against… Is it here?

R: I knew it, this place feels good, doesn’t it? You tighten the most when I hit it.


R: Wow, it’s overflowing. You’re feeling it so much. So, what kind of expression did you make just now?

R: This position’s nice, but it’s a shame that I can’t see your face. And since I can’t see your face, in exchange, please let me hear your voice.

R: Yes, yes, that’s the way to do it.

R: Your voice, your insides… The way you react to me is incredibly cute.


R: You’re already about to cum?

R: Go ahead. Let’s cum together then.

H: You’re going to cum? …Me too.

R: I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

H: Cumming!


Track 7: Confession


R: I’m back. I brought the wine that Hiro liked, so let’s…

R: That smells nice.

R: Woah, it looks so delicious. It’s all food that Hiro likes.

R: You look really happy. I guess you really do love Hiro.

R: Me?

R: I guess so. Hiro’s important to me too, both as a friend and as a cousin. But perhaps that’s why I’ve always been weak to his requests? Especially seeing that I went along with something this ridiculous.

R: Though if that were true, this shouldn’t be something I should be saying. But I’d rather not regret not saying it, so please allow me to say what I’m about to say.


R: I’ve always been in love with you. While we were students, while you were dating Hiro, and even after you got married… Always, always.

R: Ahh…I wasn’t ever planning to say it. I was planning to watch over you two’s happiness as a friend, and I was pretty confident that I would. But once we got into this type of relationship, it was impossible to suppress.

R: I love you.

R: Are you sure you should be accepting it this easily? We’re in front of your husband.


R: Hiro, you’re there, aren’t you?

R: Welcome home, Hiro.

H; Ryou, was what you said true? That you…

R: Yeah, it’s true.

H: I see. There’s something I would like to ask you too. When I confessed to you in the past, you said that you had someone you liked, right? That while it’ll never come to fruition, you have a person you love.

H: Was that…Ryou you were referring to?

R: Eh? Wait a second, what do you mean by that?


H: When I confessed to her, that’s what she said when she rejected me. But I refused to give up and kept confessing to her, and eventually, she said okay.

H: At that time, I didn’t know who it was, but after hearing what you said Ryou. I thought, what if…

R: Was…that true?

R: No way, but you never-

H: You backed down…for my sake. Don’t tell me that you were playing around with so many women in order to forget about her?

R: You think too highly of me. I’m not that good of a person. It’s true that I knew that Hiro loved you. But all I did was push your back and tell you to confess. Isn’t that right?

H: That’s true, but had I not been there you two surely would’ve started dating.

H: In the end, aren’t I just an obstacle between you two?

R: You’re wrong, you’re not a hindrance-


H: What do you want to do? At that time I said to you that I didn’t care if you were in love with someone else. That I would still love you regardless and that I would accept those feelings.

H: And those feelings haven’t changed, even now.

H: But if you still love Ryou, and Ryou still loves you, then I…

R: Wait for a second here! That’s not what I want. I may have told her my feeling, but that wasn’t so I could steal her from you…!!!

H: Why all of a sudden-

R: You’re going to hug someone, hug just Hiro. You don’t have to care about me.


R: Why are you apologizing?

R: Eh?

H: You love us both?

R: Both of…us?

H: I’m fine with that. I told you, didn’t I? I love you, so I would accept you regardless. Just like how you still said you loved me despite my fetishes.

R: I don’t mind it either. As long as I can be with both you and Hiro.

R: Besides, when it comes to weird fetishes, you can count me too.

H: What do you mean?

R: I get aroused at the idea of stealing her from you.


Track 8: Solution? ~Double Penetration~


R: Should be fine now that we’ve loosened it this much.

H: Really? More importantly, will you really be okay? You’ll be, umm, taking us both at the same time.

R: Even I don’t have much experience with this type of thing. But we’ve taken a lot of time to loosen things up, so I think it’ll be fine. Though, that’s assuming that we don’t go too far.

R: You need to be especially careful, Hiro. Because it appears that you quickly lose your sense of reason when it comes to her.

H: I’ll be careful…


R: Alright, you can lie face up, Hiro. And you can get on top of him.

H; No, Ryou, you should be the one to take this position. You’ve never done it from the front, right?

R: So you noticed.

H: I guess.

R: Then I’ll take you up on the offer then.

H: You can go on top of Ryou. I’ll be here supporting you.


H: Are you ready?

H: Then slowly lower your hips.

H: I guess there’s no surprise there. If it’s just one, it goes in easily.

R: But she clamps down pretty hard.

R: Sorry, since it was only fingering and oral for the past while, were you unable to wait?

H: You think so?

H: Sorry about that. But having teased you, we’ll go at it hard.


R: I knew it. You love being kissed, don’t you? The way your insides move is completely different when you’re being kissed.

H: I think it’s best if we get you a little warmed up.

H: Can you move a bit?

H: Yes. You don’t have to think about cumming or making him cum, just move while feeling Ryou inside you.

R: This point’s nice. I can see it going in and out, and I can see your bouncing boobs and everything else.

H: Yup.

R: But are you sure about this? Do you not want to keep this to yourself?

H: Why? Starting today, we’ll both be loving her, no? Because if so, then it’s better to share these things.

R: Had you been a more unpleasant guy, we probably wouldn’t be in this type of relationship.


H: What do you mean by that?

R: Nothing in particular. I was just thinking about how unfortunate I am.

R: Her insides are so soft.

R: Should be about time.

H: Yeah.

H: Stop your hips. Lower your body, and hold onto Ryou.

R: Here. Come to me.


R: Hiro will be going in now, so loosen up. Relax.

H: Please tell me immediately if it hurts.

H: I’m putting it in then.

R: Wow, instantly it’s-

R: Are you alright? You know, you can tell us to pull out. Though, it’s easier said than done.

H: Kiss her, Ryou. If you do, she should be able to relax a little.

R: Eh? But are you sure? I thought kisses on the lips weren’t allowed.

H: Please.

R: Alright. Seeing that I’ve got permission from the husband… Turn your face this way.


H: Can you tell? Half of it is in.

H: Look, this is all of it.

R: This is more risky than I thought it would be.

H: It’s tight, but since we’re adhered more closely than usual, I can clearly feel every movement.

R: So, are you alright?

H: But…

H: Your insides are filled?


H: I see. Your insides are filled, huh.

R: Wait, Hiro-

R: The vibration from that is… Damn.

H: Sorry, let’s start moving.


R: What is…this? Your insides are rubbing against me so much. The feel of it is too much.

R: It feels like it’s wringing me out.

R: Turn your face towards me.

H: Do the kisses feel good?


R: What is it? You’re already at your limit?

R: Of course.

R: Hiro, let’s make her cum.

R: Though, it’s not like we can last much longer.

H: Yeah. I’ll go a little rougher then.


R: It’s like, it’s like your insides have a life of its own…

H: I’m about to…

R: I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


R: I’m definitely exhausted.

R: Hey, are you-

R: Ahh… You’re already nodding off.

H: It can’t be helped, I guess.

H: You can sleep, we can always do it later.

R: You can leave tomorrow’s morning arrangements to me.

H & R: Good night. Sweet dreams.

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