【Translation】 Daisuki na Kare to Tada Ichaicha suru Dake no Hanashi ~Yukito Hen~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

大好きな彼とただイチャイチャするだけの話 ~幸人編~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1


Oh, welcome home.

I was worried since you’re back so late today.

Haha, of course. It’s not often that you’d contact me to tell me that you just wanted to go straight to sleep today.

Right! You did say you want to just sleep, but you’ll still eat dinner, right? Or should I give you a massage-

Your energy gets recharged just by hugging me like this?

Then let’s hug more.


There, there, you had another hard day of work today.

Eh? Why do you ask that?

All I did was cook since coming home, so I haven’t done any exercising though?

Oh, uh, that reminds me, I did do muscle training while the stew was brewing. That’s why I’m sweating.

When it comes to muscles, I’ve still got a long way to go compared to my senior, Jirou.

Yup! The director of the chiropractic clinic I work at, Mr. Yamada Jirou. Even now he’s still continuing his personal training, so he’s got a good body.

I would like a body like that, but our body types are fundamentally different.


I’m happy when you say I’m fine the way I am, but I want to become a man who can stand on equal stands with the best woman there is. That’s why I want to work hard at it.

Haha! What are you saying? When I say the best woman there is, that would obviously be you.

Look at you denying it again.

Also, no matter how humble you are about it, to me that’s the undeniable truth.

Stop hanging your head. Look at me.

It doesn’t matter how others see you, for me, you’re so cute and lovable that I just can’t help it.


So, shall we eat? Or shall I give you a massage?

Don’t worry about me, regardless of how much I’ve worked during the day, as long as I’m able to soothe you, the very act of it fills me with energy.

Also, even if I’m far less built than my senior, Jirou, I used to be a member of a football team. So I have a whole lot more strength than you.

In other words, Miss Insert Name, let’s have you take your place on the bed.


Nope, if I were to let you down, you’ll start holding back again. Just give up and let me carry you.

You’re cute when you look troubled.

Now then, we’ve arrived!


I’ll start by massaging your feet, so please lie face up.

Oh, and, don’t hesitate to tell me if it ever hurts.

Alright! With great eagerness, I’ll massage you again today.


It’s swollen today too.

With the way it is, it must’ve been rather painful.

Yeah. I’m sure this isn’t just the result of fatigue but also stress. You did say it still hurts when sleep.

Yup, there are times where it gets swollen even if you don’t do anything.

So for you, some mental relief is also important.

So what I’m saying is, you should make use of me. You have a chiropractor for a boyfriend, so it’s a waste not to turn to me.


Hehe, I love that kindness of yours too.

Oh, sorry, if I remember correctly, the base of your foot is a weak point, right?

I don’t have any ulterior motives, so it’s fine.

You… That answer is sly. I’ll end up thinking that it’s fine for me to have ulterior motives.

Jeez, the way you put it makes it sound like you’re trying to egg me on.

Ah! You’re not allowed to turn away now.

I told you you’re not allowed. I didn’t want you to see me this aroused.



Even though we’re not supposed to do anything today, I couldn’t control myself after hearing your cute response.

Is it alright for me to massage someplace else?

Like these expectantly swollen nipples?

Them not being swollen is a lie. Even when I pinch them with your bra still on, I can still feel that they’re hard.

You’re being more and more sensitive by the day, aren’t you?

Why are you feeling embarrassed? You’ve become lewd because of me, so isn’t that wonderful?


I’ll massage you and stimulate you more so that your body gets wet simply from my touch.


Wow, they’re more erect than before.

They look so deliciously tempting to lick.

Hmm? I can’t take it off?

It’s alright even if you haven’t taken a bath. If anything, it’s cute to lick you before you’ve taken one since you’ll get embarrassed.


What? You realized that just now?

Yes, I enjoy teasing cute girls.


Your nipples are delicious. I won’t be able to stop myself.

Yup, they’re delicious; they taste sweet to me.

Hmm, I wonder why? Perhaps it’s because I’m aroused? When I suck on them hard like this, you jerk a little, and that reaction is such a turn on.

And now my head is filled with thoughts of having sex.


Besides, when I do this, your face tells me that you want to have sex too.

Your look of embarrassment as you feel it is super arousing.

No, don’t hide your face. Turn it this way.

Worry not, I find all your expressions cute.


Say, is it alright for me to do an internal massage next?

Yes, a massage. A massage that’ll melt you from the core of your body.

Got it.

Please spread your legs then.

Hmm? I told you not to worry about me, you just have to relax. This is a “massage”, after all.


What’s this? You’re already wet and slippery before the massage.

It’s making lewd sounds even when I touch you from on top of your underwear.

So, did you want me to touch this place the whole time while I was licking your nipples?

Oh? Like how?

I’m not being a tease. I simply want to be a boyfriend who fulfills their girlfriend’s desires, so tell it to me in detail. How exactly did you want me to massage this area?


I see. I see. Touch it directly…

What’s next?

Oh, so you wanted me to rub this place?

How strongly?

Of course. You like it when I rub approximately this hard, don’t you? But for this clitoris, wouldn’t it be better if I were to use a little more strength?

It’s super stiff, so I’ll massage it thoroughly with the tips of my fingers.


Ah! It’s gotten stiffer. It’s completely swollen now.

What do you think it would take to make this place soften? Should I pull down the hood and stroke it gently?


Your pussy’s now soaking wet. Not to mention, the entrance to it is twitching.

Look, it’s so much so that my fingers easily slipped in.

Your insides are in quite the state too. It’s hot and sloppy and is squeezing down my fingers tightly like it’s begging me to rub against it already.

I’ll answer its request and make sure to rub the place that gives you the most pleasure.


Why are you saying no to it? It’s more refreshing the more you cum.

Come on, you’re a good girl, so cum.


Jeez, why are you holding back so much?

I-I see, so you wanted to cum from ‘that’.

I’ll put on a condom, so please wait just a moment.


Alright, I’m done.

Idiot, don’t make those kinds of comments. When you hear your beloved girlfriend’s moans, of course you’ll get hard.

Anyhow, I’ll take responsibility for dragging you this far.


It’s really pressing down on me.

Sorry, I might actually be bigger than usual today.

It doesn’t hurt, right?

I feel super good too. All I’ve done is put it in, but your insides are twisting and wringing me.


Could you please relax a little? Otherwise, I won’t be able to give much attention to your pleasurable spots.

Jeez, after what I’ve said, your pussy started tightening instead.

You’re such a naughty girl. As a punishment, let’s give you a “deep” massage.


Hmm? What’s this? You were holding back so much earlier and now you’re cumming already.

Did you want to have your pussy pounded by my dick that badly?

As a reward for being an honest girl, I’ll grind against the spot that you love most.


What? You’ll die from pleasure overload?

It’ll be fine. You know it’ll start feeling even better, don’t you?

Look, this spot, this spot deep inside… I’ll massage it more directly with the hard tip of my dick, and make you feel so good that you’ll wet yourself.

And then let’s have you detox and have you rid yourself of all of today’s fatigue, unpleasant thoughts,


You actually squirted. My stomach area is completely wet now.

Don’t make that teary expression. It’s too cute, and I’ll end up wanting to tease you even more.


I’m really hitting the back. It feels almost as if your womb is trying to suck me in.

It feels so good…

Let me grind against it more. And make sure to properly savor my dick from the tip to the base.


Huh? No more? …Why?

I know. Whenever I pound you the moment you just came, you end up cumming continuously.

The sight of you cumming while you slowly cry and have no recollection of what’s going on is way too adorable and it makes me want to keep doing it.

But anyhow, I’ll hold back tonight. I wouldn’t want to push you when you’re tired.


I’m about to cum too-!


I love you. I love you. I love you so, so much.


Sorry, I went a little too far today. You don’t feel sick or anything, right?

Thank god.

It’s no good, today it was me that came so much that my head’s spinning.

The tissues and towel should be around here…



Uh, uhh… This is, umm, well, you know… It’s exactly what you see. They’re decorations for our 2nd year anniversary.

Wait! Don’t be bothered by it, I know that you were busy and you forgot. That’s also why I thought I’d surprise you.

No, no, it’s fine, this was for my own self-satisfaction.

Hmm? Oh, the reason why I never told you?

Well, before you came home, you told me that tonight, you didn’t want to do anything and just wanted to sleep. So, I thought it wasn’t the time to be having a surprise party.

So while I was cooking, I thought “Oh crap!” and quickly tidied it up.


But when you find out like this, all it does is make you feel awkward, doesn’t it?

I’m really sorry.

Like I said, you don’t have to apologize.

Alright, in that case, tonight, we’re both at fault.

But even so, the fact that you forgot really isn’t all that big of a deal. To me, our 2nd year anniversary is a day where I show my gratitude to you.


Mhm, the feels of gratitude for being there this year.

Hehe. So you were worried about that?

Who told you that you haven’t done anything for me? It makes me happy just to have you by my side, so don’t think about unnecessary things.

Yup, there’s meaning to it just from the act of you living.

Also, isn’t this what you told me when we first met?

It’s true.


Come beside me.

It’s a long story.

Thank you. I’ll make it as short as possible.


You see, in the past, I had no intention of becoming a chiropractor. I was planning to enter the world of football together with the senior I admired.

But something unfortunate happened and that senior ended up entering this world instead.

It wasn’t my place to, but I was saddened by it.

I’m sure you know the reason why I became a chiropractor, but at that time, I was frustrated and couldn’t figure out why my senior chose the path of becoming a chiropractor.

That senior was a talented person, so him stopping football really took me aback.

It kept eating at me, and as I kept fixating on it…

“I got it! if I were to become a chiropractor too, I would understand how my senior felt!”

…Is what popped into my head.


Yup. I admired my senior so much that I chased after him even if he was a guy.

Eventually, I became a chiropractor and started working where I am.

I thought the work was okay and my senior even said I had talent. But honestly speaking, it wasn’t quite fitting.

I didn’t find it boring, but I didn’t particularly find it worth doing either.

I didn’t see meaning in continuing this line of work. And during that time, you came into the clinic.


After the treatment, with a smile as bright as the sun, you told me, “It felt really good!” and praised me by saying, “You have magical hands, Mister.”

Yes, yes, do you remember now?

And I replied by saying, “It wasn’t much,”

And when I did, you clenched your fist like this and gave a passionate speech.

You went, “Not at all! I was super, super tired today, but I was healed by your hands, Mister, and now, I’m super motivated to work tomorrow. Had you not been here, Mister, I might’ve died of fatigue tomorrow. And even if I didn’t die tomorrow, the fatigue today will eventually take its toll and I would surely end up collapsing sometime in the future. So when you think about it that way, it’s not a butterfly effect, it’s a big life event.”

So from then on, there was a sense of wonder with every meeting I had with patients. Also, I became very proud of what I offer as a chiropractor.

And even when I treat people now, I still think back to it.


“The physical maintenance you get at a chiropractic clinic is modest. But like the butterfly effect, it helps lead your patients toward future happiness,”

In other words, I’m indebted to you.

You saved my deteriorating heart. So, don’t say something like you haven’t been able to do anything for me.

I’m going to borrow your words and say, “To me, each day that you are alive is a big event!”


Thank you for being there for these 2 years.

If possible, I would like to continue saying these thanks 100 years into the future, so live a long life, alright?

You’re going to thank me too?

You’re welcome.

I love you. I always, always will.

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    Wait, are my eyes deceiving me?? Vanilla Makino???? I’ve only been busy for a while and haven’t been checking your updates because I was busy, and when I get back, VANILLA MAKINO?? GOOD LORD WHAT GOOD TIMING. ❤️❤️

    This is so cute! Is this on dlsite? Gosh dang I have to go check. But thank you for your effort in this wonderful translation again!!


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